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A special look at the past 10 years of organizational growth.


The South East Education Cooperative is a collaborative organization that strives to provide visionary leadership and quality services to strengthen teaching and learning for member schools. • • •

SEEC is 1 of 8 regional education associations throughout North Dakota. SEEC members include: - 36 public school districts - 4 private schools SEEC serves approximately - 33,000 students - 3,500 teachers

Barnes County North Blessed John Paul II Carrington Central Cass Circle of Nations Edgeley Ellendale Enderlin Fairmount Fargo Fessenden-Bowdon


Regional Education Associations (REAs) strive to offer consistent high-quality programs and services in the areas of professional development, technology support, data systems support, school improvement support, and curriculum enrichment that reflect the needs of its region.

Member Schools

Fort Ransom Gackle-Streeter Griggs County Central Hankinson Jamestown Kindred Kulm LaMoure Lidgerwood Lisbon Litchville-Marion

Maple Valley Mapleton Medina Midkota Milnor Montpelier North Sargent Northern Cass Oak Grove Oakes Pingree-Buchanan

Richland 44 Sargent Central St. John's Academy - Jamestown

St. John's Academy - Wahpeton

Valley City Wahpeton West Fargo Wyndmere

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report

2014-15 Governing Board *Also serves on the Executive Committee

Administrative Representatives

Jim Johnson*, Fargo —Region 1 (2nd Vice Chair) Patti Stedman, West Fargo —Region 2 Art Nelson, Wahpeton —Region 3 Mitch Carlson*, LaMoure —Region 4 Dan Billing*, Enderlin —Region 5 (Vice Chair) Ann Ueland*, Central Cass —Region 6 (President) Heidi Heim-Larson, Jamestown —Region 7 Lori Carlson, Barnes County North —Region 8

Mitch Carlson*, LaMoure—Region 4 (Lead Administrator) Rick Jacobson*, Wahpeton—Region 3

Cooperating Members North Dakota State University Valley City State University North Dakota State College of Science Valley City Area Teacher Center Sheyenne Valley Area CTE Center Southeast Region CTE Center South Valley Special Education Unit

SEEC Staff

Kyle Davison

Executive Director

Jennifer Glasheen Director of Teaching & Learning

Amy Walters

Director of Student Services

Sandy Zahn

Director of Instructional Technology Valley City Area Teacher Center Director

Heather Eken, Physical Therapist Deb Herman,Office Manager - Erika Bartunek, Fargo Administrative Assistant - Rita Haman, Accounts Payable Clerk Taryn Wagner, Occupational Therapist Brittney Waloch, Occupational Therapist Kerri Whipple, Director of ELL Services N.D. Reading Corps PreK Master Coach Alison Zima, Communications Coordinator Carol Beaton, Beginning Teacher Network Coordinator Sadie Lech, Multi-Tiered System of Support Coordinator Lynn Mitzel, Math Specialist Connie Molony, ELA Specialist LaCosta Potter, Math Specialist Chris Thompson, Data Support Coordinator Allison Balvik, N.D. Reading Corps Master Coach Jolene Garty, Student Services Program Manager Sheila Kriewald, 21CCLC Rural Site Coordinator Lana Meissner, 21CCLC Jamestown Site Coordinator Becky Mueller, N.D. Afterschool Partnership Coordinator Lori Vesel, Jamestown Administrative Assistant

SEEC Offices Fargo

1305 9th Ave S Fargo, ND 58103 701-446-3170



207 2nd Ave. SE 307 6th St. Jamestown, ND 58401 Edgeley, ND 58433 701-493-5608 701-952-3220

www . ndseec . com

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report



In 2003, funding is provided for education associations governed by Joint Powers Agreements (JPAs), but only two were initially formed. In 2005, additional funding was appropriated for education associations and six more JPAs were created including the South East Education Cooperative.

Kyle Davison named SEEC Executive Director

Deb Herman hired as SEEC Office Manager

SEEC finds its first home at the Skills and Technology Training Center in Fargo

The SEEC Governing Board is formed, by-laws are created, and Sargent Central Superintendent Mike Campbell is chosen as the first Lead Administrator to the board. SEEC develops its first strategic plan to envision the growth of the organization and set goals for the next five years. Kyle Davison, employed by both SEEC and NDSCS, develops partnership to help make dual-credit courses more affordable to districts. 936 total enrollments

2,870 total credits earned

Due to a decrease in funding, there was a drop in the number of students and credits beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.


Dear Friends of the SEEC, Ten years ago, in July of 2005, the South East Education Cooperative (SEEC), one of nine Regional Education Associations (REAs), was formed through a signed joint powers agreement amongst 17 schools districts. It began with two part-time staff; a small budget; and a purpose to provide an infrastructure for the purpose of delivering high-quality education services to our member schools. In addition, this join powers agreement required the election of a lead-administrator and a governing board consisting of school board members from each SEEC district. We were blessed to have the support and involvement from outstanding school leaders who recognized the importance of cooperation and collaboration needed to find solutions to the ongoing challenges of their urban and rural districts and improve the quality of education in their communities. Mike Campbell, our first lead-administrator, is an example of the leadership that was pivotal to our early success. He dedicated countless hours of travel attending both regional and state-wide meetings. Member leadership from our first governing board (President Mike Freeburg (Richland 44); Vice-Chair Bob Banderet (Sargent Central); and Treasurer Dan Fremling (Fargo)) provided input and support in crafting our business model to encourage all members to participate and grow with our organization. To give a brief look at where we began and what we’ve grown into today I’ll start at the beginning. During the early years, each school was required by the state to participate in two student and two administrative activities. With that in mind, our initial collaborative efforts focused on assessments (MAP), school improvement camps and summer activities for students (support for camp invention, certified nursing assistant (CNA) training, construction trades academy). By year four, as schools began seeing the power of REAs) and the infrastructure they provided in delivering services, we began to see significant growth. Growth came in many ways: additional funding for professional development; after-school programming; and a healthy schools initiative. Alongside the growth of our programs and services came funding for additional staff and the formation of various partnerships – all critical in building long-term relationships with our members that have carried through to the successes we see every year. Today, we serve 40 member school districts (36 public, four private) through the work of 20 full-time staff and over 50 part-time employees. We recognize and honor the hard work put in over the past 10 years of our teachers, administrators and staff with a unique annual report that recognizes key milestones of the last decade. I hope you’ll take a moment to dive into this report and discover the pieces of our organization that have created what we are today. SEEC Executive Director

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report

SEEC Financial Growth Chart


The SEEC's logo is created through a design competition for high school students. SEEC invests funds for all schools to purchase Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment software. In 2007, Assessment Committee formed to focus on implementation and training.

State Revenue - appropriated money from state legislature Local Revenue - revenue generated through private funders, fees, and partnerships for service Federal Revenue - revenue provided through the Dept. of Public Instruction or local education agency by the federal government



N.D. Legislative Assembly deemed the education associations worthy of both a new and separate chapter in Century Code and were named Regional Education Associations or REAs.

SEEC receives its first, five-year, 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to help support the creation of learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during outof-school time for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and/or low-performing schools. SEEC operates 21CCLC programs in twelve of its member school districts.





760 1,438 1,173

Students Served 4








Program Sites 34























In 2013, SEEC names its programs Meaningful Out-Of School Time and expands to 16 school districts. Contact Hours

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report


www .ndseec.com Today, the SEEC website sees 8,562% more vists per year than it did The SEEC's website is created.

in the first year it was available!


Sandy Zahn, Director of Instructional Technology

Number of visits to SEEC Website

Hired as the Professional Development Coordinator and the Director of the Valley City Area Teacher Center (VCATC), Sandy’s main focus upon her hire was working with teachers on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test results and continuing to build the Valley City Area Teacher Center (VCATC). Today, Sandy works with Viewpoint, MAP data, escWorks registration software and the VCATC.

347,439 292,815 199,203




South East Education Cooperative and South Central Education Cooperative merge. Today, the SEEC serves 36 public school districts and four private schools totaling approximately 33,000 students.

SEEC secures a three-year grant through the N.D. Dept. of Public Instruction in partnership with the N.D. Dept. of Health to implement N.D. Coordinated School Health program. At this time, this was the only program of its kind in N.D. SEEC completed a needs assessment of its member school districts, provided quality professional development and technical assistance to school district staff and ultimately created a sustainable program still in operation today, now known as the Healthy Schools Program.


South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report

REAs are added to the education funding formula and superintendents are allowed to serve as REA board members.

First annual Healthy Schools Summit coordinated and facilitated by SEEC was created to support school districts in the evaluation and revision of their school wellness policies. In 2010, the SEEC began collaborating with CassClayalive! and PartnerSHIP4Health to help expand the audience reach.

Healthy Schools Summit Attendees







Amy Walters, Director of Student Services Hired as the Coordinated School Health Coordinator, but soon took on 21st Century Community Learning Centers afterschool programs and N.D. Reading Corps. Currently, she continues to oversee 21CCLC and NDRC as well as healthy school programming, Gearing up for Kindergarten and the implementation of Succeed 2020 grant activities.

SEEC receives an AmeriCorps grant from the N.D. Commission of State and National Community Service to support SEECing Student Progress, a program created to provide homework help and one-on-one literacy tutoring during school hours for students kindergarten through grade five.

Jennifer Glasheen, Director of Teaching & Learning Originally hired as an Instructional Specialist in Assessment. Today, as the Director of Teaching & Learning, Jennifer co-facilitates the SEEC's Principal Advisory Committee and is the grant director for Succeed 2020, Multi-Tiered System of Support, Beginning Teacher Network, and professional development.

The SEEC and Red River Valley Education Cooperative are awarded a grant from the N.D. Department of Special Education to scale up implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in eastern N.D. A similar grant was awarded to Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative to serve the western portion of N.D. Initial grant received was for $150,000 over two years. Over the past six years, this amount has consistently increased. • RTI-PBS Advisory Team • School-Wide Information System (SWIS) Training • Professional development for schools at different levels of RTI & PBS • RTI-B Training Cohorts begin in 2010 • AIMSWEB pilot projects and training begin in 2011 • RTI & English Language Learners Workshop and Language ! Training in 2012

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report


Leadership for Learning is designed by the SEEC to engage its leaders in collaborative learning focused on: enhancing skillful educational leadership; building capacity in individuals, teams, schools and districts; and resulting in improved teacher and student learning.


Shelley Mansavage, 21CCLC Professional Development & Site Coordinator (2010-2015) 2010-2013 SEEC Strategic Plan created. SEEC purchases an online registration software to meet demands of the increase in professional development being offered throughout all SEEC member school districts.

Focus areas covered over the years:

• Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning • Standards Assessment Inventory & Innovation Configuration maps (ICs) • Using the data to plan for improvement • Designing effective professional learning for educators • Leading Change Workshop • Clarifying the Common Core State Standards for Leaders: Introduction & Implementation • Leadership for Learning: Gradual Release of Responsibility, Student Engagement, Assessment • College & Career Readiness Workshop (CORD) • Smarter Balanced Overview- November 2013 • Improving Academic Literacy Training for Administrators • Grading Workshop • Teacher Evaluation Workshop

Principal Advisory Committee (PAC) evolved from previous Assessment Committee to connect principals from all districts. PAC meetings are still currently held seven times a year faceto-face or via online conferencing.


RTI/MTSS Conference Attendees 297



First annual Response to Intervention Conference held through collaboration of the SEEC and the Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative. Each year the conference features national keynote speakers who are experts in the field as well as local presenters and school teams sharing stories and processes implementation in their buildings.


South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report



N.D. Teacher Support System provides annual grant dollars to SEEC to host the Beginning Teacher Network (BTN) program. BTN works to accelerate the success and effectiveness of first-year teachers by providing face-to-face collaboration among new teachers, development of professional relationships and resources to enhance implementation of effective instructional practices.


Beginning Teacher Network Teachers & Districts N.D. Century Code was modified to focus on five areas including professional development, technology, school improvement, data and curriculum expansion.

Carol Beaton, BTN Coordinator SEEC contracts with Carol Beaton annually to run the BTN program.

Common Core State Standards are officially adopted in North Dakota.

NDREA creates its first strategic plan for statewide collaboration between all eight REAs.

SEEC receives a grant from the Department of Health & Suicide Prevention to implement the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

SEEC receives its first TEAM Nutrition funding from the N.D. Dept. of Public Instruction through a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture grant. Initial funds were used to purchase materials and resources for the Healthy Schools Program resources library, but today grant dollars have allowed for more in-depth support to member schools. Today, SEEC has found great success in using TEAM Nutrition dollars to contract with two registered dietitians to provide more direct services to its member districts. Stephanie Beyer: + Contracted with Wahpeton Public Schools to provide menu and nutrition management; food security, sanitation and safety; program financial management; nutrition education; food production and operational management; school wellness policy development, implementation and evaluation. Stephanie Miller + Developed Culinary Trainings to help districts meet the new food service guidelines. + Provides on-site assistance to districts. From September 2014 - April 2015 she worked with Northern Cass, Fairmount, Midkota, Fessenden-Bowdon, Sargent Central and Wyndmere on school breakfast and lunch programs.

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report




SEEC begins coordinating the 21CCLC statewide professional development resource center. The center completes a needs assessment of 21CCLC program staff around N.D.; creates a website with resources, webinars and training opportunities; and coordinates and facilitates the 1st ever statewide 21CCLC Conference.

The 21CCLC Conference welcomes after-school staff from all programs, not just those that are 21CCLC grant funded.

21CCLC Conference Attendees 84




Part-time MTSS Coordinator position established to help with professional development and the RTI/ MTSS Conference. Cross-REA Collaboration begins to increase. Erika Bartunek, Fargo Administrative Assitant

Lori Vesel, Jamestown Administrative Assistant

SEEC develops an English Language Learner (ELL) Consortium to assist in professional development and support. SEEC begins contracting for special education services to assist districts.

SEECing Student Progress redirects its focus from homework help to in-school literacy tutoring.

SEEC Fargo offices move to Agassiz building due to space needs.



South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report

Succeed 2020 grant is established by the Hess Corporation for $25 million over a 5-year period distributed amongst all N.D. REAs.


Succeed 2020 aims to increase students' achievements in middle grades and high school, access to and success in post-secondary education, and preparation for 21st Century careers.

SEEC brings on two specialists to help implement new programming opportunities aligned with Succeed 2020.

Standards-Based Instruction (SBI) Project created with the intention to guide the transition to the new N.D. State Standards based on the Common Core in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. + Phase I: Build Awareness & Communication strategies + Phase II: Curriculum Alignment & Development with introduction to Assessment + Phase III: Evidence-Based Instructional Strategy development and deeper look at Assessment The SBI project assists in the implementation of a rigorous curriculum; implementation of effective instructional and assessment practices; and fosters professional growth through learning communities and data teams.

SEEC begins coordinating Gearing up for Kindergarten (GuK) in Cass County with support from the United Way of Cass-Clay. In 2013, SEEC secured a three-year grant from United Way to continue support and provide additional classes to supplement funding allocated by the N.D. Legislature. Today, the SEEC coordinates GuK in six districts and 13 building sites.

Connie Molony, ELA Specialist

Families Served through GuK

LaCosta Potter, Math Specialist

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report



Private schools allowed to join the SEEC.


53 36 45 27 16






Today, SEEC has made the curriculum available for free online for SEEC members to use as they see fit within their districts.


Gearing up for Middle School (GuMS), piloted in two districts from 2013-2014 and four districts from 2014-2015, is a free schoolreadiness and parent-education program geared towards families entering middle school.



Hired to coordinate Gearing Up for Kindergarten along with SEECing Student Progress.

Today, NDRC has expanded from serving students in three districts to eight and is working with two other REAs to provide support for tutors and coaches in their participating districts.



Jolene Garty, Student Services Program Manager


SEECing Student Progress becomes a Minnesota Reading Corps Replication Site and is renamed North Dakota Reading Corps. NDRC trains AmeriCorps members on literacy interventions, assessments and progress monitoring tools to help children PreK - grade 3.

SEEC purchases Curriculum Companion and makes it available for its members along with training and support from SEEC.



REAs are provided additional funding for a full-time executive director.


Jamestown and Edgeley offices are remodeled.







SEEC begins working with Fargo/West Fargo Indian Education Program on implementation of Check & Connect, a comprehensive student engagement intervention. Check & Connect focuses on research-based strategies that increase academic achievement and attendance while reducing the dropout rate. Today, the program has trained 11 mentors to work in 10 secondary schools in Fargo and West Fargo resulting in service to 94 middle or high school students. SEEC begins collaboration with the N.D. Career Resource Network and hires two part-time career readiness advisors. Career Development Plan Implementation Guide

SEEC creates and makes available a Career Development Plan Implementation Guide for grades 6-12 combined with financial literacy curriculum through Roads to Success.

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report

Teachers served through ELL programming (Aug. 2013 - May 2015)



24 45

24 Brittney Waloch, Occupational Therapist Hired through partnership with South Valley Education Unit to help serve students in rural areas.

Kerri Whipple, Director of ELL Programs, N.D. Reading Corps PreK Master Coach Hired through contract with N.D. Dept. of Public Instruction to provide training and technical assistance to the SEEC ELL Consortium and other ELL programs statewide.


ELL Students served within SEEC Consortium 1,488





Rita Haman, Accounts Payable Clerk

Just in Time Mathematics for grade six is created through a partnership with Fargo Public Schools with funding provided by Succeed 2020. JiT Math is a two-year, eight-session PD created to provide teachers with content, pedagogy and coaching in a format that gives them support in the implementation of the new N.D. State Standards in Mathematics, mathematical practices and evidence-based instructional strategies.

The Succeed 2020 web page is created to generated awareness of projects and services receiving funding through the grant. The web page includes an overview; programs & initiatives; resources for standards-based instruction, targeted & coordinated supports, and college & career planning & counseling.

First N.D. State Personnel Development Grant received to advance education practices that will result in improved outcomes for students with and without disabilities and their families through a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). + MS MTSS Cohorts + State Design Team + ND RTI Website www.ndrti.com + MTSS Overview videos created + Check & Connect

Succeed 2020 website hits

2013-2014 Total: 4,254 hits 2014-2015 Total: 6,852 hits

In the spring of 2015, JiT was available to grades 4-8 thanks to a grant from the N. D. Dept. of Public Instruction. Today, Succeed 2020 funding has allowed for statewide expansion to reach all eight REAs for 2015-2017 facilitated by the SEEC. South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report



Alison Zima, Communications Coordinator

Korey Erickson, 21CCLC Rural Site Coordinator (2014-2015)

N.D. Reading Corps receives a competitive, three-year, federal AmeriCorps grant for almost $190,000 to help expand the program to additional school districts.

Allison Balvik, N.D. Reading Corps Master Coach

SEEC pilots AppliTrack with five school districts. AppliTrack is a collection of online HR solutions designed to help with recruiting, tracking and hiring applicants. Today, 12 districts are using this service to help fill job vacancies within their schools.

Travel for SEEC staff to member districts for professional development and support continues to increase. SEEC governing board approves the purchase of two vehicles - one for Fargo and one for Jamestown - to create more efficient and costeffective travel. This past year these vehicles helped staff travel almost 30,500 miles to serve SEEC member schools.

Improving Academic Literacy Project created with Dr. Kevin Feldman with goals of understanding and implementing research-based literacy strategies to increase student achievement. In the 2014-2015 school year, IAL worked with six school teams totaling 45 teachers/administrators.

SEEC along with three other REAs begin using escWorks as a new online registration software to increase tracking of member engagement and activity.

SEEC develops a consortium with West Fargo, Wahpeton and South Valley Education Unit to begin piloting Medicaid claiming and billing software for Medicaid school-based services. SEEC receives a $15,000 Principal / Teacher Evaluation Support System grant from the N.D. Dept. of Public Instruction to support professional learning for principals and superintendents on the new evaluation systems and implementation.

This project will expand in the 2015-2016 school year and serve more than 140 teachers/administrators.


South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report


Funding added to support REAs in becoming AdvancED accredited.

Lynn Mitzel, Math Specialist Hired to take Just in Time Math statewide and facilitate training at all eight REAs for math teachers grades 4-8.

Every year, multiple professional development opportunities are provided through the SEEC's Healthy Schools Program. During the 2014-15 school year, over 260 individuals participated in one or more of the following professional development opportunities:

• Schools Alive Active Recess • Physical Activity Leader • Making Connections: Physical Education and the Common Core • Brain Rules book study • AED Anywhere Management Program • Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention • Youth Mental Health First Aid

The SEEC is approached to take the lead on establishing a North Dakota Afterschool Network through the C. S. Mott Foundation as our state is one of only two states that do not have a network. The SEEC has initiated the grant process with the Mott Foundation and is currently in the Partnership phase. Throughout the 2015-16 school year the SEEC will: • form a leadership team; • engage a diverse group of stake holders: and • host a statewide convening to identify shared values, vision and goals for an Afterschool Network. Some pieces of the future vision for the network include engaging champions across N.D. to lead the charge to ensure that all children have access to safe and enriching afterschool programs; assist in providing quality, affordable programs for all youth; implement research-based, best practices; foster partnerships and policies to develp, support and sustain high-quality afterschool and expanded learning opportunities for children and youth.

Looking towards the future... As we complete and begin to implement our a new threeyear strategic plan this fall, we are mindful that being a member-driven organization is critical to our long-term success. I believe that together we can reach a higher level of achievement through these strategic goals: 1. becoming a more efficient organization by transitioning to our own business entity 2. providing high-quality programs and services which will increase the capacity of our schools and leads to improved student achievement; and 3. developing a continuous improvement culture which will demonstrate a higher level of accountability to our members. I'm excited about the future of education in North Dakota and the role the SEEC will play over the next ten years!

SEEC Executive Director

South East Education Cooperative | 2014-2015 Annual Report


South East Education Cooperative 1305 9th Ave. S., Fargo, N.D. 58103 www.ndseec.com | (701) 446-3170

Connect with us! South East Education Cooperative @NDSEEC w w w . n d s e e c . c o m

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2014-2015 SEEC Annual Report  

A Special Look at the Past 10 Years of Organizational Growth: 2005-2015

2014-2015 SEEC Annual Report  

A Special Look at the Past 10 Years of Organizational Growth: 2005-2015

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