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INTRO • I am going to tell you about Berthe Morisot who has painted many paintings and I will tell you about some of them. I thInk I was a very good paInter

About Berthe Morisot • Born January 14, 1841, in Bourges, France she received conventional lessons in drawing and painting by tutors. She was the first woman to join the circle of the French Impressionist painters. They believed they should have brightly hued canvases and to abandon the use of black.

• In a Park 1874; also known as "On the Grass"; Petit Palais, Paris Edma and her children.

โ€ข Figure of a Woman (Before the Theater) 1875-76; Galerie Schrรถder und Leisewitz, Kunsthandel, Bremen, Germany

• The Artist's Sister at a Window (1869) I find the lines hazy, the tone dark but realistic the colour is realistic but dull & muted and the form is smooth.

• The PsychÊ (1876) It has scratchy and hazy lines, a natural shape and naturally dull colours.

• I think Berthe Morisot was a very talented artist with great ideas for art. I like the fact that she used dull colours, but that is the true colour of what she is painting.


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