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Br yce Farlow My creative career began at 16 when I started my first job at a theatre working in the lighting department. The stimulating and colorful atmosphere of theatre inspired me and I often found myself backstage, drawing. After that I made a series of necessary career mistakes from car rentals to tech support. I’m happy that I learned how to use computers, but regret watching 7 years of my life drift by. The passing of my father-in-law awakened me to just how easy it was to waste the time we are given prompting me to follow my passion to study design. This item is inspired by the swatch books used in theatre to color lights and the ones that define color on paper in design.

“Bobby McFerrin Fractal” This was made for Bobby McFerrin’s show “SpiritYouAll” and represents his main instrument, a microphone, as the center of a beautiful, vast and complex world. The work was put on display in the lobby of the Smith Center for patrons to view before and after the show. From afar, the microphone appears to be a keyhole and in a way it is for McFerrin. The pattern is multi-faceted and circles, lines, chaos and even a cross can be seen within it.

“Bobby Dreadlocks Mic” This microphone with it’s accompanying cords was made to appear as a likeness to Bobby McFerrin. It, again, shows the artist’s main instrument, the microphone, and the multiple cords coming out have different connectors on their ends to represent how his music can connect to many. This piece was also presented in the gallery.

“Bobby Skat� Bobby McFerrin uses a lot of scat in his music. I decided to take a lot of sounds made when one scats and arrange them to spell his name down the center.

First Anniversary “Smith Center Anniversary” The Smith Center just underwent it’s first year anniversary so to commemorate the occasion I made a poster for the celebration. I designed it to look art-deco in style, similar to the World’s Fair posters. The bell tower in the center is the tower from the Smith and the turrets on the sides are from the Hoover Dam, which was the inspiration for the architecture of the Smith. The canyons and the ground mimic the view as if one was looking down the front of the dam. I used the imagery of the dam because the Smith will be providing the Las Vegas Valley with arts and culture just like the Hoover Dam has with water and power.


First Anniversary


“UpStage Consulting Group� UpState Consulting Group is an up and coming event planning company in Phoenix. They do not currently have a logo, so I presented them with one that uses a light bulb off to the side and the faders on a sound console to represent a city skyline.

“Pringles Mustache� Being that mustaches are currently trendy and Pringles use a mascot with a large mustache, I thought that Pringles could jump on the opportunity to use the mustache as part of its branding. Those who eat the chips could also hold the can up to their mouths to give themselves a mustache. This could also turn into a fun way to spread some trendy, viral marketing.

“Floating Island” Since I was a child, I’ve always liked the idea of floating islands. I would fantasize about being able to escape to one. It finally occurred to me that I should illustrate the old idea. I thought about what the biggest asset on a sky bound island would be and I figured windmills would allow the buildings to get much of what they needed to function.

“Lil’ Vamp” I like to draw and my best work are creepy in nature. This little guy was drawn with the concept of a possessed, albeit friendly, vampire doll. Drawn will ballpoint pen on the back of a ledger and later scanned and colored in Photoshop to match the palette I had in my head when drawing.

“Shitbot” A commissioned work by a German garage band for their upcoming album. When given the name, I decided to represent it literally. When thinking of a Shitbot, I thought of a robot that would supply “soft serve,” with a cherry bomb on top. The soda jerk robot would appear friendly but also be very grungy and dirty. Illustrated with mixed media, including real coffee stains.

NearHi Attitudes Leave Behind  
NearHi Attitudes Leave Behind  

My first leave behind for NearHi Attitudes Design