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Kent WA Chiropractor Uses Atlas Orthogonal Treatment for Neck Pain A leading Kent WA chiropractor is one of the few chiropractors in the region offering atlas orthogonal treatment to alleviate neck pain, back pain, and a variety of other conditions. Atlas orthogonal treatments focus on treating only one vertebra, the first one. His practice is not limited to treating this one vertebra, but it has become an important element. The reason the atlas orthogonal treatment is important is due to location. If this vertebra moves out of alignment or twists it affects the entire spine and can have major impact on your health. This issue is magnified by the fact if the atlas is twisted it can cause twisting to the entire spinal column. This leads to the body have improper communications in numerous portions of the body which result in pain, dizziness, and can even result in balance issues. A Technique Which Requires Caution and Focus A chiropractor who uses the atlas orthogonal method must use extreme caution. You will discover the chiropractor in Kent WA who utilizes the method will never attempt a treatment without getting an xray. This allows him to see the exact twist or movement of the spine which requires correction. The adjustment itself is very gentle and will probably have you wondering what happened. There are no loud cracks, pops, twisting, or sudden pressure. It is all accomplished with precise motion and care. When this first vertebra is moved back into place the rest of the spine begins to readjust over time, also. This is important to remember. The healing process is not instantaneous. The body slowly readapts and you will feel pain decrease, headaches stop occurring, and many other problems seem to just disappear. Your chiropractor in Kent may recommend a few follow-up visits to keep an eye on the atlas the rest of the spine. This is due to the fact as the spine readjusts is possible the atlas may move slight again. They just mean everything is working per the plan the chiropractor laid out. Matching the Solution to the Problem If the cause of neck pain or back pains is not being caused by the atlas the chiropractor switches over to other treatment forms including traditional chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic massage, extremity adjustments, and even cranial adjustments. The specialty of cranial adjustments is another technique not understood by some chiropractors in the Kent WA area. It involves making tiny adjustments to the cranial plates in your skull if they become misaligned due to an injury.

If you have been struggling with pain, dizziness, or other issues which your doctor cannot seem to solve or find a cause for, it could be hidden in the atlas orthogonal. Get a full evaluation from a qualified chiropractor and discover is your body is fighting against a problem which is often overlooked. You do not need to keep living with health problems and pain. Visit a chiropractor who understands the role of the spine from top to bottom and can create a plan to improve your health, energy, and alleviate pain.

Kent WA Chiropractor Uses Atlas Orthogonal Treatment for Neck Pain  
Kent WA Chiropractor Uses Atlas Orthogonal Treatment for Neck Pain  

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