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pRRRdy says… Waste Reduction and Recycling

RECYCLING AROUND THE PEACE Regional Recycling Program

Recycling Locations

This chart lists material collected through the regional recycling program.

Fall 2012

Waste Reduction Newsletter

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Dawson Creek

Fort St. John

Since July 1st many new products have been accepted for recycling at local recycling depots such as DC Recycling in Dawson Creek or the Eco Depot in Fort St. John. The expanded product list now includes most home electronics and small appliances along with newly accepted exercise equipment and power tools. The new expanded list has over 300 different recyclable products, so it’s so long we can’t reasonably fit it here! However it is available online at

The kids at Wiggles & Giggles Group Daycare received a certificate and #1 Recycler stickers on August 23, after spending the summer recycling the garbage from their lunch kits. Earlier this summer they decided to try out recycling at the daycare. Janice Gibos contacted NEAT for recommendations and a presentation on how to recycle.

Products not accepted under the new program include products not powered by electricity of batteries, large appliances (such as stoves and washing machines), appliances with refrigerant (refrigerators, air conditioners), built in appliances, industrial quality appliances, and appliances with food residue. When asked about the success of the program so far, DC recycling has noted that they’ve almost received double the amount of electronics for recycling than they had seen last year during the same period. While small appliances still lag a bit behind the progress with electronic recycling, the program is a promising success. A noted problem is unacceptable products, such as refrigerators, water coolers, or air conditioners being dropped off. They only add extra costs to the program as they must then be disposed of.

They bought three blue bins to collect paper, cardboard, and plastic because these were the waste streams that they found most predominant at the daycare. Every day the kids volunteer to wash, squash and sort the recyclable materials, giving them the opportunity to learn about the importance of recycling, how to recycle and what the recyclables could become. Many of the kids took home this new found knowledge and were able to share it with their parents. This daycare has opened up a new way of thinking about garbage for these kids, which will hopefully continue with them as they grow up.

NEAT concluded that the best way to encourage and assist MRU residents was to provide them with in-apartment recycling blue bins in order for them to have a small designated area where they could easily toss recyclable until

Calendars Phone books

Office Paper Envelopes

Plastic containers, bags and milk cartons Yogurt tubs, ice cream pails Detergent bottles, milk jugs/cartons Plastic bags, shrink wrap etc.

Tin cans and aluminum foil Soup cans Pet food cans Pie plates

Cardboard and Boxboard Corrugated boxes ( wavy in middle ) Cereal boxes Cracker boxes Paper rolls

Glass Food & makeup containers.

How to Prepare


 Separate bin at depots

Bessborough Landfill Charlie LakeMile 54 Shell.

 Dry  Clean  Shredded Paper in bags      

Numbers 1—7 NO STYROFOAM Rinsed clean Lids off Squashed Stuff bags and plastic film into another bag

 Clean  Labels removed ( recycle with paper )

 Flatten cans

No Frills ( Extra Foods ) , Wal-Mart, Transfer Station Hudson ’ s HopeShop Easy Foods

Mile 62.5 Transfer Station Moberly LakeAdjacent to Fire Hall Pouce CoupeElementary School Rose PrairieCurling rink


Willow/McMahon Dr.

Tumbler Ridge

Shop Easy Foods


 Clean  Dry  Flattened

 

Dawson Creek-

Chetwynd 250-788-1111 4824 - 54 St Dawson Creek 250-782-2020 925-100 Ave Fort St. John 250-785-0300 10107-94 Ave Tumbler Ridge Trans. Site 250-242-3638 103 Ridge Rd.

Clean Lids off


The Chetwynd NEAT office is pleased to have launched the much-awaited Multi-Unit Residential (MRU) recycling Pilot Project!

After speaking to residents, it was discovered that a) many are “transient” shift workers in the mining and oil & gas industry, therefore, felt little pride of ownership over the local environment; and b) due to limited space inside of the apartments, recycling was seen as inconvenient and messy.

All Inserts



In 2011, NEAT conducted a study on the recycling levels of residents in apartment buildings. Even those buildings with on-site, outdoor recycling bins were showing low volumes of recyclables in comparison to the number of people in the building.


Volume 15

Photo provided by Wiggles & Giggles

they were ready to take them down to the outdoor bins. Windreme A & B and Parkwood Manor were selected to receive free blue bins, which were generously donated by the Eco-Depot in Fort St John. As these buildings already have outdoor recycling facilities in place, courtesy of Lion’s Recycling in Chetwynd, they were ideal for this project. Blue bins were distributed on Thursday, August 25th and from the looks of the outdoor bins, residents are already taking advantage!

Starting October 1st, 2012 a large amount of light bulbs and light fixtures will now be recyclable at locations around British Columbia! All bulbs and tubes will now be accepted, including incandescent, CFL, halogen, HID, and LED. Fixtures such as lamps and ballasts will now be accepted including those from commercial or industrial sources. The quantities accepted have also increased to handle the industrial or commercial loads. For more information visit:

Did You Know? On July 1, 2012, the ElectroRecycle Recycling Program was introduced in the Peace. This program collects & recycles electronics, small appliances, exercise equipment, power tools, and much more! For more information on what items are accepted, visit or for details. Drop off locations: Chetwynd Lions Recycling


DC Recycling, Dawson Creek


Eco Depot, Fort St. John


pRRRdy says… Waste Reduction and Recycling Newsletter

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pRRRdy says… Waste Reduction and Recycling Newsletter

Agricultural Plastics Recycling A new program will help stop tonnes of plastics from entering our landfills or being burned! Starting November 2nd, farmers around the Peace Region will be able to recycle their agricultural plastics. Bale wrap and twine will be accepted at select drop off sites. Plastics need to be free of heavy contamination, simply:

Shake. Bundle. Drop Off. The Eco-Depot in Fort St. John and DC Recycling are accepting drop offs. Additionally, during November, drop off locations will include the Tomslake and Prespatou transfer stations.

There will be an attendant on site to help with any sorting as well as to stop any illegal dumping. So be sure to check out the drop off locations throughout November and start recycling your agricultural plastics!

Contact Us Every issue of pRRRdy says… includes some easy-to-do tips to help you in an environmentally friendly way.

Try using reusable containers when making your child’s lunch; they can cut down on waste and help to teach a valuable lesson to your children!

Have a “Green” Halloween this year! Reuse decorations or use natural decorations such as straw, gourds, or pumpkins that can be composted afterwards! Try to give out waste-less goodies such as fruit or homemade treats!

Waste Reduction Office In Fort St. John: 250-785-6328 Toll-free: 1-888-689-6328 Fax 250-785-6378 E-mail Main Office 10027-100 St. Fort St John, BC V1J 3Y5 Eco-Advisors Dawson Creek & area 250-219-6328 email North Peace 250-785-6328 email Chetwynd/West Peace 250-401-1116 email

Peace River Regional District In Dawson Creek: 250-784-3200 In Fort St. John: 250-785-8084 Toll-free: 1-800-670-7773

Car Seat Recycling Round-Up

Facebook: NEAT –Northern Environmental Action Team

The Peace region enjoys the addition of approximately 1,000 tiny residents every year. With those additions comes, infant carriers, car seats, and booster seats. Multiply that by how many kids are in a family and how many vehicles a family has. After 7 years, those car seats expire and what do you do with them then? Local recycling depots are now accepting car seats for processing. All fabric and cushioning needs to be stripped off the seats. Metals can be brought separately for recycling at the same locations.

Twitter: NEATfsj

This newsletter was prepared by Northern Environmental Action Team on behalf of Peace River Regional District.

There is no charge for this service.

We need feedback! If there are any suggestions from farmers on ways to make the recycling process convenient, we would love to hear you! See page 4 for contact information!

Fort St. John—NEAT Office, 10027 100 St. Dawson Creek—NEAT Office, 201-1005 102nd Ave & Kiwanis Child Care Centre, 1100 95th Ave Chetwynd— NEAT Office 5016 51st Ave

pRRRdy says…This newsletter is printed with vegetable based inks. If you don’t want to save this newsletter for reference, please recycle it.

Prrrdy Says Fall 2012  

In association with the Peace River Regional District.

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