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This final section is meant to help parents reach a quiet moment of prayer and commitment.

Light as a Sign To help us see our way forward, the Church uses the image of Light. Towards the end of the Baptismal Ceremony, the parents are given a small version of the great Candle that is lit each Easter as the sign of Christ’s new, Risen Life. Presenter draws attention to the Paschal Candle

Your child’s Baptismal Candle is a sign

that the living God is shining - in some small way - in your child’s life. In accepting this light, the parents are accepting a commitment to help their child keep the ‘flame of faith’ alive in his/her life. Your child will learn to let the light of faith shine through him/her in the same way as he/she learns everything else -

by watching YOU!

Christ lives in you - and reaches other people through you so Jesus can say to you in the Gospel: “You are the light of the world... No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub; they put it on a lamp-stand where it shines for everyone in the house.” Matt.5 14 -15

“You are the light of the world.” How do you feel about that?

Can any of us claim to be a shining light to the people we live with? It is a bit hard to see ourselves in this role. But maybe a person you know is so rooted in faith that they are like a light for others. Take a moment to call to mind someone like that in your own life. Give time for reflection.

Look into your own heart now for a moment: acknowledge that God lives in you now and this shows in your life. Consider how your belief is lived out in membership of the church. To help you think quietly about your relationship with God, you are invited now to light a small candle. Those who wish light a small candle from the Paschal candle.

Look at the candle you are holding and, in your heart, ask yourself: ‘What flame of faith in my life could this little candle flame represent?’ Give time for reflection before moving on to the conclusion.

We will end with a prayer that belongs especially to Baptism.


The Our Father expresses the child’s membership of the church for the rest of life. So it has an important place at the conclusion of the Baptismal Ceremony. Let’s bring all our thoughts together as we stand round the Paschal candle and say: Our Father......


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