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Summer 2005 Edition


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RD2B Conference 2005-2006 Conference 4 Schedule

Spring Drive-In & New Mid-Level Training Institute


New Professionals Conference


2005 Annual Conference 8-9 Photos

2005 NEACUHO Annual Conference in Review


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New Hires


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2005-2006 Executive Board


Thank you. Thanks to Maureen Wark for her service as President – she has led and inspired us with her amazing warmth and wisdom. To show our appreciation for her service this year, I had the perfect gift picked out for Maureen; but the Red Sox front office informed me that Jason Varitek was NOT available to jump out of a 6 foot high cake at this point in the season. However, in the same spirit, it seemed only appropriate to recognize what Maureen has said about her year as NEACUHO President – the year the Red Sox finally reversed the curse. Maureen, please accept this gift with our thanks. Also, one more round of applause for our hosts this week from Boston College – their care and graciousness have indeed helped us “soar to new heights.” NEACUHO members, their family members, honored guests from MACUHO, ACUHO-I and NEACURH: If you’ve never given a speech to a large group, here’s a tip. Professional speechwriters recommend that you do something early in your speech to establish your credibility and legitimacy. The idea is that your audience will choose to stay with you physically and, one hopes, mentally for at least a few minutes if you can engage and impress them. So here we go… One of the things most of us love working in higher education is that we get to wear so many hats. One of the hats I am fortunate to wear at Westfield State College is as an Instructor in our Communication department. Last semester, in the course evaluation cards for one of my Intro sections, a student wrote the following: “If I had only 20 minutes left to live, I would want to spend it in Professor Conlogue’s class...” I thought this was great, until I turned

to card over and read the full comment. It was: “If I had only 20 minutes left to live, I would want to spend it in Professor Conlogue’s class, because every minute would seem like an hour.” With that in mind, I think I’ll keep tonight’s comments brief. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘In order to take a great voyage, you must first lose sight of the shore,’ and it seems appropriate to use a nautical reference given our NEACUHO compass logo and use of the ‘Navigator’ title for our newsletter. Our first 50 years have seen the birth of our profession; and a long and distinguished history of growing, changing and resetting our organization’s course as our students, our institutions, and our times have required it. As we conclude our first 50 years as a professional organization and look ahead to the future, I’m confident that we will have the courage to hold on to what is great about NEACUHO. I also hope we will have the courage to ‘lose sight of the shore’ as we pursue new goals that will strengthen our organization, our institutions, and ourselves. Here are some navigation points for the coming year: • First, our revised conference schedule – we shared a new plan for our 20052006 events at today’s Business Meeting with the belief that this schedule of activities will better serve our members. • Second, continued attention to the challenges and needs facing new professionals, as well as those considering entering the field. With your initiative, enthusiasm and skills, you are the future of our profession and of NEACUHO. • Third, a renewed focus on midlevel

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Note from the Editor... This season’s edition of the Navigator serves as a reminder of the fabulous professional development and networking opportunities we have through NEACUHO throughout the year. As you can see from our photo spread of the Annual Conference at Boston College, these events allow us to celebrate our achievements, hear about what issues are developing at other schools (and how they are resolved), learn more about our profession and our ever-changing population of students, find out about new products and services via the vendor fair, meet up with former (and perhaps future colleagues) and welcome the summer season. We’ve printed a calendar of some of the events already planned this year. Please take the time to review it, note the dates on your calendars (or in your PDAs) and encourage your colleagues to attend as well. And, of course, don’t forget about the RD2B conference for your student staff who may be considering careers in higher education. Have a wonderful semester, Tina Tormey, Cazenovia College Please send any comments, questions or submissions to

RD2B- HAPPENING THIS FALL!?!? Attention Northeast! The New Professional Development Committee is proud to announce the Annual RD2B conference.


This year's theme will be "From the Ground Up!"

HE DA TE! !!

Every year we face an increasing number of paraprofessional staff members who want to participate in this conference, so we are introducing a new approach that will allow more students to attend this conference and gain more from the experience. In the past, the conference was held in early spring and at one institution. This year, we will hold the conference in the fall and at two institutions on the same day. On Saturday, November 5, 2005, we will host two RD2B conferences: the first at Central Connecticut State University and the other at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Though the conferences will take place at two different locations, the content will be similar to RD2B conferences of the past. The conferences will host a myriad of topics designed to educate your student staff members looking to move on in the field. Please be on the look-out for the registration information for this highly anticipated event. Page 2

Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator



and senior staff needs. Often, attending a NEACUHO event is essential for our ‘seasoned professionals’ in terms of renewing personal ties and giving back to the profession; but perhaps not so essential in terms of providing challenging and stimulating ideas and resources to inform your actions back at your campuses. We can do better, and we will. Fourth, offering amazing keynote speakers and programs. I think most of us would agree that yesterday’s keynote speech by Jack Butler engaged our minds and nourished our spirits. This is a standard we should strive toward in all of our activities for the coming year. Now, a request: would anyone who served on a committee or in some capacity with NEACUHO this past year please stand and be recognized for their service? Maureen has been consistent in reminding us that NEACUHO belongs to us all and can be as good as all of us are willing to make it. While no member can do everything, our organization will grow and prosper if everyone commits to doing something. You can present a program, write an article, recommend a colleague for an award, propose a new event, host an event, participate in a reading group, encourage a colleague to attend a conference, run for an office. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Our greatest resource within NEACUHO is each other, and I would ask you tonight to think about what unique contributions you can make in the year ahead. I also need to acknowledge the contributions of my staff at Westfield State College here tonight. My staff was supportive of my candidacy even though they knew it would require lots of travel on my part this year; in fact, as I think back on it, they seemed particularly supportive when I told them I’d be out of the office a lot this coming year! Seriously, people seldom assume a significant responsibility all alone, and I Kathi Bradford and Jon Conlogue look on as Maureen Wark opens a gift couldn’t have even considered running for honoring her for her service as NEACUHO President, 2004-2005. President if I didn’t have a great team of professionals at Westfield. So, my thanks to them for all they have already done, and all they will again contribute, in the coming year. NEACUHO has given more to me than I can put in words. It’s well-established within our profession that no one can really understand what we do for a living except each other. After over 20 years, I’ve given up trying to explain it to my parents, my brother, and other relatives; and I think my children understand it as my being a teacher with a huge, crazy classroom – not a bad description, actually! But all of you here tonight, along with our colleagues back home – we understand. We know. We get it. And we need the professional development, the friendships, and the sense of belonging that come from being around amazing people who, on a daily basis and without much fanfare, accomplish great things and impact countless lives. A few years ago, we decided to try to quantify this a bit at Westfield. In the end, we concluded that our staff of 62 people had had over a million job-related interactions with people in a given academic year. Think about that, and now expand it out across all of our member institutions represented here tonight, and I think you begin to get a true sense of the power that Jack Butler referred to yesterday. I am honored and humbled to have been elected to serve as your President for the next year, and I look forward to meeting new colleagues, renewing ties with old friends, and seeing all that we can accomplish together on our voyage together this year. Thank you and, as my first official duty, I now declare the 50th annual NEACUHO Conference to be closed!!

NEACUHO Navigator

Summer Edition 2005

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Get Out There! NEACUHO Professional Development & Networking Opportunities Get your calendars and pens ready! The following is a listing of some of the NEACUHO events already planned for the 2005-2006 academic year. The next few pages of the newsletter are dedicated to calls for programs and other important information from the committees organizing some of this year’s opportunities.

New Professionals Conference October 21, 2005 Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH Program Proposal deadline: September 23, 2005

RD2B Conference November 5, 2005 Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT & Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, City, MA

Operations Drive-In Conference December 2, 2005 Suffolk University, Suffolk, MA

Spring Drive-In Conference & Mid-Level Training Institute Friday, February 17, 2006 Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT

AND OF COURSE‌ 2006 Annual Conference June 5-7, 2006 New York University, New York, NY

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Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator

The Fall Drive-In Conference is moving to a different season and we’ve added something new! The NEACUHO Professional Development Committee presents the

Spring Drive-In Conference and

NEW Mid-Level Institute* Friday, February 17, 2006 Albertus Magnus College New Haven, Connecticut Mark your calendars and save the date! NEACUHO mid-level definition: Four to seven years of post baccalaureate, full-time housing experience and/or a mid-level position (as determined by your institution). Page 5

Summer Edition 2005

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Program Proposal Form

Charting Your Course…NEACUHO New Professional Conference 2005 What: NEACUHO New Professional Conference 2005 Where: Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH When: October 21, 2005 Are you seeking professional development? Do you have knowledge you wish to impart to new professionals in the field? If so, we urge you to present at the NEACUHO New Professionals Conference. This is a conference designed especially for new professionals with presentations by seasoned professionals, Chief Housing Officers, and other new professionals. All ideas and topics are welcome. Some topic ideas are:

• • • • • • • •

Advising/Supervision Relationship with colleagues Students and technology Psychological Issues Working with Diverse Students Ethics School Politics Accountability

If you are interested in presenting a program at the New Professionals Conference, please complete the information below and ensure it is received by September 23, 2005.

• • •

Program sessions are 50 minutes in length. You will receive email confirmation from the committee if your program is selected. All presenters will be required to register for the conference if their program is selected.

Program proposals can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to: Lisa Shell 75 Third Avenue New York, NY 10003 (212) 443-9200 (fax) Page 6

Summer Edition 2005

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Charting Your Course‌NEACUHO New Professional Conference 2005 Conference Program Proposal Title of Presentation:

Name(s) and Position Title(s) of Presenter(s):

Name of School(s) Represented:

Contact Information: Name:



Have you ever presented at a professional conference? ____Yes _____No Please provide us with a brief description of your program (5-7 sentences) which will be included in the day’s schedule:

Please attach an outline of the program presentation.

Please list any materials for your presentation (i.e. VCR, news print, projector, etc.)

Please contact Lisa Shell at if you have any questions about presenting at the New Professionals Conference. Thank you for your participation!

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Summer Edition 2005

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NEACUHO Annual Conference 2005— Review in Pictures

What happens at Club NEACUHO, STAYS at Club NEACUHO!

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Summer Edition 2005

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NEACUHO Annual Conference 2005 — At A Glance Knowledge Sharing

Anchors Aweigh!

Catching Up with Colleagues

Opening Lobster/Clambake

Vendor Fair

Annual Fun Run Page 9 NEACUHO Navigator

Summer Summer Edition Edition 2003 2005

NEACUHO Navigator Page 9

NEACUHO 2004 ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN REVIEW Many thanks to all presenters who made the 2004 NEACUHO Annual Conference a success! Conference Presenters: Alicen Adams, Bridgewater State College Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie, University of Massachusetts Amherst Jonathan Austin, Austin Architects, LLC Gary Bice, St. John’s University Patricia A. Birch, Assumption College Deborah Birch-Gayton, New York University Rich Bova, Brown University Rene Cheskis-Gold, Demographic Perspectives Sue Ciccone, Boston College Jon Conlogue, Westfield State College Meredith Conrey, Texas A&M University Kristin Conti, Suffolk University Rene Coderre, Binghamton University Chris Cullinana, Binghamton University Alex Delaney Danahy, Harvard Planning and Allston Initiative, Harvard University Erin Donahue, Hofstra University Darese Doskal-Scaffido, Ithaca College Amanda Dubois, New York University Jennifer English, Boston College Tony Esposito, Bridgewater State University Christopher Gathman, Boston College Charity Halsdorf, New York University Christopher Heasley, Boston College Jeff Horowitz, Binghamton University Susan Keller, Harvard University Shelly Keniston, Bridgewater State College David Kritz, Adirondack Solutions Chuck Lamb, Rochester Institute of Technology Joshua D. Lawrie, Syracuse University Bill Martino, New York University Justin McCauley, Bridgewater State College Beth Moriarty, Bridgewater State College Zachariah Newswanger, Ithaca College Trina Nocerino, Syracuse University Trixy Palencia, Southern New Hampshire University Terri Panepento, St. John Fisher College Jennifer Paulin, Bridgewater State College Clarybel Peguero, Boston College Audrey Place, Castleton State College Valerie Randall-Lee, Emerson College Maureen Regan, Binghamton University Elin Riggs, Bridgewater State College Donna Rogalski, Bridgewater State College Carol Sachetti, Roger Williams University Joie Steele, Rhode Island College Jessica Taylor, Bridgewater State University Ryan Wagner, The CBORD Group, Inc. Amy Zimmerman, University of Connecticut

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” —Abigail Adams Page 10

Congratulations to the 2005 Award Winners Outstanding Service Award: Sabrina Tanbara (The Julliard School) Distinguished Service Award: Richard Bova (Brown University)

Award Winner

Lifetime Service Award: Linda Riley (College/.University) Elizabeth Sinkewicz Reid New Professional Award: Jen Scaia (Quinnipiac University) James Casey New Professional Scholarship: Audrey Place (Castleton State College) “Rising Star” Scholarship: Jana Jacobsen (Emerson College) Small College Scholarship: Christine Zacher (St. John Fisher College) Women’s Issues Outstanding Achievement Award: Pam Peter (Syracuse University)

Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator

A special thanks to the following vendors for their sponsorship and participation in the

NEACUHO 2004 Annual Conference Conference Exhibitors:

Conference Sponsorships:

ACUHO-I Adden Furniture Adirondack Solutions American Furniture Rentals Automatic Laundry Services Co., Inc. Bay Promo, Corporation Best Access Systems Butler Woodcrafters, Inc. Campus Comfort, Inc. Cannon Design Coinmach College Park Communities Cort/Putnam Dehler Manufacturing DormChi Exeter Architectural Products, Inc. Foliot Furniture GSG Vincent Furniture Restoration Institution Recycling Network Integra, Incorporated Interface Flooring Systems, Inc. IR Security & Safety/Education Solutions John Savoy & Son, Inc. Kane Screens Mac-Gray Corp. Master Finishing & Restoration, Inc. McKallagat Contract Furniture ModuForm Inc. NEACUHO 2006 New England Copy Specialists New England Woodcraft, Inc. Onity, Inc. Outside the Classroom Premier - A School Specialty Company Quality Consultants, LLC R. T. London-Norse RMS, Incorporated Safe Decisions, L.P. Sauder/Wieland Shrader & Shrader StarRez, Inc, The Boston Globe The Cbord Group, Inc. The Chambers Corporation The Instant Sign Center The Mowhawk Group The New York Times The Refrigerator Company The Swan Corporation Thomas W. Rafferty, Incorporated University Loft Company USA Today Wakefield Distribution Systems, Incorporated

Platinum: Shrader & Shrader Perkins & Will

William A. Berry & Son, Incorporated Page 11 NEACUHO Navigator Navigator

Gold: Boston Globe Silver: Einhorn, Yaffee & Precott/EYP Boston Coach Boston College Dining Walsh Brothers, Inc. John Savoy & Sons, Inc. Bronze: Bay Promo, Corporation Coinmach Cort/Putnam Foliot Furniture Interface Flooring Systems, Inc. Mac-Gray Shawmut Design & Construction The CBORD Group, Inc. The Instant Sign Center USA Today

Central New York colleagues (L to R): Zach Newswanger (Ithaca College), Tina Tormey (Cazenovia College), Darese Doskal-Scaffido (Ithaca College), Drew Hatton (Ithaca College), Clark Rodman (Cornell University), Joshua Lawrie (Syracuse University), Pam Peter (Syracuse University) & Trina Nocerino (Syracuse University) Summer Edition Edition 2005 2003 Summer


Are you worried about losing your sense of “self ” when your students return? Or… Are you interested in meeting other new professionals in the Northeast? Or… Are you looking to network and develop professional relationships with other new professionals in your district? Then look no further! The New Professional Development Committee is coordinating a new initiative that will help build bridges between New Professionals in the districts within our region (listed below). Each semester, we are looking to plan one or two socials for New Professionals in each district. • •

Connecticut & Rhode Island Maine, New Hampshire, & Vermont • Massachusetts (both Eastern and Western) • Western New York • Eastern New York

Be on the lookout for the new professional social in your district coming soon!

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Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator

WELCOME NEW HIRES! Rhode Island College welcomes Teresa Brown as Director of Residential Life and Housing! Teresa is coming to us from Salve Regina University. Welcome Teresa! The Residence Life Office at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) welcomes Anna Schwartz from Oberlin College. Anna joins director, Brian Janes; assistant director, Nathan Andary; and area coordinators Jane Gepner and Phillip Oliveira as area coordinator for the apartments/lofts. Anna served as Resident Director at Oberlin College and received her BA from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Nazareth College in Rochester, NY has hired Eric Egan as Area Director in the Department of Residential Life. Eric returns to higher education after a working as a recreation coordinator for the past few years. He is a 2003 graduate of State University of New York at Fredonia. He was an RA and a Campus Life intern. Eric is working on a Master's degree in Leadership for Higher Education. Cazenovia College welcomes new residence directors Peter Foster and Cassandra Srozinski and Tina Tormey, who is the new assistant director of residence life and director of the first year residential experience. In addition, we congratulate Liz DeLaRosa who was recently promoted to assistant director of residence life and director of housing.

Rochester Institute of Technology The Center for Residence Life at RIT welcomes the following new staff: Community Enrichment Coordinators (CECs) - Michael Shaver, Pamela Steele, Sara Bayerl and Corey Tickner. Michael Shaver

Sara Bayerl

Michael joins us from Eastern Illinois University where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Training and Leadership Development and also served as an Associate Resident Director. Pamela graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Pamela also served as an Area Coordinator at Columbia College. Sara recently earned a Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel Administration. She joins us from Canisius College where she also served as a Hall Director. Corey graduated from Western Illinois University with a Master of Science in College Student Personnel. He also served there as a Graduate Assistant for Athletic Advising and Compliance.

Pamela Steele

Corey Tickner

Staff Assistants - Lauren Barrows and Moira Tice. Lauren is an RIT graduate and previously worked with the NTID division at RIT. Moira’s previous position was with Housing Operations at RIT and she also served as Assistant to Professor at RIT. On the Move– Stephanie Bauschard, Bill St. Jean and Jeff Sulik.

Lauren Barrows

Formerly Community Enrichment Coordinators, Stephanie has accepted the position of Assistant Director and Bill has accepted the position of Area Director. Jeff has been with Residence Life for 5 years and has assumed his new role as Assistant Director for Staff Recruitment and Development.

Moira Tice

Bill St. Jean

Stephanie Bauschard Jeff Sulik

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Summer Edition 2005

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Notes from the NEACUHO Secretary Greetings everyone: I hope this finds all of you doing well as we are working diligently on housing assignments, renovations and construction, and fall training for staff. For those who were able to get away from work on your summer vacations, kudos to you, and to everyone who has been able to enjoy a quiet campus, minus the summer conferences, get ready, because the residents will be back before we know it. For our region, I hope everyone has an air conditioner in their office, because the weather has been way to hot and muggy. As I began the second year of my term as Secretary of NEACUHO, my main charge remains the same: to take the minutes at the NEACUHO Executive Board Meetings, record and distribute those minutes for Executive Board approval within 30 days of the meeting, and subseZach Newswanger quently, communicate approved minutes to the overall membership. At this time, you can NEACUHO Secretary find the minutes from February 3, 2005, Notes from email discussions and votes between February and June, June 8, 2005 Minutes, and June 11, 2005 minutes. Coming shortly will be the revision to the constitution, voted on at the June 10 Business Meeting, held at the 2005 Annual Conference at Boston College. Executive Board Meeting – February 3, 2005 – June 11, 2005 Update Since February, the board has addressed many topics important to our membership, the strength of our organization, and its continued success. We have worked on the NEACURH-NEACUHO Affiliation Statement, our conference future conference schedule, the Marketing Initiative, confirmation and review 2006 Annual Conference site – New York University, acceptance of newly appointed board members, a constitutional change, reconstruction of our website, logo guidelines, Newsletter distribution, and the welcoming in of newly elected board members, just to name a few topics. Executive Board Meeting – July 13, 2005 Update During our most recent board meeting on July 13, 2005 at Westfield State College, we continued work on the 2006 Annual Conference at NYU, reviewed our calendar for the year, worked to establish conference dates and locations for the New Professionals Conference, RD2B’s, the Operations Drive In, the Women’s Renewal Retreat, and the Spring Drive-In, along with other topics that can be reviewed when the minutes are confirmed and posted later this summer. More detail on these topics and other items addressed at the NEACUHO Executive Board meetings are available in the actual meeting minutes located at under the documents section. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or 607-274-1105. Also, if you currently have any items that you feel should be in the NEACUHO Archives, please contact me at the above given information, so we can make arrangements to collect these important pieces of history. I wish all of you a sunny time for the remainder of your summer, and the best of luck for your upcoming trainings and openings, and I look forward to running into all of you soon!

Zach Newswanger Secretary, NEACUHO

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Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator

NEACUHO 2005-2006 EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTED OFFICERS President Jon Conlogue Westfield State College

Treasurer Jeff Horowitz Binghamton University

President-Elect Terri Panepento St. John Fisher College

Secretary Zachariah R. Newswanger Ithaca College

APPOINTED COMMITTEE CHAIRS Annual Conference Rachel Alldis New York University

Residential Operations Renè J. Coderre Binghamton University

Corporate Relations Anne Colacarro Westfield State University

Risk Management and Judicial John Ferrari Albertus Magnus College

New Professional Development Jana Jacobs Emerson College Professional Development Sabrina Tanbara The Juilliard School

Social Issues Jodi Bailey New York University


Eastern New York District Kate Baier New York University Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont District Audrey Place Castleton State College Massachusetts District P.J. Cappadona Boston College

Parlimentarian Paula Randazza Rivier College

Western New York District Chuck Lamb Rochester Institute of Technology

Marketing Plan Kathi Bradford Westfield State College

Membership Coordinator Jen Hapgood Binghamton University

Program Carol Sacchetti Roger Williams University

NEACUHO Navigator

Robert Jose Northeastern University

Connecticut and Rhode Island District Michelle Eichengreen Roger Williams University

Past President Maureen Owen Wark Suffolk University

Media and Publications Tina Tormey Cazenovia College


Technology Coordinator Eric Bross New York University Summer Edition 2005

Page 15

NEACUHO Mission Statement NEACUHO is an organization of housing, residential life, and student services professionals and paraprofessionals within Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the Canadian provinces. The Association is dedicated to providing opportunities for colleague support, professional development, sharing of information, collaboration, communication, research and recognition of outstanding contributions to the field.

NEACUHO Membership Reminder

Don’t Forget! The registration deadline for the New Professionals Conference is September 30, 2005!

October 3, 2005 is the deadline for NEACUHO membership. Membership materials were mailed in early August. If you did not receive the membership renewal information or if you have any membership questions, please contact Jen Hapgood, NEACUHO Membership Coordinator, at

Here is your chance to be published! Consider submitting an article for the NEACUHO Navigator Newsletter Edition

Deadline for Submissions

Publication Date


September 15

late September


December 15



March 15


Submissions should be e-mailed to Tina Tormey at Page 16

Summer Edition 2005

NEACUHO Navigator

2005 Summer Navigator  

• First, our revised conference sched- challenges and needs facing new profes- sionals, as well as those considering en- tering the field. W...

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