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‘Walk Through’ the Baptismal Ceremony Materials required

Summary of the Session

At the Paschal Candle One presentation Baptismal Candle (for demonstration) One small ordinary candle per family, for rehearsal.

At the Lectern Lectionary At the Font The shell for pouring water; The Holy Oils used in Baptism; Something to represent the white shawl.

Photographs are from an actual Baptism. Children do not need to be present at this rehearsal.

For each person One Baptism Booklet This comes in separate ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ versions and can be run off easily on a photocopier. The booklet can be personalised by the parentstt for use at their child’s Baptism. There it is meant to be a souvenir and so a reminder of preparation and commitment. See back page of this booklet.

At this meeting in the church, participants have the chance to become familiar with the details in practice; as well as sharing the meaning of each step.

1. The church door Greeting

2. The Lectern Listen to Scripture

4. The Paschal Candle Care for the Light of Faith

3. The Font Promises Baptism with water Anointing with chrism Declaration of Faith

5. The Altar Promise of Eucharist Blessing of Parents

This walk is, as a whole, an easily understood symbol of the journey of Faith. It is also an opportuniy for participants to consider quietly the significance of the Sacrament in their own lives. Before the session begins


The presenters need to take time together, in church, to note practical arrangements such as: the number of people likely to be present; where they will stand or sit so that they can participate easily; where the materials need to be placed. At the session choices of Readings, Prayers, names for the Litany etc. should be recorded by one of the Team.


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