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APRIL 19,2011


Exclusive, Bianca’s Back! BY MONA HABB AL This is for all the single men in the world: Bianca’s back! Remember when Baptista had said that Bianca could only get married if her older sister “Katherine the shrew” did? Well she did! Katherine just got married with a wealthy man from Verona called Petruchio! Who knew that there could be someone out there who would be brave enough to marry Kate? Everyone


says that they make the perfect couple; besides, two arrogant and insolent people do make the perfect couple! But apparently, Petruchio isn’t the perfect husband. He arrived late for his own wedding, and on top of that, wearing horrible clothes, and then he dragged Kate out of the wedding, to go back with her to his country house, and on their way, Kate fell into the mud, and the horses ran away. Kate couldn’t wait to change her clothes, eat, and go to


THE ONCE SHREWD KATE NOW STATES: “"THY HUSBAND IS THY LORD, THY LIFE, THY KEEPER, THY HEAD, THY SOVEREIGN, ONE THAT CARES FOR THEE" sleep. But when they’d arrived, Petruchio took Kate’s food away from her, saying it “wasn’t cooked well enough”, didn’t let her sleep, saying “the bed wasn’t comfortable enough, and didn’t let her get changed, saying, “the dress was too ugly.” But why did he do all this? To make her suffer? Or maybe to tame her? Well if he was trying to tame her, (Continued on next page...)



Bianca’s Back Bianca Abused By Older Sister... Again it’s completely working, because just yesterday, everyone was shocked when they heard these words come out of her mouth: “Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee." (Katherine, Act 5, Scene 2). Petruchio has officially turned Kate into a caring, and proper wife. If you are one of the married men who can’t control your wife, try to get into the PTA (Petruchio’s Taming Academy). He’s already got some students in his academy, including Hortensio, who is trying to tame his new wife. ~ BY MONA HABB AL

Bianca Abused By Older Sister... Again BY MONA HABB AL

We all know that arrogant Katherine always abuses her little sister Bianca, but this time, it’s serious! We interviewed police officer Alfredo Ferrari, and this is what he told us about the incident: he was walking around town as usual, and

then he stopped when he heard a scream coming from behind him. All that was behind him, was the Minola Mansion, and a dump. At first, he thought the scream was coming from a cat in the dump, so he went to check, and he was wrong. So he continued walking, but then he heard the scream again, and again, and this time it was a girl’s scream. So now he was sure it was one of the Minola sisters. So he got into the house, walked forward as the scream got louder and louder, and opened the door. He saw poor Bianca tied up to a chair! She was screaming: “Help! Help!” There was no one else in the room, so he untied her, and took her to his office where he asked her why, and who tied her up; and this was her answer: . “My sister Katherine tied me up because I wouldn’t tell her which one of my suitors I liked the most!” This is exactly what Kate had said: “What I want is for you to tell me which of your suitors you like best. And don’t lie.” (Katherine, Act 2, Scene 1, line 8). But who does she like the most? Is it Lucientio or Hotensio? It’s probably Lucientio, because Hortensio has decided to marry the widow instead of her.

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DA I LY P O L L : Who should Bianca end up with?


Women Today: How are they taking their marriages? BY NADZA DZINALIJA We would all like to believe that marriages today are doing well, and that both spouses get to enjoy the same benefits of a marriage. However, recent studies have proved completely otherwise. Firstly, we have talked to marriage counselor and psychologist Bella Loretti about the recent marriage struggles couples have been going through. “There is definitely a great increase in the number of couples that I have been meeting with to resolve their marital issues. And what is worse, upon becoming familiar with the issues the couples face, I have been lead to believe that the problems lie in the fact that one spouse is completely unsuited to the other.” . Bella further states that she believes this is majorly engendered by the way marriages are usually arranged these days.

preliminary issues before they are wed. One such unsuccessful start to a relationship was seen at the Minola wedding this Friday between Petruchio and Katherine, when the bride and groom departed hastily after the ceremony. . There was a dispute about when the couple would leave for Petruchio’s home, and Katherine had entreated him to stay, saying, “Now, if you love me, stay.” (Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 209). . Petruchio was then reported to have been seized by a rage, demanding, “I will be master of what is mine own. She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house...” (Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 235-6).

husband and wife, it may evolve into an obstacle in their marriage.

He then roughly dragged out Katherine, who was protesting in vain. This shows that the couple had not learned to communicate correctly in times of calamity. This could only have been the result of not having spent enough time in one-another’s company to have learned to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Though it may seem like a small squabble between

O v e r a l l , m a r r i a g e s a r e n o t succeeding nearly as well as they once were, and it is worrying to many to think we may be on the brink of a change in the way spouses are matched. There are also those who have been suggesting a revolution in marriages, saying that today’s young people should be solely responsible for choosing their mates. While there are many who disagree with this theory, a

ARE ARRANGED MARRIAGES TO BLAME, OR ARE SPOUSES LESS MOTIVATED TO MAKE THEIR MARRIAGE WORK? So what exactly is the problem? There seems to be more than one problem in every marriage, but what is worrying is that these problems are star ting ver y early on in the relationship, damaging it at the very beginning. As stated by Bella Loretti, marriages are commonly arranged, and that it may be the very reason they do not succeed. One person does not get a chance to meet the other and spend time with them prior to the marriage. This way, key points in the relationship are not talked about, and the couple does not have any time to resolve these

So why not get a divorce? This question has been brought up often recently, and it seems that both genders in the marriage are afraid to take the first step in a divorce process. Psychology professor Vincenzzo Alessio states that “It is rather obvious why women stay in the marriage. It is for the money.” After conducting a survey in which we assessed the women that were unhappy in their marriages, it seemed that in the majority of cases, Dr. Alessio was correct. There are laws governing the inheritance of a wife in the case of a divorce, and legally, a woman is left with neither land nor money in the event of a divorce. This had a large impact on why women stay in an unsuccessful marriage, as many reported that they were intimidated by the prospect of leaving, as they would be left poor and homeless. H o we ve r, D r. A l e s s i o s t a t e d something less known. It would appear that men stay in an unhappy marriage mainly because a divorce would be humiliating. If they were to be divorced, they would have failed at controlling their wives, and playing their role as the head of the household. This would reflect on their character, and men do not wish to appear incapable in the eyes of family and friends.


Trickery in the Streets of London! BY J ACK MURPHY

Here at the Padua Times, we have

received reports of a middle-aged beggar who has been abducted by an upper-class Lord. The reports on the incident were quite interesting reads! One report, from a Hostess at a local pub, right here in London, recalls seeing the beggar, whose name is Sly, at her pub earlier that night. She duly noted to us that that night, Sly refused to pay for the drinks that he had had. After which Sly immediately passed out. Almost immediately following this,and reports from the other patrons at the pub confirm this-, a Lord entered, with his servants. The Lord promptly started to order his servants to take care of his hounds and take his jacket. The Hostess, after having moved the unconscious beggar out of the way, started to clean her glasses again. While cleaning her glasses, the Hostess overheard the Lord quietly suggest to his servants that they play a trick on the unconscious beggar. This report is the reason why the mysterious Lord is the prime suspect in the Police search. The Police have yet to determine the identity of the Lord, or any details about him except that he was a Lord. This is due to the fact that the patrons of the bar were for the most part drunk and couldn’t remember much of the night besides the details we have gotten. After this, the Lord and his servants apparently simply carried Sly out of the pub. . There was no noticeable attempt to stop them. The Police got some interviews with the Lords’ servants about the rest of the night. The reports from the servants say that one of them (who wished to remain anonymous) found players (actors) that the Lord wanted to hire for that night. The servants claim not to have known what the Lord was planning to do with the beggar. After this, reports say that the Lord put Sly into his bedroom and hung dirty pictures around the room, and waited for him to waken from his stupor. When Sly did, he found servants

him, ready to serve him, in order to help the ruse keep going. The servants had been ordered to do this and offer him pleasures and had been told they would get a small bonus for this (details are sketchy on this part). . The servants supposedly offered him everything they would offer their real Lord. Sly is not convinced by this trick though, he still believes that he is himself, Christopher Sly. The servants persist that Sly is the Lord, and has all these niceties, and start to bring him around. They tell Sly that he has a wife, d’s who, the servants admitted to the in the Lor Sly, the drunkard, waking up Police, had been male the whole time. chambers. The reports say, that after Sly had been convinced, he was made to watch a performance put on by the players.

Competition in Disguise BY JACK MURPHY

Hortensio, who bears a strikin g resemblance to the tutor Liti o...

re interested in Tutors seem to be mo ing her. ch tea wooing Bianca than

There has been much talk about the recent teachers that the Minola family has acquired! Some speculate that the teachers are suitors in disguise, some that they are just tutors. Today I shall dissect the information given by you, the readers. The musical tutor Litio, bears a striking resemblance to the suitor who seemingly disappeared, Hortensio. This might be coincidence, or it might not be. Here at the Padua Watcher we have not had time to interview Litio due to his busy teaching schedule, but if you readers find him, please ask some questions for us! The latin tutor, Cambio, arrived in Padua quite near to the time that the young Lucentio did, perhaps this too is coincidence. Some speculate that one of Lucentio’s servants ran off and caught this job in order to get closer to Bianca. This is most likely due to Lucentio appearing with only one servant, (Continued on next page...) PAGE 4


Competition in Disguise Imposters in Our Own Padua while men of his stature and heritage would have several, even for traveling. Whatever the case, Litio and Cambio have been heard talking to themselves about the other’s intentions as teacher. “Fiddler forbear. you grow too forward, sir. Have you so soon forgot the entertainment Her sister Katherine welcomed you withal?” (Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 1, Line 1). Neighbors of the Minola family have caught these two talking to themselves at the edge of the Minola property, probably to avoid being caught. These sources are not one hundred percent reliable, but they suggest that Litio is Hortensio and he is trying to woo Bianca from within the household! Others also say that Cambio is come from Lucentio’s traveling party and is also trying to


woo Bianca, confirming the previous rumor, though not on good grounds. Litio has been overheard telling himself that he is losing the race for Bianca’s love, and must find a way to overtake Cambio, or get out of the race.

Imposters in Our Own Padua BY NADZA DZINALIJA Recently, there has been a case

WEATHER THIS WEEK: Monay: Mildly sunny with a 45% chance of rain midday. High: 19C, Low: 10C. Tuesday: Rainy with a thunderstorm expected at noon. High: 15C, Low: 8C. Wednesday: Mildly sunny, with winds up to 15km/h speeds. High: 20C, Low: 15C. Thursday: Mainly sunny and warm with a clear sky. High: 20C, Low: 14C Friaday: Precipitation at 60%. Gusts of wind up to 17km/h. High: 19C, Low: 13C. Saturday: Sunny with a slight chance of rain after noon. High: 20C, Low: 15C Sunday: Rainy with precipitation at 75%, and showers all day. High: 18C, Low: 12C.

reported in the streets of Padua, near the Minola mansion, of a passerby being stopped by a man named Lucentio, and persuaded to impersonate his father. However, as mentioned in our previous article, it is questionable as to who exactly this ‘Lucentio’ is. A man who has chosen to stay anonymous reported observing the scene from a shop across the road from Baptista’s. It would seem that this man ‘Lucentio’ had been standing on the road-side for well over an hour, observing all who passed on the road. When this particular merchant, known only as ‘Pedant,’ passed by, he was intercepted by Lucentio, and a lesser servant named Biondello. After a short conversation, it would appear that Lucentio was able to convince the merchant to impersonate his father. It was debatable as to why this merchant would have agreed to do this, but the best guess our reporter could make was that this merchant had stated he had just travelled from his home in Mantua. At this point, Lucentio had played on the man’s lack of access to news reports during his travels, and (falsely) informed the merchant that it was dangerous for him to stay in Padua, as the two cities had recently had a dispute. Tranio was heard saying “Of Mantua, Sir? Marry, God forbid! And come to Padua, careless of your life?” (Skaespeare, Act 4, Scene 2, Line 83-5) The man was naive enough to believe in this, and thus agreed to serve Lucentio as an imposter, and in turn be hidden in Lucentio’s home until he could safely travel out of Padua. Though we are not certain as to the credentials of the source that claims to have witnessed this, we have gathered numerous reports of sightings of Lucentio with this merchant. We have assigned reporters to this case, and hope to get back to you soon with more details on this imposter.


Interview with Baptista about Katherine’s Wedding with Petruchio Question 1: What do you think about Katherine marring Petruchio? Answer: I think it is a great idea for my young daughter to marry such a strong man, but yet I still think it is not such a great idea as well. Question 2: How did this make you feel when Katherine told you that you were getting married?

but I think they met because Lencentio wanted to marry Bianca, my other daughter and before he could marry her my daughter Katherine had to be married as well. Lencentio told Petruchio to marry Katherine so that he could marry Biacna and he did. At first I was very angry at Lencentio, but then when I saw how happy Katherine and Petruchio were I didn’t care about Bianca marring Lencentio.

marry Bianca, my other daughter and before he could marry her my daughter Katherine had to be married as well. Lencentio told Petruchio to marry Katherine so that he

Answer: At first I was angry because I didn’t know that she was marring Petruchio, but then later I started to like Petruchio and agreed to let Katherine marry Petruchio.

could marry Biacna and he did. At first I was very angry at Lencentio, but then when I saw how happy Katherine and Petruchio were I didn’t care

Question 3: Did you also know that Bianca is going to marry Lencentio?

about Bianca marring Lencentio.

Answer: Bianca is going to marry Lencentio? No one had told me yet, when are they getting married? Question 4: What did you do when you heard that Petruchio was trying to “tame” Katherine? Answer: At first I didn’t know what Petruchio meant by “taming” my Katherine, but then later she was very mad at him for not letting her eat food, pick out her favorite dresses, and other things that she told me. I was going to call off the wedding, but then she told me that she was happy after what Petruchio did to her and so I didn’t call off the wedding. Question 5: At the wedding, when you saw Katherine with Petruchio, how did that make you feel? Answer: I was very happy that pleased that my daughter Katherine was being married to a man with wealth and power. Question 6: Could you tell use how Katherine and Petruchio met? Answer: I really don’t know, but I think they met because Lencentio wanted to


Daily Crossword BY J ACK MURPHY


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