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Overview The greatly anticipated final book in the New York Times bestselling Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss Everdeen. The final book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins will have hearts racing, pages turning, and everyone talking about one of the biggest and most talked-about books and authors in recent publishing history!!!!

Reviews First this book was just an amazing way to finish the series. It had everything you could possibly want in the book: Romance, Action, Drama, Backstabbing, Twists and Turns, and just so much more. There is also the fact that it is sends out a message about War and Peace. Its not one of those hear we go again kind of messages, its the message that we should be thinking about in our current state of war. All I can say is that if you want a great read, read the Hunger Games Series. I am not going to lie but the second one is a little difficult to get through but it does get better in the end. Overall I give the author two thumbs for such a thrilling read. Most of the reviews that I've read have deemed the Hunger Games series (namely the end book) too violent and depressing for children. I think it's one of the many glimpses children see during and after war. They do watch T.V. They even have the news in classrooms now (Channel One). I found Mockingjay to be a heartpounding, thrill-ride. The characters became even more real with the many flaws the readers were presented with. Yes, the story is violent and yes it's somewhat depressing, but it also gives the message that no matter how hard things are, the human spirit is unbreakable and that we can overcome the most tragic of circumstances. Collins brings the readers into this dystopian world, not as spectators but as participants. She thrusts the weight of the decisions faced by the characters on the readers shoulders too. Mockingjay is an excellent book and Suzanne Collins is a one of kind writer whose adventures I look forward to reading. I have not been this excited about a book to come out since the seventh Harry Potter book. I tell everyone I possible can to read these books! I love the characters and the way it feels you could just visit Panem, even though you probably would not want. I know everyone has been picking teams, but I don't really want to pick between Gale and Peeta because I like them both. They each have good quailities and I think that whoever Katniss ends up with she will happy with. Because she loves both them but for different reasons. Hunger Games and Catching fire are in my top ten best ever read books, next to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. August could not come any sooner.

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Mockingjay Kindle Download