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A North Dakota Regional Education Association


Impact R eport

G overning B oard

9-M ember V oting B oard

Region 1 | Jim Johnson*, Fargo School Board Member (2nd Vice Chair) Region 2 | Patti Stedman, West Fargo School Board Member Region 3 | Tim Godfrey, Richland Superintendent Region 4 | Mitch Carlson*, LaMoure Superintendent Region 5 | Dan Billing*, Enderlin School Board Member (Vice Chair) Region 6 | Ann Ueland*, Central Cass School Board Member (President) Region 7 | Heidi Heim-Larson, Jamestown School Board Member Region 8 | Lori Carlson, Barnes County North School Board Member Lead Administrator | Rick Jacobson, Wahpeton Superintendent *Also serves on the Executive Committee

M ember D istricts

40 S chools [36 P ublic & 4 P rivate ]

Barnes County North Carrington Central Cass Circle of Nations Edgeley Ellendale Enderlin Fairmount Fargo Fort Ransom Gackle-Streeter Griggs County Central Hankinson


Jamestown JPII Catholic Schools Kindred Kulm LaMoure Lidgerwood Lisbon Litchville-Marion Maple Valley Mapleton Medina Midkota Milnor

Montpelier North Sargent Northern Cass Oak Grove Oakes Pingree-Buchanan Richland 44 Sargent Central St. John's Academy (2) Valley City Wahpeton West Fargo Wyndmere

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


The South East Education Cooperative is a collaborative organization that strives to provide visionary leadership and quality services to strengthen teaching and learning for member schools.

C ooperating M embers North Dakota State University Valley City State University North Dakota State College of Science Valley City Area Teacher Center Sheyenne Valley Area CTE Center Southeast Region CTE Center South Valley Special Education Unit

M eet

our T eam

K yle D avison , E xecutive D irector

Teaching & Learning Services Team

Jennifer Glasheen - Senior Director & Director of Teaching & Learning Services Erika Bartunek - Fargo Administrative Assistant Carol Beaton - Beginning Teacher Network Coordinator Keely Ihry - Health & Wellness Coordinator LaCosta Potter - Professional Learning Coordinator Kerri Whipple - Professional Learning Facilitator, EL Specialist, ND Reading Corps PreK Master Coach

Student Services Team

Jolene Garty - Director of Student Services Ally Balvik - ND Reading Corps K-3 Master Coach Sheila Kriewald - 21CCLC Meaningful Out-ofSchool Time Program Rural Site Coordinator Lana Meissner - 21CCLC Meaningful Out-of-School Time Program Jamestown Site Coordinator Becky Mueller - ND Afterschool Network Lead

Information Services Team

Alison Zima - Director of Information Services Christopher Thompson - Data Specialist Sandy Zahn - Instructional Technology Coordinator & Valley City Area Teacher Center Director

Business Services Team

Brenna Janke - Director of Business Services Jim Gibson - Human Resources Generalist Rita Haman -Accounts Payable Clerk Lori Vesel - Jamestown Administrative Assistant

Special Education Services Team

Heather Eken - Physical Therapist Taryn Nims - Occupational Therapist Brittney Waloch - Occupational Therapist

Bringing together leaders who oversee similar systems to solve common challenges creates sustainable, more effective and less costly solutions. If you sprinkle in extra support (Regional Education Associations (REAs)) to assist in facilitating these discussions, researching the possible solutions, organizing and implementing the plan and finding resources for sustainability, leaders will continue to engage in the process. This is the work of the South East Education Cooperative (SEEC) and the other seven REAs across the state. Since 2005, SEEC members have come together and built an organization which strives to provide visionary leadership and quality services to strengthen teaching and learning for our schools. As communities look to schools to do more with fewer resources the role of SEEC will need to continue to evolve in finding collaborative solutions to meet these needs. These growing challenges range from addressing behavioral and mental health issues, to providing researchedbased professional learning to support teachers in their classrooms, to ensuring students have opportunities to enhance their academic experience. I am proud to have had the opportunity to lead SEEC over the past 12 years, but more importantly, I am thankful for the passion brought each day from our SEEC staff and the commitment I see in our educational leaders to grow and innovate in meeting the needs of students in their communities. The results of this passion and commitment are included in this 2016-17 Impact Report. Sincerely,

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017



F ast F acts

I nvestment for I mpact SEEC managed a total of 25 grants over the 2016-17 school year: 9 federal, 3 state and 13 private.

Square Miles

Revenue 0%


59% Local







SEEC Revenue $3,525,789.00




40 Districts

12% 29% Federal State





[36 public, 4 private]

- 28 SMALL (<500 students) - 10 MEDIUM (500-2200) - 2 LARGE (10,000+) 100%


School Buildings





65% M ember D istricts I nvolved in L eadership for L earning opportunities .

M ember D istricts I nvolved in at least 1 program / service .

68% M ember D istricts I nvolved in 5 or more programs / services .





Core SEEC Staff


40% M ember D istricts I nvolved in TEAM professional learning opportunities .

SEEC Afterschool

program staff


SEEC AmeriCorps members

(serving as Reading Corps tutors)


South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


I mpacts by the N umbers 40 23


21CCLC Afterschool Programs

601 1,432

students directly impacted by SEEC student services.


21 Districts (15 SEEC)

Math Science Partnership You're Hired! ND Reading Corps ND Afterschool Network VCATC - Barnes County Spelling Bee & MathCounts



unique individuals engaged in SEEC professional learning.

157 Teachers/Staff Administrators

149 Districts (38 SEEC) 217 Schools (93 SEEC) 311 sessions delivered 1,247 hours delivered 893 attendance across 6 conferences




districts utilizing SEEC business services


Other Organizations


59 School-Based Medicaid districts (26 SEEC) 21 Recruitment & Hiring Consortium districts School-Based Medicaid only

Both Services

Recruitment & Hiring only

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


I mproving A cademic L iteracy The IAL project is a 1-year, multi-session professional learning series for elementary and secondary educators related to teaching and engaging students in literacy. Educators learn about over 25 easy to implement, evidence-based instructional practices and engage in multiple rounds of learning walks.



of teachers reporting regular use.

being used by educators on a regular basis in their instruction.

P rofe s s i o n a l L e a r n i n g I m p a c t s

of 30 best practices increased in the percentage


additional evidence based instructional practices

M ulti -T ier S ystem of S upports The MTSS project is a 2-part professional learning series for elementary, secondary, and district level teams. Participants learn the process for developing up an effective student support system along with creating and implementing an action plan for their school and/or district.


of Year 1 educators increased their


understanding of implementation .

in their instructional support system .


of Year 2 educators reported changes

J ust in T ime M athematics The JiT Math project is a 2-year professional learning series for 4th-12th grade teachers in mathematics. Educators are engaged in sessions related to evidence-based instructional and student learning practices, and gradespecific mathematical content.


of participants

indicated having the content knowledge to teach mathematics effectively at the

end of Year 2.

A ll


evidence - based teaching practices increased in

the percentage of teachers reporting regular use by the end of Year 2.

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017

“[The IAL] project has had an enormous impact on the effectiveness and culture of our school. Before this project, our classroom doors were generally closed for business. Now, they remain open with voices screaming, “Come observe me!” It has been great to see this transformation happen in such a short time. I’m very excited to see where this project takes us in the future!” - David Schneck, Fargo Student Performance Strategist

“MTSS training has fundamentally changed our approach to educating our students. We have developed clear pathways for academics PK-12 that allow us to intervene with students to meet them at their current level of learning. Students who often had no success in the classroom are now flourishing because we have reduced stress levels by designing interventions which are closing the achievement gap. We’ve now developed a behavioral pathway and placed a licensed therapist on site.” – Dr. Cory Steiner, Northern Cass Superintendent

“One of the most valuable pieces of [the Math Science Partnership] is the professional development attached to it. The education we received was not just good practices, but the BEST practices. From beginning to end the topics explored and discussed were well rounded. We started with the importance of skills that our students should be learning for their future in school and the workforce, continued into engaging structures to encourage our students within our classrooms, and ended with what we provide for students in valuable feedback. The entire experience was focused on bettering practices in our classrooms for our students from beginning to end.” - Anonymous

“I love what [Just in Time Mathematics] has done for my performance in the math classroom. I honestly considered myself an effective math teacher in the past, but now realize that I am so much better because of the information and knowledge I have gained through these sessions. ” - 4th Grade Teacher

The MSP project engages teachers in 21st Century Skills and the 4Cs; Project-based Teaching; and Project-based Learning– including STEAM and the Engineering Design Process. Results showed statistically significant increases in familiarity with all 3 CRP skill development tools; classroom use of all 9 ND skill modules activities; 5 of 6 STEM teaching self-efficacy measures; and frequency and number of interactions with other educators related to student CRP skill development.


teachers (middle and high school) participated in teacher cohort receiving 60 hours of professional learning.



participated in activities held by MSP Community of Practice teachers.

B eginning T eacher N etwork The Beginning Teacher Network is a 3-session professional learning series for first-year teachers geared towards discussing topics related to classroom management, state standards, assessment, responding to student needs, and parent interaction.


Nearly of participants reported moderate or substantial increases in their ability to respond to student needs .


Nearly of participants indicated that their communication with their students improved .

H ealthy S chools P rogram

P rofe s s i o n a l L e a r n i n g I m p a c t s

M ath S cience P artnership

SEEC launched a Healthy Schools Pilot program recruiting 11 pilot school teams to engage in a 3-year cohort. It consists of approximately 10 trainings over three school years plus additional layers of technical assistance, support and IHT wearable technology for physical education programs.


of Smarter Lunchroom training participants indicated planning to enact a lunchroom makeover in 1 or more of their schools in the upcoming year .


of Healthy Schools Summit evaluation respondents noted the EDGEucation keynote provided easy - to use movement strategies they can immediately implement into their practice .

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


21 cclc out - of - school programs A new SEEC meaningful out-of-school-time program opened at the Mapleton Elementary School in the fall of 2016 with the ability to serve 51 students K-6. The program will offer a broad array of enrichment activities centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math that complement the regular classroom academic programs.



students participating

across 8 districts and 10 buildings

1,329 elementary 60 middle school | 31 high school

average daily attendance


days of operation

Student Services Impacts

ND R eading C orps


Fairmount - Creating a light show with snap circuits.

Mapleton - Mango Math

ND Reading Corps reached a total of 926 children (817 K-3 and 109 PreK) via 54 tutors at 45 sites.


of PreK

students* demonstrated

growth on 3 or more of the 5 measures . 49% demonstrated growth on all 5.


of K-3 students had a

weekly growth rate above their grade level target .

N.D. Reading Corps student and tutor engaging in literacy intervention.

*Of those students who will likely attend kindergarten the following year, age 4 & 5.

ND A fterschool N etwork The ND Afterschool Network received official Network status from the C.S. Mott Foundation after a successful year in the partnership phase. This three-year, $225,000 grant will allow the Network to build a statewide coalition in support of afterschool programs and coordinate a unified vision to inform policy and quality afterschool initiatives.


attended the 2 nd A nnual ND A fterschool S ummit focused on policy, advocacy and quality standards for out-ofschool-time programming.

N.D. Reading Corps tutor and Master Coach reviewing student data and modifying interventions.


students showcased afterschool projects to legislators at the Afterschool

Day on the Hill.

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017

ND Afterschool Day on the Hill with surprise visit from ND Governor Doug Burgum

Wahpeton - Learning how flowers survive.

SEEC works with 9 ND special education units (61 districts) across the state - up from 5 units and 28 districts in 2015-16 - to create efficiencies that increase the number of eligible claims submitted and the reimbursement dollars back to the unit and its school district(s). SEEC contracts with CompuClaim, a web-based service portal and claiming engine, to enter and submit claims, and provides consortium special education units with Medicaid enrollment, training, claim submission/review and technical assistance.

28,764 $945,000

claims reimbursed equaling nearly

CHARISM - Ethical Entrepreneurship

back to districts .

R ecruitment & H iring C onsortium The SEEC trains and provides technical assistance to 21 members districts in recruiting and hiring through Frontline Educationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Recruitment & Hiring web-based platform. This service allows for more efficient vacancy posting, applicant recruitment through auto-posting to top job sites, plus has the ability to streamline the interviewing and hiring process.

1,000+ 723 j ob vacancies posted and filled since consortium

began in 2014.

B u s i n e s s S e r v i ce I m p a c t s

S chool -B ased M edicaid C onsortium

unique individuals submitted applications for open vacancies in 16-17

school year.

T eacher C enter R esources N.D. Reading Corps student and tutor engaging in literacy intervention.

ND Afterschool Day on the Hill students to show legislators what they learn in out-of-school-time programming.

The Valley City Area Teacher Center and the SEEC have successfully merged as required by the 64th Legislative Assembly. The Center continues to offer resources and services including bus driver training, Lego kits, Digitalis portable digitarium, life-size whale, Spheros, RealityWorks babies, Ellison machines, Ozobots kits and more.

100% 157 of the resources, kits and services are continually requested and distributed amongst member schools .

individuals participated in annual bus driver trainings .

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


S trategic P lanning The SEEC completed a new Strategic Plan focusing on four main initiatives and nine major objectives.

P rofessional L earning , P rograms & S ervices Professional Learning Programs & Services

The SEEC will provide meaningful professional learning that support its mission and the educational needs of its staff and member schools. The SEEC will coordinate and/or facilitate programs and services that support its mission and meet the needs of its member schools.

S takeholder E ngagement & C ommunication Engagement Communication The SEEC will engage stakeholders effectively in support of its mission. The SEEC will communicate effectively and engage stakeholders to build trust and support.

O rganizational E ffectiveness Governance/Leadership Human Resources Sustainability

The SEEC will operate under governance and leadership that ensures organizational effectiveness. The SEEC will engage in a systematic process to recruit, employ, and retain qualified staff to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to support its mission. The SEEC will achieve long-term financial sustainability by maintaining existing resources and seeking innovative solutions.

C ontinuous I mprovement & A ccountability Using Results Accountability

The SEEC will implement a comprehensive evaluation system that generates data on the effectiveness of the organization and use the results to guide continuous improvement. The SEEC will be accountable to stakeholders for the impact and use of organizational resources to achieve its goals.


South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017

C ontinuous I mprovement On January 19, 2017, SEEC was the second ND regional education association to be awarded AdvancED accreditation signifying its commitment in pursuit of educational excellence. As an accredited institution we are committed to continuous improvement and must continue to engage in the responsiblities requied of all institutions to maintain accreditted status as outlined in the AdvancED Accreditation Policies and Procedures. Thank you to all of our member schools, stakeholders, staff and other advocates that made this possible.

T hank you !

South East Education Cooperative | Impact Report 2016-2017


S outh E ast E ducation C ooperative 1305 9th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103 701-446-3170 |




2016-2017 SEEC Impact Report  
2016-2017 SEEC Impact Report