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Message From Your Presidents, Miles and Brenda Marshall Greetings and Happy New Year! 2018 has arrived and so has the winter weather. I find myself counting the days until March. To our friends who have moved away and say how much they miss the seasons -- this is your official invitation to get back here for a visit. As they say “it’s all good”, we are fortunate to live and work in the Heartland. Make plans to attend our annual Mid-Winter Conference to be held Feb. 10-11 in Grand Island. In addition to enjoying a great program this will be an opportunity to meet our new Executive Director, Diane Duren. We are fortunate to have her on board.

Mark your calendar for April 2nd, the proclamation signing with Governor Ricketts in Lincoln. All are invited to attend. Watch our website for additional details. Additional note-worthy dates include the deadline of April 1st for Auxiliary scholarship applications. If you know of potential applicants please notify them. Also, applications for Auctioneer of the Year and the Hall of Fame for auctioneers and the auxiliary are due April 1st. Please consider nominating someone, as we are fortunate to have many deserving individuals.

Miles and Brenda Marshall

Our annual convention will be held May 18-20 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Kearney. We are making plans for an educational, motivational and fun filled weekend. We hope you are planning to attend. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Mid-Winter Conference! Miles & Brenda

New Executive Director at NeAA

Diane Duren, Executive Director- NeAA Rising City NE

Register Now Online! Mid-Winter Conference February 10th & 11th, 2018 Fairfield Inn & Suites Grand Island, NE

http://www.nebraskaauctioneers. com/mid-winter-convention-2018 Click on the “Register Online” button

I am very honored to have been selected by your board of directors to represent your association, and carry out the day-to-day duties for your membership, and I look forward to meeting all of you at upcoming events. Since starting this position as of November 1, 2017, it has been a steep learning curve, and one that I have welcomed and feel that I’m up for the challenge. As with any association, it takes a while to put a face on a name, so please bear with me in the coming months as I meet all of you at Mid-Winter Seminar in Grand Island, and also the Annual Convention in May in Kearney. There are many upcoming deadlines for the membership, so if you don’t know me by now, you’ll find out that I’m very social media and tech savvy, and you will be hearing from me by email, Facebook and sometimes even a text. Please report your email address to me if you aren’t

receiving emails from the association. The Mid-Winter Seminar flyers were mailed, and emailed, to all members in mid-December, and we also now have online registration available. You should have received an email with your username/password to go online and register by the time you receive this newsletter. Please go to I would like to encourage you to sign up on the website to post your auctions. We only have 10 auctioneers using this service at the present time. Please go to: sign-post-auctions/. You must have an email address. If you need anything from our association please don’t hesitate to call our office at 402-367-9797 or email me at I work from my home office, and have a cell phone with me at all times, too.

PO BOX 150  Rising City NE 68658-0150  Ph: 402-367-9767 Email: 

2017-2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Association Board

President Miles Marshall Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers PO BOX 261 Kearney NE 68848 (308) 234-6266

President-Elect Mark Beacom Auction Solutions, Inc. 7811 Military Ave. Omaha NE 68134 (402) 571-0393

Vice President Travis Augustin Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. 2837 W Hwy 6 Hastings NE 68901 (402) 463-8565

Secretary/Treasurer Russ Puchalla Heartland Auction Co. PO BOX 36 Roca NE 68430 (402) 416-7653

Executive Officer Regina Andrijeski Old West Realty & Auction PO Box 153 Curtis NE 69025 (308) 367-4505

Executive Director Diane Duren PO BOX 150 Rising City NE 68658-0150 (402) 367-9767

Term Expires 2018 Brian Isernhagen BHI Auction Services PO BOX 118 Deshler NE 68340 (402) 365-7546

Term Expires 2019 Dean Dallman Kort-Dallmann Auctions 933 O RD Franklin NE 68939 (308) 380-2615

Term Expires 2020 Mike Nuss Helberg & Nuss Auctions & Realty 1145 M St Gering NE 69341-2835 (308) 436-4056

Term Expires 2018 Trev Moravec Ritchie Bros. 1004 Island DR Schuyler NE 68661 (402) 367-2551

Term Expires 2019 Scott Jarmin The Auction Mill PO Box 234 Cedar Bluffs NE 68015 (402) 906-0264

Term Expires 2020 Duane Willensiek Willensiek Auction Co., LLC 2054 S 32nd RD Cook NE 68329 (402) 864-7651

Term Expires 2018 Bruce McDowell MdDowell Auction Service 303 W 1 RD Trumbull NE 68980 (402) 743-2396

President Brenda Marshall Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers PO BOX 261 Kearney NE 68848 (308) 234-6266

Term Expires 2020 Ed Hall Vandertook Auctions, LLC 14505 Panama RD Adams NE 68301-9547 (402) 440-8475

2017-2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Auxiliary Board

Secretary/Treasurer Paula Hall Vandertook Auctions, LLC 14505 Panama RD Adams NE 68301-9547 (402) 440-0468 Term Expires 2018 Heidi Isernhagen BHI Auction Services PO BOX 118 Deshler NE 68340 (402) 365-7546

Term Expires 2019 Roy Montgomery Montgomery Auction & Realty 1141 Hwy 78 Guide Rock NE 68942 (402) 746-3823

President-Elect Heather Schultis Schultis and Son, Inc. PO BOX 582 Fairbury NE 68352 (402) 729-2435

Vice President Kelly Augustin Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc. 2837 W Hwy 6 Hastings NE 68901 (402) 744-2042

Executive Officer Lindy Elson Old West Realty & Auction PO Box 153 Curtis NE 69025 (308) 367-7010

Historian Becky Kliewer Kliewer Auction Service 1307 12th St Aurora NE 68818 (402) 694-3368

Term Expires 2019 Linda Montgomery Montgomery Auction & Realty 1141 Hwy 78 Guide Rock NE 68942 (402) 257-2335

Term Expires 2019 Michelle Jarmin The Auction Mill PO Box 234 Cedar Bluffs NE 68015 (402) 906-0264

 2 

Term Expires 2020 Jan Nuss Helberg & Nuss Auctions & Realty 1145 M St Gering NE 69341-2835 (308) 783-2468

Proclamation Signing Day

Governor Pete Ricketts will be signing a proclamation, declaring April as Auctioneers Month. The signing will take place on Monday, April 2nd, 2018, at 11:00 AM, at the state capital building, 2nd floor, Warner Chamber. Please come and participate in this extra-ordinary event acknowledging auctioneers throughout the State of Nebraska. Pictures with the Governor will take place following the signing of the proclamation. All auctioneers are welcome to attend.

Mid-Winter Real Estate Seminar & Forum Saturday, Feb. 10th & Sunday, Feb. 11th Grand Island, NE Fairfield Inn & Suites Sign up for the Continuing Education Class that Craig Larabee will teach on Saturday, Feb. 10th. $40 for members and $75 for nonmembers. Online registration is available at : http:// mid-winter-convention-2018 Don’t miss out on the educational speakers and education sessions on Sunday, Feb. 11th. - $25 for members and $50 for nonmembers. Online registration is available at: http:// mid-winter-convention-2018 and Mary Jo Irman are our featured speakers. Hotel reservations can be made at Fairfield Inn & Suites. 308-381-8980 ans ask for the “Auctioneers” block of rooms.

The Power Behind The Gavel by Becky Kliewer Hello from the Kliewer’s! I hope everyone is ready for the wonderful season that is upon us. I hope you all had a very blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I was asked to write a little something for the newsletter since I have been the historian for the last couple of years. So, I sat down and looked back at the minutes from years gone by and tried to compare them to our present day meeting . The first thing I think of is how much simpler life was back then. You came to the convention with your husband, and they asked you to be the host and hostess for the evening meal at the meeting that afternoon. The flowers and other decorations cost $15.00. The women didn’t meet with the men, of course, but had their own social time to get acquainted. Also, when you registered for convention they wanted you to use your first name and then your husband’s. Most of us do that all the time! In 1955, in Albion, NE, the auxiliary set the cost of membership at $2.50. The next year at the convention held at the Stratton Hotel in Grand Island it was discussed to lower the dues to $1.50. The minutes said this would be discussed further at a later time. At this time they sent out letters to absent members to acquaint them with the above proceedings. Now, we can just send a mass e-mail to let everyone know

what was discussed. One thing that I noticed is the recurring discussion on the National Pin. The wording on the pin was National Auctioneers Association and the ladies wanted that changed to National Auctioneers Auxiliary. Finally, in 1956, the ladies submitted a letter to the NAA President to have this discussed at the national director’s meeting at the convention, and to bring up the matter at the general meeting to be voted on. Do any of you have one of those pins? Another recurring discussion was the matter of dues. There was lots of discussion about the dues, but it didn’t seem like the ladies could agree on what to do so they left it the same. Before the 1960 meeting the officers and board of directors were selected every year. When the board of directors met for convention in Grand Island, they decided to revise Article 4 Section 1 of the Constitution to allow the directors selected to serve for three years. That one three-year director would be elected each year. Well, that’s enough for now. For me it is very interesting to go back and read through the minutes and realize that a lot has changed over the years. However, one thing remains, and that is we all want to be supportive of the auction profession in any way we can.

 3 

Announcing “Membership Contest” Win A Free 2018 Convention Registration and More

The Nebraska Auctioneers Association needs your help. For our association to remain strong, it is vital to maintain membership and participation by those in our industry. Unfortunately, every year we lose a few members due to retirement, death and other issues. It is critical for our association to continually gain new members. We invite all members to participate in this contest. Let’s grow our association and have fun doing it! The Prize: The winner or person sponsoring the most new members, will receive a free registration to the 2018 Nebraska Auctioneers Convention in Kearney, NE at the Holiday Inn Conference Center on May 18-20, 2018 and a plaque recongnizing their accomplishment. All particpants: those sponsoring at least one new member or more, will be recognized at teh 2018 convention. The RULES: * To receive a credit for sponsoring a new member, your name must be written on the blank for “sponsor” on the new member’s application form. You can find the membership form on the website. *Any auctioneer who is currently no a member is eligible to be sponsored. *New members who have not been a member of the association in the past five years are eligible for a 20% discount off their first year membership fee. *Deadline: To qualify for the contest, a sponsored new member should submit their membership application and dues payment prior to May 1, 2018.

Outgoing Board Member- Brian Isernhagen


34th Annual Nebraska Auctioneers Association Bid Calling Contest Saturday, July 28th Hastings, Nebraska More details will be coming soon. For questions contact Travis Augustin 402-469-0219

Calendar of Events

Sincerely, Brian Isernhagen

Outgoing Board Member- Trev Moravec

Feb 10-11- Mid-Winter Convention- Grand Island, NE February 11- NeAA Board Meeting- Grand Island, NE April 1- NeAA Hall of Fame Nominations Due April 1- NeAA Auctioneer of the Year Nominations Due April 1- Auxiliary Scholarship Applications Due April 1- Auxiliary Hall of Fame Nominations Due May 1- Win a free convention membership-see Pg 3 May 18-20- Annual NeAA Convention- Kearney, NE May 18 - Auctioneer Contest and Ringman Competition July 28- Bid Calling Contest- Hastings, NE

Greetings to Nebraska Auctioneers & Auxillary. By the time you are reading this Christmas & New Year’s Day will probably be a fond memory. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year. For those of you who don’t know me/us, my wife Heidi & I own & operate BHI Auction Services in Deshler, NE, and we also have a real estate business, Bartling Real Estate. We’ve been members since I graduated auction school in 2000. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last three years as being on your board of directors, along with the friendships made and the camaraderie along the way has been great. If you are not a member of the association or know of an auctioneer that isn’t, encourage them to join. Remember our membership contest, as you could win a free registration to the 2018 convention for recruiting the most new members! Next, I would like to welcome Diane Duren, our new Executive Director, who is assuming the duties that Capitol Management Group performed in the past. Diane will be a great asset to our organization and I encourage everyone to come to Mid-Year Convention and meet her. Speaking of Mid-Year, I encourage everyone to come to Grand Island Feb, 10-11, 2018 for Real Estate Continuing Ed and our annual mid-year convention, I know Roy, Dean & Scott have been working hard on this, and have a great program lined up for us. In closing, I would like to thank everyone for the friendships made, and all of the good times that went along with it, and I look forward to much more of the same in the future.

I just want to thank the NEAA for allowing me to serve on the board the last few years. I really feel we have an association filled with incredible talent, experience and excitement. Any rookie or experienced auctioneer would greatly benefit by being a member and being engaged. I hope to see everyone on down the road at the conventions and contest this year. Long live the Auctioneer and Auction Business! Thank you, Trev Moravec

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Donna J. Marshall 7-29-1930 ~ 11-8-2017 Donna Jean Marshall, 87, of Kearney (formerly of Elm Creek) died at her home on November 8, 2017, surrounded by family. Memorial services were held Monday, November 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at Faith United Methodist Church at 1623 Central Ave., Kearney, Nebraska, with Rev. Doug Gahn officiating. Private burial was at the Williamsburg Cemetery prior to the service. Donna was born near Sumner on July 29, 1930 to Joyce Clair and Lucille (Thornton) Wickard, as the 4th of five children. She attended grade school and high school in Sumner and Lexington, NE, graduating in 1948. She went to Kearney State Teachers college before marrying the love of her life, Eugene Marshall in 1950. Eugene and Donna lived and raised their three children – Penny, Candy, and Jeff – in the Platte River Valley south of Elm Creek until they moved to Kearney in 2014. Donna worked at her dad’s business - Wickard Service - in Lexington from childhood until 1952. After marrying Eugene, Donna embraced her new life as the wife of a farmer and auctioneer. She worked at Eugene’s side – managing the books and accounts for the farming and livestock business; working as the Office Manager for the Kearney Livestock Commission Company; and helping create a thriving auction business serving as the bookkeeper, cashier, clerk, chief bill collector – and doing whatever else was needed! Donna’s work extended beyond the family businesses to professional associations supporting auctioneers and

livestock owners. She became an active member in the Nebraska Auctioneers Auxiliary – serving on the Board of Directors and numerous committees, writing for the “Power Behind the Gavel” columns, and attending every convention until her retirement. In 2003, she was inducted into the Nebraska Auctioneers Auxiliary Hall of Fame. She also helped clerk the Buffalo County 4-H Auctions and was recognized in 1997 for her outstanding dedication. Donna proudly supported and was recognized for her contributions to the beef industry by serving on the National Live Stock & Meat Board and the Nebraska Beef Council. Donna was an early and committed volunteer to the Cattlemen’s Classic where she led the sale clerking teams for over 10 years. She was inducted into the Cattlemen’s Classic Hall of Fame in 2016. Donna’s commitment to her community was unfailing. With Eugene, she was part of the heart and soul of the Williamsburg Community. Donna was a member of the Williamsburg United Methodist Church for 65 years. Donna served as treasurer for the Church and was a member of almost every committee at one time or another. She chaired the Lord’s Acre Celebration Auction from its beginning, wrote many book reviews for the Church’s monthly newsletter, and led a non-denominational Bible study group. Donna also served on the Williamsburg Cemetery Association Board. But most important to her in her life were her three children and their families. Donna supported her children (and  5 

Donna Marshall, long-time Nebraska Auctioneers & Auxiliary Member

grandchildren) through years of endless 4-H projects, shows, demonstrations, and speeches – along with many high school music concerts, theater productions, sports activities, and proms and homecoming events. No matter how busy her working life, she never missed an important performance or event. Donna was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. She was loved and will be missed by many. Her survivors include a sister, Helen Nickel; three children; Penny Buettner, Candy Marshall and husband Jerry Stehlik, and Jeff Marshall and wife Becky; 7 grandchildren –David Buettner, Jonathan (Shawna) Buettner, Madeline and Will Stehlik, Lacy Donald; Hannah (Blake) Hild, and Leah (Gavin) Kenney; and 4 great grandchildren – Marshall and Jaxon Donald, and Birkley and Alyia Buettner. She was preceded in death by her husband Eugene in April of 2017, brothers Morris and Dean Wickard, sister Fannie Joan Wickard, and grandson T.J. Buettner.

NEBRASKA AUCTIONEERS AUXILIARY GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING May 20, 2017 The General membership meeting of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association Auxiliary was called to order by President Lindy Elson with twenty members present. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report Minutes of the Board meetings on May 28, 2016 and January 28, 2017 were read and approved and minutes of the Auxiliary General Association meeting on May 28, 2016 was read and approved. Paula reported that the checking account balance as of 4/28/17 was $5,122.39 and the CD balance as of 5/18/17 was $28,333.26. The CD will mature 10/26/17 and will renew at that time for 14 months at a rate of .85%. The Audit Committee met after the Board meeting, reviewed and approved the Treasurer’s Financial Report for April 30, 2016 – April 28, 2017. Fund-Raising Items There are a total of 13 fleece and polyester vests left. The Auctioneer’s Association is buying them to sell at the bid-calling contest and fun auction during this convention. They are paying the auxiliary the full selling price for the vests which is $495.00. After we receive their payment, a check in the amount of $1,226.16 which represents the profit from this fundraiser will be sent to the Nebraska Children’s Home Society. Scholarship Fourteen applications for the Auctioneer and Auxiliary scholarships were received. The Board has voted to award four scholarships when ten or more applications are received. A suggestion was made that information about the scholarship be published regularly on the NeAA Facebook page. Emphasize that individuals other than high school seniors can apply. Also, suggested that the Auxiliary

President send a letter to applicants who do not win a scholarship and encourage them to reapply. 2017 Scholarship Winners are Austin Creamer (son of Ryan and Janet Creamer), Braelyn Isernhagen (daughter of Brian & Heidi Isernhagen), and Kaitlyn Schultis (daughter of Aaron & Lisa Schultis). By-Laws and Committee Responsibilities By-Laws and Committee Responsibilities are in the final states of review and will be voted on by the Board when they are complete. Once approved by the Board, they will be emailed out to the auxiliary membership. Fun Auction Proceeds Lindy informed the auxiliary general membership that the Auctioneer’s Association voted to change the way in which the fun auction proceeds are distributed since it is difficult to keep track of and record accurately the proceeds from items that are to be donated to the Auxiliary General Fund, Auxiliary Scholarship Fund versus the Auctioneer’s. Beginning with the 2017 fun auction, the total fun auction proceeds will be distributed based on %’s as follows: Auctioneer’s – 50% Auxiliary – 30% Auctioneer’s Foundation – 20% Membership Barb Ruhter and Molly Woodward suggested that the auxiliary ask the auctioneer’s association to more actively support the auxiliary in the following ways: • the auctioneers who are married, asking their wife to join the auxiliary and pay the $30 dues • auctioneers who are not married or whose wife is not a member of the auxiliary, join the auxiliary themselves  6 

• the auctioneers donate a % of their auction proceeds to the auxiliary Newsletter Column The following individuals will write a column for the Power Behind The Gavel: Lindy Elson – Summer 2017 (deadline May 15) Barb Ruhter – Fall 2017 (deadline August 15) Becky Kliewer (A) – Winter 2017 (deadline November 15) – from the history of the auxiliary Molly Woodward – Spring 2018 (deadline February 15) Brenda Marshall – Summer 2018 (deadline May 15) Board Appointments for 20162017 The following auxiliary members were elected to serve opposite of the elected members of the Auctioneer’s Association: VP Kelly Augustin – Travis Augustin Board of Director Jan Nuss – Mike Nuss Board of Director (Empty Seat) – Ryan Creamer Board of Director (Empty Seat) – Duane Wellensiek Board of Diredctor (Empty Seat) – Ed Hall Secretary/Treasurer Paula Hall – Russ Puchalla Outgoing President’s Project Lindy announced that he has selected The Nebraska Children’s Home Society to receive his $100 outgoing president’s project. A motion was made and approved to adjourn the General Membership meeting. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully, Paula Hall

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The Nebraska Auctioneer PO BOX 150 Rising City, NE 68658-0150 402-367-9767

Save The Date!

2018 NeAA Annual Convention Nebraska Auctioneer & Ringman Championship Contest Friday, May 18th Saturday, May 19th Sunday, May 20th Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center Kearney, NE

Memorial Scholarship Donation Three $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually by the Auxilary and Auctioneers Associations. Consider paying tribute to a loved one or friend with a memorial donation to the scholarship fund. Memorials are a perfect way to honor a loved one’s memory and express condolences to a family. A card will be sent to the family notifying them of your donation.

Call to reserve your hotel room by Tuesday, April 17th 308-237-5971 Ask for NE Auctioneers Assoc. Block More details in the Spring Newsletter.  8 

Neaa newsletter january 2018  
Neaa newsletter january 2018