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Now yes child, you will be devour by my flames

Wath?... you! perhaps can’t wait you turn for die?

will no die without fullfill our misión before.

“Chameleon’s claw”

“Flaming Lion Tusk” I can’t believe wath somebody with so low level can impact my body

“Crystal Wall”

“The Apset’s Crown”

the wall will not resist too much

But I can’t disappoint to my friends and my Master

making burn you Cosmos on top, you get the capacity for generate Star Dust Sand, which you will use for repair the damaged clothes.

Wath I was forced to use it again.

result be worthy oponents after all, but I’m tired of play with all yours.

“Flaming Lion Tusk”

I will not quit yet

“Stardust Revolution”

I take care from this intruders

Don’t worry Userkaf, before you kill’em, Will like play with this scums

I empty all my Cosmos, I don’t think can remain figthing against them…

Easy boys, I take care now.

jajajaja, really you think you are perhaps to stop me?

“Nile’s Barrier”

I will no stop, even if must give my life in the try

If that’s you wish, I will pleasing it.

“Spannung Bereich”


I have one target and will not quit before reach it, and if must die, you will come with me.

I can’t understand how all you can defeat 10 of the Neter, but for that offense, will give you the most painful of the deaths.

“Waters’ redemption”

figth all wath you want, this coffin of water will drain all you energy

you only will make more painful you death

If can concentrate all my energy in one volt discharge , I think can unbind the water moles what is shapeing the Coffin.

nobody can break the water coffin ever before.

although can release yourself; you body has no more energy like to face me

I don’t need confront you,… unbinding the coffin’ moles I full all this place with Hydrogen…all I need is a single spark for blow it all. I told you before, if I die, you will come with me.

Brigitte, you also will sacrifice yourself, sorry by can’t be help you more, all I can do now is get out June from this place.

Brigitte, you‌!


fan comic neter aaru


fan comic neter aaru