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Nebula Magazine 003 Afterlife A life or existence believed to follow death or the part of one’s life that follows a particular event.


Page 4: Supernatural Page 12: Crows Page 16: The Demons Page 22: Other Tidings Page 30: Knox Them Dead Page 34: Belle Hell Page 42: Papa Bones Page 46: Etchings Page 50: Sanctus Page 56: Monsters Page 64: The Spirit Dancer Page 70: Blood Shed Page 76: On The Edge Of Two Worlds Page 82: Day Of The Dead Page 86: Sugared Bones Page 88: Opulence

Supernatural Photographer - Twitch Photos Designer - FlutterbyDaisy Models - Kerry Wheeler, Zaire, Miss Lily Stark and Xanadu Nox Flower Garland - Little.Star

Crows Photographer - Salleh Sparrow Models - Tini Von Doom and Jodie Evans

The Demons Artist - Sah Starr

Other Tidings Artist - Kelly Gare Photographers - Kelly Gare and Rebecca Saxton

Knox Them Dead Model - Kelly Knox Photographer - Lucy Eleanor Brown Make-Up Artist - Ashley Kay Gif ord

Belle Hell

Photographer - Lauren-Becki Rowlands Models - Synthetic Doll and Charlotte Norris Make-Up Artist and Styling - Synthetic Doll Latex - ASD Latex Tiara - Butler and Wilson Necklaces - Synthetic Doll Creations and The Crypt of Curiosities Body Suit - Black Milk Clothing

Papa Bones Photographer and Make-Up Artist - Sophia Salvaje Model - Dan Savage

Etchings Artist - Billie Webster


Photographer -Jessica Flavin Clothing line - Sanctus Clothing Stylist and Designer Lucinda Sinclair Model - Little Twiglet Make-Up Artist - Tabby Casto Hair stylist - KT Hairstyling Photographers assistant - Max Melvin

Monsters Photographer, Model, Designer and Artist - Falconet

The Spirit Dancer Photographer - Laura-Amy Beresford Model - Katinka Toogood Styling -Laura-Amy Beresford and Katinka Toogood

Blood Shed Photographer, Model and Make-Up Artist - Lakune

On The Edge Of Two Worlds Photographer - Dora Vorosmarty Models - Brittani Bump and Katalin Varga Stylists - Timea Talian and Brittani Bump Designer - Timea Talian Designs

Day Of The Dead Photographer - Tom Lamb Model - Gemmie V

Sugared Bones Photographer - SJWebb Model - Amazon Alice Jewellery - Sugared Bones Accessories Make-Up Artist - Jayne Webb Leather and Lace

Opulence Photographer - Katelizabeth Models - Sevensin and Biomechanina Designer - Eustratia Jewellery - Richard Ayres

Nebula Magazine 003

Nebula Magazine 003  
Nebula Magazine 003  

The third issue of Nebula Magazine with the theme 'Afterlife'