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Dye Penetration

Dye Penetration ď‚ž Dye

penetration is a non-destructive method which is used to detect surface breaking discontinuities in metals, plastics and ceramics.

ď‚ž The

test is performed by cleaning the test surface thoroughly and then applying the penetrate followed by the application of developer.

ď‚ž he

flaws can be recognized regardless of the size, configuration, internal structure and chemical composition of the surface area to be tested.

ď‚ž The

process is well suited for various types of surface like cracks, laps, porosity, shrinkage areas, lamination and similar discontinuities in castings, forgings and welds.

The developer is drawn out of the crack by the reversed capillary action resulting in a color indication on the surface that is broader than the actual flow and therefore is much more visible.

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Dye penetration