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Maria Alejandra Castro

1 Semillas Diรกspora Venezuela Online Platform

Semillas Diรกspora Venezuela is an online platform dedicated to dignifying and keeping the memory of all who left Venezuela. We want to promote solidarity from the common experience of having left the country in search of a better future. We believe that this virtual space can help build new ties between the Venezuelan migrant and refugee community and those who read their stories.

This platform is available on PC, smartphone and tablet.

The platform has a map where you can discover the stories and the route of the Venezuelans who have left their testimony.

The user can leave his testimony and mark his migration route from his phone or from the PC. The testimonies can be made orally (by means of voice notes) or written.

Go here to find more about Semillas Diรกspora Venezuela.

2 Brussels between Borders Interactive book

Brussels Between Borders is a book that aims to visualize the visible and invisible borders that traverse the Belgian and European capital. The diversity and the contrasts are depicted by means of audiovisual material collected in the city’s public spaces. By providing data that details where and when this material was gathered, readers can place the visualized information upon a mental map. Rather than providing definitive answers, this book seeks to generate open questions about the territory and its borders.

The book contains various ways to visualize data taken in Brussels: information about its inhabitants, experimental cartographies and illustrations among other things.

The book has a video version that can be accessed through a QR code.

Some of this material is linked to an AR application which aims to show some statistics about Brussels and different types of content about the city. ( the AR content is under development )

3 Tram Language Animation Tram Language is a project in which voice recordings taken in the Brussels tram are collected. These recordings become animations, showing a visual interpretation of the different languages that can be heard in Brussels public transport.

Here you can find more information about the project

Here the full animation

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