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Amidst stiff competition James Whitehead was recently elected as one of the new Breckland Youth Councillors. He is representing Swaffham with two other elected Youth Councillors. Each school pupil in the area was given a code and a web address which gave them the opportunity to vote for who they wanted to represent them on the Youth Council; in total twelve candidates were chosen by this online voting system. All candidates were asked why they wanted to be on the council and what they would like to change about their local area. Many people nominated themselves and the best were put through to the internet vote. In response to his election James said, “We will be having one meeting a month to discuss many things, such as adding more bus stops, thinking of ways to prevent anti-social behaviour, ways of improving town areas and giving children a say in the running of our local community. If you have any ideas that you would like to put forward you can pass them to me via the school.”

By Jenni Smith

Dear Readers,

Essential Diary Dates!

Another packed edition of Neatherd Hi! which I hope you enjoy. Lots of fun in school from Red Nose Day to World Book Day with lots of focused learning during this short half term. Many of us are also enjoying reading with year 7 pupils in tutor periods. Please also see the article on changes to the Holiday authorisation policy, on the flyer, which I hope you will feel is more fair. My best wishes to you and your families for a very relaxing Easter holiday.

20th April- Term starts. th 20-24 April- Yr10 Exams. 27 April- 1st May- AS Yr 11 Orals MFL/ Yr 8 exams. 20thApril- 1st May Yr11/Yr9 Orals. 29th April- Flexible Learning Day. 1st May- Yr7 charity day. th 4 May- Bank Holiday. 5-8th May- Yr 7 exams. th 11 May- Yr 11 GCSEs begin. 11-15th May- Yr 9 internal exams. th 20 May- Yr 7 Geography trips. 22nd May- Yr 11 study leave begins. Breakup for Half Term.

Mr Devonish, Headteacher.

Dear Parents, We recently held the first meeting of our resurrected Friends Association. The aim of the Association is to raise money for the benefit of all pupils in the school and our first project will be to acquire a new mini bus. Several very enthusiastic parents attended and discussed the way forward and events to be arranged. The first of these events will be a Quiz night on the 15th May held at school. If you are interested in joining the Friends Association then please either telephone Anne Hayden on 01362 655445 or e-mail: Alternatively come along to our next meeting which is being held on 31st March from 4.00 – 5.00 p.m.

If you read you succeed! With World Book Day just behind us, literacy lyricist J-Ro is raving about reading! Reading is old fashioned. People have been doing it for thousands of years. Fortunately, today we’ve got more exciting ways of entertaining ourselves: television, radio, video games and the internet. It makes you wonder whether in a modern world we need to be able to read at all. Of course, when you begin to think about it, you realise that reading is fairly central to using video games, the internet and even the television. At school, most subjects are still assessed through exams which means – you’ve guessed it – you’ve got to be good at reading. So reading is far from old fashioned. In fact, when you consider it, sitting down and reading a good book has many benefits. Take a look at the list below.

Reading: the benefits…

Reading widens your vocabulary. Reading helps improve your spelling – if you see words spelt correctly, you begin to remember them. It helps develop your imagination – and having a good imagination is vital to many subjects – everything from DT to history. Reading develops your mind by showing you new ideas and taking you to situations that are outside your own experience. Reading is entertaining. If you find a good book, it can – shock – be as entertaining as the television!

Well, that’s the theory, but we all know that actually sitting down and reading a book can be tough. So here are my top tips on how to make it happen.

Reading: how to do it…

1. Choose a book that you’ll enjoy reading. Every library has got thousands of boring books. There’s no point finding an ancient copy of a novel written 200 years ago that uses out-dated language and has 800 pages in the first chapter. You’ll never get to the end of it. So instead, choose a shorter book on a subject you enjoy. 2. Try to set aside 10 minutes each day to read. If you read at the same time and in the same place everyday, it will quickly become a habit. I like to read before going to sleep at night. Some people like to read while on the toilet…although this does have some drawbacks! 3. Try to read the first quarter of the book quickly. The first part of the book is always the hardest to read. I find I easily forget who’s who and lose track of the plot. If you read the first section in one go, you’ll feel you’re really getting to know the characters and you’ll want to find out what happens to them. 4. Non-fiction books are great too! For some people it’s hard to see the point of reading a story that is entirely made up…but there are some great non-fiction books which you might find really engaging. Try reading an autobiography of a famous person.

Year 11 were challenged to ‘do something funny for money’ Comic Relief campaign. Thus the creation of the Year 11 Boys v Girls netball match was born, this was a match with a difference though… The year 11 boys couldn't wait to put on the lilac Netball Skirts and to try their luck at beating the girls! Craig "Bishy " Bishop even found a lovely lilac bow to put in his hair. Bavik played an outstanding centre, but was no match for "flying" Faye Harvey who was able to get some outstanding interceptions throughout the game. Chelsie "lightening” Lambert looked stunning in her neon gear and managed to secure the winning goal- yes the winning goal to show that girls rule and boys drool (rematch anyone?) The girls' won by 13 goals to 12. Never mind lads, there might just be an opportunity to get your own back before you leave… Over £1000 was raised at school!

The highlight of the comic relief day was the year 11 vs teachers netball tournament. This took place at the end of the day with many spectators braving the cold and slightly odd behaviour- they were well rewarded! Everybody arrived in fantastic styles wearing fancy dress. The prize for the most outstanding student costume went to our very own Headboy Billy Lyons dressed as Scooby Do! The teacher costume prize went to ‘I’ve got a nice midrift in my Hawain Hula Girl outfit’ Mr Simmonds- who looked beautiful, if not a little cold, in his lilac attire! The year 11 teams played well but in the end it was left to the teacher teams to battle it out in a tense (and very silly) final. The prize for most outstanding shooting was given to Miss Crane who aided the Teachers 2 team in clinching the overall win against the Teachers 1 team. This final game saw excellent intercepting by Mr Roberts which helped to seal the win. The final score was Teachers 1-4 and Teachers 2- 5! Well played to all participants, we hope to see you all again for a rematch next year! Mrs Byford.

This half-term, the school council has been discussing ideas about a yearly project. After getting feedback from forms, we decided the school council, along with other volunteers, would like to organise a Summer Fair. We thought this would be a good idea because it would raise the school’s profile and raise money for future projects such as field floodlights for after-school matches. We have already had many suggestions for features of the fair. For example: ƒ Sports matches/Tournament ƒ Barbeque ƒ Stalls for buying/Stalls for games ƒ School Information ƒ Student’s Work Exhibition ƒ Live band We are open to any other suggestions, please note however that a car boot is not really feasible as Mr Miller may get a bit annoyed with a ruined sports field! Ross Perkins

Year 9 recently held their Charity Day to raise money and awareness of the ‘Big C’ charity. They had a range of activities from cake sales to sponsored silences. They raised a total of £74.89 and all entered into the spirit of the event wonderfully. We look forward to other such Charity Days- especially the up and coming year 7 one on the 1st May 2009. Good luck to them in raising some more money for another worthy cause.

Neatherd has many facilities for use by the local community groups. These include a large sports hall, playing fields, classrooms and a modern conference room. These can be hired out at reasonable rates. For more information contact Mr O'Shea on 01362-655452.

Hello again, It’s Annthea Corry and Billy Lyons once more- your Head Boy and Girl. Since the last edition we have attended a Rotary Club meeting where we discussed the money that the club donated to the school and what we intend to use it for- this money is to be used towards rewards within the school- if you have any sensible ideas please let us know! We have also been organising the Red Nose Day events- which took a lot of effort yet were obviously worth it- everyone had a lot of fun while donating to charity. We have also been involved in organising the up and coming year 11 charity day to ensure that this is a succuss as well. If you have any ideas or things that we can get involved with then please let us know!

As you may have noticed the school has new cycle sheds, and there are some new ones currently being built at the side of the English Block. When they are finished there will be space for 150 bikes in total. Cycling is a great way to stay fit as well as a very green way to travel and we encourage students to cycle to school. To make sure you cycle safely and that you look after your bike, here are some simple steps you need to follow: - You should wear an approved helmet. - You should wear reflective clothing when riding so you can be seen. - Your bike should be roadworthy. - Bikes must be parked in the cycle sheds only. - You must not cycle on school grounds - The bike is still your responsibility when parked at school.

As part of the celebrations for World Book Week, Neatherd High School’s Year 8 classes were treated to inspiring and often hysterical performances by poet David Mason. Pupils were taken on a fantastic journey through songs, poems and raps about such things as chocolate biscuits, hovering headmasters’ heads and the infamous ‘Metaphor Man!’ David did the unthinkable – he made poetry entertaining, exciting, silly and funny. He inspired and motivated and most importantly, made us all laugh – teachers as well as pupils! Classes were later led through the process of writing their own masterpieces in a colourful, amusing and inspiring way, which produced some really fantastic poetry. For further information about David’s visit

Events around the school included all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, sharing their favourite books with pupils and pupils sharing their favourite books with others. There were also book quizzes and other book related activities taking place all week. Colourful & exciting displays decorated the corridors and gave information about new book releases. Pupils were taught about book cover design illustration by our very own book illustrator, Mrs. Slater and pupils produced their own wonderful book covers. During World Book Week, the school library was bursting at the seams with enthusiastic readers, both new and experienced, who were transported to another world through fabulous, fantastic fiction.

The Light Shines by Jess Copsey

Beach by Chiara Salter

The light shines Through the gap I reach out My heart nearly showing Through my chest It’s pitch black I can just hear The small footprints As the door opens Found you! The smell of failure Is here again.

The air howling against the echoing winds I shivered while the sand blew across The shadowed waves The whistling when a lonely haunted man Ran after a dog. I took one deep breath and jumped! The neon blue sea was a stunning sauna Bathing in the scorched bright sun I felt the adrenalin swimming right Through me! Poetry winners chosen by David Mason.

Pupils can share the responsibility of running the library by becoming library assistants. They show their intention to devote their time and effort by completing an application form, similar, although less detailed, to that required for a real job. All library assistants are chosen for their willingness, dedication to serving 'customers', good behaviour and initiative and help with issuing and returning books, shelving, tidying shelves, processing new books – stamping, sticking labels and covering - assisting other pupils to find books and setting an example of behaviour in the library.

In Brazil Easter is very important. Before Lent they hold a big carnival in Rio de Janeiro, this is because ‘carnival’ means ‘goodbye to meat’, which they don’t eat during Lent. There is lots of eating, drinking and dancing! During ‘Holy Week’ coloured patterns are drawn on the road where people parade.

Weronika Lacka in year 7 tells us what they do in Poland: ‘We put real coloured eggs, sausages, salt & normal eggs into a basket. Then we go to church where the basket is prayed over. The next day we eat it all as a big breakfast with our family.

Happy Easter! Bon Pâques! (French) Buona Pasqua! (Italian) ¡Felices Pascuas! (Spanish) God påske! (Norwegian) Wesołych Świąt! (Polish) Feliz Páscoa! (Portuguese)

Norwegians have an odd tradition which is solving murder mysteries in books. Publishers churn out series of books known as "Easter-Thrillers" or Påskekrimmen. Even the milk cartons change to have murder stories on their sides!

In Latvia and Norway they play ‘egg- knocking’ everyone pairs up and chooses an egg each. The two partners take turns tapping their partner's egg with theirs. The first egg to crack loses and the winner goes on to challenge other winners until there is one egg left!

Written by Lucy Manton.

Makes 20 – 25 biscuits. Preparation time less than 30 minutes Ingredients:110g caster sugar/ 110g butter/ 1 egg, separated/ 225g plain flour/ good pinch of mixed spice. (Taken from ‘Housecall’ by James Martin)

Method: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Preheat the oven to 160ºc / gas mark 3. Grease a baking sheet. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolks. Sieve the flour and fold into the mixture together with the mixed spice, currants and candied peel. Add just enough milk to make a stiff dough. Roll out the dough and cut the biscuits with a fluted cutter. Place them on the prepared baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes. Remove, brush with the egg white and sprinkle with sugar. Return them to the oven for 5 – 10 minutes until they are a pale golden brown. Remove from the tray and cool on a wire rack.

The skills focus for the first half of the Spring term was Self Managers. This involved Year 7 developing the skills of organisation, staying focused in lessons and prioritising tasks. Opposite are some of the Year 7s who received their Self Manager badges.

EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATORS - THE NEXT SKILLS FOCUS Give opinions on issues of concern

Listen and respond to others’ views

Suggest practical ways to solve issues of concern

Being an EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATOR is all about students taking an active part in their community. Year 7 will be doing practical research in their local communities around the issue of views people have of young people and provision for young people in the community. They will be presenting their views on how their community could be improved to members of Breckland Council and the local police.

The Skills Centre is used for a wide variety of activities: supporting learning on a 1:1 or small group basis, doing that all important pre exam revision, and improving skills whilst enjoying a good book with friends, but just lately something else has been happening over lunch time… It started with Mrs. Cox having an urge to do craftwork, so with a fat bag of clay in tow, she started to make pots and sculptures with a very keen band of, wait for it, twenty pupils! Next came Mrs. Bowley with her knitting club. Armed with oodles of wool from kind donators, she set to, casting on and off like mad, much to the delight of those keen to learn this new skill. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s just for girls, as I happen to know of a certain maths teacher who has said he’s going to join too…you’ll just have to come and see for yourself. Not to be outdone Mrs. Coxon is cross-stitching some truly stunning creations with her enthusiastic group. However, if dancing is your thing you are catered for by the brave duo of Miss. McCoombe and Miss. Greenacre. Line dancing is coming soon to a skills centre near you – hot diggity! If all of this is too active for you then try the chilled out atmosphere during one of many film sessions, kindly run by Mrs. Conway. So as you can see, there is plenty on offer for everyone, all you have to do for help with homework, focus on literacy, number crunching numeracy, or a simply a place to make a new best friend, is sign up at the skills centre one lunch time and enjoy! Come along and have a look, it is open to all year groups - we are all a friendly bunch and happy to have a chat about what we are up to.

ECO NEWS Jambusters! The week beginning 26th January we had a Jambusters week. All the form groups competed to get to school in the most ecofriendly way. The results are in: 7JRO - winning form overall 8JHU - winners in Year 8 9GCO - winners in Year 9

The Winners 7JRO receiving their t-shirts

WHAT A WASTE AUDIT! On the 5th February Eco Committee was visited by SWAC (Schools Waste Action Club) for a waste audit day. Back in 2005 we had our first waste audit where we collected litter from certain areas of the school to see how much litter we were throwing away. The purpose of the recent waste audit was to see whether we’ve improved in terms of how much litter we throw out. We categorised the rubbish into food waste, glass, plastic, paper, metal, cardboard and other. We then put all the rubbish in plastic bags and weighed them. We had some fantastic results showing how much we’ve done over the past 4 years to make our school more eco-friendly...

In 2005: 25709g Of waste!!

In 2009: 8514g Of waste!!

COMPOST AWAY! This term we also had some Master Composters in telling us all about how to compost our waste and reduce greenhouse gases. Did you know...when you throw away fruit and vegetables, they create methane gas in landfill sites. Methane is a massive contributor to global get composting!

Name: Lisa, otherwise known as,‘have you got the key Miss?’ How long have you been an MSA? I’ve been an MSA for two years. What do you enjoy about your job? I really enjoy dealing with and talking to the pupils. Your favourite hobby? I love going on holiday, ice skating and walking. Interesting Fact? Slash gave me his guitar lectrum when I was at a Guns n’Roses concert!!

Name: Marion, aka, ‘Can I have a polo Miss?!’ How long have you been an MSA? For 9 short months! What do you enjoy about your job? Being able to talk to a great bunch of kids. Your favourite hobby? Reading Crime novels!

Name: Mel, aka, ‘Swiper’ (becuase I have to confiscate so many mobile phones! My record is three in a day!!) How long have you been an MSA? 6 months. What do you enjoy about your job? The holidays and chatting to the pupils. Your favourite hobby? Reading and cooking. Interesting Fact? I used to work in Dereham police station!

We have a great team of Midday Supervisor Assistants (MSA) here at Neatherd High School. Our job is to make sure that all pupils are kept safe and happy at lunchtimes. We deal with a range of issues from poor weather to use of mobile phones. However, most of the experiences are very positive with the large majority of pupils behaving in a considerate and friendly manner towards each other and staff. We are always about and easily acccessible to pupils if they have a problem or simply want a chat or some support; we are easy to spot in our red t-shirts in amongst a sea of blue pupils! It’s a really rewarding job despite being rained or snowed on occasionally! Mrs Taylor, Lunchtime Duty Manager.

Name: Marji, aka, ‘Foreign or Scottish woman’ because so many pupils seem to not recognise my accent! How long have you been an MSA?1 year and 6 months. What do you enjoy about your job? Mixing with pupils. Your favourite hobby? Reading. Interesting Fact? I am a Geordie!

Name: Stewart. How long have you been an MSA? Only about seven weeks! What do you enjoy about your job? I like talking to the pupils and learning about their interests. Your favourite hobby? I love most sports.

Interesting Fact? I like any food!

Name: Jo, aka, ‘The Boss!’ How long have you been an MSA? 4 years ands 6 months! I also deal with all the photocopying for the whole school! What do you enjoy about your job? Everything.

Your favourite hobby? Cycling and travelling abroad. Interesting Fact? My parents live in Australia!

Name: Chrissie How long have you been an MSA? 14 months. What do you enjoy about your job? I love being with the pupils- every day is different! Your favourite hobby? Reading and watching TV! Interesting Fact? I am a Nanny.


This year Tesco’s have combined their separate Computer and Sports Vouchers into one new offer where the vouchers can be used for numerous different subjects and clubs in school. This year with the vouchers you collect we hope to buy equipment for many different interest areas in the school including: Food Technology, Music, ICT, Creative Arts, Literacy, Sports and Health, Maths and Eco-Committee! As usual there is a form competition of who can collect the most vouchers. There will be small prizes for the best form in each year, and a bigger prize for the form that collects the most vouchers overall! Vouchers are being given out until Sunday June 7th, so you have many weeks to get collecting! Mr Sinclair.

In February students from Year 10 got the chance to put Norwich City player Darel Russell through his paces! As part of their lifeskills course, the 10 students completed a challenge by interviewing an amateur or professional sportsman. The students were an absolute credit to the school from the moment they collected ‘Rusty’ from reception. Students:

He was joined by former City legend Jeremy Goss, who provided an inspirational talk to the class at the end about the need for hard work and dedication in life. Students then wrote a report about the visit and sent off thank you letters to the football club.

Kayleigh Melton, Amy Ellis, Liam Bryant, Matthew Beales, Jessica Neave, Shane Cross, Shannon Simms, Aaron Kelly, Matthew Heath, Oliver Hibbs.

The photography column is back! I interviewed Miss Johns and Mr Wright about the new GCSE Photography course. Why did you decide to start a photography course? Miss Johns: I wanted to open up the course to Year 10 students because there is a Photography course at Sixth Form and I wanted them to have some experience and basic skills of photography before year 12! Who is your favourite photographer? Miss Johns: I like Edward Weston’s work and I also like Annie Leibovitz. The China trip also inspired some of our own photographers because the culture and all the different colours opened up lots of photographic opportunities. Mr Wright: My favourite photographer would have to be Richard Billingham.

In February Lee Thacker and Jordon Woodrow gave a special performance to an eagerly awaiting 7LCA. The performance started with a terrific version of The Darkness’ ‘I believe in Love’, which we all enjoyed. The pair have spent five years preparing for this performance, having lessons in and out of school; these two could swap school for stage in a matter of years! The audience of about 30 had this to say, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Great!’, ‘Phenomenal!’, ‘Entertaining’ and much more praise. They both would like to say thankyou to the music department for lending them the equipment to perform. They hope to perform many more times in the future! Written by Ed Colman

How do you feel the course is going? Miss Johns: It has been going very well! Mr Wright: Brilliant, I feel there is already some exciting work being produced and the course has only been in progress since September. Have you enjoyed teaching photography? Miss Johns: I have enjoyed it a lot and it has been very interesting. Mr Wright: Definitely, it has been a lot of fun and I’ve also learnt a lot. Written by Chloe Dunning.


Neatherd’s musical community has been as busy as every, Mr. Boulter was composing the music for the fantastic production of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’, year 11s have been working feverishly to finish courswork and clubs have continued as normal. Why don’t you try joining one of the many clubs on offer such as Samba or Choir? It’s not too late to start those music lessons either! George Drewry.

Each line and box must have the numbers 1-9 in but be careful not to use the number more than once in each box/ line!

Are you good enough for this numerical challenge?

We’re part of Miss Smith’s SLA group; our group has been working in connection with 8 West Norfolk and Dereham Partnership Primary Schools to compete against 40 other primary schools in the area via a virtual competition. We have had numerous hours of enjoyment from working with many year 5s and 6s from our 8 schools each week. We’ve been leading a range of activities that involve the kids stretching their abilities in different physical ways. We, as sports leaders, had to instruct four different activities; Line Jumping - jumping over a line both sideways and back and forth. Tennis Ball Bowling - bowling a tennis ball at cones and hitting them to score. Sand Timer - running from cone to cone in a sand timer shape. Box Throw - side stepping and running after throwing a beanbag into hoop. Throughout the days, we have learnt many things from this experience: how to work better in a team, how to lead a group of children and best of all, how to make the children more enthusiastic and encouraging to each other. All of the pupils and sports leaders really enjoyed the sessions and didn’t mind missing their lunch for it! We have another session coming up soon and hope it will be as big a success as the others we have run! By Charley Nicol and Zoe Tankard.

Recently the year 11 Boy’s Rugby Team played in the County Cup Plate final against Thetford Grammar School! The plate is the equivalent of the UEFA cup in football. The team members all have a very healthy attitude towards training and have been working hard since year 7 and were rewarded with this final. We started very well with our forwards working very hard to drive through the middle of the Thetford defence, we forced a try within the first 10 minutes. When Thetford eventually got the ball to their backs they met a tackle from Brett Stolworthy who stopped their man in his tracks. The game was closely fought but our defence was excellent, our forwards first class and the backs made good use of all the possession they got. The game was closely fought but Neatherd only relaxed for 5 minutes in the middle of the second half – allowing Thetford their only score – and we eventually won 29 – 5! Written by Mr Miller.

Congratulations to the under 13 Netball Team for getting into the Semi finals of the South Norfolk Netball Tournament and for a convincing win over Diss High School to end up in third place to win a Bronze Medal! The girls excelled themselves showing great tenacity and flair on court. Team members are Megan Howard, Hannah Lennox (Joint Captains), Amy Fenn, Alex Clay, Marina Watters, Molly Gyke, Rachel Fenn, Rachel Hide, Abbie Tullock and Bethany Chapman. Report by Mrs Byford, Netball Coach.

The Swimming County Championships were held at Thetford recently and swimmers from clubs all around the county gathered to compete. Although the competition was tough Dereham Otters achieved excellent results. Swimmers from Neatherd High School that won top 6 places were: Laura Jones, Hannah Lennox, Jed Snell, Tom Voutt, Sean Voutt & Hannah Burgess. Congratulations!

Dear Angelz, My friends says that my taste in music is rubbish- they like pop music but I like Emo! They keep teasing me about it so I’m having to pretend that I don’t like Emo anymore and they keep forcing me to listen to their pop rubbish! What should I do? From Troubled

Have you talked to your ‘friends’ about how you feel? If they really knew how you feel then we don’t think that they would tease you about your taste in music. Your friends are people who should like you for who you are not the music you listen to, you should be able to trust them to be nice to you!

xx Z Dear angelz, My brother has recently got a new girlfriend but when he is around her he is totally different towards me and I hate it, sometimes he is really horrible to me! What can I do about it? Yours, Miserable!

Well first and foremost we suggest that you talk to your brother when his girlfriend is not there and tell him how you feel. He is probably worried about how you will react to this new situation! You could also try becoming friends with his girlfriend- that may help.

By Chloe Maund and Hannah Kerin. Put your questions in the box at reception!

Dear Advice Angelz When I have P.E I am sometimes teased by a few of the other boys because apparently I have big legs and a big build. People say that I am fat but I do football and other sports outside school and I’m fine! I dread getting changed now because I hate it when people call me names.

Contact Details: Headteacher: Mr P Devonish Dereham Neatherd High School, Norwich Road, Norfolk, Fax: 01362 698463 NR20 3AX Tel: 01362 697981

xx Z Firstly we recommend telling these people that you don’t care what they think and that you are happy with the size you are! They probably think they are being funny and haven’t thought about how you are feeling- they will probably stop when you explain to them. If they continue then talk to your PE teacher or tutor- they should be able to help.



Neatherd Hi! Edition 10  

March 2009