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NEA NEWS Edition No. 20, October 2010



Demag Verdichter gebaut in Berlin bis Ende 1995

(recips built in Berlin up to the end of 1995)

The Acquisition of the PENN Pump Process Gas Compressors: A Keystone for NEAC NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA GROUP) is growing again, with the addition of a new product line to complement the existing family of reciprocating compressor products. On Sept. 15, 2010, NEUMAN & ESSER Investments, Inc., the NEA GROUP holding company for the Americas, closed on a transaction to acquire the complete ownership of the Pennsylvania Process Compressor (PPC) aftermarket business from the Cameron International, Inc. Process and Compression Systems Group. The Pennsylvania Process Compressor product line, also commonly known as PENN, PENN PUMP, or PPC, includes the API 618 Reciprocating Compressor products originally produced by the Pennsylvania Pump and Compressor Company in Easton, Pennsylvania. In the United States, Pennsylvania is known as the

“Keystone State”, and the addition of the PENN line is clearly viewed as a keystone for the family of reciprocating compressor product lines owned and licensed by the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP. NEA GROUP will operate the PENN aftermarket business under its worldwide OEM aftermarket organization, NEAC Compressor Service, with NEAC Compressor Service USA, Inc. taking over the prime operating and production responsibilities. “The acquisition of the PENN product line is an excellent addition to our existing NEAC Compressor Service aftermarket business for our NEUMAN & ESSER compressor line, as well as all of our other legacy compressor lines”, said Alexander Peters, Managing Partner of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP.


PENN Process Compressors

Editorial Building on the Tried-and-Tested to Shape the Future The 20th anniversary of German reunification caused every German citizen to pause and reflect on the images and emotions that incredible moment of happiness brought with it. It was a decisive moment in the development of Germany. The people were brave, had a vision, and refused to give it up, which ultimately lead them to success. It was equally decisive for NEUMAN & ESSER, which was able to purchase the Wurzen production site as a result of reunification. Apart from the business decision, a risk which required a great deal of bravery, the acquisition of the Wurzen production site meant an increase in capacity of 70%. This capacity needed to be filled and formed the basis of a process of decentralization, which began in Italy and resulted in the founding of many more international NEA companies. The past and current year have proven more than ever that the decision to thoroughly internationalize NEUMAN & ESSER, which began with this step, was both correct and timely. China, South and Middle America, and India have been able to more than compensate for the fall-off in orders from the supposedly stable industrialized countries, which has helped us to achieve full capacity until today, and allows us to look forward to the future with confidence. Of course, a business can never rest on the laurels correct decisions, but must constantly keep a look out for new possibilities. So this year we are following a new opportunity, using a tried-and-tested business model. This model consists of the take-over and continuation of the aftermarket business as an OEM supplier for compressor models which are no longer being manufactured. NEAC Compressor Service, with 10 product lines, has proven since 1977 that it dominates this business globally. No product line could be a better fit than the PENN Process Compressor Line, which had been marketed by Cameron continually since its launch in 1953, until its take-over in midSeptember. Similar customers and markets made it simple to add this product to our portfolio. This is a huge opportunity for NEAC to further extend its aftermarket business. The negotiations made it clear how important the continued professional running of the business and the maintenance of customer relationships are for Cameron. This is one reason why we regard it as our great responsibility to fulfill these expectations and why we will work towards doing so with our entire team.

NEAC Compressor Service is also the aftermarket OEM for the former compressor brand legacies: Chicago Pneumatic, Linde, Demag, KSB, Erhardt & Sehmer, Halberg, Esslinger, Wurzen, and Borsig (recips built in Berlin up to the end of 1995). The NEAC Compressor Service aftermarket business includes all activities in regard to OEM Spare Parts, Field Service & Maintenance, Component Repairs, Upgrading, Revamping, and Technical Support of existing compressor packages. There had been casual discussions between NEUMAN & ESSER and Cameron International on a possible acquisition of the PENN line for several years. However, it was not until the last ten months that discussions became more serious in nature. The purchase agreement was signed at the Cameron Process and Compression Systems offices in Houston, TX, on Aug. 12, 2010. Alexander Peters represented NEA GROUP and Robert Rajeski, President of Cameron Compression Systems, signed on behalf of Cameron. Mr. Rajeski was very pleased that Cameron was able to come to terms with the NEA GROUP on the PENN sale saying, "NEUMAN & ESSER has a long history of providing high quality products to the market place and has shown the ability to acquire other legacy brands with good success.” Bernd Wagner, the Managing Director of NEAC Compressor Service GmbH, and leader of the global NEAC Compressor Service aftermarket business provided his insight. “We were very pleased that we could add the PENN line to our portfolio. This is a continuation of our global OEM aftermarket strategy to look for opportunities to grow our business, both organically and through acquisitions when they are a good fit within our typical market segments and a good match with the capabilities of our global NEAC entities. In this case, the PENN acquisition especially strengthens our position in the North American reciprocating compressor market.” From 1953 to 1995, over 5,600 compressors were manufactured in the United States under the PENN brand with approximately 90% of these units being sold to end users in North America. As such, the PENN aftermarket business will be operated by the NEA GROUP’s aftermarket entity in the United States, NEAC Compressor Service USA, Inc., located in Houston, Texas. Internationally, there are also a good number of compressors on virtually every continent, with significant populations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Managing Partners of NEA Holding

highlights ■ The Successful Acquisition of the PENN Pump Process Gas Compressors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3 ■ New Investment to the Production Sites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5 ■ Company Profile of NEUMAN & ESSER Group in Italy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 ■ MEMC in Focus: Competence in the Polysilicon Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 ■ INVER in Focus: Through Innovation to Cooperation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13 2



These international customers will be primarily serviced by their local NEAC Compressor Service locations that already provide their support for all of the existing NEUMAN & ESSER product lines. Since PENN compressors were typically built to API 618 design requirements, most of these compressors are found in downstream applications in oil refining, chemicals, air separation, and the food and beverage industries. Currently, it is estimated that approximately 3,000 of these compressors are still active worldwide with approximately 1,000 different customers. Brian Bertelsen, President of NEAC USA, commented, "The PENN acquisition is a great fit for our US operation. This product is very similar to the Chicago Pneumatic line so we should have a smooth transition and be able to step right in to meet our new PENN customers’ needs. We will add a significant number of machines to our active compressor population and the PENN product will allow us to demonstrate the NEA GROUP’s expertise and capabilities to some new customers as well." This take-over will certainly not be the last addition to the portfolio, for as long as the compressor market remains in a continual state of development and change, NEA GROUP will continue to seek out opportunities to build on its market position as a global player and its reputation for quality and customer service in compressor technology.



New "Giant Mill" for Large Components Flexibility, reliability, economy and precision are important at NEUMAN & ESSER, and they are also important in the processing of large components. These are produced for 28 years on the horizontal boring machine Heavy-Cut by Dörries Scharmann. Rising maintenance costs, difficulty in spare parts procurement, and greater part dimensions and weights led to a concrete plan in 2007 to replace the Heavy Cut with

a new machine. The choice was made in favor of a portal machining center which, compared to the horizontal variant, requires less clamping and ensures that work pieces have an optimal clamp position - which means that more precision can be achieved in tooling. A further advantage is the minimizing of machine downtimes, due to dual clamping benches, which can be operated inde-

pendently of each other. Studies by machine manufacturers show that time savings of up to 45% can possibly be achieved using portal boring mills, compared to horizontal variants. These advantages require a 5 million EUR investment in the boring mill, including base, a production hall, a 50 ton crane and ancillary tools. During discussions about the best location for this machine, it was decided that the production shall be extended and expanded by 1,000 m². This new facility offers several logistical advantages: short transportation distances during delivery, clamping and production, as heavy components will only be moved around the immediate production area in future. This means that the heavy work pieces, which are to be processed, will be driven directly into the hall, unloaded using the 50 t bridge crane, inspected and “marked”, before being clamped on the machine. The control of the raw piece and the marking of the workpiece is carried out next to the portal milling center. The 28 m long portal milling center was ordered from Droop + Rein on Oct. 14, 2008. As contractually agreed, the first components were delivered to the production hall in July 2010, and construction began. The operational hand-over is planned for late November 2010. Then a specialist from Droop + Rein will produce the first components until final hand-over in mid-January 2011. In the future, the “giant mill” will be put to work wherever high performance precision cutting is required on mas-sive work pieces.

Measurements and performance statistics for the portal milling center for vertical and horizontal crank cases: ▪ 2 clamping benches 3,000 x 4,000 mm per bench ▪ X axis traverse: 5,000 mm per bench; 10,500 mm coupled ▪ Y axis traverse: 4,500 mm ▪ Z axis traverse: 1,750 mm ▪ Passage width between the supports: 3,500 mm ▪ Passage height between bench and cross-bars: 3,500 mm ▪ Load per table: 30 tons 4

A New Era in Quality Assurance Growing demands placed on the use and lifetime of components mean that a sufficient level of quality control is needed. In order to fulfill these requirements to the highest level, a measurement center with the necessary 3-D coordinate measurement technology was set up at both production sites, in Ăœbach-Palenberg and Wurzen. Until this new measurement technology was introduced, tests on components were either carried out on 3-D coordinate measurement machines by subcontractors, or internally using, among others, manual devices, altimeters, hard stone panels and laser measurement technology. The form and positioning inspections, in particular, required complex manual adjustments and repeated repositioning of the components. Studies carried out in collaboration with the WZL institute of the RWTH Aachen drew important conclusions about how the necessary processes and technologies could be optimized, to ensure a sufficient level of quality assurance. It rapidly became clear that only a portable coordination measurement system would be appropriate. Specifications were defined, to set limits for the spectrum of components to be inspected, the volume of measurement, and precision required. After extensive trial measurements were carried out with various system manufacturers, the Zeiss ACCURA brand of CNC coordinate measurement devices were chosen, which provided a fourfold in precision level to that required by the design specifications. These specifications were then supplemented, as the effects of temperature, impurities and vibration were also taken into account. After the results of extensive temperature measurements had been analyzed, it became apparent that it would be necessary to build new measurement facilities at both NEA sites, and so a new project was born. After visiting existing facilities at other companies for reference, and applying the VDI/VDE-2627 guidelines, two measurement centers were designed, and built in June 2010. A variety of specifications had to be adhered to produce the optimal solution. Not only were diverse temperature gradients defined, but also specifications for the full air conditioning of the components for inspection, the speed, humidity and purity of the air flow, and the requirements for workplace ergonomics had to be met. The siting of sensitive measurement techniques for hardness and surface inspections, endoscopy, calibration and the “phased arrayâ€? ultrasound technology had to be taken into consideration. As a result, the new coordinate measurement devices from Zeiss, coupled with the measurement facilities, mean that NEA is able to ensure an efficient measurement strategy, measurement accuracy, and the documentation of test results at both production sites. The new measurement facilities will prove their worth, in particular for tests specifying high levels of accuracy and where special customer sign-offs are required.


Company profilE


The NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA) can tell one of the positive stories about German reunification with its take-over of MAFA Wurzen in 1991. Other examples of West German companies taking over firms in the East shortly after reunification often didn’t end as happily, as tales of exploitation and asset stripping abounded. As almost everywhere else in the GDR, the staff at MAFA Wurzen felt insecure, explains Klaus Peters, Managing Partner at NEA from 1974 to 2007, and current advisory board member. Although he clearly stated from the start, “We are a German family business and if we come over here, then we mean to stay and invest!” This firm resolution was carried out. NEA currently employs 135 staff in Wurzen, the town where the poet Joachim Ringelnatz was born. The production site has long since become an integral part of the group. Along with ÜbachPalenberg and Stassfurt, Wurzen is one of the three NEA global production centers.

The future lies in the East Alexander Peters has been Technical Director in Wurzen since 2001. He and his sister Stefanie manage the NEA Holding as Managing Partners, since their father retired from operative business. When taking up his position in Wurzen in 2001, Alexander Peters was able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the production site as part of the NEA GROUP the same year, and said at the time, “This celebration is a signal to our staff, that our common future in Wurzen is bright”. NEA had already been doing business in Eastern Europe since the beginning of the seventies. The first systems and compressors were sold to Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. At that time, the countries in the Eastern Block were members of “Comecon”, the body for reciprocal economic assistance. “The GDR was the main supplier of machine tools in Comecon”, explains Klaus Peters. In spite of this, NEA was unable to sell any machines from the Wurzen site in the initial period following the take-over. “No one wanted to buy anything made in the GDR”, so machines were finished up to final assembly in Wurzen, then tested in Übach-Palenberg and marketed from there.

An exciting chapter The most exciting moment for Klaus Peters, however, was the phased take-over of the „VEB Kombinat Grimma“, which was put up for sale in Jan. 1990. This consisted of the production site MAFA Wurzen, an iron foundry and the works’ kindergarten and central canteen. On March 20, 1990, Klaus Peters signed a declaration of intent to take over the infrastructure and staff at Works III, which manufactured oil-free standard compressors for air and technical gases. In order to become economically viable and survive, it became necessary to spin this off from the Combine and create an independent company. As a result, MAFA was turned into a limited company, of which NEUMAN & ESSER owned 49%. Klaus Peters began to renovate and restructure the company, but not without first securing a guarantee of 10 million DM for the BV and V compressor series, should the deal unwind. In the autumn of 1990, West German companies were given permission to take a 100% share in East German businesses. NEUMAN & ESSER immediately took advantage of this opportunity and renamed MAFA Wurzen, the NEUMAN & ESSER Maschinenfabrik Wurzen GmbH.

On Feb. 15, 1991, Klaus Peters completed the purchase backed by 100% of the staff. He has never regretted this move. He saw that there was a large reservoir of highlytrained employees, to whom it was important to offer opportunities, so that they would remain.

The catalyst for decentralization After the take-over, NEA invested 14 million DM in buildings, infrastructure, and tooling machines in order to bring both centers in East and West up to the same level. This intention was carried out, right up to the staff tennis court. The work processes, order processing and cooperation with suppliers also had to be adjusted to the standards set in Übach-Palenberg. The relationship between the plants is still being actively promoted to this day, according to Alexander Peters, “and we continue to invest. No customer should get the impression that they are receiving lower quality goods from eastern Germany, or our staff feel that their production center is less important than those in the west. There has never been a two-class society at NEA. We have always led the way in this as a family-run business.” The take-over of Wurzen, according to Klaus Peters, was the spark that ignited the growth of NEUMAN & ESSER, transforming it from a single company into a global business group. Of course, one could have increased the size of the plant at Übach-Palenberg, but this was a faster method. From one day to the next, NEA increased its production capacity by 70% and, over night, was able to fulfill significantly more orders. In 1992, the first business on foreign soil was founded, with the creation of NEA Italia S.r.l. in Milan. “This is when the internationalization began, which had always been our vision”, explains Alexander Peters. Since then, the business has grown to include fifteen companies for systems technology, sales and service, located in Italy, Egypt, China, USA, Brazil, Russia, India, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

STASSKOL another great decision Following this success story, a second one was to be written in central Germany. In the year 2001, Klaus Peters initiated the take over of STASSKOL Kolbenstangendichtungen GmbH in Stassfurt, a longestablished industrial center in the Salzland. He quickly recognized the resources this producer of piston seals and spare parts for compressors had to offer. With an investment of 6 million EUR, NEA built a new building at a different site in Stassfurt, as well as a testing center that is unrivaled by any in the industry, this year adding a large materials center for materials production. STASSKOL responded with highly motivated staff, who managed to increase turnover six fold within eight years. The company, which commemorated its 90 th anniversary this year, has a further reason to celebrate. Next year the administration building will be enlarged by 360 m².

Alexander Peters

Klaus Peters


Excerpt from an interview with Klaus Peters, Zeitungsverlag Aachen, Oct. 2010

Side by side with MAfA Wurzen

Company profilE

NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP in Italy NEUMAN & ESSER Italia: The Catalyst for Growth

Deep Roots NEA Italia S.r.l., based in Milan, was founded on Jan. 1, 1992. As the first sales & application company in the NEA GROUP, it became heir to a grand tradition. NEUMAN & ESSER had already been serving customers in the Italian chemical and petrochemical industries since the 1950s, represented by „AZETA S.A.R.L Costruzione Macchine Utensili Rappresentanze Tecniche Industriali“. Then in 1983, NEUMAN & ESSER bought an 80% share in this company. In the four years from 1985 to 1989, when Klaus Peters was Managing Director, he and his Italian team took a bold step that was to have a significant effect on the later development of the entire group; namely packaging compressors into complete compressor systems with local suppliers. The success of this business concept paved the way for the founding of NEA’s first foreign engineering subsidiary. AZETA’s limited shell was transferred to NEA Italia S.r.l. and at the same time the management moved from Nino De Bernardi to his successor, Euro Colombo.

Greatest group success Since foundation, NEA Italia has been able to set up over 250 compressors with a total output of 70,000 kW, in Southern Europe and the Middle East. Particular successes included a single order with a total value of 44 million EUR – the biggest order in the


history of the NEA GROUP! This is a direct result of the high reputation for engineering the company enjoys in the market. While NEA Italia began by supplying large numbers of small V-machines to the PET market, the company developed to become a reliable supplier of niche products to the refining industry especially for make-up compressors and boosters. The delivery range also includes a great many large, high pressure hydrogen and ethylene compressors for industrial plants.

Applications on the “Dolce Vita” lable Franz-Josef Ritzen, Managing Director of NEA Italia since 2006, has been serving the Italian market for over 20 years. He is known for his “elephantine memory” of unusual applications for NEA compressors, such as a large CO2 compressor with an output of 1,000 kW, which was installed for an Italian vintner in the year 2000. Since then, this customer has been able to bottle the CO2 produced in wine-making, himself for commercial uses. Other air compressors ensure the drying process in the cellar of a Parma ham producer runs smoothly. The Italians also knew how to make the third most typical industrial application their own: production management using instrument air for a famous producer of racing cars. It goes without saying that working there is great fun for the Italian!

Success through networking Cooperation with the two sister companies in Cairo and Dubai, and a well-established network of agents, means that the 20 person team in Milan have a wider circle of influence in sales, engineering, pack-

aging and the installation of complete systems than one would expect. While NEA Egypt Ltd. support their Italian colleagues in the acquisition of contracts for new machines in Libya, Sudan and Egypt; NEA Gulf FZE supports operators in the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East. Since orders from the Middle East are increasing, the general upward trend of 2011 will ensure that the Italian order book remains wellfilled. We wish everyone at NEA Italia „buona fortuna“.

NEAC Compressor Service Crosses Boundaries NEAC Compressor Service S.r.l., the service provider in Milan, has shown itself to be young, but very experienced. The increasing population of NEA compressors in the Mediterranean region, and their resulting need for servicing, meant that spinning off the service activities of NEA Italia into an independent service company was an obvious decision to make. This step was taken in Jan. 2005. Since then, the firm has consisted of several staff members for sales, contract handling and installation, headed by the “Sales & Operation Manager’’ Luca Cini. NEAC uses the facilities of other local firms as an extended workbench, for repairs to valves and sealing elements and for the servicing and reconditioning of smaller compressor units.

All of these companies have been certified according to NEAC guidelines, and so are able to carry the “RCC Level A’’ seal of approval (cf. the cover story in issue 18 of NEA NEWS). Today, NEAC provides maintenance for a portfolio of over 500 compressors concentrated in Italy, Spain and Greece. NEA Egypt Ltd., a sister company located in Cairo, provides important technical and commercial support for NEAC, particularly in North Africa. 9

MEMC in Focus

COMPETENCE IN THE POLYSILICON PROCESS: Firm Control of Abrasive Compression Process

Can you remember how you became aware of NEUMAN & ESSER as a supplier for reciprocating compressors? Mr. Pazzaglia: We at MEMC Merano have been using NEA compressors for quite a while. The history of our cooperation started even before the foundation of NEA Italia when we ordered Linde compressors from AZETA in 1985. Since then the cooperation has grown over the years into a stable and reliable relationship. What convinced you that the right supplier was chosen for your project of expansion? I have a clear view of the meetings held for the last HCl compressors, both during bid phase and order assignment, where NEA Italia demonstrated their technical and commercial strength. NEA engineering capabilities and project references were the main reasons for our choice in all cases. Which compressor frame sizes did NEA Italia install? What is the performance range of these compressors? Some years ago we ordered three H2 compressors with a supply volume of 2,250 Nm³/h each. These were type

V1-machines with discharge pressure of 16.7 bar(a) and 160 kW power. In addition, last summer, NEA supplied two vertical HCl compressors of type 2TZS63 supplying each 4,000 kg/h with cylinder diameters of 400 mm for the 1st stage and 280 mm for the 2nd stage. These compressors have been installed as main equipment of the chemical loop of our polysilicon process. Did NEA face a technical challenge with regard to the HCl process? NEA’s expertise in that field is well recognized all over the world. I.e. the HCl compressors from NEA are built as non lube machines, as cylinder lubrication would lead to saponification of the oil. In particular at elevated temperatures there is a danger that materials containing iron might combine with HCl to form iron chloride. Iron chloride is a substance that is very aggressive to steel if moisture is present. Therefore the compressor ratios have been chosen so that compression temperatures of 110°C are not exceeded. Piston rod sealing elements are provided with leakage gas and a N2 sealing gas connection. Two pairs of rings are arranged below the leakage gas connection. In addition, the chamber of the double distance piece on the cylinder side is flushed with dry N2. A gas break-through into the driving gear could lead to the saponification of the driving gear lubricating oil and consequently to bearing damage and, if humidity is available, to corrosion of the driving gear components. They instructed us to thoroughly flush all gas contacting parts with dry N2 when opening the machine, since even contact with humidity in the air leads to corrosion. What was the scope of supply for the HCl compressor systems? Each unit supplied included a pressurized frame lube oil system, a main driver coupled via a direct high flexible coupling, a set of suction and discharge pulsation dampers, process gas inter- and after coolers shell, a set of instruments with relevant instrument rack, and a remote control panel equipped with SIL3 PLC. Everything is packaged on common steel frame, and last but not least each unit is equipped with a single bypass valve.


Gianluca Pazzaglia ▪ 39 years, R&D and Facilities Manager at Merano Polysilicon ▪ joined MEMC in 1999 ▪ he likes most that MEMC is an ambitious company that wants to grow very fast in the semi- conductor and solar business. The environment in which they operate is very challenging and offers lot of possibilities for staff to develop. All mechanical, electrical and control devices were developed by NEA Italia. In compliance with regulations applicable in the European countries, the packages have been certified as single units according to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) module G. Was the compressor a critical milestone for any project? Yes, in general compressors always belong to the critical path of the project, being one of the long lead items and the heart of the process. Who did the installation work on the H2 compressors? Installations were performed by our maintenance team under the supervision of NEAC Compressor Service S.r.l.. Since then, we ask NEAC for the supply of wear parts on a regular basis. Have all compressors run reliably since their installation? Yes, the H2 compressors run very smoothly. The HCl compressors were supplied last summer but they have not yet been put into operation.

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.

■ founded in 1959 ■ headquarters in St. Peters, Missouri, USA with approx. 4,800 staff worldwide ■ consolidated annual turnover of the listed company in 2009: 1.2 billion US$ ■ areas of business: ▪ semi-conductor materials for the electronic industry ▪ silicon wafers for solar cells ▪ developmnent, financing, installation and management of solar arrays ■ production of polysilicon in Merano, Italy and Pasadena, TX, USA ■ production of wafers in Italy, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan ■ for further details, please visit: Interview conducted by Martina Frenz, Marketing Manager

Does any highlight come to your mind when thinking of NEA GROUP in Milan? One experience worth mentioning is the case of substitution of a complete crankcase and a driving mechanism. A couple of years ago a failure was found on a TDS50 machine in service, putting us in a very unpleasant situation. The combination of the professional behavior of NEAC people with an immediate availability of the required crankcase and driving mechanism solved this critical situation in a very short time. We thank you for having taken time to respond to that interview on behalf of NEUMAN & ESSER Italia and NEAC Compressor Service.


inver in Focus

Through Innovation to Cooperation How did you first come into contact with NEA Mahlund Sichtsysteme? Dr. Agostini: We got to know NEA at the POWTECH trade fair in 1998 and from there on Karl-Heinz Schwamborn visited us in Italy to discuss all technical issues. To test the performance of NEA Grinding Systems we carried out grinding tests with our materials on an ICM 48 Line in NEA’s test center in ÜbachPalenberg. Why did you consider NEA in your bidders’ list? NEA is able to offer the best technological level in the market because they dedicate resources to research and development. They are one of the few vendors providing innovative solutions to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Had you ever been in contact with NEA grinding plants before? No, but we were the first powder coatings manufacturer in Italy to buy NEA mills. How many ICM systems are currently in production since first installation in 1999? The first milestone of our partnership was set in 1999, when a NEA ICM high volume system with Direct Drive

successfully came into operation. NEA also supplied a screener with suitable capacity for this high volume line. Furthermore, the system was equipped with two dosing airlocks for inline operation with extruder and offline operation. Due to good experience, we ordered a second line in the same year and more systems in 2005. Those systems included their new patented dust collectors, allowing for savings on investment and operational costs. In the last years a small unit for laboratory use and another ICM system for efficient small batch production, allowing for quick color change, were added. Another ICM midsize system, including further improvements like special cyclone design for quick and easy access, was put into operation in 2007. Have deliveries and installations always been on time? Yes, deliveries have always been on time and start-up and testing were completed in less than one week. 12

Are there any special requirements NEA grinding systems have to fulfill to satisfy your customers’ needs? Narrow particle size distributions with minimized amount of superfines are required to achieve high product quality for our customers. Are there any technical features that make NEA systems outstanding? NEA systems are characterized by a compact design with smart solutions like incorporated fans inside the filter housing, the direct drive system underneath the grinding chamber and the easy-to-use interface between machine and operator. How do you evaluate project handling and the contact with NEA? Projects are always carried out with exceptional attention to details. The focus is set on achieving our technical parameters and requirements. Do you remember any special engineering work that surprised you? An interesting project was the development of grinding two component paints simultaneously, simplifying

Dr. Andrea Agostini ▪ 42 years, with a doctorate in chemical engineering ▪ joined INVER in April 1996 ▪ since 2003, Plant Manager of the main plant of INVER GROUP in Minerbio, near Bologna, Italy ▪ likes most: introducing new technologies in powder coatings production to increase productivity and performance at INVER

the manufacturing process remarkably, and saving costs on additional mixing. Do you intend to continue working with NEA? For which project? We are involving NEA in modernizing our old production equipment with the goal to bring it up to ATEX regulations. These activities are based on careful observations and safety studies executed by NEA. Do you have any visions for INVER? Maintaining high quality standards and increasing the performance in applications at low costs and high aesthetic appearance – that’s our overall target for the future.

INVER S.p.a.

■ founded in 1934 ■ producer of powder vanishes and water-based varnishes for the metal-working industry, following ecological requirements ■ production site in Italy at Minerbio, near Bologna, covering a total area of 94,885 m² ■ annual turnover of INVER Group of 130 million EUR with 550 staff and of INVER S.p.a. of 80 million EUR with 350 staff ■ particular strengths lie in artificial resins, such as epoxy, epoxy/ polyester, polythene, and polyester resins ■ for further details please visit: Interview conducted by Martina Frenz, Marketing Manager


NPCC in Focus

The Twin Peak Offshore Packages Final Installation and Comissioning

As one of the largest orders processed by NEA South East Asia (NEA SEA) to date, a recently completed project, comprising of two vapour recovery compressor packages for use in the Arabian Gulf, is a fascinating story from start to finish, and particularly, as described below, in the delivery process. When walls must fall Some nineteen months from the date of order, the packages left the production yard at NEA SEA on July 9,


2009 to begin their long journey to the customer (cf. first report in issue no. 18 of NEA NEWS). Even this first step was fraught with difficulty. Once the construction of the packages had been completed in the yard, their enormous size - equivalent to a three story building in sections - meant that the perimeter wall of the plant in Rayong would have to be demolished and subsequently rebuilt in order to get the packages onto their transport vehicle. Once this had been successfully accomplished, they travelled by road to the independent seaport at

National Petroleum Construction Company IRPC, where a berth had been arranged for a special charter transport ship. After loading the packages safely, the ship sailed to Mina Al Zaid port in Abu Dhabi on July 20, 2009, spending eleven days at sea, in the Indian Ocean. Interestingly, over the same period, Andy Thom, Managing Director of NEA SEA, happened to be on his annual holiday, sailing with a friend on his 42’ ketch, from the Maldives to Malaysia. They were some 200 nautical miles south of Sri Lanka, making good time to Langkawi, when Andy, on nautical watch at the time, was surprised and delighted to see what looked like the compressor packages being carried on a passing freighter. “I grabbed my binoculars and confirmed that this was indeed the NEA packages from our plant in Rayong. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and kept them in sight for as long as possible,” says Andy. “What a coincidence – considering the sheer size of the Indian Ocean, and the huge improbability of our paths crossing. It has to have been one of the highlights of my trip!” Comprehensive service for the giants Once the ship had arrived in Abu Dhabi, and had been safely unloaded, it was time for the packages to hit the road again, this time heading to the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) yard in the industrial area of Mussafah. Here, they were to spend another eight long months being integrated into the platform structure that was to become their final home. Part of this integration involved performing a full mechanical test run of both units, the first at the end of March 2010, followed by the second at the beginning of April. The sheer size of the packages installed on the top deck of the platform make them distinctly visible among other important equipment sharing the deck. Thanks to the assistance of the NEA Gulf service team, both tests were successfully completed to the customer’s satisfaction. The complete offshore platform with both packages on board was then transported offshore in May of this year and was placed on its supporting structure. The new facilities will be brought on line in October 2010 and once the performance test has been completed, will then

enter what is sure to be a long service life in the field. NEA Gulf service team has already completed the offshore operational test checks, starting up various systems within the packages including the main 11 kV motor as part of pre-commissioning activities and will continue with the final commissioning using Fuel Gas. Like USS Nautilus Apart from the massive size of the compressor packages themselves, each being 6m wide by 9m long by 10m high and weighing 160 tones, there is another astonishing statistic associated with the order – the amount of documentation involved in the whole process. “There is a famous engineering anecdote associated with the amount of paperwork generated in the building of USS Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine,” says Andy “where it is reputed that the total weight of paperwork associated with building this famous boat was some three times the eventual weight of the submarine itself.” Whilst the ADMA package was not quite that paperwork heavy, thanks to electronic files, NEA SEA still had an unbelievable 1,344 kg of documentation paperwork for the order that had to be shipped to the end user, including 444 hardcopy files, 2 CDs for the Manufacturing Data Records, 108 hardcopy files, and 2 CDs for the Installation & Operating Manuals. Even taking into account the size of the project, this must be some sort of record in itself. With the equipment now successfully installed and the project completed, the NEA SEA team look forward to securing and completing many more such interesting projects in the future.


Media Room The 2nd SEALING DAY, held on Aug. 19, 2010 to mark STASSKOL‘s 90th anniversary, was a good opportunity

for OEM customers from the oscillating, rotating and renewable industries to view the changes at the company in person. Representatives of important companies such as Borsig ZM Compression, Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik, Enerlyt Technik and the German Areospace Center (DLR) followed the trade presentations with interest. Managing Director, Thomas Borchardt traced the development of STASSKOL to its present position as reliable OEM partner, and the Head of Material and Product Development, Dr. Marc Langela, outlined the particular opportunities afforded by the STASSKOL development center, which makes tailored solutions for OEMs possible. The extensive demonstrations at five areas of the site, the 5-axis milling machine DMG Evolution 50eV, the repair station, test compressor, oscillating tribometer and material center, left a deep impression on the visitors of the knowledge of the sealing experts and material developers. This is confirmed by the entries in the guest book and the many letters of thanks received after this successful trade event. Mr. Borchardt took advantage of the 90th anniversary celebrations to invite the team from Wurzen and selected guests from Übach to the traditional “Herbstfest” in Wurzen. Once Mr. Borchardt had welcomed the around 100 visitors, speeches were held by Alexander Peters and the workers’ councils from STASSKOL and Wurzen. The tasty BBQ buffet and cool beer on offer, were the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful summer temperatures. The highlight of the festival was the tug-of-war contest between the teams from the different engineering works. Among the men, the team from Wurzen were the winners, while the colleagues from STASSKOL took first place amongst the ladies. Music and dance ensured that this wonderful event only came to an end after midnight. All good things come in threes. The event series was rounded off with an Open Day for all staff members and their families, neighboring companies and state officials. The guests of honor included the Lord Mayor, René Zok, who greeted management and staff and congratulated them on behalf of the city council. Stefanie Peters presented a special gift to mark the occasion, a bistro table made from a compressor piston by the apprentices’ workshop in Übach-Palenberg. Alexander Peters also had a surprise in store for the STASSKOL staff. Given the positive development of the firm since the take-over in 2001, he announced an expansion of the administration building by a further 360 m² in the coming year. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, to match the sunny weather, which was supported by a hearty meal and the wheel of fortune for young and old with prizes from the Salzland Savings Bank and coveted executive toys from STASSKOL.


NEAC CUSTOMER DAY @ AIR PLUS The first joint customer day took place at the Air Plus premises in Zemst, Belgium on June 1, 2010, to celebrate 10 years of good collaboration between NEAC Compressor Service and Air Plus, the agent for BeNeLux. In a joint address, Luc Moerenhout, Managing Director of Air Plus, and Stefanie Peters, Managing Partner of NEA GROUP, warmly welcomed the 45 customers who had arrived from across Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The highlight of the event was the presentations on the measurement and adjustment of piston compressors, motion works and cylinders using laser technology. Exploration of the subject was not confined to theoretical explanations alone, but many practical demonstrations were also given on site. These exhibitions were especially designed for, and carried out at this event by two members of NEAC staff; Norbert Janßen, Product Manager Training, and Stefan Damberg, Specialist Project Engineer for laser measurement. The guests paid close attention to the expertly displayed demonstrations and showed great enthusiasm. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the elegant atmosphere of the catering meant that both the participants and organizers were completely satisfied with technical as well as the culinary fare on offer at the event.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION DAY IN SOUTH AFRICA NEAC Compressor Service and Atlas Copco Energas chose to present their new joint agency in South Africa by holding a Customer Information Day on May 19, 2010 at the Stable Inn Conference Center in Springs. NEAC was lucky to gain Kenneth Gould as agent for this region, who has particular experience in the area of piston compressor servicing. His responsibilities include advising customers on the aftermarket business, preparing maintenance and reconditioning activities, and in part, carrying these out himself. Because of the ideal location of the conference center, in the middle of South Africa, 25 of the most important customers were able to attend. Bernd Wagner, Managing Director of NEAC, summed the event up saying, “This event has enabled us to maintain our proximity to our customers from Germany and at the same time to present a local contact partner for the South African market”.


Events in 2011 There have been a lot of developments at the headquarters of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP in Übach-Palenberg. The many product innovations and expansion of the machine park and infrastructure are a great reason to invite customers and the general public to a series of themed events. We look forward to welcoming you.

May 19, 2011 – Compressor Day May 20, 2011 – Milling Day May 21, 2011 – Open Day 17


Vocational Training at NEUMAN & ESSER Dual Study Program on the Rise

In their annual address to welcome the new trainees, the Managing Partners Stefanie and Alexander Peters never fail to remind the audience that NEUMAN & ESSER has always been a company providing vocational training, in which everyone plays their part in helping the newcomers receive the best training possible. The partners take NEA’s role in supplementing classroom study very seriously and view it as a symbol of the company’s

strong ties to the local community. “We believe in social responsibility!” is the creed of the family business. A training workshop fitted with CNC machines, 3D-CAD workstations, and numerous commercial departments are all available to the approximately 95 apprentices at the three sites across Germany. A team of experienced trainers imbue the new arrivals with the NEA philosophy and fundamental values of reliability, precision, fairness and team spirit. Along with all of the staff, they live out the “we” feeling that helps bring the NEA family closer together. In addition to the “classic” apprenticeship, increased demands from business have allowed a new traineeship model to take root over the past three years: the dual study program. This is a course that takes three years, where the student switches between practical training in the company and a degree at a technical university, every three months. On top of this, bachelor graduates spend several months abroad, enabling them to perfect their knowledge of foreign languages. This program requires a great deal of commitment from the trainees, and for NEUMAN & ESSER it means working closely together with the universities, and the ability to attract and retain well trained skilled workers at an early age. Seven of the 13 new NEA apprentices at headquarters this year are taking up this challenge for the subjects industrial management, logistics management, and computer science for business. Following the good experience NEA gained by working with the EUFH technical university in Brühl, this will be the first year that industrial mechanics from NEA take up a degree course focusing on Mechanical Engineering PLuS (the association for training and study) at the FH in Aachen. Then in the coming year, NEA also hopes to attract trainees for the Electrical Engineering PLuS course. This now means that NEA has become a center for vocational training.

A Pot Porroui of Saxony: The Trainees‘ Tour 2010 As usual there were many things to see and fun to be had on this year’s trainees' tour, which took place from Sept. 26-29. The crew of 90 trainers and trainees, from Übach-Palenberg, Wurzen und Stassfurt, visited the transparent factory in Dresden, where the VW Phaeton is made, and the Siemens foundry in Chemnitz. The Wurzen trainees then proudly showed their colleagues around “their” factory. Each city left a lasting trace on the trainees, particularly the evenings. The karaoke bar „Zum Kakadu“ in Leipzig was a definite highlight, where Viktor Haas, Thomas Plum, Andreas Klee and Volker Hertzer formed an impromptu boy band and gave a great rendition of the Wolfgang Petry classic „Why do you send me to hell?“. A tour of the STASSKOL works rounded off the traditional trainees’ tour, leaving the trainees with many new impressions. Late in the afternoon on the last day, the Übach colleagues set off wistfully on the journey home.


NEA Anniversaries

40 Years Tenure

Short Circular Ping Lang

■ since April 2010: General Manager of NEUMAN & ESSER (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ■ born on Oct. 26, 1963 in Liaoning, China, married, one daughter Education: ■ 1986: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the Industrial University of Shenyang Career: ■ 1986-1993: Mechanical Engineer at China Special Equipment Inspection Center in Beijing ■ 1993-1995: Mechanical Engineer at RWTÜV in Essen, Germany ■ 1995-2003: Representative at Linde AG-Engineering Beijing office ■ 2003-2005: Manager of Engineering department of Nordex China in Beijing ■ 2005-2007: Managing Director at Siebtechnik China Co Ltd in Ningbo ■ 2007-2010: Director of Gas Power Equipment Division of China ORDINS Corporation in Beijing

Erich Ruster

25 Years Tenure Guido Kochs Karina Kaußen Gabriele König Andreas Lauscher Horst Freialdenhoven Harry Lankenau Dieter Schiffers

10 Years Tenure Emanuel Diniz dos Santos Dario Monte Costa Marques Marcos Eduardo Ferreira Rihan

Davide Beverina Riccardo Righi

TWO AT ONCE! The NEA GROUP footballers were unbeatable this year on, Sept. 4. The “NEAnderthals” managed to dance at two weddings. One team travelled to Krefeld to take part in the football tournament organized by the company “Swagelok”. The NEA GROUP players were able to win through with 1:0 in the final and were worthy winners of the trophy. The other team took part in the “Gyros Cup” in Schleiden and managed to beat the team that had won the cup many times in the past years in the final with 1:0. The winners from Krefeld arrived shortly before the final began, to cheer their colleagues on, so that the victory was more than merited, thanks also to the strong support.

Printer´s Imprint

Editor: NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP Werkstrasse ▪ 52531 Übach-Palenberg, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 24 51 / 481 01 Fax: +49 (0) 24 51 / 481 100 e-Mail: Website:

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