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Moosa Mamdhooh Ahmed

Artists to consider‌

Shunsaku Hayashi Young Japanese artist! At "# years of age attracted over $%%% people to his first solo exhibition! website: www"!odn!ne!jp&'haya#hello&

Do-Bu-Ro-Ku; 2006

Skot Olsen Created a series of works after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms! The work was later destroyed in a gallery fire! Olsen has now decided to ritually burn a painting each year! website: www!skotolsen!com

Gaia Creates Mescaline; 2007

Retna LA graffiti artist! Here(s a photo from his blog of latest work! website: www!digitalretna!com




So man, I’ve been looking at your works the last couple of days and was wondering first of all, what inspires you as an artist to create art?

People like to ask, "who're your favourite artists?" and I think the answers are irrelevant, in my case. It's never really art that inspires my paintings. I love art magazines, and local galleries, but I can't really draw inspirations from it. Not for painting. I'm kind of art synesthetic; I can read something and want to write a song about it, or hear a song that makes me want to paint, or watch a film that makes me want to write. Knowledge is a big one. Like "Cold" [which is on the blog]. "Cold" is about Cold War paranoia, and learning about all of the propaganda tactics. Or "Information" [in the hard copy of the zine], which is kind about how much smaller our world has gotten. Everything's just a keystroke away, now. It used to be that if you wanted to find out about something, you had to do a lot of work, but now that isn't the case. So I put that into a piece. All of the quotes on there are from as wide of sources as I could find, from the Bible, an ancient, Middle Eastern religious text, to contemporary music. Also, I tried to put together a lot of conflicting quotes, because we have a lot of different viewpoints between the almost 7 billion of us. If you take your age (let’s hope you’re above 9 years old and have 2 digits in your age) and add the first and second digits together how much is it? Lemme think... that's eight. What would you buy if someone gave you that in money? I dunno, eight dollar burgers or something. Wait... seven, because of taxes. But that leaves me with change. That's why God invented homeless people. If someone multiplied that number by 123, 468 and then give you that many fake plastic pink dinosaurs (various types, shapes and sizes) would you enjoy their company??? Depends on how much room we would have. I'm kind of a freak for my space. But if they were like... in a field, or an ocean, that'd be awesome. And littering. But mostly awesome. We’ve only got one question left, are you coming to visit us again and answer some more questions and throw in some more art? If that's your invite back, absolutely. I'm actually working on some writings I'm hoping to publish in the next year, either DIY or with a company, and if you guys want a taste of that, that'd be cool. Maybe you could read it, too.

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Wood Nymph Also known as: -dryad -hamadryad -sexy tree The wood nymph can be found in forests and heavily wooded areas. Wood nymphs enjoy communal bathing in springs and getting trashed off wine at bacchanalian orgies. Wood nymphs are famous for: -frolicking -losing their virginity -getting depressed and turning into plants If you cut down a wood nymph's tree the wood nymph will become depressed. This will make the gods PISSED and you'll be turned into a stag and eaten by your own hunting dogs.

Unicorn The unicorn – a magical horse with a pointed bone growing out of its head. Contrary to popular belief the unicorn did not die out fighting lions for crowns. Unicorns enjoyed drinking. They used their hooves to crush berries to make various potent liqueurs. Drunken behaviour plus pointy, hurty implements don’t mix well. Hence the unicorn is sadly no more. FACTS Did you know? David Bowie is a famous unicorn

Kappa Also known as: -japanese water imp The kappa can be found around rivers, lakes and ponds of Japan. Kappas are said to be child sized and look like a gnome/turtle/frog hybrid. Kappas are known for keeping promises, their healing powers and their obsession with etiquette. The kappa has a bowl shaped hole in its head filled with water. This allows the kappa to leave water and come onto land. To defeat a kappa it is said the victim must bow forcing the kappa to politely do the same, thus spilling its precious head-water and causing paralysis. Favourite foods of the kappa are: - Children - Human entrails that they apparently extract via the anus - Cucumbers

Taylor Wright

Nebula Issue #2  

Nebula zine issue #2....check out our blog at

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