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Overview When telepathic cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse sees a naked man on the side of the road, she doesn't just drive on by. Turns out the poor thing hasn't a clue who-or what-he is, but Sookie knows. It's the vampire Eric Northman-but now he's a kinder, gentler Eric. And a very frightened Eric, because it soon becomes obvious that whoever took his memory now wants his life.

Reviews I loved this book. Eric is my favorite love interest of Sookie's. Mysterious with a hint of danger. His sense of humor is so much better than Bill's. I can't wait to see what happens next now that he has his memory back! Another great book to an awesome series. Keep them coming Charlaine! If you love this series, check out True Blood on HBO. It strays a bit from the books but still a great show to watch! Im loving the series but this is hands down my favorite book. I couldnt put it down and read through it very quickly, which is saying something since im not the fastest reader. Im so curious to see how things work out for sookies love life in the end. The supernatural world is further opened up to include witches and others, (a surprise when you learn about the siblings Claudine and Claude), when Sookie Stackhouse drives upon a half naked man running on the side of the road, on New Years night. Turns out that the nearly irresistible man is not a man, but the vampire Eric Northman, and he has no memory of anything. After the New Years party at Merlotte's, Jason Stackhouse goes home with Crystal, a shifter, and disappears. Things are suspicious because his flashy truck is parked with the door left open and there's blood stained on his property. The people of Bon Temps think the worst. Sookie is the one who will end up doing all the police's footwork, again. What choice does she have? Jason is the only family she has. Sookie has broken up with the vampire Bill Compton, after he answered the call of his maker Lorena, (cheated on Sookie). She has rescinded both Bill's and Eric's invitation. Her introduction into the world of Weres and Shifters is blown wide open when she learns of the nearby community Hotshot. Her previous relationship with the hot and muscley Alcide does not hurt any either! Their leader Calvin Norris is very interested in Sookie, but she has feelings for Alcide. Her feelings for Calvin are familiar and homey. Now she is torn between Bill, Eric, Alcide, and the persistent advances of Calvin. (Not bad for a girl who has not had any boyfriend or sex until just recently.) Sookie and Bill's relationship is scarred deeper by the events that happened in Mississippi. In Bill's rescue, they were trapped in the trunk of a car, were Sookie was fed upon and raped until Bill came to his senses. Considering Sookie's childhood molestation from her uncle, this is irreparably detrimental. It was Debbie Pelt who locked her in with Bill. What will Alcide do if he ever finds out? Will he see Debbie's true dark nature? How much of a threat to Sookie is Debbie? Cursed, Eric is a completely different vampire, (and ooohh so yummy!) Eric is forced to hide out at Sookie's house, because the witches, who cursed him with amnesia, are looking for him. The coven's leader, Hallow gets too close when

she shows up at Merlotte's with her brother. Also there are wanted posters all over town with a $50,000 reward, with Eric's picture on them. There are some traumatic and very surprising events for Sookie, for those she works with, and for those she loves. After reading the last sentence of 'Dead To The World', you will immediately pick up 'Dead As A Doornail', to find out what happens next. You will not be able to resist! With the strong leadership of Pam, what will later be known as the Witch War, will either be the cure to Eric's amnesia curse, or the former Eric Northman will remain dead to the world.

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Dead to the World ebook  
Dead to the World ebook