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Overview The greatly anticipated final book in the New York Times bestselling Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss Everdeen. The final book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins will have hearts racing, pages turning, and everyone talking about one of the biggest and most talked-about books and authors in recent publishing history!!!!

Reviews So, alot of people who have read this book were dissapointed by it. They expected more, it didn't live up to the hype, ect. ect. But I thought it was a great end to the trilogy. Katniss was in a state of mental unstability--but honestly, who wouldn't? She has gone through so much in the past two books and this one, that while she is SO strong, everyone has their breaking point and throughout the book Katniss was pushed to hers. She saw loved ones die and see the pain the Capitol put them through. The fact that by the end of the book she was still functioning is an accomplishment in my book. As for the rest of the book it was filled with emotion and action. It was a bit fast paced and some things seemed to happen so fast and unclear, but besides that it was a truely amazing book. I recommend it to everyone and all Hunger Games fans. So everyone who's ever read and loved science fiction has read and loved Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. My friends who have read and loved science fiction also were true to their responsibility to push this book to everyone, particularly people who are curious about the said genre. Particularly, me. started this book on a friday and couldn't put it down until i finished it on sunday. Truly wonderful read! Why does everyone want her to end up with Gale? Peeta is a much more interesting character. Edward or Jacob is so over. It is time to make a choice but this time it is between Gale and Peeta. Personally, I have no idea who she is going to pick but I think I want her to end up with Gale. He's the tall, dark, and handsome boy who she was always meant to be with and has been waiting in the shadows her whole life. Peeta on the other hand is sweet and charming and you cant help but think that maybe just maybe he might be the better choice. Collins does an excellent job of creating a true conflict not only within her characters but within her readers. I have loved the last two books and cant wait for the last. I don't want it to end but I cant wait any longer. Cant wait to see who Katniss chooses and if the rebellion we have all been waiting for will be as epic as I expect it to be.

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