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Overview Mackenzie “Max” Miller has a problem. Her parents have arrived in town for a surprise visit, and if they see her dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, they just might disown her. Even worse, they’re expecting to meet a nice, wholesome boyfriend, not a guy named Mace who has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to come crashing down around her, but then she meets Cade.

Cade moved to Philadelphia to act and to leave his problems behind in Texas. So far though, he’s kept the problems and had very little opportunity to take the stage. When Max approaches him in a coffee shop with a crazy request to pretend to be her boyfriend, he agrees to play the part. But when Cade plays the role a little too well, they’re forced to keep the ruse going. And the more they fake the relationship, the more real it begins to feel.

Reviews I'm never one to turn away a good book, even if the genre (in this case, New Adult) is not usually my cup of tea. However, after reading her first book in this series, I was begging to find out what happened to Bliss' best friend from Losing It.

In Faking It, Cora Carmack's follow-up to Losing It, Cade Winston gets his star turn. After confessing his undying love to his best friend, Bliss, and then losing her to someone else, Cade finds himself at odds with himself and life. Living in Philadelphia and attending grad school for drama, he's in the same city with Bliss and her boyfriend (and former teacher, Garrick), and the city has never seemed so small. With no where to turn to escape his disappointment, his luck turns when Mackenzie (Max) Miller spies him in a coffee shop, and at the spur of the moment, asks him to play the role of boyfriend in order to placate her parents.

Max is unlike anyone he's ever met before, and perfect Cade is thrown by his immediate attraction to her. Max, a musician, is heavily loaded down with baggage from her past, and as she strives to make a name for herself, she fights what she feels for Cade with the belief that she's toxic to anyone around her. The attraction between them is too strong yet in order to be together, these two have to overcome their pasts and accept that they are deserving of a happy ending.

Ms. Carmack tells the story from both Max's and Cade's points of view in alternating chapters. It's an effective method that gives us a deeper understanding of just what drives these characters. I don't think the story would have had the same punch if it were written in the third person, or from only one point of view. And some of the lines that Ms. Carmack assigns to Cade even had me swooning. How could Max possibly resist when this thought is running through Cade's head. "I pulled her into my arms and she cried until the events of the morning

disappeared, until the present took a backseat to the past. And until I knew I couldn't live without her." Sigh.

Wonderful story, terrific writing. Read Losing It first, however. Also very wellwritten, it's as romantic and heartwarming as Faking it, and you get a pretty good idea of where Cade is coming from. Highly recommend. Faking It is such a beautiful sequel to Losing It. I actually enjoyed this one more than it's predecessor. I loved Cade! I never swoon over any of my book boyfriends before, but I swear I did with Cade! LOL

Cade Winston is not yet over Bliss but he is trying his best to move on, specially now that Garrick is going to propose to her. After his torturous coffee date with "the couple", a tattooed lady asked him to pose as his boyfriend for the day in exchange for anything he wants. Cade seemed to be attracted to her even though she isn't his type. So, he agreed and asked her for a "real" date in return.

The last thing Mackenzie "Max" Miller wanted to do is for her parents to meet her drummer and equally tattoed boyfriend Mace. Scratch that, she never wanted them to meet him at all because they definitely wont approve of him. So when her mother accidentally heard Mace while she was talking with her over the phone, they started asking questions about him. To appease her parents, she made up a perfectly nice boyfriend that her parents will surely adore. Unfortunately, the torture didn't end there. Her parents are actually on their way to visit her for Thanksgiving and wants to meet up with Max and her imaginary boyfriend in the coffee shop she and Mace are in. Her solution: send Mace home and proposition the Mr. Nice Guy in the coffee shop to pretend as her boyfriend!

The Golden Boy and the Angry Girl in a pretend relationship that felt more real than any relationship they've had.

I thoroughly enjoyed Faking it. Even though the story may have been a cliche--two characters that are so wrong to be together (or at least they thought) but are very attracted to one another--- yes, it's a cliche, but it doesn't mean that it didn't work for Carmack's story. The book is a perfect blend of everything---there's

humor, drama, internal struggles, family issues, sexual tension and romance. It's so good that I finished the book in one sitting!

It's very easy to fall in love with the characters. Max is not your usual heroine-she have piercings and tattoos, she works in a tattoo parlor and also works as a dancer in a bar. She's a struggling musician but she never thought of giving up her dreams. She's basically the alpha character in this story. Cade on the other hand is her exact opposite. Even though he's a struggling actor, he is taking his master's degree to become a college professor, he's polite, he volunteers during his free time, and even hugs a stranger! He's so freaking amazing. I fell in love with Cade in chapter three, right after he said: "You look beautiful. Don’t worry.� *swoon* I melted a little when he sang in chapter 12. By chapter 26, I was ready to marry him! LOL. Cade is now my favorite book boyfriend!

I just want to share this part of a poem that I really loved which makes me think of Cade and Max situation, it goes something like this:

when he offers his lips, take them. take his arms, his throat take his toes. when he offers, gorge, swallow everything whole...

from Jeannan Verlee's Lessons on Loving a Prophet

And I think Max did well *smirks* up until she chickened out in Chapter 28. I mean, come on, Cade is perfect. He is exactly what she needed! If it were me, I will say YES even before he open his mouth to ask. LOL! I was a tad disappointed

when Max left Cade's apartment but I really didn't think it was a stupid decision in Max' part. You see, fear is like pain, it's subjective -- what is scary for her may not be scary for other people. You cannot force someone to do something that she is genuinely scared of. At least not until she gathered enough courage to face her fears. Even though I hated Max for hurting Cade (albeit unintentionally), I can't help but cheer on her when she decided to show up on his apartment a week after. That took a lot of guts coming from a scared and tortured soul like Max.

I had so much fun reading Faking It and I recommend this book to all New Adult fiction lovers! Yeah, I'm a nice girl... I'm willing to share Cade with everyone. LOL When you read a book by a debut author and love it, you are faced with a dilemma. What if the next book isn’t as good as the first one? I’m sure the author also suffers a similar nervous wait for the release of their second book. I was partly so-excited-I-couldn’t-breathe about Faking It, and partly really nervous about picking it up, just in case. Well, worry not Losing It fans. Cora just trumped Losing It, because Faking It is the real deal.

It was difficult not to burn through the whole book in a matter of hours, because I really REALLY wanted to. Luckily, in some respects, life got kind of crazy and I got to take my time with Faking It. It was just one of those reads though, where I would be really tired and just plan on reading for maybe 10 minutes before I fell asleep, and I’d look up an hour later and wonder where the time went. It totally sucked me in!

I loved how Cora handled the transition from focusing on Bliss and Garrick, to Cade and Max. It was done well and sent Bliss and Garrick off on their way happily, providing stimulus material for Cade and also closure for me where they were concerned. After all, Bliss broke Cade’s heart but found the love of her life. In Faking It, Cade finds himself struggling to get over Bliss and work out what to do with his life. He realizes he needs to let go and start opening up to some new experiences, so when Max blows into his life, interrupting his morning coffee with a ridiculous proposition, he says yes. He will pretend to be her boyfriend in front of her parents for Thanksgiving, so they don’t have to meet the strung out musician loser she is really dating. And goodness, Cade acts his socks off.

In Losing It, Cade proved his worth as a solid guy. Bliss didn’t find him attractive, so neither did I really. But I feel slightly cheated now, because his ‘voice’ was so intoxicating to me in Faking It. I think he just surpassed Jay Heaton from The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting as my favourite book boyfriend ever. He is patient, selfless, and effortless. Max calls him Golden Boy, and she is absolutely right. He is Mr Perfect; even his flaws are perfect. I have it bad, so look out for a gushing Book Boyfriend post from me sometime soon!!

I appreciate the evolution of Cora’s writing too; this time around there were chapters from both Cade and Max’s point of view. It really added to the story and I found myself even more involved because I could understand both characters so much more that way. I also really liked how there was a slight overlap in time between the end of one chapter and the start of the next; it helped me slide into the perspective and hit the ground running. I felt like the chapter breaks were also really well placed and made it difficult to put the book down as I simply had to know what was coming next!

Speaking of Max - I absolutely adored her – she is the feisty, fearless, femme fatale who gets to steal Cade’s heart. She has such a tough persona built up for self protection, and I loved how Cade was able to slip through it, like her personal Kryptonite. Max had many of the best lines of dialogue, and I loved her zinging retorts to Cade. I also loved that he called her ‘Angry Girl’, taking the wind out of her sails and melting our hearts all in one go. Cade was her soothing balm, and she had need of him. Her past was traumatic and when it was fully explained, more than a little tragic. I really felt that both Cade and Max were written so vibrantly that I wouldn’t be surprised to bump into them in real life.

I was so sucked into this story; I got totally lost in the moment a number of times. The sexier side of the story was steaming hot, and we should all be so lucky... but there were a number of other factors which I got lost in too. In particular I loved Max’s descriptions of how her music made her feel, and I felt like that strong connection to her art form was similar and complementary to how Bliss felt as Phaedra in Losing It. I normally skip over lyrics for songs when they are written in to narratives, but I didn’t skip Max’s songs at all. I actually kept trying to imagine how they would sound. I am sure I did a lame job, but I enjoyed them nevertheless.

I recommended Losing It to a huge number of people and I am going to be absolutely doing the same here; I unreservedly LOVE this book. The minor niggles that some had about Losing It (mainly about Garrick’s use of the word ‘Love’ as a nickname, it would seem) are totally non-existent here. New Adult is a rapidly expanding genre, and Faking It is a perfect example of what draws me to it; the plot is strong, the characters are real, they have believable interactions which do include sex, but it is tastefully written, not gratuitous in the slightest (either in frequency or descriptive detail) and it is not at all the focus of the book. This puts Faking It head and shoulders above the romance books I have read, and I also find the completion of the relationships more satisfying than those that I read in Young Adult literature. So there is really NO EXCUSE AT ALL not to pre-order and DEVOUR this mouth-watering morsel. I am now setting my greedy sights on Finding It, which releases in October and tells the story of Kelsey and her travels abroad. The wait is going to be excruciating! I freaking loved this book! Faking It is absolutely delicious - I devoured it in one go, and it left me wanting so much more. It's impossible not to love Max and Cade. Their story is seriously one of the best I've read. Filled with tummy-tickling humour and heartwarming romance, Faking It will leave you breathless and gasping for more!

To be honest, I didn't have very high expectations of this book because I wasn't a huge fan of Losing It (Bliss and Garrick just didn't do it for me), but it just blew me away! I loved it from the beginning itself, when Max is first introduced to us and when we get to see Cade's point of view. Cade was my favourite character in Losing It, and I love him so much in this book. Bliss seriously missed out on a lot! Max and Cade's relationship starts out as them pretending to be together for the benefit of Max's parents, but it slowly grew into something real, and at the same time, something they're both afraid of.

I loved Max immediately. She's so different from most YA or NA heroines. Max will never let anyone call her Mackenzie, and she has a love for tattoos. And piercings. She has this incredible tree tattoo on her upper body, which I think is awesome. I've always wanted a tattoo! She also has flaming red hair (again, awesome) and sparkling eyes. And get this - she's the lead singer and guitarist in a band! So these little facts made me picture Hayley Williams from Paramore as Max, and I think that fit really well. I loved the songs she writes, and I love how passionate she is about music. It's the one thing she has going for her, and she'll never let anyone take that away. Her vulnerability really shows in her songs, and when

she's onstage... Cora's writing is so incredible that I felt like I was right there with her! Max is also tough and feisty, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's independent and her own person, and I really admire that about her. But she's not as fearless as everyone thinks. The death of her sister has left her vulnerable, and she's afraid to show her true self to her parents. She's also used to dating bad boys who don't really care about her, but then she doesn't care for them either. Imagine her surprise when she finds Cade!

Ah, Cade. I seriously adored him in this book. Cade's my new favourite NA boy. He's different from the guys Max is used to, and that intrigues her. Cade is still hurting from Bliss's rejection, and having her and Garrick right there in the same city is torture for him. But he's trying to manage. Thankfully Max comes along and pushes Bliss right out of his mind. Cade is the sweetest guy ever, and I love how protective he is of Max even though he barely knows her. The fact that he agreed to be Max's pretend boyfriend to help her out shows what an amazing guy he is. No one else would have done that for a stranger. Plus, Cade is absolutely hilarious! His constant sarcasm had me laughing out loud. Take this part, for example. This is Cade's reaction to Max's boyfriend, Mace -

His name was Mace. As in the stuff sprayed into the eyes of rapists and muggers. Or the ancient weapon used to bludgeon people to death. He sounded like a real keeper.

Cade's the whole package - sweet, protective, funny, hot, and intelligent. He has so much wisdom in that cute head of his. And his advice really helps out Max, so much. It's pretty helpful to anyone reading the book, actually. Because many of us have faced hardships in life, and the kind of courage and positivity that these two show are really uplifting. There's this one line that really stuck with me, and it's something that Cade says to Max when she admits she's afraid.

Fear lets us know we’re alive.

I was rooting for Cade and Max so hard in this book. The Golden Boy and Angry Girl make an adorable pair, and their chemistry is sizzling hot! I mentally cheered at the happy parts and teared up at the sad. They both have some pretty large

baggage, but they help each other through it. And they really bring out the best in each other. I liked how their relationship started out real slow, because they really got to know each other in that time. And that made them realize how much they care for one another.

I want to re-read Faking It over and over again, because it was just that fabulous. I can't get enough of Cade and Max! They're definitely my favourite NA couple at the moment, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. Cora's writing in this book is so real, and the descriptions so vivid, that I felt like I was living Cade and Max's lives alongside them. I'm certainly looking forward to reading Kelsey's story in Finding It, but I'm pretty sure this one will remain my favourite! You guys HAVE to read this when it comes out. Seriously. It's a must-read. And you won't regret it!

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Read faking it online  
Read faking it online