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Overview Sadie Turner can organize just about anything — except her own life. When her cheating spouse topples Sadie’s impeccably tidy world, she packs up her kids for a summer vacation at her aunt’s lake house, hoping to relax, reboot, and formulate a new plan — one that does not include men.

Any men.

But eccentric Aunt Dody has other plans; she’s determined to see Sadie have a little fun—with Desmond, the sexy new neighbor. Tall, tanned, muscular—and even great with her kids, Desmond is Sadie’s worst nightmare. He must have a flaw—he’s a man, after all—so Sadie vows to keep her distance. But as summer blazes on, their attraction ignites, and the life Sadie is trying so hard to simplify only gets more complicated. But maybe a little chaos is just what she needs to get her future, and her dreams of love, back in order.

Reviews Crazy Little Thing is a delightful book about second chances. Sadie is trying to get over a messy divorce after her husband Richard AKA "Dick" cheated on her. Sadie is 30 years old, has two super cute kids and absolutely no confidence. Her crazy aunt Doty asks her to spend the summer at her house on the beach so she can relax and try to find her way back to happiness. Doty and her cousins Fontaine and Jasper also staying at the beach house will stop at nothing to help Sadie rebuilt her life. All this characters are crazy fun, I was either laughing out loud or smiling while reading about the adventures of Sadie trying to date a new handsome man and built a new career while dealing with the ridiculous antics of her love ones. Des is the super-Hot neighbor, he's also a doctor with a Scottish accent, he cares about Sadie and her children but it won’t be easy to be part of her crazy world. This book is very well written and incredibly entertaining, with a great message about how sometimes we lose perspective of what is really important I life. I highly recommend this book, I know I said it already but it was great fun. Sadie Turner is a lovable character trying to restart her life after a divorce. She goes to live with her crazy aunt Dody and her two cousins who are constantly poking and prodding her to do things that she doesn’t think she is ready for yet —like dating! That’s when Desmond shows up. He is the mysterious runner she keeps seeing run past her aunt’s beach house who just happens to be gorgeous. Through a serious of missteps and efforts to resist the inevitable on the part of the still somewhat insecure Sadie, the couple eventually falls famously for each other. But life is never that simple, and neither is this story. A number of calamities take place, some serious, and some simply hilarious, that put the relationship in jeopardy and cause Sadie to have to make some big choices. The ending was satisfying but left me wondering when I would be able to get my hands on another book by this author… The romance is steamy, the comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, and the emotional journey the main character goes though is moving. This book has it all--FIVE stars!

(This book is classified as a contemporary women’s fiction but might more accurately be described as a romantic comedy. This book would make a great movie!

As the front cover suggests, this makes a wonderful beach read. Naturally, I read it in the dead of winter. No matter when you read it, though, Tracy Brogan's humor will keep you smiling on about every page--when you're not outright laughing out loud. The characters are all well-rounded, but I especially loved the heroine's fabulous cousin Fontaine. I would happily read another story featuring the wacky residents of Bell Harbor. I hope to see some of them make a reappearance in the author's future work. I laughed my face off through SO much of this book. Aunt Dody is brilliant. Fontaine is fabulous. I adore Sadie's kids. And Des...oh my. Scottish hottie doctor who's good with kids? Yes please.

Sadie's insecurities made for some hysterical moments. The dialogue all the way through is fantastic! No joke, there were moments when I'd be taken SO by surprise that I'd snort in laughter. I happened to be reading this while I was laying on the couch, in the same room as my mother and when she'd ask what was so funny, I literally could not catch my breath trying to briefly explain the 'scene' & take her through the conversations...

This was completely unexpected. It wasn't on any of my friends' lists...I'm delighted I stumbled across it. Definitely a new favourite! Not since I started reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels has a book made me laugh out loud as much as Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan. I laughed throughout the book, snorting embarrassingly at times.

The woman is crazy (funny, not psycho) and I’m not sure if I’m talking about Sadie Turner, the heroine, or Tracy Brogan the author. One thing I do know is that Dody, Sadie’s lover of life aunt is a nutcase and a half, but in a good way. So many times throughout the book I shook my head and said out loud, “That’s horrible,” while laughing.

The first couple of chapters had me thinking that the book was chick lit especially because it is written in the first person, but then Desmond stepped into the picture and the romance was on. I thought Kyle was actually going to be a romantic contestant for a second there until…let me just say that laughter ensues with that situation. I love Desmond. I mean I want to meet him, steal him away from Sadie by any means necessary and have his babies. He is hot, funny, intelligent, kind, and has

a paying job (he’s a doctor). The attraction between Sadie and Desmond is… well, all I can do is smile.

Sadie gets herself into some embarrassing situations which turn out to be hilarious. I was proud of myself for ‘getting’ most of the pop culture references which made the book that much more interesting.

Tracy Brogan has written a funny romance story about a woman who has been so hurt by love that she is afraid to love again, not an uncommon tale, but her writing style makes me think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Sadie Turner had the house, the two kids, and the successful husband. Unfortunately, her husband liked to have other women. That’s how Sadie finds herself divorced and floating through life, not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Which isn’t good considering she’s well past the age of grownupness.

While considering her options, Sadie decides to spend the summer at eccentric Aunt Dody’s place on the lake where she comes across a neighbor practically sent by the gods to be the perfect summer fling. The perfect man (doctor, HAWT, Scottish, straight) to bring Sadie’s self-esteem back to recognizable levels.

Unfortunately, two cousins, two slobbering dogs, two kids, one over-the-top aunt, one louse of an ex-husband, and a basket case of insecurities throw all kinds of kinks into the works. This book is about a woman overcoming the crap hand life has dealt her, finding the good in herself and others, and finding love along the way.

Best of all, this book will make you laugh out loud. Not the LOL! thing we all put in our emails that really means a chuckle. Literally. Laugh. Out. Loud. This book should get an award for the best use of sarcasm ever. The heroine is flawed but trying. Definitely relatable. The hero is dreamy but human, and there is this one part that will absolutely break your heart.

I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Loved it! Could not put it down! I will mention that this book is a little more risque than my usual reading material, but it wasn't graphic. And it was so darn funny that I found myself giggling, smiling, and even laughing out loud! Actually, at one point I was guffawing to the point where tears were streaking down my face and my kids were giving me very strange looks. Definitely an entertaining read :). This author has such a talent for humor. The story had me laughing out loud (yes, out loud) on so many occasions (guaranteed once per chapter at least, not to mention the neverending internal chuckles in almost every sentence!) After sitting down to read a few chapters I was always left with one of those warm, glowy feelings at the end of it. It really lifted my spirits.

The story itself was completely adorable, sweet, and believable. I loved the "dim the lights and close the door" approach as well. Very stylishly done without sacrificing our understanding of the importance of the progression of the relationship on a physical level.

This is a feel-good read, and, believe me, you will feel good by the end of it. You'll be damn near laughing your friggin head off by the end of it!

What a talented author. Really impressed. I LOVED this book!!! I have never in my life laughed so hard with tears or so much because of a book! The author has a great writing style that flowed and was just so funny! In the end- the funniest part- I actually felt like I was there watching it all unfold trying to hold in my laughter! I would probably re-read this just to get in a good laugh in when needed!!!! :) I don't give very many 5 star ratings (I save those for books I love) but this book is totally worth it! It had it all! A believeable romance, likeable children and hilarious family members. I've been reading way to many troubled, darker books. This was a breath of fresh air. In a lot of books I tend to like the hero and want to bash the Heroine in the head with my kindle. I love a little bit of humor in my romances and wish I could find more books like this one! This is one book I will read again in the future! Ended up to be a great book. Was slow at times but the story was nice. I really enjoyed all the crazy little characters that made me feel at home. The ex was a total douche with a capital D but I am so glad he wasn't in it that much. I love the Doc. He seemed dark and mysterious.

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Crazy little thing nook edition  
Crazy little thing nook edition