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NEBULINE Bags collection 2013

Features of our bags collection 2013 • • • •

Cars we used ‘blue jeans material’ as fabric for this collection Princess we choose for Satin fabric and sparkles Minnie in complete vintage look, material is 420D Monsters we made something special as fabric is regular 600d nevertheless the M is made out of terry (nl: badstof, fr: matière est essui éponge) Nemo material used for this collection is 420D

All backpacks have banana-straps and re-inforced back.

NEBULINE SPRL Rue de Genval 12 1301 Bierges

Contactpersoon: Nele De Vriendt Tel: +32 476 89 47 44

Nebuline Bggs collection 2013  

Take a look at our bags collection and discover Monsters and Nemo .

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