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NDP’S 2019-2020 Information Guide for Families


Welcome to Saints 101 - your guide to all things NDP! This booklet is an overview of important information families need for a successful school year. For more information visit our website and download our mobile app!


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M i s s i o n St a t e m e n t

Notre Dame Preparatory is a Diocesan Catholic High School dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence and the pursuit of holiness through the shared values of Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility, out of love for Jesus Christ.

V i s i o n St a t e m e n t

To provide the highest quality Catholic high school educational experience, offering student-centered learning opportunities which develop the whole person: mind, body and soul.

MIND We are a leader in Catholic education through innovation and visionary focus and constant examination of best practices. We instill a strong spiritual foundation among our students in order to discern vocation using the God-given talents through a rigorous, multifaceted program of study. We promote high academic standards to form future problem solvers engaged in critical and creative thinking, who are able to collaborate and utilize diverse means of education and evaluate the moral implications of their decisions. BODY We uphold the virtues of fortitude, selflessness, sacrifice, self-mastery, integrity, strength, tenacity, humility, charity, courage and loyalty through peer support, accountability and love. We provide an environment allowing students to feel safe, loved and validated in their physical and social-emotional development knowing they are supported across the community. We develop the whole person by creating a culture of active participation through a variety of co-curricular and athletic activities that enhance creativity, leadership, passion, teamwork, and physical health. SOUL We partner with families to educate students in the Catholic faith, so they know their identity in Christ and their unique call to holiness. We foster an environment where students can encounter Christ through the Sacraments of the Church, prayer, retreats, and opportunities for lifelong servant leadership. We encourage and invite students to become transformational Christian leaders who support faith, patriotism, and moral values so that they may choose what is good, true, and beautiful with ease and clarity.

At NDP, we believe “All Are Made in the Image of Christ” reflected in our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs). Reverence by “Seeking Holiness” Pray and Worship God | Serve Others | Live as a Disciple Respect by “Loving our Neighbors” Honor our Human Dignity | Seek the Truth | Assume the Best Responsibility by “Always Doing the Right Thing” Take Ownership | Pursue Excellence | Fulfill God’s Will


Letter from the Principal Dear NDP Families, We are delighted that you have joined our NDP community for the 2019-2020 school year. Each summer, we select a theme to guide our new year. This year, our theme is Unity. At NDP, we believe that Unity in our love of God, our school community, and ourselves is what sets us apart. Developing a cohesive school community united in love comes through embracing our pillars of Reverence, Respect and Responsibility. We have expounded on our three R’s and created our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs). Our ISOs, shown on the opposite page, give context to who we are, and defines what we expect of Notre Dame Prep students, parents, faculty and staff. This past year our Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of alumni, past and present parents, faculty, staff, and members of our local community, worked together to articulate and build consensus on our vision as we move forward, prioritizing the enhancements of our school and all major programs - from STEM and athletics, to the arts and faith formation. Opposite my letter, you will see our new Mission and Vision statements crafted by this committee, our chaplain, the superintendent, and approved by the Bishop to better reflect who we are and what we desire for our graduates. The pages of Saints 101 are packed with information on how to navigate NDP and the tools available including our school app, website, online academic and payment tools, and the school calendar. This year we have a new website where almost everything you need is under the MyNDP or Quicklinks tab. For the protection of everyone on campus, our school calendar is now passkey-protected. Please do not share this passkey with anyone outside our community. Pay careful attention to the important dates on pages 30-31 and continue checking the calendar on the app or bookmark Check the calendar regularly as sometimes it is necessary to reschedule school events. When that happens we will make sure you are aware of any changes through our mobile app, website, social media, weekly newsletter and/or via email. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to our year of Unity as one community, united in love. God bless,

Jill Platt, M. Ed. Notre Dame Preparatory Principal



E xe c u t i v e Te a m

Jill Platt Principal

Fr. Kurt Perera Chaplain

Emmy Robison

Assistant Principal of Academics

Matt Rylski

Mark Cisterna

Paul Rubsam

Lyric Naquin

Director of Enrollment & Student Life

Director of Athletics

Director of Finance & Facilities

Director of Advancement


HO at NDP Who to Call

Office of the Principal - Renee Hiskey (480) 634-8244 Office of the Assistant Principal of Academics - Mary McConnell (480) 634-8202 Office of Director of Enrollment and Student Life - Debi Wells (480) 634-8283 Front Office - Tami Herchold and Cindi Buckner - (480) 634-8200 Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) - Crystal Brooks (480) 634-8229 Athletics - Bonnie Nystrom - (480) 634-8208 Attendance - Barb Marrs (480) 634-8250 Center of Mission and Ministry - Jackie Moucheron (480) 634-8388 Christian Service Learning - Shelley Dinges (480) 634-8391 Communications (Parent News) - Kim Haub (480) 634-8234 Counseling and College Visit Coordinator - Kelly Jean (480) 634-8239 Instructional Coaching Program - Tracey Heisler (480) 634-8362 Dean of Men - Thomas White (480) 634-8228 Dean of Women - Brie Dragonetti (480) 634-8227 Finance Office - Renee Forbes (480) 634-8275 House System - Mary Lou Lachvayder (480) 634-8336 Information Technology - Help Desk (480) 634-8259 School Nurse - Lisa Renfree (480) 634-8255 Student Activities - Brenda Beers (480) 634-8367 Registrar/Transcripts - Trudy Wallingford (480) 634-8238 Retreats and Ministry - Sr. Yolanda Mendoza (480) 634-8241

N e w Fa c e s Tracy Addison – Physical Education Mary Boujikian – Math Bonnie-Jean Chudzinski – Social Studies Jenni Douglas - Alumni Coordinator Morgan Harris – Chemistry Cecilia Henrich – Theology/Drama Peter Johnston – Physics


Madeline Jones – Testing Coordinator, ACE Lorin Marchese – Business Megan O’Malley – English Nick Sloan – Biology Pamela Vap – English Haley Yeager – Theology

NEED TO KNOW This section will serve as a quick reference for important policies. Additional information can be found on our new website at Be sure to explore MyNDP and Quicklinks for easy access and answers to our most frequently asked questions.



(480) 634-8250 -

ABSENCES/TARDIES 1. The state of Arizona requires by law [ARS 15-803(B)] that all students attend school 90% of the school year. Students who miss 10% or more of classes may jeopardize earning credit in each class in which they have excessive absences. 2. If your child will be absent, contact the Attendance Desk by phone or email each day your child is absent. 3. After 3 tardies, students will receive a Wednesday AM detention. Each subsequent tardy will earn another detention. After 8 tardies, students may be asked to sit in front of the Academic and Disciplinary Review Board. 4. Please familiarize yourself with the entire attendance policy and make note of the procedures in the following areas: A. For security reasons, a parent or legal guardian must notify the Attendance Office by 8 a.m. if a student is leaving school early. B. For students arriving after 8:00 a.m., a parent or legal guardian must call or email the Attendance Office prior to the student’s arrival. C. Pre-arranged absences need to go through the Deans’ Office and a Request for Pre-Arranged Absence form must be submitted. D. Students may NOT leave school with anyone other than their parent or legal guardian without written permission from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Please visit our website for more information at


ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY 1. Our primary purpose as an educational institution is academics. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate in any co-curricular at Notre Dame Preparatory. Please see the Student/Parent Handbook for more details at 2. Students are ineligible if they have earned one F or two Ds. The first eligibility report will be pulled 6 weeks after the beginning of the semester and will then be pulled weekly. Students will be ineligible for a period of 7 days. They will be unable to participate in games, club meetings, or performances, during the window of ineligibility. 3. Athletes who wish to practice while ineligible must attend one hour of academic study hall after school before being admitted to practice.

DISCIPLINE 1. We ask that our students and parents act with Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility. 2. If a student misbehaves, disciplinary action will be taken. Please reference the Student/ Parent Handbook for more details at

(drug testing cont.) 5. Any student who attempts to alter or disrupt a valid collection sample may be dismissed. Please see our Student/Parent Handbook on our website at quicklinks/handbook.



(480) 634-8255 -

1. In the event of illness or injury while at school, students MUST report to the Nurse’s Office for evaluation. 2. The nurse will determine the condition and disposition of the student and decide if the student should go home or stay at school. 3. The nurse, not the student, will contact parents regarding a student’s health and to arrange for pick-up if needed. 4. No student may use his/her cell phone to request a pick-up. All arrangements must go through the school nurse. Please visit our website for more information at

DRUG TESTING 1. For the health and well-being of our students, Notre Dame Preparatory is an alcohol, tobacco, vape, and drug-free campus. 2. The use, possession, sharing or selling of prescription or nonprescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or vape cigarettes is strictly prohibited on or off campus and could result in withdrawal from Notre Dame Prep. 3. Notre Dame Preparatory conducts mandatory random drug testing for all students on campus. Students may be tested any day for any reason. 4. If a student is found to have taken or in possession of banned substance or drug paraphernalia, he/she will undergo a formal evaluation which may result in mandatory counseling, suspension, or withdrawal or dismissal.


NOTE: All students taking PE or planning to tryout for an athletic team, MUST complete the current physical form and complete the brain book. The athletic forms can be found under the Quicklinks tab at




1. NDP is a cashless campus for lunch and snack purchases. 2. Student ID cards come with a barcode so that cards can be loaded through K12 Payments. 3. To create an account and to reload funds onto student ID cards for on-campus meals, go to and create your family account. 4. For your convenience this link can be found easily under Quick Links at or on our app. 5. The lunch menu can be found under MyNDP at top of the school calendar page (NOTE: this page is passkey protected and the pass key is gosaints) myndp/school-calendar

(480) 634-8260 -

1. At NDP, technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. All incoming freshman and transfer students are required to provide their own laptop or tablet. The IT department will assist with troubleshooting, but the student will be responsible for repairs to their personal devices. For IT help, email 2. Instructional videos produced by NDP are available at 3. Older students may still have a schoolissued iPad. If it gets lost, stolen or broken, please email our technology help desk at The IT department is here to assist with troubleshooting and repair of current school iPads.




(480) 634-8227 -


(480) 634-8275 -

There are three tuition payment plans available: 1. One-time tuition paid in full by July 15 2. Two installment payment plan paid by July 15 and December 15 3. Ten monthly installments (July through April) For more information, visit our website at


1. Parking permits may be purchased at any time starting July 8 and picked up at the Attendance Desk on or after August 6. 2. Prior to picking up your permit, all students must complete the vehicle registration form found on our website at quicklinks/parking-permit. 3. Students will be assigned a parking spot for the entire school year in one of our student parking lots. No one but the permit holder may park in that assigned spot. 4. Seniors may purchase a parking spot in May and give that spot a custom paint job on our official painting days, Tuesday, July 30, from 7:30 a.m. to noon, and Monday, August 5, from 7:30 a.m. to noon. Call Director of Student Activities, Mrs. Beers, with questions regarding senior parking spot painting at (480) 634-8267 or email Mrs. Beers at


CONTACT: BRIE DRAGONETTI AND THOMAS WHITE (480) 634-8227 or (480) 634-8228 -

1. The dress code is important for two main reasons: A. Following NDP’s dress code demonstrates respect for our school, rules and faculty. B. Marketing photos are taken on most days throughout the school year and students need to look photo-ready. 2. Our Administration reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of the student’s dress. 3. If a parent is unsure about the dress code, check with the school administration or refer to the Student/Parent Handbook at 4. All uniform clothing should be purchased at Anton Uniforms or at our used uniform sales. 5. Please see the full dress code policies at

Quick Tips

This year we have a new uniform policy. Please use the photos as your guide.




Girls must wear uniform skirt, oxford button down shirt and dress shoes (no white-bottom shoes). Boys must wear long khaki pants, oxford shirt, black or brown belt, and dress shoes (no white-bottom shoes) and either the traditional striped NDP tie or the new purple and black tie.

Girls may wear the uniform skirt or bermuda-length shorts (khaki or black) with *school polo shirt tucked in. Shorts must be worn with a black, brown, or white belt (no logos). Boys may wear uniform shorts (plaid, khaki or black) with *school polo shirt tucked in. Shorts must be worn with a black, brown or white belt (no logos).

Girls may wear the uniform skirt or bermuda-length shorts (khaki or black) with a school spirit shirt. Shirts may be untucked. Boys may wear uniform shorts (plaid, khaki or black) with a school spirit shirt. Shirts may be untucked.

*Only seniors may wear black or the NEW gray polo shirts. Underclassmen wear purple or white polos.


* All spirit shirts must be purchased at the Saints’ Store, BSN Sideline Store or through NDP teams, clubs or activities.

ACADEMICS Notre Dame Prep offers a wide variety of learning programs to suit the needs of students with varying learning styles. For information on all these programs go to

ADVANCED PLACEMENT The Advanced Placement (AP) is a program created by the College Board to offer college-level curricula to high school students that culminates with a national exam in May. Many American colleges and universities (not all) grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores (4 or 5) on the AP subject exams.

DUAL ENROLLMENT Notre Dame Prep partners with Scottsdale Community College and the University of Arizona to allow students to earn college credit while attending high school. These credits transfer to many colleges and universities in the state of Arizona and beyond.

ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA PROGRAM St. Aloysius Gonzaga Program assists those students who demonstrate academic potential and a desire to learn, but need support to successfully navigate NDP’s college preparatory curriculum. The program includes an increased focus on English and Mathematics.

ACADEMIC HONORS NDP offers Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude programs to encourage students to challenge themselves in the classroom to achieve high academic designation and prepare themselves for selective colleges and universities. Note: Cum Laude is being phased out and will not be available for the class of 2022 and beyond.

ACADEMIC CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE (ACE) AND TESTING CENTER In response to growing student needs, Notre Dame Prep launched the Academic Center for Excellence to provide a space for students who need additional support to succeed. Crystal Brooks, the Director of Academic Inclusion, leads a team of experienced educators to support students with executive functioning skills such as organization, note-taking, and study skills, as well as to provide academic tutoring. New in 2019-2020 is a testing center for students who need extended time on testing or who need to make up a test after an absence. We’re excited to offer the testing center as a quiet, stress-free environment conducive to success.


SCHEDULES Student schedules for the 2019-2020 school year will be emailed on July 15. Students will be able to sign up for an appointment with their counselor beginning July 23 if they have questions or concerns. Most scheduling questions can be handled via email, so please email before scheduling an appointment. Please note that NDP does not accommodate schedule changes for teacher preference. Our team of counselors can help you navigate our academic programs and help keep students on track to achieve their academic goals. Visit

BELL SCHEDULE We made changes to our bell schedule this year. We have added two lunch periods to accommodate our campus expansion. Two lunches will also be more efficient for our students.




(480) 634-8239 -

Notre Dame Preparatory’s counselors are educators uniquely trained in: Adolescent development Learning strategies Self-management and social skills Promoting success for today’s diverse students We implement a proactive, comprehensive school counseling program, focusing on: Academic achievement Personal/social development Career development Counselors work collaboratively with teachers, parents and students to meet the individual’s needs. Read more at Students are assigned to counselors by grade and by alphabet. We are blessed to have one conselor dedicated to our Freshman class – Lisa Lopez. She works tirelessly to support all freshmen during this important transitional academic year. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are divided by the first letter of their last name:


COUNSELOR: Lisa McMorrow Deanna Duermit Kristin Garcia Liz Barnes

Students may stop in the counseling office to see their counselor before school, during break, during lunch, and after school. If their counselor is not available, students may schedule an appointment through Calendly or Mrs. Jean. Students are free to email their counselor as many questions can be answered through email, removing the need for students to miss class. The NDP counseling department hosts several educational presentations throughout the year, on topics ranging from the college application process to mental health challenges. Please check the NDP calendar for dates and times.





ON-CAMPUS SHOPPING FOR NDP SPIRIT WEAR The Saints’ Store is your one-stop shop for NDP spirit wear and gear. Inventory turns quickly so be sure to visit frequently. More information about the Saints Store and spirit wear can be found at On Fridays during the school year, students are allowed to wear most NDP spirit shirts purchased through the Saints’ Store. Plus, don’t forget to stock up early for all your Dog Pound spirit dress needs - Blackout, Whiteout and Camouflage are often used for spirit dress at athletic events all year!

ONLINE SHOP FOR NDP SPIRIT GEAR Customize your own spirit wear at the official BSN Sports Sideline Store for NDP. Please note, the polo shirts sold on this website ARE NOT official school uniform polos; please do not purchase these polos for daily school use. For Spirit wear and outerwear, go to and shop!

SCRIP Our Scrip tuition rebate initiative is a 24/7, 365 days of the year program simply done by managing your everyday purchases through Scrip’s various tools. You earn rebates with half applied to your student’s tuition and half applied to NDP’s Tuition Assistance Fund. The Scrip program includes on-campus gift card purchases, “shopwithscrip” online/app purchases, purchases, AJ’s/Bashas’ reloadable gift card program, to name just a few! Visit the Saints’ Store to learn more and also purchase gift cards. More information about the Scrip program can be found at

FAMILY ACTIVITY PASS Family Activity Passes allow the parents of NDP student(s) and siblings entrance into all home athletic and performing arts events. Passes for the 2019-20 school year are $200 and can be ordered online at and an electronic card will be emailed to you. Passes must be shown for entry into all events.


A message from the Chaplain My Friends in Christ, Jesus didn’t ask for much from His Father. He was obedient and came strictly to do the will of God. But in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus made one request of The Almighty regarding those who believe in Him; “that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You; that they also may be in Us (Jn.17: 21).” The reason God the Father and God the Son are one in the same, is because they both share the same will. That will is that we are at peace, filled with grace and that we have life eternal with Him in heaven. As many parts of the one Body of Christ (1 Cor. 10:17), we are all united in Jesus. We all bring our own unique gifts to our school to fulfill the will of God for Notre Dame Prep. As one body, we celebrate when a member of our community experiences success, and we all grieve when a member of our body suffers heartache or loss. So during this year of Unity, let us all use our gifts for the betterment of our school and to glorify God by being a beacon of hope to our neighboring community and the world. Blessings to you all,

Fr. Kurt Perera Notre Dame Preparatory Chaplain


FAITH As a Catholic High School, Notre Dame Prep is committed to provide faith-deepening experiences for students, parents, faculty and staff. Following the example of Our Lady, we always try to point our community away from ourselves and toward Jesus Christ. We provide a learning environment that challenges students to grow intellectually, personally, ethically and spiritually by offering: Daily Prayer Mass: Daily in the Chapel and Monthly All-School (Parents always welcome) Sacrament of Reconciliation (Advent, Lent and anytime by appointment) First Friday Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament (Parents welcome)

Retreats: All-School House, Kairos, Class-Specific, Senior Moms Faculty Retreats, Masses and Faith Formation Activities Wednesday Parent Rosary Group Eucharistic Processions (Advent and Lent)

PRAYER REQUESTS As a community, we pray for one another. NDP friends and families may request special prayer intentions to be offered up during daily school prayer. Your prayer request is a sacred trust and kept confidential. To request a prayer, please visit

JOIN US FOR MASS Mass is the source and summit of Catholic life. Parents are always welcome to join us for our monthly all-school Mass (see dates on pages 30-31) held in the Dale M. Jensen Gymnasium, and/or at daily Mass in the chapel either in the morning or at lunch time. While we are whole-heartedly a Catholic school, we welcome students of all faith traditions. All who attend Notre Dame Prep are expected to share fully in the faith life of the school. Attendance at Mass is our most sacred expression of encountering the living person of Jesus Christ and all students are expected to be present, reverent and respectful.

CHRISTIAN SERVICE LEARNING Serving those most in need helps students learn to freely sacrifice of themselves to serve the less fortunate and marginalized and form a heart that resembles the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sympathetic to the suffering of others. Students are required to give 120 hours of Christian service over four years in order to graduate. A pass/fail grade is given if requirements are met or not. Starting this year, students with excess hours may roll them over to the next year. Please see our new Christian service policy For more information about faith life at NDP, please visit


CULTURE THE HOUSE SYSTEM In this technological world, teens are more isolated than ever before. To remedy this, our student body is grouped into 10 Houses. These Houses build community, mentorship, discipleship and opportunities for growth and leadership. The purpose of the House System is to ensure every student and adult on our campus has a community who cares and holds us accountable to be who God created us to be. The goal is to find and foster the brilliance in each student and to give each soul on campus a place where they are embraced by their fellow House members while building a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to live in true discipleship. Being a member of a House gives our students times throughout the day for real interpersonal interaction with students from all grades and members of our faculty and staff. At Notre Dame Prep, we seek to educate the whole student; mind, body and soul. The House System allows students to be recognized for more than GPA or athletic achievement. Within their House, students’ talents are explored and nurtured by a built-in support system. The Houses compete for House points through academics, Christian service and school spirit, while showing Reverence, Respect and Responsibility toward each other.


WE ARE 10 HOUSES ONE COMMUNITY OF SAINTS Welcome to the House System where every student belongs to a family, a House and the NDP Community of Saints. ST. BLAISE HOUSE Virtue: Sacrifice | Color: Royal Blue House Captains: Elli Dougherty and Will Gittings Heads of House: Juby Luensmann and David Lamb

ST. MICHAEL HOUSE Virtue: Tenacity | Color: Hot Pink House Captains: Gabby Odinet and Sam Montano Heads of House: Melissa Riordan and Pierre Marcos

ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI HOUSE Virtue: Humility | Color: Gold House Captains: Katherine Bastien and Dylan Benvenuto Heads of House: Caitlin Melnychenko and Dr. Eric Shuler

ST. PATRICK HOUSE Virtue: Loyalty | Color: Green House Captains: Noelle Wilson and Chris Griffin Heads of House: Katie DiBonaventura and Ryan Pefley

ST. GEORGE HOUSE Virtue: Fortitude | Color: Crimson House Captains: Zabinia Arvizu and Logan Schipansky Heads of House: Brooke Dauphinais and George Prelock

ST. SEBASTIAN HOUSE Virtue: Strength | Color: Navy Blue House Captains: Sam Maxwell and Austin Lane Heads of House: Tracy McBride and Deacon Carmene Carbone

ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA HOUSE Virtue: Integrity | Color: Red House Captains: Hanna Jacobson and Stephano D’Alonzo Heads of House: Lisa Rawlings and Ian Mulligan

ST. TERESA OF CALCUTTA HOUSE Virtue: Selflessness | Color: Light Blue House Captains: Zoe Bryant and Bannock Wheeler Heads of House: Shelia Martinez and Phil Hemmo

ST. MAXIMILIAN KOLBE HOUSE Virtue: Courage | Color: Silver House Captains: Katie Eberle and John Paul Sullivan Heads of House: Sara Fox and Pat Stover

ST. VALENTINE HOUSE Virtue: Charity | Color: White House Captains: Mary Stallkamp and Christian Sarletto Heads of House: Mary Jane Wright and Rob Gwinn

CLUBS Do you have a hobby or passion outside of academics and athletics? There are more than 30 student-led clubs at NDP. From Medical Club and E-Sports to Baking Club and NDP Live!, there is something for everyone no matter your interest. This year our Baking Club will travel to France and train at Le Cordon Bleu, and our astronomy buffs are heading to Iceland to study the environment and the night sky there. Students are encouraged to explore our club fair in September and join a club early. It’s a great way to make friends who share your interests. If you can’t find a club you want, create one with other like-minded individuals.

DOG POUND AND STUDENT CONGRESS Student Congress/House Captains and Dog Pound Leaders provide direction for our student activities. They plan dances, organize spirit weeks and keep our campus life fun and engaging all year long. Applications for student leadership positions are accepted by Mrs. Beers in January, and all enthusiastic Saints are encouraged to apply.


ARTS ARTS PROGRAMS Art and music are gifts that bring beauty to our lives. At NDP we offer classes in performing arts, visual arts and poetry. We celebrate them all twice a year at our Winter and Spring Fine Arts Festivals. Individually, the groups compete in local and regional festivals and perform acts of charity for those who are sick or students who may not otherwise have access to music, song, dance or art. In performing arts we offer choir, jazz ensemble, guitar orchestra, drama, dance and poetry. Some of our students have enjoyed the experience of recording in college studios and on stage at Diocesan events. Visual arts is comprised of drawing, painting, pottery/ceramics and mosaic disciplines. Our arts programs have earned local, regional and national acclaim. Read more at Keep an eye out for the following arts events: Drama Escape Day Fall Drama Program Winter and Spring Fine Arts Festivals Drama Musical Senior-Directed One-Act Plays

DIGITAL VIDEO Our award-winning digital media programs offer students photography, broadcast and video production experience with opportunities both in front of and behind the camera. Read more at


ATHLETICS ATHLETICS More than 80% of our students participate in AIA athletics or NDP club sports. We offer 29 different sports and have won 47 team state championships and counting! NDP ensures a quality athletic program for all student athletes in a Christian atmosphere. For more information about our athletics programs including our Athlete Handbook, facility locations and our statement on sportsmanship, go to All athletic team participants and students taking PE are required to create an account and fill out clearance forms at arizona. This task must be completed to be cleared for class participation, as well as prior to the first tryout for athletes. You can find access to our clearance packet and the AIA brain book on our website at




Fall sports tryouts begin August 12 (except football)

Winter sports tryouts begin November 4 (except Spiritline)

Spring sports tryouts begin February 10

Football (July 29) Girls Volleyball Boys & Girls Golf Cross Country (co-ed) Boys & Girls Swim Boys & Girls Dive Freshman Boys & Girls Tennis

Wrestling Boys & Girls Basketball Boys & Girls Soccer Hockey Spiritline Cheer & Pom


Baseball Softball Boys & Girls Tennis Track & Field (co-ed) Boys & Girls Lacrosse Boys Volleyball Girls Beach Volleyball


Effective communication is vital for a successful NDP experience for you and your student. There is always a lot happening at Notre Dame Prep and we want you to be in-the-know at all times. Please make sure that your email addresses and phone numbers are accurate and current with our registrar’s office. Contact to keep your contact information up-to-date for our communications team.


Download our free app: Use this link for Android phones http://ow.lyAtbD50hCWEa Use this link for Apple iPhones Provides quick access to important links; everything you need to know about NDP at your fingertips. App subscribers will receive “push notifications” such as reminders or alerts


Our new website is your primary resource for information about our school. Check it out at and explore: There are two tabs that are designed with you mind: Quicklinks and MyNDP Passkey may be required for added security; please do not share this passkey with those outside our community News about students, alumni and the school School calendar and reminders, athletics and co-curricular schedules Event registration, donation processing Access to school handbook, course description guide, communications


Emailed to parents every Tuesday afternoon. Important academic reminders, student activities information and advancement news If you do not receive our newsletter, please add to your contact list in your email account or visit our website at to read it online.


Emailed to moms each month with news specific to Mothers’ Guild Emailed to dads each month with news specific to Dads’ Club


Urgent alerts Last minute reminders that cannot wait until the next newsletter Please make sure your cell phone numbers are updated with the school registrar.



Social Media is used to get information out quickly to our entire community. Like us and stay informed.

@ndpsaints (select “follow”)

If you have news to share about your NDP student, social media is a great way to share. Please contact us at


Emailed monthly to all parents Contains news about important issues facing our school community straight from the principal or other school administrators


Important academic-related letters from the principal, assistant principal or deans Announcements regarding grades and transcripts “Can’t-wait” news about student activities or urgent school information


The Seraphim is our student-written online newspaper. Read school news written by our journalism students at


Produced and broadcasted weekly by students in NDP Live! In an entertaining fashion, students breakdown the current events on campus Shown each Thursday during House Time Anyone can see these videos at


To help students build self-advocacy skills, the first line of communication should always be between the student and the teacher Parents may contact the teacher directly; all teachers can be reached via email. Then, please communicate with the Department Chair or your child’s counselor if the situation is not resolved Finally, please contact the Assistant Principal for Academics at Parents should not contact administration until after the chain of communication has been exhausted.


Should a concern arise during an athletic season, the procedure listed below should be followed: The student athlete (not the parent) should advocate for themselves and speak directly with his or her Coach. If further clarification is required the parent should then contact the coach. It is advised that no contact between parent and coach be made until at least the day after the incident/event in question – (24 hour rule). If the issue remains unresolved, the parent should then communicate his/her concern with the Athletic Director at Parents should not contact administration if the chain of communication has not taken place.


ONLINE TOOLS The following online tools are available to our parents and students on our website in the parent and student portals under the MyNDP tab. Links for all these tools are available on our mobile app too.

CANVAS Learning Management System Teachers post course assignments, calendars, quizzes, tests, grades and comments Parents log-in using student’s name and password to create a parent observer account Daily school announcements are posted regularly in this system

POWERSCHOOL Student Information System Parents can track student’s attendance, schedule, credit, and GPA To generate transcripts, email Access this information at

BLACKBAUD Enrollment System Used for Registration and Re-enrollment Captures parent and student contact information in addition to emergency information and carpool interest Contains permission field to include your family contact information in the Mothers’ Guild all school directory View and update your data at


SMART TUITION Payment Management System Allows parents to pay for tuition, fees, parking permits, banquets and more Sign in at

NAVIANCE College Tracker A tool for teachers and counselors to upload recommendation letters Allows parents and students to research colleges and universities, scholarship opportunities and summer programs at colleges and universities Counselors submit transcripts to colleges electronically through Naviance



Christian Service Hours Claimed and Recorded Christian service opportunities are posted here Students may sign up to volunteer on x2Vol to sign-up for service, record hours and monitor their service history Administrators accept, deny and track Christian service hours


Lunch and Meal Plan Payment

Parents load student ID cards with funds for lunch and snack to keep our campus cash-less Card reload link is found under Quicklinks of our website or



VOLUNTEERS At Notre Dame Prep, the partnership between NDP faculty, staff and parents is vital to the growth and success of our students and institution. We invite parents to volunteer, join our parent associations and give generously of their time, talent and treasure. Together we will advance our mission and vision.


All parent volunteers must attend one Safe Environment Training (SET) class or annually renew their SET training to be cleared to work on campus through the Diocese of Phoenix. Classes and renewals must be taken after July 1, 2019. Please read this letter from the Diocese of Phoenix First-timers must attend a class either here at NDP or at a location near you. Locations can be found on the Diocese of Phoenix website at Here are the dates for SET on our campus in the cafeteria:

Wednesday, July 24 |1 - 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 6 |1 - 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20 |4- 5:30 pm.

The Diocese of Phoenix offers annual renewal of Safe Environment Training through a brief online course accessible at



For the safety of all on campus all parent volunteers and visitors to campus MUST sign in and out with our LobbyGuard kiosk at the front desk. There are no exceptions.


Mothers’ Guild and Dads’ Club serve as the vehicles for parents to enter into the NDP experience and share in the fun and friendship of our community. Through these organizations, parents volunteer, socialize, pray, hike and engage in the life of the school. For more information visit


Parent volunteers provide leadership as well as staffing for the Saints’ Store, Scrip sales, football game water sales, used uniform sales, daily snack sales and lunch coverage for our receptionists and administrative assistants. Contact Georgie Hanlin at for more information.


The Advancement Office utilizes parent volunteers for our annual fundraising and community-building events including Culinary Festival, Golf Tournament, Alumni Tailgate and Auction and Fashion Show. Please contact Heather Weurding at for more information.


Parents are invited to share their strengths by serving on various boards including Advisory School Board, Mothers’ Guild Executive Board, Dads’ Club Executive Board, Saints’ Fund Class Chairs, Alumni Association and other ad hoc committees. Contact Lyric Naquin at to discuss how you can help.



Each year Notre Dame Prep relies on the generosity of donors not only to ensure that we meet the needs of our school today, but also to anticipate the demands of the future. Each gift, no matter the size, is truly appreciated.

THE SAINTS FUND The Saints Fund, is our top fundraising priority annually. It provides unrestricted, current-use dollars that directly impact all students. The Saints Fund defines the breadth and depth of our educational and co-curricular programs while giving NDP the flexibility to address immediate school needs. A robust Saints Fund allows us to enhance programs and address our current institutional priorities. We ask for 100% participation from our NDP families. Please visit to make your gift today.

ADVERTISE WITH NDP Business owners have plenty of opportunities to advertise to loyal constituents through NDP. Our community supports one another and Notre Dame Prep has several ways to reach potential customers from scoreboard commercials to print ads and much more. Our Media Kit lists all the opportunities for the 2019-20 school year. View it at

SPONSORSHIPS AND UNDERWRITING At NDP there many opportunities for you to support the school while promoting your brand. Event sponsorship and underwriting opportunities are available at all levels and include substantial recognition and benefits. Visit to view the 2019-20 sponsorship packet.

SCRIP TUITION REBATE PROGRAM Our Scrip tuition rebate initiative is a 24/7, 365 days of year program simply done by managing your everyday purchases through Scrip’s various tools. You earn rebates with half applied to your student’s tuition and half applied to NDP’s Tuition Assistance Fund. Start with our program where you can shop any time, anywhere. Enrollment code is 54F2FD631LL1L. Visit the Saints’ Store to learn more and also purchase gift cards. Store hours and additional information can be found at


MARDI GRAS DAY OF GIVING Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is a special day at NDP. Our NDP Live! Club hosts an all-day live-stream-a-thon to raise as much money in one day as possible. Their 12-hour broadcast is full of fun contests, fundraising updates and testimonies about the many ways NDP has impacted the lives of parents, alumni and current students. It is the day before Lent begins and we ask our entire community to #giveitup4NDP and make a donation. All proceeds are added to Saints’ Fund for tuition assistance and urgent school priorities.

ARIZONA PRIVATE SCHOOL TAX CREDIT Redirect your tax dollars to help make an NDP education affordable for all at No Cost to You! ITC - The individual tax credit, for those filing single or joint returns, is a dollar for dollar match of your tax liability (amount restrictions apply). Simply go to the Catholic Education Arizona website ( to fill out the forms and a portion of your tax dollars will be directed to CEA. Remember to designate Notre Dame Prep as the school to which you want your tax dollars directed. The deadline to file is April 15. CTC - The corporate tax credit can direct 100% of your company’s tax liability to Notre Dame Prep, provided the company files an AZ 120, 120A or 120S form. We hope you will choose CEA and designate Notre Dame Prep. In turn, CEA will use the tax dollars to distribute scholarships to our students with a demonstrated need. The deadline to file is June 30. Contact Georgie Hanlin at with questions.

PLANNED GIVING, ENDOWMENTS Interested in other forms of charitable giving including appreciated stocks and securities, will bequests and trusts? Contact Maria Aldrich at to discuss tax-advantageous strategies to achieve your charitable goals.


FUNDRAISING EVENTS The NDP Advancement Department supports four major fundraising events each year. These evenings are well attended and provide an opportunity for friends, neighbors, business associates, and relatives to get to know our NDP community. The revenue generated from these events is a key factor in achieving our fundraising goals. Not only do the funds raised help bridge the gap between tuition fees and the actual cost to educate, but most recently, we were able to complete a number of campus beautification projects, improve campus safety and update our technology.

CULINARY FEST | NOVEMBER 9 Favorite restaurants from all over the Valley bring their culinary delights to this fabulous dining extravaganza under the stars on the NDP campus. This 21+ event is casual and features adult beverages, a silent auction and much more! Go to

18TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT | DECEMBER 4 Scottsdale in December is the perfect time for a round of golf at the gorgeous Troon North Golf Course. Our annual “best-ball” scramble format golf tournament is designed for golfers of all abilities. We host a continental breakfast, sack lunch and awards dinner. There are fun games, a silent auction and putting contest for added excitement. Organize a foursome or come as a single, but join us for a great day on the links. For more information

CASINO NIGHT | FEBRUARY 22 Dads’ Club organized the 1st Annual NDP Casino Night last year complete with live music, food, drinks, cigars and of course Vegas-style gaming. We encourage parents to bring their friends for a night of winning for NDP! The 21+ evening is full of fun and excitement for our community and beyond.

ANNUAL AUCTION AND FASHION SHOW | MAY 9 The Auction and Fashion Show is our largest fundraiser of the year and gives our entire community a night of good times and glamour while supporting our mission. After a fastpaced auction and dinner, we partner with Dillard’s at Fashion Square to put on a spring fashion show, featuring our seniors as the models! It’s a wonderful tradition at NDP with fun for parents from all grade levels. Go to for more information. If you would like to know more about any of our FUNdraising events, please contact Heather Weurding, assistant director for special events and outreach at 480-634-8284 or visit


ADVANCING OUR CATHOLIC MISSION Thanks to the generosity of a group of families in our community, Notre Dame Prep is poised to begin construction of a flexible blackbox theater and much needed classroom space. We anticipate construction to begin late Fall of 2019 with the facility opening August 2020.

THE PROJECT This 22,000 square foot facility will have a tremendous impact on the entire student experience at NDP and will provide our community with the following opportunities: Academic space to support theater, instrumental, choral, and digital video programs Expansion of the performing arts curriculum to include theater tech and stage design Gathering space for large community events, including Mass, Christian service activities, lectures, parent gatherings, House meetings, and events This new building is Phase I of our three-phase campus build-out. The total cost for the flexible blackbox theater and additional classrooms is $6.5 million. As of June 2019, we have raised approximately $4.3 million toward our goal. We are grateful for the leadership and support received thus far and welcome the participation of other families to move this project forward. As soon as the funds are secured for Phase I, we anticipate moving quickly to address other needs, including the completion of the Stadium Complex, STEM classrooms, and the construction of “Saints Hall� to accommodate in-door dining and large gatherings, among other priorities. If your family would like to help with this project by making a commitment, please contact Maria Aldrich, Director of Capital Campaigns and Major Gifts at 480-634-8247 or






24 | Safe Environment Training 29 | Football Practice Begins 30 | Senior Parking Lot Painting 30 | Used Uniform Sale

3 | All-School Mass 5 | Dads’ Club Meat-Up BBQ 8 | All-School House Retreat 8 | Sophomore Overnight Retreat 11 | Virtual School Day 11 | Educators Day 11 | Jr. High Night 14 | Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences 14 | Used Uniform Sale 16 | National Testing Day - Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Classes 16 | Christian Service Day 17-20 | 1Mission Trip 18 | Mothers’ Guild Senior Celebration Day 19 | Dads’ Club Campus Beautification 21-25 | Fall Break - School Closed 31 | Halloween


5 | Senior Parking Lot Painting (make up) 5 | School ID Photo Day All Returning Students 6 | Freshmen and Transfer Students/Parents Orientation 6 | School ID Photo Day Freshmen and Transfer Students 6 | Safe Environment Training 7 | First Day of School Early Release 8 | Mothers’ Guild Housewarming Party 12 | Fall Sports Practices Begin (Except Football) 13 | Dads’ Club Member Meeting 14 | Mothers’ Guild New Moms Morning Mixer 15 | All-School Mass 17 | Freshman Connection 20 | Safe Environment Training 20 | Back-to-School Night, Meet the Teachers 28 | Mothers’ Guild Member Luncheon 29 | School Photo Retakes


1 | All-School Mass 2 | Communion Breakfast 2 | Catholic Schools Office Night of Hope 4 | Winter Sports Practices Begin 9 | Culinary Festival 12 | Blood Drive 14 | Eucharistic Procession 15 | Virtual School Day 15 | 8th Grade Day 15-16 | Senior Photo Make-Up Days 19-22 | Kairos Retreat 26 | Grandparents Lunch 27-29 | Thanksgiving Break - School Closed 28 | Bemis Bowl


2 | Labor Day, No School 5 | All-School Mass 5 | Freshman Parent Information Night 10 | Dads’ Club Member Meeting 17-20 | Kairos Retreat 17 | School Photo Retakes 20 | Kino Border Trip 23-27 | Homecoming Week 27 | Alumni Homecoming Tailgate 28 | Homecoming Dance


2 | Christian Service Hours Due 3 | Reconciliation 4 | NDP Golf Tournament 9-13 | Christmas Spirit Week 11 | Fine Arts Festival 12 | All-School Mass 18-20 | 1st Semester Finals, Early Release 23-31 | Christmas Break, No School





1-3 | New Year’s Break, No School 6 | First Day of Second Semester 13-17 | Kairos Retreat 20 | MLK Jr. Day, No School 22 | Mothers’ Guild Member Luncheon 23-25 | March For Life, San Francisco 27-31 | Catholic Schools Week 30 | All-School Mass 31 | Teacher/Student/Staff Appreciation BBQ 31 | Kino Border Trip

1-2 | Senior Capstones 3 | Stations of the Cross, Freshmen 6 | Senior Christian Service Hours Due 9 | Holy Thursday - Half Day 10 | Good Friday - School Closed 13 | Easter Monday - School Closed 14-17 | Kairos Retreat 20-24 | Spirit Week 21 | Blood Drive 23 | All-School Mass of Transition 24 | Mr. NDP 24 | Neon Dance Party 27 | Senior Awards Night 29 | Spring Fine Arts Festival 30 | House Awards Assembly 30 | Mothers’ Guild Spring House Party


1 | HopeKids Day 1 | Practice ACT 4-5 | Senior Girls Overnight Retreat 6 | Mothers’ Guild Senior 100-Day Celebration 6-9 | 1Mission Trip 10 | Spring Sports Practices Begin 14 | Virtual Day - Office Closed 17 | Presidents Day, No School 22 | Dads’ Club Casino Night 25 | Mardi Gras Day of Giving 26 | Ash Wednesday, All-School Mass 27-28 | Senior Moms Retreat 28 | Stations of the Cross, Seniors


1 | Kino Border Trip 1 | Senior Picnic 4 | Underclass Christian Service Hours Due 5 | May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary 9 | Auction and Fashion Show 4-15 | AP Exams 11-13 | Senior Finals 12 | Mothers’ Guild End-of-Year Luncheon 13 | Baccalaureate Mass 14 | Class of 2020 Graduation 14 | Class of 2020 Project Grad 20-22 | Final Exams, Early Release 22 | Last Day of School


5-8 | Kairos Retreat 9-13 | Spring Break 18 | Used Uniform Sale 18 | New Saints Family BBQ Class of 2024 19 | All-School Mass 20 | Stations of the Cross, Juniors 26 | Eucharistic Procession 27 | Stations of the Cross, Sophomores

We will make every effort to avoid date changes, but sometimes it may be necessary. We will alert you to date changes via our website calendar, app notifications and our parent newsletter. For these dates and more, visit The passkey is gosaints. Use the following icons to: SET ALERTS






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Saints 101: 2019-20  

NDP's Information Guide for Families

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