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Por table Hardness

Por table Hardness ď‚— Hardness is a material's resistance to penetration. ď‚— In general, an indenter is pressed into the surface of the

material to be tested under a specific load for a definite time interval, and a measurement is made of the size or depth of the indentation.

Hardness properties include such varied attributes as resistance to abrasives, resistance to plastic deformation, high modulus of elasticity, high yield point, high strength, absence of elastic damping, brittleness or lack of ductility.

ď‚— Basically hardness values are arbitrary, and there are no

absolute standards for hardness ď‚— Hardness has no quantitative value, except in terms of a given

load applied in a specific, reproducible manner and with a specified indenter shape.

Some Hardness Testing Methods are : 

Rockwell Hardness Test

Rockwell Superficial Hardness Test

Brinell Hardness Test

Vickers Hardness Test

Mohs Hardness Test

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Portable hardness  
Portable hardness  

Sigma test and Research center provides portable hardness testing and it also offers Non Destructive Testing.