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PSY 331 Week 3 Quiz (10 Correct Answers) (Ash) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial more course tutorials visit

1. Question : Classroom teachers, psychologists and parents alike can use all but which of the following techniques which have been proven to help reinforce a modified behavior with children in their care? 2. Question : Providing a reward based on the number of cars sold every month is an example of: 3. Question : Is it possible that certain behaviors can be altered just by positive reinforcement?

4. Question : Thorndike’s research about learning revealed that cats had the capacity to learn in an apparatus called a puzzle box. The time between when the cat was placed in the box and the time when the cat performed the desired task is called:

5. Question : How might the reinforcement of competence lead to a person’s increased feelings of enjoyment and interest in the performance of a required task? 6. Question : Primary reinforcers are: 7. Question : Dicky’s resistance to change his behaviour was due to: 8. Question : Lepper, Green, and Nisbett (1973) studied the effects of reward on children’s drawings. They found that reward: 9. Question : The Yerkes-Dodson law indicates the maximum level of motivation for solving problems is: 10. Question :

The difference between reinforcement and conditioning is the presentation of the reinforcement in relation to the presence of the reinforcement:

Psy 331 week 3 quiz  

PSY 331 Week 3 Quiz PSY 331 Week 3 Final Paper Outline PSY 331 Week 3 DQ 2 Reinforcement Contingencies PSY 331 Week 3 DQ 1 Reinforcement Sch...

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