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2012 Annual Report for fiscal year January 1 - December 31, 2012

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Promoting Fairness, Equality & Justice The mission of the Nebraska Lawyers Foundation is “to serve the public and legal profession by securing contributions dedicated to the improvement of the legal profession and the administration of justice.” Your generous contributions help ensure justice for all in Nebraska.

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 2012 Annual Report Volunteer Lawyers Project.................................................................................................................................. 3 Minority Justice Committee................................................................................................................................ 4 Voices of the NLF................................................................................................................................................. 5 Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program.............................................................................................................. 6 Barristers’ Ball..................................................................................................................................................... 7 Golf Tournaments............................................................................................................................................ 8-9 Donors & Event Sponsors............................................................................................................................ 10-12 VLP Pro Bono Volunteers............................................................................................................................ 13-14 Revenue/Expense Summary.............................................................................................................................. 15

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation Board of Directors 2011-2012 NLF President Marsha E. Fangmeyer NLF Vice President James E. Gordon NSBA President-Elect Designate G. Michael Fenner House of Delegates Chair-Elect Steven F. Mattoon NLF Past President Warren R. Whitted Jr. NSBA Past President Robert F. Bartle Executive Director/Secretary/Treasurer Jane L. Schoenike First District Glenda J. Pierce Second District J. Scott Paul Third District Todd B. Vetter

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 

Fourth District Jill Robb Ackerman

NSBA Past President Warren R. Whitted Jr.

fifth District Robert M. Schafer

Past Chair House of Delegates James E. Gordon

Sixth District R. Kevin O’Donnell

Executive Director/Secretary/Treasurer Jane L. Schoenike


First District Glenda J. Pierce

NLF President G. Michael Fenner

Second District J. Scott Paul

NLF Vice-President Steven F. Mattoon NSBA President Elect Designate Amie C. Martinez House of Delegates Chair-Elect Joel M. Carney House of Delegates Chair-Elect Designate Timothy R. Engler

Third District Todd B. Vetter Fourth District Jill Robb Ackerman fifth District Michael R. Dunn Sixth District Michael J. McCarthy

NLF Past President Marsha E. Fangmeyer


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Volunteer Lawyers Project The Volunteer Lawyers Project is the only statewide pro bono program in Nebraska. The VLP was founded on the belief that all citizens should have access to the legal system. VLP is a program of last resort. “…the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for,’ so I wasn’t expecting much, but you have definitely gone above and beyond my expectations… and that is putting it mildly.” – from a VLP client

VLP Programs Case Placement Case placement is the core of VLP work. VLP attempts to match volunteer attorneys with individuals who seek civil legal assistance. VLP serves clients who have been turned down by other legal services providers.

Domestic Violence Project

Legal Self-Help Desks

Another priority of the VLP is to provide civil legal assistance to victims of domestic violence. These cases, due to their complicated nature, are especially difficult to place with pro bono attorneys; and VLP has received special funding from the Department of Justice and the Legal Aid and Services Fund to subsidize attorney fees at $50/hr. to represent victims of domestic violence.

VLP coordinates legal self-help desks in Lancaster, Douglas, Madison, Buffalo and Hall Counties. At the desks, volunteer attorneys help self-represented litigants access the legal system. Attorneys provide necessary forms and information regarding common types of litigation. Those helped have commonly been denied service from other legal services providers.

Numbers Served in 2012:

Satellite Office Clinics

• 13,362 calls received • 2,258 applications taken • 436 cases placed • 1,308 turned away • 3,487 served at Self-Help Desks • 142 served at VLP-SO clinics

VLP-SO clinics provide free and low-cost civil legal services, referral, consultation and translation services to persons who have difficulty accessing the legal system due to language, social, economic or transportation barriers. VLP-SO clinics operate in partnership with community centers located in Omaha at The Latino Center of the Midlands, The Urban League, and Heart Ministries.

Pay it forward… Demand far exceeds VLP’s capacity to help. If you are a licensed attorney, please consider donating funds, volunteering at our self-help desks, or accepting a pro bono case by calling (402) 475-7091 or visiting

For More Information on the Volunteer Lawyers Project, Contact Jean McNeil, (402) 475-7091, Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Minority Justice Committee By addressing systemic barriers to equity and access, the Minority Justice Committee (MJC) improves the justice system and strengthens public trust and confidence in the courts and legal profession. The mission of the Committee is to:

• Ensure equal access to justice for all Nebraskans • Address racial disparities in both the juvenile and adult justice systems • Increase the diversity of Nebraska’s judicial and legal workforce Contributions to the Nebraska Lawyers Foundation support the work of the Minority Justice Committee. Below are just a few initiatives your contributions support:

Improving Access to Justice The MJC together with the Administrative Office of the Courts has begun an assessment of interpreter services in Nebraska’s state court system in an effort to create a Language Access Plan. In 2013, the Language Access Plan will present recommendations for improving the provision of interpreter services in state courts, making the system more efficient and equitable for both litigants of limited English proficiency and court personnel.

Educating our Members, our Communities and the Nation In 2012, the MJC was honored to host the National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts. The purpose of the Consortium is to bring together thought-leaders and delegates of state justice systems from around the country to share their collective expertise and knowledge of best practices. Bringing events like this helps Nebraska to maintain prudent, adaptive, and up-to-date practices in our justice system.

Looking Towards the Future - LSAT Prep Scholarship Program The Committee is working to increase diversity among law school applicants. The LSAT Prep Scholarship Program provides scholarships for Kaplan LSAT Prep courses and covers the cost of LSAT exam fees for recipients who are historically underrepresented in Nebraska’s law schools, demonstrate economic need, and reside in Nebraska.

2012 also saw the completion of the Immigration and Criminal Defense lecture series. The MJC worked with the Lancaster County Public Defender’s Office and used grant funds to provide free statewide training to attorneys regarding the recent and dramatic rule changes surrounding the immigration consequences of criminal conviction.

The number of scholarships awarded annually is dependent on charitable contributions. The scholarship program reaches both traditional and non-traditional students from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. On average, students receive a 7 point increase on their LSAT exam score.

For more information on the myriad projects of the Minority Justice Committee or to donate, visit www. or

For More Information on Minority Justice Programs, Contact Liz Neeley, (402) 475-7091, Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Voices of the NLF

Standardized test performance can determine our path in life, and those fortunate enough to receive test-prep tutoring often have a leg up over those who don’t. However, quality prep courses can cost upwards of $1,500. The Minority Justice Committee’s LSAT Scholarship Program has provided opportunities for 38 students who might not otherwise have access to such opportunity. Here are excerpts from a conversation with a recent scholarship recipient, Sara M. - currently a student at the University of Nebraska College of Law. NSBA: Good morning, can you tell us a little about yourself? Sara M.: Sure, I’m Sara. I’m 25 and originally from Alliance, Nebraska. NSBA: Why do you feel you were a good candidate for the program? SM: Well, I was a first-generation student in my family and I really had a lot of drive to go to law school, but there were a lot of financial obstacles. And in the end, it [the prep course] really helped me get into law school.

NSBA: Did you see a noticeable score improvement?

NSBA: Are you aware of any other programs like this in Nebraska?

SM: Yeah, at the beginning you take a diagnostic practice test, and they let you take a couple other practice tests, so you get to see your improvement throughout the course. From my very first test to my final LSAT, my score jumped about six points, which is really helpful for applying to law school.

SM: This is the only scholarship of its kind that I’m aware of. The University does a really good job of helping kids with scholarships once they’re in law school, but I think that the LSAT scholarship program really helps with that first step towards getting admitted.

NSBA: What else have you accomplished since taking the test?

NSBA: How was your experience with the Kaplan LSAT prep course?

SM: Well, I ended up going to the UNL College of Law. I’m in the middle of my second year. I’ve gotten a couple of leadership positions with the Multicultural Legal Society and Black Law Students Association; and was also able to do a summer clerkship with a law firm in Omaha and will be going back there next summer. I’ve had a lot of really great experiences academically and work-wise.

SM: The course was really good. One of the nice things about the program is that they give you all of the materials so you can study individually in areas that you think you need more help. Also, just going through it with a group of people is really helpful – there was a lot of comradery.

NSBA: Sara, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. SM: Sure, no problem.

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program NLAP is a confidential program designed to assist lawyers, judges and law students through hardship, illness, addiction and other circumstances that may affect their professionalism or ability to practice law.

NLAP Programs • Firm and case management assistance in the occurrence of unexpected death, sickness or disability • Help with aging and retirement issues • Confidential substance abuse/mental health support, consultation and treatment referral • Substance abuse education and prevention Large Firm, Small Practice and Solo Support NLAP maintains a network of support for firms or solo practices that face hardship due to death, severe illness, accidents or disability within the practice. In these instances, management support and case referral and adoption are handled by the NLAP director or veteran Nebraska attorney volunteers. “The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program saved my life.” - from a Nebraska lawyer

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Depression The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program offers help to lawyers, judges and law students troubled by substance abuse problems, stress, depression or any other disorder which may impair their ability to perform in a competent and professional manner.

Education and Prevention Education continues to be an important component of NLAP. We believe recognition and prevention are the first line of defense in an effort to assist individuals and avoid harm to the public caused by impaired members of the legal community.

The foundation of NLAP is a statewide network of judges and lawyers who understand. The NLAP director and the network of NLAP volunteers stand ready to assist their colleagues in all areas of recovery.

For assistance or to learn more, visit or call our toll-free hotline listed below.

For More Information on the Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program, Contact Rick Allan, (402) 475-6527, NLAP Toll-Free Hotline - 24 hours/7 days a week - (888) 584-NLAP (6527) Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Barristers’ Ball The 2012 Barristers’ Ball, “Run for the Roses” was held at the Omaha Hilton on April 14th. Over 360 people took part in a fun-filled evening of music, silent and live auctions, dining and dancing. The event raised $71,757.04. Proceeds went towards Volunteer Lawyers Project initiatives.

Awards were presented in recognition of outstanding public service. James E. Schneider of North Platte and Jackson Lewis, LLP, of Omaha received the 2012 Visionary Awards to honor exceptional contributions and commitments to the VLP. Tara M. Gardner of Lincoln received the Robert M. Spire Award to honor accomplishments that exemplify the dedication to public service that was the hallmark of Mr. Spire’s career.

The theme for this year was “Run for the Roses” in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby. The event is thrown annually to recognize the efforts of volunteer lawyers and other supporters of the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP). The VLP works to help low-income Nebraskans find equal access to justice.

Special thanks to Committee Chairs Ms. Glenda Pierce and Mr. Jeffrey R. Kirkpatrick, our Master of Ceremonies Mr. John Knicely, and our auctioneer Mr. Scott Moore.

The following firms and corporations graciously supported the 2012 Barristers’ Ball • • • • • • • • • •

Dessert Sponsor • ABA Retirement Plan

Band Sponsor • Marsh Affinity Services

Auction Sponsor • The Daily Record

Reception Sponsor • Jackson Lewis LLP

Raffle Sponsor

Parking/Program Sponsor

• Simmons Olsen Law Firm PC

• D4 Nebraska

General Sponsors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Silver Sponsors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Baird Holm LLP Bartle & Geier Law Firm The Berry Law Firm Bradford & Coenen LLC Cassem Tierney Adams Gotch & Douglas Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather LLP Creighton Law School Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Christensen & MadaraCampbell, PC LLO Fraser Stryker PC LLO Harding & Shultz PC LLO Hauptman O’Brien Wolf & Lathrop PC Kalkwarf & Smith Law Offices LLC Kiewit Corporation Knapp Fangmeyer Aschwege Besse & Marsh Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP Lieben Whitted Houghton Slowiaczek & Cavanagh PC LLO

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 

Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy & Hammes LLC Matzke & Mattoon Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company Mueller Robak LLC Paychex Schirber & Wagner LLP Seiler & Parker PC LLO Walentine O’Toole McQuillan & Gordon LLP West Gate Bank Young Lawyers Section

ADR Section Agricultural Law Section Bank Attorneys Section Bankruptcy Section Business Law Section Corporate Counsel Section Elder Law Section Family Law Section GWR Wealth Management General Practice Section Labor & Employment Law Section Law Practice Management Section Litigation Section Nebraska Women’s Bar Association Securities Law Section Women & the Law Section

Cab Ride Sponsor

• Hauptman O’Brien Wolf & Lathrop 7

2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Golf Tournaments Ninth Annual Greater Nebraska Golf Tournament The Ninth Annual Greater Nebraska Golf Tournament was held on June 22, 2012 at the Wild Horse golf course in Gothenburg. 70 golfers took to the links on a beautiful summer day, and with the help of over 30 sponsors, raised $10,941.14 to support the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP). The event featured a four-person team ‘scramble’ competition and raffle. 2012 Championship Flight winners were Richard S. Reiser, Roger J. Miller, Galen Ullstrom, and Walter Radcliffe; and First Flight winners were Thomas Lieske, Shon Lieske, Jeffrey Ensz, and Randy Eckhoff. The NLF would again like to thank all who participated. Proceeds of the event benefit the Volunteer Lawyers Project, the NSBA/NLF’s statewide pro bono legal assistance program helping low-income Nebraskans with civil legal problems.

2013 Greater Nebraska Golf Tournament June 14, 2013 Awarii Dunes, Axtell

The following firms and corporations graciously supported the Ninth Annual 2012 Greater Nebraska Golf Tournament Co-Sponsor

•M  cGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO • • • • • • • • •

Hole Sponsors

Bacon & Vinton Barney Abstract & Title Co. Berreckman & Davis, PC Brouillette, Dugan & Troshynski, PC LLO Crites Shaffer Connealy Watson & Patras, PC LLO Felicia and Randy Fair, Attorneys Fitzgerald Vetter and Temple George V. Vinton, Attorney at Law Inspro, Inc.

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 

•K  napp Fangmeyer Aschwege Besse & Marsh, PC • Kutak Rock LLP • Lane & Williams, PC • Latimer Reporting • Lindemeier Gillett & Dawson • Marsh Affinity Services • McCarthy & Moore • McGinley O’Donnell Reynolds & Korth, PC LLO • McQuillan Law Office, PC LLO • Mueller Robak LLC • NAI FMA Realty • Norman Paloucek & Herman • Parker Grossart Bahensky Beucke & Bowman, LLP 8

• Peterson Law Office •R  ehm Bennett & Moore, PC LLO • Sennett Duncan & Jenkins, PC LLO • Tye & Rademacher PC LLO • Welsh & Welsh PC LLO • Zeilinger Law Office

Raffle Prizes •O  ne round of golf for 4 with cart - donated by Wild Horse Golf Course

Hole In One Contest • Sponsored by Marsh Affinity Services 2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Golf Tournaments Sixteenth Annual NSBA Golf Tournament The Sixteenth Annual NSBA Golf Tournament was held at Quarry Oaks Golf Course in Ashland on August 13, 2012. 56 golfers arrived to test their skill on the Quarry Oaks course and $9,459.48 was raised in support of VLP programs through sponsorship, a raffle, and ‘mulligan’ sales. Winners for the 2012 Team competition were Dave Sommers, Ron Egger, Tim Dougherty, and Sam Clinch in the Championship Flight. The NLF would like to sincerely thank all participants, sponsors and raffle item donors. Your contributions have made a big difference towards making Nebraska more just and equitable for all.

2013 NSBA Golf Tournament August 19, 2013 Firethorn Golf Club, Lincoln

The following firms and corporations graciously supported the Sixteenth Annual 2012 NSBA Golf Tournament Co-Sponsors

• • • • • • • • •

Hole Sponsors

Championship Flight Donation

• • • • • • • •

Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather LLP Husch Blackwell, LLP Inspro Insurance Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP Marsh Affinity Services McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Tabs3 & Practice Master Software

• Fraser Stryker PC LLO - $100 gift certificates

• • • • • • • •

Bradford & Coenen, LLC Cassem Tierney Adams Gotch & Douglas Ellick Jones Buelt Blazek & Longo, LLP Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Widger Law Firm JS Wurm & Associates Konica Minolta Business Solutions Latimer Reporting Lieben, Whitted, Houghton, Slowiaczek & Cavanagh, PC LLO • Nebraska Court Reporters Association Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 

Mueller Robak LLC Perry Guthery Haase & Gessford, PC LLO Rehm Bennett & Moore Law Firm PC LLO Sodoro Daly & Sodoro, PC Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP The Daily Record US Bank Private Client Group Welsh & Welsh PC LLO Woods & Aitken LLP

Raffle Prize Donations • • • • •

Quarry Oaks Golf Course - 1-round of golf for four Downtown Omaha Hilton - 1-night stay Office Depot - Samsonite wheeled laptop dase Duteau Chevrolet - $50 Calloway gift card Warren R. Whitted Jr. - Cleveland golf bag

Hole in One Contest Sponsors

• Duteau Chevrolet & Marsh Affinity Services 9

2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Donors & Event Sponsors The following is a list of donors and sponsors for fiscal year 2012. (January 1 - December 31, 2012) We extend our heartfelt thanks for their generosity. $205,771

Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy


Lane Foundation National Center for State Courts Nebraska Crime Commission Peter Kiewit Foundation Woods Charitable Fund


Jackson Lewis LLP Union Pacific Corporation William & Ruth Scott Family Foundation


ABA Retirement Plan Baird Holm LLP Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather LLP d4 Nebraska Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP Legal Aid of Nebraska Marsh Affinity Services McGrath North Mullin & Kratz PC LLO Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Co Mueller Robak LLC (1) Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP The Daily Record Thomson Reuters


A. Eugene & Linda Crump Bartle & Geier Law Firm Bradford & Coenen LLC Cassem Tierney Adams Gotch & Douglas Creighton University School of Law

Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Christensen & Madara- Campbell PC LLO Marsha E. Fangmeyer Fraser Stryker PC LLO Deryl & Ramona Hamann Harding & Shultz PC LLO Hauptman O’Brien Wolf & Lathrop PC INSPRO Insurance Kalkwarf & Smith Law Offices LLC Michael F. Kinney Knapp Fangmeyer Aschwege Besse & Marsh Lawriter LLC Lieben Whitted Houghton Slowiaczek & Cavanagh PC LLO Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy & Hammes LLC Deborah A. Macdonald Francis P. Matthews Matzke & Mattoon Thomas M. Maul Bryan S. Mick NSBA Bankruptcy Section NSBA Business Law Section NSBA Elderlaw Section NSBA General Practice Section NSBA Government Practice Section NSBA Labor Relations Section NSBA Women and the Law Section NSBA Young Lawyers Section Paychex Schirber & Wagner LLP Seiler & Parker PC LLO The Berry Law Firm University of Nebraska College of Law Jeffrey A. Wagner

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


Walentine O’Toole McQuillan & Gordon LLP West Gate Bank


Michaela M. Belatti D.C. (Woody) Bradford III John C. Brownrigg (3) Carlson Schafer and Davis PC LLO Daniel P. Chesire Roberta L. Christensen Patrick M. Connealy Marianne Culhane Michael L. Curry Rick A. Damkroger Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust (5) Timothy R. Engler G. Michael Fenner Fitzgerald Vetter & Temple John A. Gale James E. Gordon GWR Wealth Management LLC Steven D. Hamilton Hon. Michael G. Heavican Robert M. Hillis (3) David S. Houghton Husch Blackwell LLP Kevin Jensen Juvenile Assessment Center Suzanne Danielle Kaufman-McNamara Koley Jessen PC LLO Latimer Reporting Lincoln Community Foundation Dianne S. Lozier Amie C. Martinez Nebraska Women’s Bar Association NSBA Agricultural Law Section NSBA Bank Attorneys Section NSBA Corporate Counsel Section

NSBA Family Law Section NSBA Law Practice Management Section NSBA Litigation Section NSBA Securities Law Section Nebraska State Bar Foundation Jerry & Sandy Ortman Thomas R. Pansing Jr. Jeffery T. Peetz Person Law Office Glenda J. Pierce Rehm Bennett & Moore Law Firm PC LLO Hon. William Jay Riley Robert F. Rossiter Jr. Greg Scaglione Michael N. Schirber Jane L Schoenike Sibbernsen Strigenz & Sibbernsen PC Nancy A. Svoboda Tabs3 & Practice Master Software Amy Lynn Van Horne Edward G. Warin Patricia D. Webb Welsh & Welsh PC LLO Warren R. Whitted Jr. (6, 7)


Frederick B Allan Jr. Ralph M. Anderson Jr. Ann Ferlic Ashford Bacon & Vinton LLC Barney Abstract & Title Co. Robert F. Bartle Berkshire & Burmeister Berreckman & Davis PC Claude Berreckman Sr. Kristine D. Brenneis Jonathan R. Breuning Brouillette Dugan & Troshynski PC LLO James W. R. Brown 2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Donors & Event Sponsors Max Burbach Angela L. Burmeister Joel M. Carney Hon. William B. Cassel Chaloupka Holyoke Snyder Chaloupka Longoria & Kishiyama PC LLO Jack Cheloha Richard J. Coenen Crites Shaffer Connealy Watson & Patras PC LLO Karen C. Eiten Ellick Jones Buelt Blazek & Longo Mark L. Eurek Felicia and Randy Fair, Attorneys John M. Guthery Hamilton Law Firm PC Lawrence F. Harr John C. Heath John W. Herdzina Michael M. Hupp Johnson Flodman Guenzel & Widger Rady A. Johnson Virgil K. Johnson Elizabeth A.Z. Jorgenson JS Wurm & Associates Howard J. Kaslow Patrick W. Kennison Jr. Theodore L. Kessner Douglas W. Krenzer Kutak Rock LLP Lane & Williams PC LLO Lindemeier Gillett and Dawson Wayne J. Mark Marks Clare & Richards LLC Stephanie A. Mattoon McCarthy & Moore McCord & Burns Law Firm LLP McGinley O’Donnell Reynolds & Korth PC LLO McQuillan Law Office PC LLO Robert F. Meis Frank J. Mihulka Michael G. Mullin Robert D. Mullin Jr. (3) NAI/FMA Realty

Nebraska Court Reporters Association Sarah Paider Newell Norman Paloucek & Herman Overton Law Office Parker Grossart Bahensky Beucke & Bowman LLP Forrest F. Peetz Perry Guthery Haase & Gessford PC LLO Peterson Law Office Patricia S. Peterson Jason Wayne Pohren John P. Rademacher Rebecca and Michael Smart Fund Karla R. Rupiper Sennett Duncan & Jenkins PC LLO Sodoro Daly Shomaker & Selde PC LLO Jeanette Stull Timothy James Thalken Tye & Rademacher PC LLO Thomas W. Tye II US Bank George G. Vinton James P. Waldron Woods & Aitken LLP Zeilinger Law Office

Up to $124

Jill E. Robb Ackerman Acklie Charitable Foundation Leslie R. Acuri Sophia Marie Alvarez Roger Anderson Virgil P. Anderson J. Thomas Archer Sandra L. Armstrong Adam Astley Aten & Noble John B. Atkins Evelyn Babcock Ruth A. Bahr Kelley Baker Robert L. Bals Joseph J. Barmettler (4)

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


Adam William Barney Gregory Dean Barton Hon. Joseph F. Bataillon Ellen G. Batt Teresa A. Beaufait James F. Bellman John H. Bergmeyer Colin Joseph Bernard Lorraine Boyd Kimberly Brown Lysette Brown Helmut Eduards Brugman Madonna K. Burleigh James F. Cann Dr. & Mrs. John Cannella (4) Joan M. Cannon Juan & Catherine Cano Hon. D. Nick Caporale Franceska Diane Cassell Michael William Chase Leigh Rademacher Cheloha Norman Choat (4) Tracy Christensen Rollo V. Clark Jr. Gayle Clark Alexander M. Clarke Hon. William F. Colwell Charlotte J. Conner Stephanie N. Cottingham Jeff T. Courtney April Dawn Cover Darla Cox Michael C. Cox Robert B. Creager Charles B. Crisman Jr. Virginia F. Crisman William Cutler III (4) Linda D. Dammann Meagan Judith Deichert Grayson Joel Derrick Taylor Christopher Dieckman Pat Dirkschneider (4) Kimberly Donnar Mary A. Donovan Kevin & Patty Dostal Jennifer M. Doyle Patrick J. Duffy (4) Grant K. Dugdale

David M. Dvorak Mary J. Egr-Edson Kelly Marie Ekeler Kenneth H. Elson Tasha Ann Everman Elizabeth L. Eynon-Kokrda Kristin Mae Victoria Farwell John Fasbender (4) Jodi Michelle Fenner Stacy Jo Ferrel Daniel J. Fischer Dennis J. Fogland Gregory D. Fox James A. Gallant Jennifer L. Gast Brenda George Theresa M. Gerritzen Thomas E. Geu Teri R. Gibbons Jennifer L. Gipfert Jerome Given Hon. James T. Gleason Lucinda Cordes Glen Shurie R. Graeve Jason W. & Laura Grams Amy Grav Sarah D. Greer Robert T. Grimit Michael J. Haller Jr. Brandon D. Hamm L. Harbeck Brian Louis Harr M. Catherine Hartnett Troy Lynn Hawk John P. Heil Christopher R. Heinrich Minja Herian Margaret M. Hershiser James W. Hewitt (2) Joni Hickey Eugene L. Hillman Brian J. Hoffman Peter T. Hoffman Marva M. Holt Robert L. Homan Christopher E. & Katie Hoyme Robert J. Huck Marilyn B. Hutchinson 2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Donors & Event Sponsors Jon L. Jabenis Andrea M. Jardine Ronald C. Jensen Thomas E. Johnson Gail R. Jones Bradley T. Kalkwarf Peter & Michelle Kenney Todd Christopher Kinney Karen Christine Knight Brian Joseph Koenig Susan M. Koenig Kristine M. Kohlmeier Hon. Paul W. Korslund Sharon R. Kresha Joseph J. Kubat Jr. Robert S. Lannin Elizabeth Jane Edwards Lay Philip J. Lee Kristina M. Leyden Kelli Pauline Lieurance Stephanie Lindsay Thomas M. & Joni Locher Marlon M. Lofgren David & Sarah Lopez Laura A. Lowe Mary Clare Luxa J. Terry Macnamara (4) Joshy Madathil Lori A. Marco John R. Marks Kenda D. Marler Steven F. Mattoon David Ryan Mayer Denise C. Mazour Eileen L. McBride P. Shawn McCann M. Shaun McGaughey Richard Paul McGowan Jennifer McIvor Daniel Murphy McMahon George W. McNary

Jacqueline Ann Pueppke Richard E. Putnam Jennifer Rebecca Racine Bethanie Rames Richard B. Register Richard & Mary Lynn Reiser Christina Reynoldson Grant Richards Wendy Ridder Hon. Francie C. Riedmann Dennis R. Riekenberg Kendra Jane Ringenberg Belinda D. Rinker Cinda Ritchie Paige J. Roberts D. Ashley Robinson April Denise Romeo Lauren M. Ronald William J. Ross John D. Rouse Angie S. Rystrom Bridgett Sanne Jeffery R. Schaffart Al Schmid (4) Mark B. Schupack Connie R. Schwindt Richard T. Seckman Julie Schultz Self Rae Dene Sentel Ryan Jeremy Sevcik Julie A. Shipman-Burns Karen M. Shuler Hon. Richard D. Sievers Michelle Lynn Sitorius Jesse David Sitz Ronald L. Slyter Suni Snyder Ronda Sonday Matthew John Speiker David O. Spinar J. L. Spray

Mark Edward McQueen James M. Meister Diane B. Metz Michael J. Moss Robert W. Mullin Susan Murphy Douglas D. Murray Brian Robert Neary Nebraska Paralegal Association Miriam Nelson Amber N. Neubert VanMai Hoang Nguyen Jennifer M. Niemier Eucharia E. Nnadi J. Clark Noble Walter R. Noordam Jr. Franklyn K. Norris Joshua K. Norton Michael L. Nozicka NSBA ADR Section Elaine Null James E. O’Connor P.J. O’Connor (4) R. Kevin O’Donnell Larry D. Ohs David &Emily O’Neill Robert J. Osborne Patrice Danielle Ott Rose Tende Owhonda Eric B. Oxley Lisa Ann Paladino Ronald J. Palagi S. James Patterson (4) J. Scott & Mary P. Paul Stephanie Anne Payne Cheryl Jean Peckenpaugh C. Jo Petersen James M. Peterson Hon. Michael & Kim Pirtle James Polack Kay Strong Prather





includes memorial honoring Edwin C. Perry memorial gift honoring Edwin C. Perry (3) includes memorial honoring Warren R. Whitted Sr. (4) memorial gift honoring Warren R. Whitted Sr. Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 

Stage Law Office Angie Steffek Hon. Kenneth C. Stephan Randy Stevenson Anne Christine Stockmann Hon. Lyle E. Strom (4) LTC Craig Wallace Strong Phylis M. Studer George R. Sullivan Michael L. Sullivan Ronald D. Svoboda Donald L. Swanson Russett Switzer Dr. & Mrs. Paul Tamisiea (4) Patrick Andrew Tefft Shiela Thiele Cynthia P. Timmermier Dale C. Tinstman Kurt F. Tjaden Dr. & Mrs. Tom Tonniges (4) Rebecca A. Tracy Joseph E. Twidwell Jr. Heather Voegele-Andersen Diana J. Vogt Ronald R. Volkmer Richard D. Vroman Georgiene A. Radlick Wagoner Heather Waring Andrew David Weeks J. Daniel Weidner James Lawrence Weisman Whitney Claire West Kevin E. Wichman Jan Wiebe Ryan Douglas Wilkins Charles M. Williams John E. Wilson Alexander John Wolf Anneliese Mae Wright Yost Schafersman Lamme Hillis Mitchell Schulz & Hartmann PC

memorial gift honoring Clinton J. “Jack” Gatz includes memorial honoring Walter B. Anderson (7) includes memorial honoring George F. “Geoff ” Heiden 12

2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 VLP Pro Bono Volunteers A special thank you is extended to the attorneys listed below who volunteered to take pro bono cases in 2012. 175 attorneys took 436 low-income client cases for those needing legal assistance. Even with the help of these attorneys, 1,308 cases were turned away because there were not enough attorneys or resources. Please volunteer your time. Contact the Volunteer Lawyers Project today at 402-475-7091, or go online at Ashley Albertsen Mark Albin Sophia Alvarez Vicky L. Amen Avis Andrews Joshua Barber Francis Barron Benjamin Beethe Roger Benjamin Diane L. Berger Jack Besse Larry W. Beucke Troy Bird James Blinn Kimberly Booth Michael S. Borders Jonathan Brandt Jordan Brasch D. Brandon Brinegar Michael T. Brogan Timothy Brogan James Cada Hunter A. H. Campbell Linsey Camplin Joel Carlson Gage Cobb James W. Crampton Bruce Dalluge Rachel Daugherty Jason Doele Charles Dorwart Angela Dunne James Egr William J. Erickson Nicole Flatowicz Stefanie Flodman Rhonda Flower Julie Frank Brandie Fowler Stephanie Flynn Leta Fornoff Ronald E. Frank Daniel A. Fullner Christopher Furches

Christopher Gamm Tara Gardner Kenneth George Stacie Goding Lisa Gonzalez Vanessa Gordon Maurice Green Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz Scott Hahn Katherine Hall Michael J. Haller, Jr Dylan Handley Darren Hartman Kyle Hassett Angela H. Heimes Thomas Holyoke Christopher Hoyme Eugene Hynes Mark Jacobs Jerrod Jaeger Matthew Jenkins Kara Jermain Chris A. Johnson Gerald Johnson Dean Jungers Nora Keenan Joseph Kehm Bilal Khaleeq Melanie Kirk Michael C. Klein Jeanelle Kleveland Luke Klinker Melanie Knoepfle Lyle J. Koenig Susan M. Koenig Stephanie Kotik Robert S. Lannin Douglas Lederer John A. Lentz Mindy Lester John Levy Abigail Littrell William Madelung John H. Marsh

Nebraska Lawyers Foundationâ€

Alan Martin Craig Martin Michael D. Matejka Angelica McClure Nathan McHugh Richard Paul McGowan Matthew McKeever Bryan Meismer Merrill Messbarger James Meuret Denise Meyers Megan Mikolajczyk Alton E. Mitchell Derek Mitchell Michelle Mitchell Bonnie Moore James Moravek John V. Morgan Ann Moshman Todd Mulliner Glen Murray Mary Navratil Karen Nelson David Newman Melissa Oestmann Michelle J. Oldham Kate Owen Robert Pahlke Jeffrey T. Palzer Daniel C. Pape Randall W. Paragas Douglas Pauley Stephanie Payne Ralph E. Peppard Amanda Phillips Mark Pieper Shane Placek Carol Pinard-Cronin Kay Prather Sean Reagan Douglas Quinn Justin Quinn Sally Rasmussen Sean Reagan 13

Eric Rees James Reisinger Wendy Ridder Colby Rinker Patrick Runge Mindy Rush Chipman Danielle Savington Michael Scahill Stephen A. Scherr James E. Schneider Thomas Shomaker Dean Stitzmann Andrew Snyder Karine Sokpoh Richard D. Stafford David Stage Kevin Stanosheck Gail Steen Bruce E. Stephens Brent Stephenson Stephen Stroh Timothy Sullivan Michael Synek Hang Tat Ronald Temple Derek Terwey David D. Thompson Christina Thornton Anthony Todero Adam Tripp William Troshynski James Truell Leonard Vyhnalek Anastasia Wagner Jeff Wagner Sue Ellen Wall David Watermeier Timothy Watts David Wilson Jr. Timothy Wollmer Laura Woods Marget M. Zarbano Lori A. Zeilinger 2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 VLP Pro Bono Volunteers In addition to the pro bono cases served, 3,487 clients were served at the self-help desks in Buffalo County, Grand Island, Lincoln, Madison County and Omaha. 142 additional people were served at VLP-SO clinics. We thank the following individuals for their time. Buffalo County Self-Help Desk Michael W. Baldwin Jack W. Besse David Hubert Kalisek John H. Marsh John P. Rademacher Michael J. Synek

Grand Island Self-Help Desk Cathleen Allen Marvin Andersen Bill Francis Dorothy Benton Matthew Boyle Kevin Brostrom Hunter Campbell Al Corey John Cunningham Shawn Farriter Stacy Goding John Higgins Dave Huston Jerry Janulewicz Susan Koenig Mike Kneele John McDermott Michelle Oldham Mark Porto Jan Reeves Audrey Rowley Galen Stehlik Mitch Stehlik James Truell James Wagoner Lori Wilson

Lincoln Self-Help Desk

Omaha Self-Help Desk

Penny J. Berger James A. Cada Linsey Aubyn Camplin Tim Engler Tara Gardner Vanessa J. Gorden Kristine Guerro-Sisneroz Raina Gulbrandson Dick Knudsen Cynthia Renee Lamm Elizabeth J. Edwards Lay Abigail F. Littrel John P. Milligan Stephanie Payne Shirley Peng Jeffry D. Patterson Denise L. Saathoff Danielle Layne Savington Gail Steen Timothy Paul Sullivan Hon. Theodore W. Vrana Lea Wroblewski

Kelly Berens William Birkel Dave Blagg Elizabeth Bowman Cassidy Chapman Dan Dolan Duane Dougherty Joe Dreesen John Eker Jessica Feinstein Brandie Fowler Julie Frank Ross Gardner Kyle Hassett Mike Huffer Karisa Johnson Peter Kenny Mike Kinney Ronald Krause Steve Lefler Diana Liska Amy Locher Timothy Loudon Kate Mahern Mike Moran Ann Moshman Bill O’Neil Darren Pekny Ralph Peppard Jill Poole Justin Quin Chad Richter Dennis Riekenberg Dave Riley Jim Sacoman Mike Scahill

Madison County Self-Help Desk Frederick Thomas Bartell Jason Scott Doele Jan L. Einspahr Mark D. Fitzgerald Amanda Ann McMahon Hon. Patrick G. Rogers Ronald E. Temple Todd B. Veter Melissa A. Wentling

Nebraska Lawyers Foundationâ€


Susan Schneider Judith Schweikart Amy Sherman Hon. Steve Swartz Christina Thornton Brien Welch Ken Wentz Margaret Zarbano

VLP-SO Clinics

Gregory Dwight Artis Jr. D.C. (Woody) Bradford III Thalia L. Downing Carroll James P. Clements Jr Daniel G. Dolan Angela Dunne Michael J. Haller Jr. Philip Benjamin Katz Bilal Ahmed Khaleeq Kendall Kay Krajicek Diana H. E. Liska Alan David Martin Jerome Chinedu Okolo Patrick Alan Oman Randall W. Paragas Susan Reff Daniel W. Ryberg Alan Chris Schroeder

2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

2012 Revenue/Expense Summary The Nebraska Lawyers Foundation Program Revenue Summary Campaign Income One Hour of Sharing $22,433.00 4%

January through December 2012 Foundation/Trust Grants $40,776.30 8%

Campaign Income-One Hour of Sharing Foundation/trust grants Individual/business contribution Special events

$22,433.00 $40,776.30 $18,313.48 $213,205.73 (Barrister’s Ball, Food Drive, Golf Tournaments, NCREFC) State Grants $221,867.20


  Individual/Business Contribution $18,313.48 4%

State Grants $221,867.20 43%

Special Events $213,205.73 41%

The Nebraska Lawyers Foundation Program Expense Summary January through December 2012 Groceries for Holiday Food Drive $8,306.00 1.5%

Business Expenses $2,127.28 0.5%

Business expenses Event Expenses $54,192.07 9%

Event Expenses Grant & contract expense (MJIC Scholarship Program) Grants to NLF Programs Purchase of Groceries (Holiday Food Drive)

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


(Barristers’ Ball, Golf Tournaments)

Grants to NLF Programs $508,556.60 88%


(Charitable Solicitation Registration Fees)

$5,058.50 $508,556.60 $8,306.00


Grant & Contract Expense $5,058.50 1%


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 635 South 14th Street PO Box 81809 Lincoln, NE 68501-1809


Nebraska Lawyers Foundation

Help Us Make a Difference If every Nebraska attorney agreed to do one or more of the following, our ability to serve the public and legal community would grow exponentially:

• Donate cash equal to one hour of your billing rate - Donate the equivalent of an hour or more of billing to the NLF. You may designate your contribution to any of our signature programs if you choose. • Accept a pro bono case - The need is great. Commit to helping one of our clients navigate the civil legal system. You’ll be glad you did. Call the NSBA at (402) 475-7091 and ask to speak with Volunteer Lawyers Project Director Jean McNeil.

• Sponsor an LSAT Scholarship - Make a donation to support our minority scholarship program for LSAT preparation. It’s a great way to promote a more diverse future for our legal system.

• Volunteer at a Self-Help Desk near you - Two hours is all it takes and VLP staff are always at your side to help. Self-Help Desks are located in Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island and Madison.

To Learn More and Make a Donation: go to and click on the ‘NLF’ tab at the top of the page. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 


2012 Annual Report

Nebraska Lawyers Foundation 2012 Annual Report  

NLF 2012 Annual Report

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