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Overview Nothing incites Marcus more than the primal hunger roused by his former fiancĂŠe, Elizabeth. It's been years since she jilted him for another man, but that only means there's a lot to catch up on, a lot to make up for, and that he's going to enjoy every sweet moment...

The same drive and passion that sent her into another man's arms is what brings Elizabeth back to Marcus. Her attraction to him is the one thing she fears, but she's run out of options. Resisting is impossible. But does she have the courage to surrender everything?

Reviews I was in a quandry about how to rate this one 4 stars seems too low but 5 too high, so it's a 4 1/2 really!

This story for me was an interesting read, a simple plot of intrigue, treason and blackmail with enough twists to surprise, that come when you least expect them and are very believable. The plot is not laid out to you on a plate so you find yourself knowing as much or a little as the hero and heroine, it's reads a little like a *who dunnit* and when you do find out who the instigator of the intrigue is it does come as a surprise. So no faults there.

The story between Marcus (Darkly handsome, ex-fiance of the Heroine, and spy) and Elizabth (beautiful, widdow of Marcus' friend (whom she married after breaking up with Marcus following a percieved indiscretion)), is intense and deep. When Marcus and Elizabeth meet again after 4 years apart their intense sexual attraction to each other is spontainious, it's as tho' they've never been apart. Elizabeth sees this a pure lust, her emotions also fighting the fact that she feels Marcus is using their intense sexual attraction as revenge for leaving him and marrying someone else. Marcus burns for Elizabeth every time he sees her and sometimes this intense emotion turns to anger. Elizabeth and Marcus argue, they sleep apart from each other in an attempt to quell their insatiable desire for each other, but always come back to one another. They end up marrying still viewing their relationship as lust, then at some point their view changes and they accept their relationship,and each other for what it is, and when this happens the penny drops that they actually do love each other.

So why did I think about giving this 4 stars? well for me sometimes the story read a little slow, but having said that as soon as I felt like this something came along and pulled me back in, so I couldn't decide whether I was loosing interest or if that is this authors style.

Anyway all in all an enjoyable Erotic 'Regency' Romance. With a very plausible story. Recommended for anyone and everyone who like this sort of thing:) Elizabeth, Lady Hawthorne was once engaged to Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield – she broke off the engagement when she thought he had betrayed her with another. She ran away from the confrontation and married another, Marcus left England to help himself cope with his loss.

Four years later and Elizabeth has now come out of mourning and Marcus wanted her as he had never wanted another. She has just received a journal written by her husband and she has asked Lord Eldridge (whom her husband had worked for) to help her, he in turn gives the job to Marcus much to Elizabeth’s distress.

I have really enjoyed Sylvia Day’s earlier books but this one was a little lacking, I think it might just have been that I did not enjoy the interaction between Elizabeth and Marcus through most of the book. He was arrogant (he had his reasons) and even though she was still very much attracted to Marcus she fought his advances all the way until later on in the book where she admitted to her feelings and things fell into place better.

Also the mystery was a bit lacking or maybe it was me but I did not quite get it? Now I must say that this story has some ups and downs. Though the Hero was arrogant and conceited he was lovable to me. I actually liked him more than the heroine. Speaking of her, she was annoying and stubborn to no ends. She fought him so hard and he still chased her. Even when she finally discovered the truth of what had occurred four years earlier, she still kept acting like an idiot. At one point, I wanted him to give her up. I think the plot could have been tighter. The whole mystery and danger kind of fell flat to me and it was disappointing. All the cat and mouse game that the H/H played the entire book could have been dealt with half way through the book and they should have work together to solve the mystery and rediscover love with one another. However it was still a good read. I loved the steamy love scenes. There was alot of them but I still enjoyed them.

I enjoyed Ask For It, my first full length novel by Sylvia Day. The writing style was comfortable and easy to read which made the story flow well from one scene to the next. The prose wasn’t overly flowery – in fact, I didn’t find it flowery at all and at times had to remind myself that this was a historical romance novel because there was such a lack of… elaborate or embellished dialog that is so often a part of the genre.

I’ll just come right out and say that the sexual scenes were very hot and some were downright erotic. I mention this first because they are what stand out most in my mind after reading this book and one scene in particular had me doing an immediate re-read! But the book is more than just sex – the plot was intriguing with enough twists, turns and whodunits? to keep me interested and guessing from the start to the finish, and while I did have some idea of who the “bad guy” might be, I was surprised at the way it all came together in the end and I definitely enjoyed that aspect of the story. For a book that focused so heavily on the sexual relationship, the mystery/suspense part of the storyline was pretty darned good.

I really liked the hero, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, and the heroine, Elizabeth, Lady Hawthorne, as individuals, but together they just didn’t do it for me. In fact, they kind of drove me batty with their constant mood changes and indecision. One minute they wanted each other and the next they didn’t. Their wishy-washiness set a tone throughout the book that made me unable to fully invest in them… to connect with them as people. I kept reading because I wanted to find out “who did it,” but there was very little in their characters as a couple that had me hoping for their happily ever after which is not to say they didn’t deserve each other or belong together, it’s just that I never found myself cheering them on or needing that outcome. It took a long time for me to really get sucked into this story, which is unusual for me with Sylvia Day's stories. It wasn't until I was about 70% in that I had a hard time setting the story down.

There were a lot of great scenes, and I really loved it, but I wasn't wowed by it, and I probably won't read this one again, but I'm glad I at least read it once.

Not going to go through favorite scenes or favorite lines since I wasn't as crazy about this as the previous ones. I'll save that effort for the stories that blow me away.. I had read few of Sylvia's book and enjoyed every last one of them. For me this story was different from the ones i read so far this was a love story that was was very deeply emotional for him and very held back for her. I really enjoy the story line it held me captive and wanting to read more, i would had enjoyed a longer story line ones they had realized their feeling for each other. Over-roll a great book :) I am a hard critic. With that being said this is a very well written book that will not leave you disappointed for certain. I only rate it 3 stars because for me, only books that I long to read over and over again get the coveted 4-5 star ratings. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Another fantastic book from Sylvia Day. This book was definitely not what I thought it would be. It has romance and mystery, always turning a corner and thinking you know what's going on with everyone and how everyone feels but never really knowing. This book was a historical which was my second book reading and it was pretty good due to the fact that I don't read historical books. You have so many emotions going on and wanting to know more then they give you. :) Great read! I really loved this book, I loved Marcus and Elizabeth, there relationship with each other there constant push and pull love hate relationship made for interesting dialog and even more interesting love scenes!

After a misunderstanding Elizabeth breaks her engagement to Marcus by running off and marrying another man.... 4 years later her husband dies and Marcus has spent those 4 years brooding, and spying for the government. They finally come together over a mysterious coded journal written by her late husband. I really like the twist at the end about the contents of the journal! Definitely not something I saw coming. And I'm interested to read more on Elizabeth's surprise brother inlaw in Passion For The Game! It's next on my to read list! So for the most part I'm pleasantly surprised. I always thought I wouldn't like a historical read. I usually read more contemporary modern day stuff. But I enjoyed this book. Even though the setting is way back in the day like were talking the 1700s here. I thought the language was going to be a bit old fashioned and stuffy but its not that way. Still kept a bit of a modern day feel even though its placed back so far in time. But I enjoyed the story. I think its beautiful how Elizabeth &

Marcus reconnect & rediscover each other and fall so deep in love. The story kept my interest. I like it had different sub-plots going and it never got boring. Some funny moments too like one time elizabeth says, "I'm not a cunt you can rut it. If you want sexual release take yourself in hand!" LMAO!! Hilarious

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Download ask for it (georgian) pdf  
Download ask for it (georgian) pdf