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Overview In the sixth Odd Thomas thriller from master storyteller Dean Koontz, its reluctant hero – a young fry cook with the gift of seeing the dead and the soonto-be dead – is drawn once more into a murderous encounter.

Coming across a sinister truck driver in the quiet Californian coastal town where he lives, Odd has a vision of three innocent children who will be horribly slaughtered by this man.

Realising that his intent is now known, the truckie tries to kill Odd, but fails and flees. Odd takes pursuit, and soon discovers that he's up against not a single

twisted murderer, but a network of evil men and women whose identities and motivations are mysterious and whose resources seem almost supernatural.

Reviews With every new Odd Thomas book, fans are offered a true ‘gift’ from an extraordinary mind. This time around, we hear nothing but bells, something that reminds Odd a move may be coming.

Annamaria, who has a mind as beguiling as Odd’s, announces that his journey to purchase socks and other essentials may just turn into another quest that will have him drawn like a ‘magnet’ to danger. Although Odd believes bravado is not something needed for a sock-buying trip, the chiming bell, the strange words from the pregnant woman, not to mention a sudden vision of a violent burning, all combine into a thrill ride of mammoth proportions.

Chasing down a cowboy with Alfred Hitchcock popping in every once in a while may sound like a plotline from Mars, but when it comes to Odd, this is normal. Odd discovers he must face down an evil being. However, in order to stop this man from the horror Odd has seen, he needs a car. His wish is granted and he teams up with a little old lady named Edie who has a Mercedes limo, a driver who has just passed away, and a husband on ice. Edie has friends who can help Odd out, so Edie and Odd hit the road in order to stop the madman and his circle of icky friends.

The amazing mentions all readers love from The X-Files to the Death Star are here, as well as new images to fill the mind, from Casa Bolthole to Lonely Possum. There are mysteries, battles, and a villain beyond committed to his faith that scares us to death.

Koontz is still the only writer who can offer a soliloquy and then effortlessly spin, “A priest walks into a bar,” joke into the same paragraph. Odd Thomas is among the hierarchy of the most amazing fictional characters ever made (and needs to appear on a movie screen NOW!). Koontz is still the master of all he, you, I, and his dogs survey! Odd Thomas is back in the sixth novel, Deeply Odd, of the Odd Thomas series written by Dean Koontz.

Odd Thomas is nearly 22 years old and has already been through a lot of strange and bizarre things – he has a psychic gift with heightened intuition and a sixth sense that allows him to see dead people and has premonitions of evil acts.

In Deeply Odd while out to buy some new clothes he has a strange encounter with a cowboy trucker that gives him a vision of 3 innocent children about to be slaughtered. This sets him off on his mission to save these children and prevent a tragedy only to find he is dealing with something more than a kidnapper and murderer of children. With the help of a kindly old lady, the 87 year Mrs Edie Fischer and the spirit of the famous dead film director Alfred Hitchcock, he sets off across California he stop an evil network of men and woman and save the children.

Along his journey to rescue the children he meets an eccentric network of Mrs Fischer’s friends who help him reach his goal as well as enlighten him to the wonders of the world.

Overall, Deeply Odd is the sixth novel in the Odd Thomas series and is better than each preceding novel with a well-written story with filled with suspense, high tension and great plot twists. Odd Thomas is a great character that jumps off the page and makes this book very hard to put down. At times it does have too much filler but as it is being written as memoirs from Odd Thomas it works.

A joy to read. I would recommend reading this. A great thrill ride with alternative realities and horror. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a huge Dean Koontz fan. BUT, I really think he has outdone himself with this book of the ODD series. In Deeply Odd, Koontz adds characters that are so endearing and entertaining. Many, many villains but a hint of the goodness that also exists. Best job of parallel worlds that I have ever read. The main plot is Deeply Dark but Koontz, in his unique way scatters humor, sarcasm, political commentary and a strong sense that goodness can and will defeat evil. The bringing in of other characters that he sort of hints are similar to Odd are also in this world and parallel worlds lets you walk away from this book feeling hopeful. Many, many laughs and giggles-absolutely loved this book. I think for me it is the best in the ODD series.

Holy crap! It took me a couple days to read Odd Apocalypse, but I couldn't put this one down from the minute I got home from the bookstore! It might just be my favorite Odd Thomas book so far, which is no light praise.

There's many a connection to be found that will drive Koontz fans nuts, and things that will blow Odd Thomas fans's minds, hopefully, though I'm not going to say any more about that. The villains are the creepiest yet. And there's an old woman character, Edie Fischer. I want to be her when I'm old.

As amazing as ever, Mr. Koontz In Deeply Odd, Odd Thomas is on the trail of a stone cold killer, the worst he has encountered yet. This killer plays a deadly game of interstate cat and mouse with Odd, not caring who he hurts in the process. Odd learns that the killer is blood-lusting after three innocent people, and he has to try to stop him before it's too late. Odd even has the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock along for the ride. I love Dean Koontz and I love Odd Thomas, so this book was just amazing for me. The best Odd yet. I love the Odd Thomas books. When Dean originally announced this character's adventures, he said it would be a closed-ending series of books--probably ending at book seven. This is book six in the series, and while I love the Odd Thomas character I am also looking forward to the series ending in the next book if he follows through with his promise.

This novel, "Deeply Odd", is a great story for the most part. Odd Thomas is here using his psychic magnetism to track down the "rhinestone cowboy trucker" who has powers of his own. That was a nice twist, as we saw that Odd wasn't the only person in the world with a touch of the supernatural on their lives. Unfortunately, the things that made the first book so interesting have slowly begun to fade away in the last two or three novels in the series. I am all for character growth, but it seems as if Dean has almost lost his original idea of what made Odd so special and has been moving him into a new character. For one thing, in this novel the inner monologues become incredibly chatty, sometimes meandering so long you forget what Odd was doing at that point. Annamarie is another problem. I can fully appreciate the enigmatic angle Dean is going for with her, but she is so otherworldly now (appearing out of nowhere in a thrift store hundreds of miles away from where Odd left her, only to find she isn't really there but is still at home but WAS there hours ago...with no transportation of any kind) she's almost ridiculous.

But the thing I miss most in the Odd stories is the loss of the spirits of the lingering dead he used to encounter and help often. Alfred Hitchcock is along for the ride now and he's definitely the most fun companion Odd has had in the series because he genuinely seems to love being a ghost. But for the most part any other spirit is missing. He sees one as he is driving early in the book but doesn't stop to help them move on...which is what made him interesting in the first book. Even his ghost dog is no longer hanging out with him, relegated in the last two books to just hanging out with Annamarie while Odd is off fighting for his life.

Is Dean going to end the series with the next novel? I hope so. I hope Odd returns to Pico Mundo for one final adventure and then is reunited with his lost love forever, as he has been seeking since the first book. I hope the enigma of Annamarie is wrapped up as best as possible (since no possible explanation could work now satisfactorily). I hope Odd goes out as a hero and we get to enjoy the memory of a guest who left us at just the right time or maybe even a little too soon, so we'll miss him, rather than the guest who stays on well past their welcome and rattles on incessantly about being a fry cook who can make fluffy pancakes. Odd Thomas is back in Dean Koontz's next edition of his episodic series as Deeply Odd. Odd is now "almost" twenty-two and it's been 19 months since his love and soul-mate Stormy Llewellyn has been mowed down in the shopping center mayhem. He now lives platonically with still pregnant Annamaria and is searching for the meaning of life.

On a trip to town Odd has an encounter with a flamboyantly dressed trucker whom he refers to as the Rhinestone Cowboy. He has a vision of him burning three children on stage with a flamethrower and follows the trucker to a market where he disappears. Odd knows his next quest has begun.

He meets Edie Fischer, an 86 year old pixyish FBI Agent Dana Scully look alike, who is in need of a chauffeur. Odd reluctantly accepts this roll as he needs a vehicle in which to follow the Rhinestone Cowboy to a truck stop. Here we meet the Koontz obligatory "Celeb du Libra" Alfred Hitchcock.

The reader begins to suspect that the Rhinestone Cowboy might have as many paranormal talents as Odd making him a formidable adversary. Odd, who believes that intuition is the highest form of knowledge knows he must play out this drama to save the three children as he continues the pursuit and follows the

monster along the highways and byways of California and into his hellish chimeras.

This is a rather formulate novel but for those who are lovers of this character it's one of the better ones. I personally like Koontz's ability to play with words and phrases and often get a smile from the most innocuous of expressions. In describing this villain Dean says "He had Nordic features and a melanomadoesn't-scare-me tanning-booth glow". When Mrs. Fischer was driving at breakneck speed she told Odd not to worry as she had dimples and "Dimples are a get-out-of-jail-free card". Another is "One good thing about a condemned man's last meal is that he doesn't have to worry about acid reflux".

This is just another light hearted dark comedy in the "Odd Thomas" series from the pen of Dean Koontz. It doesn't take itself seriously and in that respect is a fun read. Enjoy. Once again we join along with Odd as he moves closer to an understanding of the true nature of the world he occupies. I would have given this book a higher rating, but each book seems to move Odd a little further from the whimsical world view that first attracted me to him. Here is a new gun-toting, man-ofaction Odd Thomas we haven't met before. This book is all Odd. The other characters touch on his world on one facet only, reducing them to two dimensions. I still couldn't put it down. Odd Thomas is a moral soul in what appears to be an increasingly amoral world. Mr. Koontz is able to use Odd Thomas to provide a glimpse of hope and beauty that shines brightly in the darkness around us. The characters are well portrayed and engaging, without appearing as cardboard cut outs and cliches. Highly recommended!

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Deeply odd download