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Laity Session 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Family Life Center, Lincoln 1. Tom Watson, Conference Lay Leader, welcomed everyone. 2. Micole Harms, Associate Conference Lay Leader, was introduced. Her devotions focused on Revive and its link to worship. She then led the group in a short prayer. 3. Micole Harms introduced our District Lay Leaders: Great West: Ann Regier, Tina Kitt, Melody Newman Gateway: Paul Bennett Prairie Rivers: Dolores Rader Elkhorn Valley: Virginia Piper Missouri River: Betty Wiles Blue River: David Jefferson 4. Lavina Schwaninger recognized those who are first timers to Annual Conference. 5. Micole Harms explained the role of the Lay Member is to attend all sessions including worship experiences. She also encouraged everyone to keep notes so that a report can be taken back to the local congregations. 6. Tom Watson pointed out the blue registration card and encouraged everyone to fill it out and turn it in when asked for. He also pointed out the yellow card that would allow on Annual Conference member to be recognized by the Bishop. 7. Tom Watson spoke briefly explaining the report of the Transition Team. He also spoke about the vote that will be taken on Friday at 4:45 p.m. on becoming one conference, Kansas East, Kansas West, and Nebraska. 8. Micole Harms spoke about the mission of the church that is found on the back cover of the resource book. 9. Tom Watson spoke about the business that will be undertaken while at Confer- ence. He stated that the budget is not the most important thing that is done at Conference. 10. Tom Watson stated that last year the District Lay Leaders in each district led lay leader training within the districts. 11. Micole Harms introduced Bob Adherholt, Conference Director of Lay Speaking Ministries. 12. Micole Harms asked for questions and made announcements. 13. Micole Harms adjourned the Laity Session at 10:15 a.m. with prayer.


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings Clergy Session 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln

1. Call to Order – Bishop Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson 2. Singing “Amazing Grace” 3. Prayer - Bishop 4. Sally Ruggia-Haden introduced Micki McCorkle, Registrar for the Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska Boards of Ordained Ministry. 5. Question 17 – Micki McCorkle – No Charges 6. Question 18a Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 7. Question 18b – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 8. Question 19a – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 9. Question 19b – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 10. Question 19c – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 11. Question 20 – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 12. Question 21a – Micki McCorkle - Affirmed 13. Question 21b – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 14. Question 21c – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 15. Question 22 – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 16. Question 23 – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 17. Question 24a – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 18. Question 24b – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 19. Question 25 – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 20. Question 28a & b – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 21. Question 29b – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 22. Question 31b – Bishop – Asking of Rebecca Jane Hjelle and Fay Balch Hubbard the Historical Questions - Affirmed 23. Question 33 – Bishop - Affirmed 24. Question 37 – Bette Trumble - Affirmed 25. Question 41 – Loren Mullins - Affirmed 26. Question 43 – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 27. Question 44 – Bette Trumble – Affirmed 28. Question 48 – Bette Trumble – Affirmed and Thanked 29. Question 50a(1) – Loren Mullins - Affirmed 30. Question 50a(2) – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 31. Question 50a(3) – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 32. Question 50c(1)(i) – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 33. Question 50c(1)(iii) – Loren Mullins – Affirmed 34. Question 52b – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 35. Question 52c – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 36. Question 53a – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 37. Question 56a – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 38. Question 61 – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed 39. Question 65 – Micki McCorkle – Affirmed



40. Order of the Elder – Kelly Karges 41. Question 76 – Sally Ruggia-Haden – Affirmed 39. Question 77 – Sally Ruggia-Haden – Affirmed 40. Question 78 – Sally Ruggia-Haden – For information 41. Question 80 – Sally Ruggia-Haden – Affirmed 42. The Candidacy Process For Licensed & Ordained Ministry Presentation – Marvin Neubauer Celebrate Ministry Highlights 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Family Life Center, Lincoln Welcome and Prayer – Tom Watson Presentation of District Laity Awards – Micole Harms, Associate Lay Leader Blue River – Anita Elliott, Lincoln St. Mark’s UMC Elkhorn Valley – Gary Faltys & Roger Niemann, West Point Trinity UMC Gateway – Cheri White, Shelton UMC Great West – Devona Houghtelling, McCook Memorial UMC Missouri – Roy & Sharon Smith, Plattsmouth First UMC Prairie Rivers – Russ & Randyce Peard, Phillips UMC Eunice Harrington Award – Louise Niemann, President Nebraska UMW Teresa Whitehead, Papillion St. Paul’s UMC UM Student Day Merit Award Scholarship Winners – Sheran Cramer Katrina Sieler, Norfolk Westridge UMC Jenna Brester, Lincoln Southgate UMC Elisabeth Carlson, Grant Grace UMC Harry Denman Award – Lay – Rev. Nita Hinds-Park Dale Vanderford, Jr., Murdock Ebenenzer UMC Angie Newman Award – Deanna Holland Andrea Paret, Norfolk First UMC Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska – Marilyn Mecham 40th Anniversary NOMADS – Don Fowler Invitation to join them. Video – Clinic with a Heart – Teresa Harms Sharing how they help the folks of the community. Video – Released and Restored Ministry – Ruth Karlsson Invitation to help restore those rejoining our communities.


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings

Video – Nebraska Wesleyan Campus Ministries – Rev. Mara Bailey Sharing how Campus Ministries are touching students lives. Special Presentation to Tom McBride – Rev. Dr. Harold Backus Plaque of Appreciation given to Tom. Epworth Village - Tom McBride Updated the Conference on their important work. Video – Chaplain (LTC) Mark Thompson Reminded Conference to remember those serving in the Armed Forces. Closing Prayer – Rev. Sally Ruggia-Haden Opening Session Wednesday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln Opening Worship Those participating: Dr. Marcia McFee, led worship. Bishop Sherer-Simpson preached and an offering was received for Epworth Village. The List of Names, new members in the past year, was brought forward. 1. Call to Order: Bishop Sherer-Simpson at 3:02 p.m. 2. Opening Motions – Agenda Review – Carol Roettmer-Brewer A. MOTION: I move that the Revised Agenda printed in the packet be the agenda of the Annual Conference, and in the interest of creating an efficient agenda, the Bishop may call upon any voting member of the Annual Conference at any time to offer her or his report. An Order of the Day at 4:45 p.m. on Friday was added. - Affirmed B. MOTION: I move that the Bar of the Conference for voting purposes be the entire floor of the Sanctuary (in front of the ropes) with the balcony being available for guests of the Annual Conference. – Affirmed C. MOTION: I move that the Secretary, Darlene Hall, send greetings to the Conferences of the South Central Jurisdiction that are meeting currently and other Conferences that are appropriate. – Affirmed D. MOTION: I move that the Secretary send greetings to Kansas West and Kansas East Conferences. - Affirmed E. MOTION: I move that the following persons serve on the 2012 Committee on the Journal: Deanna Holland, as chairperson, Cathy Cole, Darlene Hall, Michael McInnis, Robin Kilgore, Kathryn Witte, Roxie Delisi, Dana Reinhardt, Carol Roettmer Brewer. – Affirmed F. MOTION: I move the following persons be members of the 2012 Committee on General Reference: Marvin Neubauer, Bill Ritter, Phil Sloat, Mary Ellen Kilmer, Lew Kaye-Skinner and Barbara Jo Burns. Carol Roettmer Brewer and Galen Wray will serve without vote. – Affirmed G. ANNOUNCEMENTS



3. Secretarial Motions - Darlene Hall A. MOTION: I move that the Secretarial Staff for the 2012 Nebraska Annual Conference be: Amy Hasemeyer, Marie Brhel, Adam Davenport, Roger Gillming, Schatzie Gillming, Bonnie Linton-Hendrick, Dennis Linton- Hendrick, Charles Murithi, Sam Rathod, Jeff Thurman, and Terry Otto. B. MOTION: I move that the roll call be taken by signing of cards. Each member shall be responsible for indicating which days he or she will be in attendance. Clergy members shall report to secretarial staff members Sam Rathod or Terry Otto. Lay members shall report to secretarial staff members Schatzie Gillming or Marie Brhel. If changes in attendance at a session or sessions become necessary for lay members, the alternate lay person to be seated shall report to the Laity secretarial staff. 4. Cabinet Items A. Discontinuances: The following churches are discontinued this year: Pilger – June 30, 2012, Westerville – June 24, 2012, Cotesfield – December 11, 2011, Sutton Salem – April 22, 2012. B. New Charters: The following was chartered this year Waters Edge UMC – January 28, 2012 5. Report from the Board of Ordained Ministry – Sally Ruggia-Haden Introduction of Ordinands and Provisional Members A. Ordinands - Rebecca Jane Hjelle, Faye Balch Hubbard B. Provisional Deacons - Barbra Lenz, Joel Walker C. Provisional Elders - Trudy Hanke, Ezekiel Koech 6. Introduction of Special Guests – Bishop Sherer-Simpson Bishop introduced her son, Robert Sherer, and grandson, Max and her husband Wayne Simpson. They were greeted by the Conference. 7. President of Nebraska Wesleyan University – Fred Ohles 8. President of Nebraska Methodist College – Dennis Joslin 9. Welcome from St. Mark’s UMC – Wayne Alloway 10. Introduction of Dr. Marcia McFee 11. Treasurer’s Report – Robin Kilgore Proposed Funding Plan is $6,933,064 for 2013 per Resource Book Correct General Church Ministries amount $1,355,053 Corrected Total proposed budget $6,931,787 12. Board of Pensions and Health Benefits(Report #1) – Nancy Lambert 13. Break – 4:07 p.m. 14. Reconvened – 4:27 p.m. 15. Report of the Common Table/Video – David Lux, Galen Wray, Keith Johnson, Andrea Paret, Tom Watson The Common Table co-chairs, the Rev. Galen Wray and the Rev. David Lux offered opening and closing remarks respectively, on the past year’s work. Wray noted an intentional effort to clarify and establish the role of the Common Table. With the help of consultant Lori Smith, the Common Table renewed its commitment to being focused on helping the Conference work with its teams to be creative and innovative to benefit Conference ministry.


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings

Lux pointed out how much Bishop Ann B. Sherer-Simpson contributed in the way of suggested readings and studies to help guide the work of the group. 16. Consecration of Micah Corps Interns – Carol Windrum The 2012 Micah Corps interns were consecrated Wednesday afternoon. The six young men and women lined up on the stage with their local church pastor and local church lay member standing behind them with their hands on each of their shoulders as Bishop Sherer-Simpson lifted up their work. This is the fourth summer of the Micah Corps, a 10-week internship which helps young adults deepen their spiritual walk with God and learn about linking faith with social justice action. Micah Corp interns consecrated: James Fye, Randolph UMC; Elizabeth Swearngin, Craig Parish; Elena Rojas, St. Paul UMC in South Sioux; Jonathan Pearch, Bellevue UMC; Adam Neely, Christ UMC in Lincoln; Tori Osler, Elsie UMC. 17. Council on Finance and Administration – Pat Duncan 18. Rules of Order – Lew Kaye-Skinner MOTION: I move that the Director of Connectional Ministries, the Conference Staff, and Lew Kaye-Skinner be empowered to make such editorial changes to the Conference Rules as may be necessary for consistency and clarity before printing in the Journal of the 2012 Annual Conference. 19. Question – Stephanie Ahlschwede – The youth noticed YAC has been left out of the budget. How come? Tom Watson answered by saying YAC was self supporting and not needed to be in the budget. 20. Announcements: $3,500 was given to the Epworth Village Offering. 21. Adjournment Memorial Service Wednesday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln Harold Backus, Preacher Members of the 2012 Nebraska Annual Conference paused Wednesday evening in memory of clergy and spouses who died in the past year. The Rev. Dr. Harold Backus, Prairie Rivers District superintendent, focused his message on John 17, calling the chapter Jesus’ prayer for oneness. Rev. Backus said, “It is oneness that brings us here tonight.” Nebraska area Bishop Ann Sherer-Simpson served the Eucharist and commented that the 18 persons memorialized remind us that “nothing can separate us from the love of God, and we remember the victory in which they lived and died and were received into God’s arms.” The service also observed the closing of the Cotesfield, Westerville, Sutton Salem and Pilger churches. Clergy memorialized were Warren G. Spellman, Robert W. Barrick, Everett S. Reynolds, Milton E. Merritt , Charles D. Mitchell, Connie J. Buehler, C. Irene Coates, Nye O. Bond and Joree ( Joe) C. Bennett . Deceased spouses were Garnett Bond, Gerald (Gary) Coates, Carol Kirtley, Shirley Reynolds, James Voigt, Abbie Haynes, Depha (Yoder) Findley, Colleen Atherton and Alice Dinsdale.



Plenary Session 8:30 a.m. Thursday, June 6, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln

22. Opening Worship 23. Bishop Sherer-Simpson recognized the people that sit on the stage and their roles, the Rev. Harold Backus, Dean of the Cabinet, Darlene Hall, Conference Secretary and Tom Watson, Conference Lay Leader. 24. Bishop Sherer-Simpson presented Rebecca Hjelle with a stole that is passed to the youngest Ordinand. 25. Board of Trustees – Rev. Steve Flader MOTION: The Nebraska/Kansas Area Episcopacy Committee and Episcopal Residence Committee move that, beginning September 1, 2012, (a) the episcopal residence for the new Great Plains Episcopal Area be located in Wichita, Kansas, during the next four years, and (b) the main office for the bishop of the Great Plains Episcopal Area be maintained in Wichita with adjunct offices in Lincoln and Topeka while a long-term plan is discerned. Affirmed 26. Episcopacy Committee Report –Rev. Jim Keyser On September 29th, the “Service of Celebrating the Assignment of Our Bishop to the Great Plains Area” and reception will be held at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Lincoln. 26. Equitable Compensation –Rev. Bev Lanzendorf Pg. 47-48 Resource Book Report. Affirmed 27. Question was asked by Rev. Lyn Seiser that on pg. 47 Part I, Item 2 that vacation time be reworded for all pastors instead of full-time pastors. This question was referred to the Equitable Compensation Committee and will be reported back. 28. Ecumenical Dialogue –Rev. Mel Leutchens for the ELCA dialogue. 29. Ecumenical Dialogue –Rev. Don Bredthauer for the Episcopal Church 30. Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska –Marilyn Mecham 31. Commission on Archives and History –Lona Dearmont, Chair of the Committee substituted for Karrie Dvorak, Director/Curator, UM Historical Center, who was absent due to a death in the family. Report was a history of the Nebraska Commission on the Status & Role of Women. 32. Personnel Committee –Charlene Adden All job descriptions had been reviewed to determine the appropriateness and accuracy of the work being performed by the staff. A review of new hires and resignations. Recognition of Elaine Michaud for her 50 years of service. A video was shown and a plaque was presented to her. She then spoke briefly. Recognition of Rev. Nita Hinds-Park for her 10 years of service. A plaque was presented to her. 33. Introduction of Conference Staff and District Staff –Charlene Adden 34. Introduction of Cabinet & Spouses –Bishop Sherer-Simpson


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings

35. Personal Privilege –Bishop Sherer-Simpson introduced her husband Wayne and her son Robert Sherer of Houston, daughter Ann Marie Trammell of Fort Worth, grandson Michael Trammell and grandson Max Sherer. Wayne made some remarks. 36. Break 37. Recognition of Retiring Pastors – Bishop Sherer-Simpson, Dr. Marcia McFee Included in the service was a video of retirees sharing highlights of their ministries. At the conclusion of the service, the retirees symbolically passed the Light of Christ to the new class of clergy. Retirees were greeted by the Conference at a reception line in the Upper Fellowship Hall. The Retirees Luncheon was held in the Upper Fellowship Hall. Those retiring: Charlotte Abram, Marvin Bauer, Katherine Bullard, Frank Butler III, Michael Curd, Susan Davies, Barb Hart, John Henderson, Valera Heydenberk, Glenn Hubbard, William Hunter, Cynthia (Samm) Johnston, Richard Karohl, Connie Karr, Timothy Pratt, Katherine Rice, and Richard Savage. 38. Reconvened –Bishop Sherer-Simpson at 2:03 p.m. 39. Nominating and Equipping Report – Jim Wallasky Add: Alan Gager, Conference Secretary of Global Ministries 40. Personal Privilege: Bishop recognized Sally Ruggia-Haden’s work on the Board of Ordained Ministry 41. Campus Ministries – Mara Bailey & Laura Stubblefield 42. Nebraska UM Camps – Trent Meyer, Valerie Rahrs and Jesse Foster 43. United Methodist Men – Dave Mendyk 44. United Methodist Women – Louise Niemann 45. Lay Leader’s Report – Tom Watson 46. Volunteers in Mission – Lisa Maupin 47. United Methodist Communications – Vicki Wallace 48. Greetings from Seminaries – Jim Noseworthy 49. Recess 3:39 p.m. 50. Reconvened 51. Board of Pension and Health Benefits (Report #2) –Rev. Nancy Lambert Board of Pension and Health Benefits moved for approval. Affirmed 52. General Conference Report –Rev. David Lux and delegation. General and Jurisdictional Delegates and Additional Nominees: Theresa Whitehead (lay woman), Evangeline Mantle (youth), Caryn Vincent, Kelo Kaleuati, Harun Gatabu as a pool of nominees to possibly serve on General Boards. 53. Announcements –Carol Roettmer Brewer Recorded messages for Bishop Ann Simpson for her retirement Kent Taylor, videographer was thanked for his work Offering Amounts so far: Global Aids Fund $2,690.32 Epworth Village over $3,600 Imagine No Malaria $10,056.32 54. Tom Watson adjourned us in prayer at 5:00 p.m.



BISHOP ANN SHERER-SIMPSON’S RETIREMENT PROGRAM 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 8, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln The Rev. Jim Keyser asked everyone to share “A Penny for your Thoughts,” or notes of blessing, at the dinner held in honor of Bishop Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson’s retirement, after 20 years of faithful service as a bishop, eight of them in the Nebraska Area. The second part of the evening was a program in the sanctuary. A video (produced by Kent Taylor) called “Through the Years” was shown; it opened with James Taylor’s “Carolina in My Mind,” fitting because she was born and raised in North Wilkesboro, N.C. Attendees were treated to photos of many different stages of her life. She began her call into ministry at a difficult time in our history, when women were not welcomed in the local churches in Texas and she faced this challenge head on. Her daughter and others said the qualities they admired in her: her determination and drive, and especially her compassion. In the tribute video, the Rev. Galen Wray said she has “a great heart for mission and justice.” Marilyn Moore said, “She is great teacher.” 8:15 a.m. Friday, June 8, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln

55. Opening Music 56. Morning Worship – Youth Annual Conference 57. Offering for Youth Service Fund 58. Guest Speaker – Rev. Marcia McFee 59. Meeting Convened at 9:45 a.m. 60. Announcements –Rev. Carol Roettmer Brewer Introduced Karrie Dvorak, New Director of Commission on Archives & History 61. Nigeria/Nebraska Partnership –Simon Benjamin A question from the floor: Could Simon Benjamin’s speech could be printed and passed out? Dottie Halverson will make sure that this is done. 62. Lydia Patterson Institute –Dr. Socorro de Anda Dr. de Anda shared a video of Lydia Patterson Institute with stories of LPI students. They also thanked the Conference for sharing with them. They will be celebrating 100 years next year. 63. Break –10:18 a.m. 64. Reconvened –10:38 a.m. 65. Transition Team Report –Tom Watson Transition Team Members: Charlotte Abram, Wayne Alloway, Matthew Fowler, Brian Kottas, Debra McKnight, Sheran Kramer, Carol Roettmer Brewer, Corey Daniel Godbey from Kansas West Conference.


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings

Tom Watson explained the report of becoming one conference. Harold Backus reported for the “Small Membership Dream Team” Brian Kottas reported about the Joint Distribution Team MOTION: Tom Watson MOVED that the Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska Annual Conferences join together to form the Great Plains Annual Conference beginning January 1, 2014. This will take place in accordance with the principles and guidelines outlined in the 2012 Annual Conference Session Voting Information. Tom explained the ballot--- Yes, I’m in favor. No, I’m not in favor. There is room on the ballot for comments. 66. Instructions for Table Conferencing –Lori Smith 67. Announcements –Rev. Carol Roettmer Brewer The Nebraska and Kansas Conferences will be participating in the Imagine No Malaria partnership. There will be an area mission emphasis of Engage Your Communities on April 6-7, 2013. Watch for more information. 68. Lunch Instructions were given. 69. Dismissed with prayer by Rev. Wayne Alloway at 11:35 a.m. 70. Reconvened –Bishop Sherer-Simpson at 3:05 p.m. after Table Conferencing. Bishop Sherer-Simpson stated that the bar of the conference is even with the back microphones. Discussion was held on who could vote and who couldn’t. Carol Roettmer-Brewer was sent to find the answer and reported back. All clergy (active or retired), local pastors, and members elected by their local churches. Every district has 2 youth who can vote. Local pastors have to be under appointment. 71. Reflections from Table Conferencing –Tom Watson Tom was asked who was counting the ballots. Lavina Schwaninger and Rev. Charles Murithi will be counting ballots. Comments From Table Groups and Responses Given The questions and responses included the following: The main impact on the local church will be on pastoral appointments. Recommendation of minimum salaries will have to be recommended by the distributing committee. What is the impact on churches budgets as far as travel, motels, etc…? Increase in depth of talent vs. moderate itinerancy? Each of the conferences formula for mission shares is different. This could be an improvement for Nebraska. What happens to Conference ministries that are heavily supported by Nebraska? They probably would be continued. Hope is found between all three conferences and that we are alike. How will we develop these interpersonal experiences through one body, one spirit within the new conference? These concerns are very appropriate and are taken under advisement. Concerned about pensions and health care; concerned about the whole church. We don’t have very many pastors under 35. We need to get young people into our church but we need to get young people to lead our church. They were concerned about the small membership churches.



Whatever change happens we need to take the time to grieve. Next Annual Conference will be a time to celebrate our Nebraska Conference and to acknowledge our grief. 72. Carol Roettmer-Brewer moved that the Order of Day be changed to now 4:32 p.m. instead of 4:45 p.m. Seconded. Affirmed. 73. Additional Comments: There will be fewer representatives, more cost of travel, we can collaborate with neighboring conferences without joining into one conference. Sharing among each of the conferences. How we change? Do we have to rush into this and observe others first before we combine. Carry out the changes now before moving forward. 74. Marcia McFee led the group in singing “Breathe on Me Breath of God” which was followed by prayer by Bishop Sherer-Simpson. 75. Ballots were passed out and the vote was taken. 76. Bishop Sherer-Simpson offered prayer. 77. Personal Privilege –Bishop Sherer-Simpson thanked everyone for her retirement celebration yesterday. 78. Announcements –Darlene Hall Daily Messenger file was corrupt and they cannot find the file. They are working hard to fix the problem and a Daily Messenger will be printed for us tomorrow. $3637.73 Nigeria Partnership Offering $3150.68 Youth Service Fund UMCOR: 3,922 kits on truck 79. Adjourned –Bishop Sherer-Simpson at 4:53 p.m. Ordination Service 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 8, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary Ordination Service participants: Bishop Ann B. Sherer-Simpson, Rev. Dr. Richard Wyatt, Bishop Joel Martinez, Rev. Jerald Brabec, Rev. Dr. Carol Roettmer Brewer, Rev. James Brewer, Rev. Kay Alnor, Rev. Dr. Harold Backus, Rev. Alan Davis, Rev. Dr. Dan Flanagan, Rev. Dr. Jesse Foster, Rev. Nita Hinds-Park, Robin Kilgore, Rev. Nan Kaye-Skinner, Rev. Sally Ruggia-Haden, Tom Watson, Rev. Carol Windrum, Kathryn Witte, Rev. Galen Wray, Rev. Nancy Tomlinson, Rev. Lyn Seiser, Rev. Ray Weinerman, Rev. Melanie Adams, Rev. Dan Spearow, Adam Witte, Omaha St. Andrew’s Choir Persons commissioned for the work of Elder: Trudy Hanke, Ezekiel Koech, Persons commissioned for the work of Deacon: Barbra Lenz, Joel Walker. Persons to be Ordained Elders: Rebecca Hjelle, Fay Hubbard. Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:1-7 Sermon Title: “Bring Your Own Shoes” Bishop Joel Martinez Service concluded with an invitation to those attending who were considering their call to ministry or were in need of prayer to come forward for prayer with a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry


2012 JOURNAL Daily Proceedings Saturday, June 9, 2012 St. Mark’s UMC Sanctuary, Lincoln

80. Opening Worship 81. Guest Speaker – Dr. Marcia McFee 82. Bishop thanked Marcia McFee for her leadership 83. Called to order 9:45 84. Report of the Journal Committee—Deanna Holland 85. Final report of Nominating and Equipping Committee—Jim Wallasky report accepted 86. Final report of Common Table—David Lux report accepted 87. Final report of Council on Finance and Administration—Pat Duncan report accepted 88. Courtesy—Darlene Hall thanked secretarial staff and the bishop 89. Closing motions and announcements—Carol Roettmer Brewer a. Moved finalize minutes for publishing, Affirmed b. Moved 2013 conference June 5-8 at St Marks UMC in Lincoln. Affirmed also thanked St. Mark’s for hosting us this year. c. Evaluation form will be on survey monkey d. Recycling bins mentioned again e. Return lanyards f. Personal privilege—Carol thanked the Conference, St Mark’s staff and pastors & volunteers, asked that we send them a note thanking them. She thanked Tech staff, speakers and preachers, and Marcia McFee and Bishop Martinez, Dr. Harold Backus, Bishop Sherer-Simpson, Conference and District staffs, Cabinet, worship team and Michael Patzloff & Nancy Flader and others, YAC, MAC, and CAC and Jason Kennedy and Jesse Foster, and the Conference for taking care of the building. Joan Hudson was thanked for her help. 90. Lyle Schoen thanked Craig Transport for truck to take UMCOR offering 91. Lew Kay-Skinner thanked the Pages for their work 92. Short recess 10:04 93. Reconvened 94. Closing worship a. Results on one conference ballot Kansas West Conference Kansas East Conference Nebraska Conference Total 550 478 528 Yes 409 415 370 No 140 62 158 Abstain 1 1 0 % For 74.4% 86.8% 70% b. Fixing of appointments 95. Adjourned - 11:09 a.m.

2012 Daily Proceedings  

2012 Daily Proceedings