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Overview They should have killed Catledge. But they were too cruel. They let him live while they raped his wife and daughter. Let him live while they sent his yacht and his family to the bottom of the Caribbean. Let him live knowing he could never find the killers in the drug boomtowns and pirate ports of Colombia. Then, one night back in the States, the phone rang. And one word gave Catledge something to live for. One word crackling through the night before the connection is lost. One word that launched a one-man war against a ruthless outlaw.

Reviews White girl becomes kingpin's sex slave. Catledge is suckerfucked into allowing his boat and family to be captured by Columbian pirates, leaving him for dead with his wife Kate and his daughter Jinx missing and presumably kidnapped. Cat survives and plots his revenge with the help of CIA operative Drummond, who had a daughter kidnapped, tortured and killed badly. Cat befriends drug runner Bluey, who gets him safely to Riohacha/Santa Marta and uncovers the first clue in the mystery before getting killed. He befriends reporter Meg who joins the chase and provides help in uncovering the kingpins trail--eventually leading to a major marketing pitch outside Leticia. He plots his revenge against Denny and Prince after finding Jinx in their jungle compound. Cat loses his son Dell, but saves Meg and Jinx in their escape. I read this book around 1977 and I remember I could not put it down. I read the book in one sitting and read until 4:00am. I couldn't stop talking about it to people. It was an exciting and intriging book with lots of adventure. This book I highly recommend. Cat Catledge is a happy self made multi millionire and at 50 he buys a yacht and his wife, daughter and himself go on a 2 year cruise to the South Pacific via Panama. He gets as far as Columbia when the boat breaks down and he sails into a small harbor town for repairs. He does't speak Spanish but he finds a young American guy on the dock and he offers to fix the problem. After he fixes this he asks for a lift to Panama and he will then find his own way home. A day out of Columbia Cat leaves the new guy to sail the boat while he gets some sleep. He hears a boat come along side and he goes on deck to see whats happening. His new employee turns and shoots him with a shotgun but he's not dead. When he comes two he sees his wife and he thinks his daughter both dead and the boat is sinking. He manages to get a help message off and he comes two in a hospital. He goes home and one night he gets a telephone call from far away over a static

filled line. It's only one word but Cat is electrified. He is determined to return to South America and find his daughter. Following a trail of blood, graft, white powder and white slavery Cat discovers in himself a capacity for ruthlessness. He is determined to find and kill everyone involved in his daughters kidnapping. I found this while wandering in a library and it's an old Stuart Woods book from the late 80's but it's a good story and worth while reading. Despite Woods's on-site research in Colombia, this suspense tale of cocaine trafficking and kidnapping only skims the surface of the seamy drug world it purports to investigate. Wendell (Cat) Catledge, a self-made electronics millionaire, is yachting off the South American coast with his family when a bloody act of piracy snatches away his "heart-stoppingly beautiful" teenage daughter Jinx and wife Katie. They are presumed dead, but weeks later Cat gets a brief phone call and recognizes Jinx's voice. His quest for his daughter, who is now a zombie enslaved by "the Anaconda," a Colombian drug baron, involves Cat with assorted CIA and narc types and with Meg Greville, a freelance TV journalist who may be KGB. Woods (Deep Lie, Chiefs) serves up a slam-bang rescue as a fitting finale, but the suspense overall is so-so and the Latinos are either faceless or stereotypically sneaky. This one reads like a lukewarm episode of Miami Vice. This was a good book.. I think I enjoy Woods earlier writings much more than I do his current Barrington novels.. This book had pirates, drug dealers, bad son, very bad people, armies, a jungle, and much more that made very fun to read and very interesting.. I highly recommend this book.. I am glad that it was republished and that I noticed it on the shelf. Interesting, engrossing book about the drug trade in Colombia. Stuart Woods is well known for his series novels--Stone Barrington, Ed Eagle, Holly Barker, etc. But this one is a stand-alone novel. It is one of his earlier works. I really enjoyed reading it. Excellent book...Drug Lord takes away man's family, Man takes revenge on Drug Lord. The first and best Woods book I ever read. It took awhile to read this highly suggested book. It was my first Stuart Woods, and I'm hooked on his writing style.

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White cargo download  
White cargo download