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Without the journey into the other mindsets of the players involved we would not be able to understand the bigger picture.

Betrayals - like, whoa! Wow... the backstabbing. Be prepared to have your heart broken in ways you do not expect.

Guilt - Rife with it... Heart stopping, soul rendering guilt. Beautifully done too.

Grief - Just as thick as the guilt. And just as beautiful.

Self - Questions of self and self worth and how choices effect the journey and growth of an individual.

Four - yeah... he's awesome. He's better in this book too. Trust me.

All these things make me tremendously excited for the next book.

Veronica Roth creates a tale brimming with her trademark wit, snark, and twisting turns. There is so much that happens in this book I don't even know where to start. Suffice it to say I laughed, I choked up, I did not want the book to end. I dug my heels in on finishing this one because it was that good.

5 out of 5 obvious stars. So good.

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