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Pharma & Biotech ANNUAL REPORT




Delivering value thru innovation. ND Pharma & Biotech brings to the market a unique mix of diversified research and innovation, leading healthcare business together in one growthfocused, successful company, owned and manged as a family based. We built our portfolios targeting and addressing customer´s needs around the globe.

Important information for readers of this Annual Report. Use of terms In this Annual Report, unless the context otherwise requires, ‘ND Pharma & Biotech’, ‘the company’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to ND Pharma & Biotech and its consolidated entities. This Annual Report is also available on our website. Statements of dates Except as otherwise stated, references to days and/or months in this Annual Report are references to days and/or months in 2013. Directors’ Report: The following sections make up the Directors’ Report, which has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006, and may be encountered within the Directors´Report on preparation.

quirements; our ability to protect our intellectual property rights, and have sufficient rights to market our products and services, and the cost of doing so; problems with our manufacturing processes and our reliance on third parties; the risks of doing business internationally; failure to execute our growth initiatives; charges and other costs relating to our properties; fluctuations in our effective tax rate; our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel; fluctuations in our operating results; the market, interest and credit risks associated with our portfolio of marketable shares; environmental risks; change of control provisions in our collaborations; and the other risks and uncertainties that are described in the Risk Factors section of our most recent annual report (c)4 2013 and in other reports we have. These statements are based on our current beliefs and expectations and speak only as of December, 5, 2013. We do not undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements.

· Shareholder Information

NOTE REGARDING TRADEMARKS: PRESERFOOD®, ALKIOW®, GLAICE®, NOOPEPTIL®, KANGEN®, and ECOEFF® are registered trademarks of ND Pharma & Biotech Co. and/or its subsidiaries. Other marks as our branded ACARISINTM, STERILFOODTM, and INOFISHTM and many others conforming our branded product portfolio, are trademarks and/or fantasy names property of our company and/or its subsidiaries covered under IP. Despite this facts, it may be possible to change nomenclature to any of our products due to certian expected and/or unexpected reasons.

· Corporate Information

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Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements and Safe-harbor Policy: This annual report contains forward-looking statements, including statements about our 2013 goals, growth prospects and strategies, regulatory filings and agency actions, product launch plans, the anticipated development of and data readouts from programs in our clinical pipeline, and the expectation and anticipated benefits of our collaboration and research efforts. These forward-looking statements may be accompanied by such words as “anticipate,” “believe,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “forecast,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “potential,” “project,” “target,” “will” and other words and terms of similar meaning. You should not place undue reliance on these statements. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those reflected in such statements, including our dependence on our principal products, uncertainty of success in executing our commercial launch ofnew products and agreements with certain partners and/or would be partners uncertainty of success in commercializing other product candidates; product competition; occurrence of adverse safety events with our products; changes in the availability of reimbursement for our products; adverse market and economic conditions; our dependence on collaborations and other third parties over which we may not always have full control; failure to comply with government regulation and legal and regulatory re-

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(C) ND Pharma & Biotech 2013. 2


World in our hands

ND Pharma & Biotech


Dear friend, customer, investor or prospective:


                Every other day our universe is expanding. We are growing


210 M£

continuously, in an ever expanding circle, improving for you, our brands, our products, our research, with the same drive, motivation and illusion that let us to reach this point of success and implementation of our philosophy of service and clean behaviour with our customers. The ND Pharma & Biotech family is growing


also in different aspects and directions, so this growing were nearby impossible to

510 M£

be reflected just on a website, flyer or catalogue. This is why we create different


thematic websites, because we want to share with what we are and what we´re doing in a more informational, illustrative and commercial manner, showing and sharing new and more advanced points of interest for you, thru the open


exposition of our corporate websites and pages.


Our science connects us to people and communities everywhere. Behind ND


Pharma & Biotech science are our cooperators, scientists, associated centers,

ND Pharma & Biotech

laboratories, partners, researcher teams, suppliers, employees and a number of


anonymous people helping us to reach our objectives, who go to work every day 4

with the goal of strengthening the connections that allow us to

research, development and innovation, to make life better, as it´s

develop and deliver products, from API´s to branded, from animal


care to human medicines to all those that are in need. We rely on our Board of Directors and Scientific Advisers to provide oversight and guidance as we work to achieve our vision.This is why we call to all of them Consultants. Like many of our industry peers, we continue to navigate the obstacles posed by the external global economic environment. In the face of those challenges, we made tremendous progress in 2013 and we look ahead to exciting milestones that will drive our business in 2014 and well beyond. We expect an increase of capital from our actual numbers to a 30% more in the next two yeas thanks to our portfolio estimated value that is increasisng substantially at every step. If allowed, we will issue a number of shares at the end of 2015.

On behalf of the ND Pharma & Biotech family let me invite you to explore our world, the ND World, a complete universe of science, research and innovation designed to serve you, and of course, to make life better, as our mission prays. So please, feel free to browse and surf over our different sites, hosting and microsites, as well as within this pages and let us to be part of our life also. You deserve and we worth it. If you may have any query or question arising, please feel free of contacting us, myself and the dedicated team of professionals thar every day, with their efforts are making of this company, the best ever place to work. Sincerely Yours.

Over the long term, and centered in the pharma-business we believe the most valuable way to sustain and build value is to continue focusing on our science – the science that drives us to identify novel therapies in areas of unmet medical need, best characterize the profile of our existing products and communicate the value our products and future medications will have to society.

Jess P. Harford, CEO ND Pharma & Biotech Co. Ltd.

As we move ahead together, I thank you for your interest in ND Pharma & Biotech and your shared commitment to excellence in


products suitable for health protection

product or service provided. Most

and wellnes promotion for people

products are marketed primarily through

everywhere, decreasing dependence on

the company's sales force, although in

toxic chemicals and protecting life and

some regions, more emphasis is placed

t h e e n v i ro n m e n t . O u r s y s t e m o f

on sales through distributors. The

collaborative and cooperative work let us

company utilizes numerous suppliers as

to count a total worldwide employment

well as internal sources to supply a wide

ND Pharma & Biotech Company Limited

at December 31, of 53 direct and 300

range of raw materials, energy, supplies,

brings world-class science and products

(mostly indirect) people. The company

services and equipment. To ensure

to the global marketplace in the form of

has operations in a number of countries

availability, the company maintains

innovative products, materials and

worldwide and about 60 percent of

multiple sources for many raw materials.

services. The company believes that by

consolidated net sales are made to

Large volume purchases are generally

collaborating with customers,

customers within the EU actually.

procured under competitively priced

The Company ND Pharma & Biotech Co. was founded in 2009 and was incorporated in England and Wales in 2012 as a company limited by shares with a total shares amount of 210.000.100 of 1 GBP each one.

governments, non-gov-organizations and thought leaders it can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing solutions for certain medical and health conditions society has to deal now, improvement of pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, API´s, intermediates, reagents, and rare chemicals, trading products, fine and non poisonous ingredients, and many more products, in order to let manufacturers and industry sectors to ellaborate healthy foods, beverages, medicines, and many other

Subsidiaries and aďŹƒliates of ND Pharma

supply contracts.

& Biotech Co., conduct manufacturing, production or selling activities and some are distributors of products manufactured by the company. As a science and technology based company, ND Pharma & Biotech competes on a variety of factors such as product quality and performance or specifications, continuity of supply, price, customer service and breadth of product line, depending on the characteristics of the particular market involved and the

Our Business ND Pharma & Biotech Company Limited. (ND Pharma, the Company, we or us), is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical needs and operate and conduct businesses 6

many other fields and sectors, most of

industry processes and fields from

them related to human health as food,

health to nutrition or crop protection.

nutrition, biosciences, neurosciences, etc. In the Bio-Pharmaceutical sector, as example, and with each new discovery and experimental drug candidate, we seek to improve the care of patients suering from life-threatening diseases around the world. Headquartered in the U.K., we have

Business Segments The company's reportable segments are R+D+i, Communications, Industrial Biosciences, Food, Nutrition & Health, Performance Chemicals, Performance Materials, Safety & Protection, BioPharmaceuticals, Pharmacy, Health & Medicine, Public Health, Consumer Brands, and Innovation Management.

operations in North and Latin America,

The company includes certain embryonic

Europe and Asia. We continue to add

businesses not included in the reportable

to our existing portfolio of products

segments, such as pre-commercial

through our internal discovery and

programs, and nonaligned businesses as

clinical development programs and

Stem Cell Technology, and some start-up

through a product acquisition and in-

projects non-consolidated.

licensing strategy.

As the world's population grows and the

During our short existence we have launched a number of products, technologies and brands that are re v o l u t i o n i z i n g c e r t a i n s p e c i fi c

middle class expands, the need for crops for animal feed, food, biofuels and industrial uses continues to increase. The business competes with other fields and sectors as it usually happens within biotechnology companies.

Backlog In general, the company does not manufacture its products against a backlog of orders and does not consider backlog to be a significant indicator of the level of future sales activity. Production and inventory levels are based on the level of incoming orders as well as projections of future demand. Therefore, the company believes that backlog information is not material to understanding its overall business and should not be considered a reliable indicator of the company's ability to achieve any particular level of revenue or financial performance. Intellectual Property ND Pharma & Biotech believes that its intellectual property estate provides it with an important competitive advantage. It has an established global network of attorneys, agents and experts as well as branding, advertising and licensing professionals, to procure, 7

maintain, protect, enhance and gain

of total portfolio is situated around the

will continue to be important to ND

value from this estate.

750 Mâ‚Ź, at the end of December 2013.

Pharma & Biotech and its competitors.

The company has access to a large

Trade secrets are an important element

patent portfolio, both owned and

of the company's intellectual property.

licensed. These definite-lived patents

Many of the processes used to make ND

cover many products, processes and

Pharma & Biotech products are kept as

product uses.

trade secrets which, from time to time,

These patents protect many aspects of the company's significant research programs and the goods and services it sells. The actual protection aorded by these patents varies from country to country and depends upon the scope of coverage of each individual patent as well as the availability of legal remedies in each country. ND Pharma & Biotech Co, has accounted practically the total amount of its statement of capital on the estimated value of IP rights and other applicable rights under its patents and licenses, as well as the products made

may be licensed to third parties. ND Pharma & Biotech vigilantly protects all of its intellectual property including its trade secrets. When the Company discovers that its trade secrets have been unlawfully taken, it reports the matter to governmental authorities for investigation and potential criminal action, as appropriate. In addition, the company takes measures to mitigate any potential impact, which may include civil actions seeking redress, restitution and/ or damages based on loss to the company and/or unjust enrichment.

The environment in which Company competes is characterized by the use among competitors of intellectual property rights, including patent lawsuits, to gain advantage in commercial markets. In support of its business, ND Pharma & Biotech Co. continues to build a large collection of intellectual property rights related to biotechnology and other fields and sectors where the company operates and to license technology from others, including competitors. ND Pharma & Biotech Co., endeavors to obtain such licenses on commercially reasonable terms. Research and Development The company conducts research at either dedicated research facilities or manufacturing plants. There are eleven

and sold under them, that are important

Ownership of and access to intellectual

major research locations in the U.S. &

to the company as a whole, and to

property rights, particularly those relating

Canada, The United Kingdom, Spain and

varying degrees, important to each

to biotechnology and innovations in

Asia (Japan). Reflecting the company's

reportable segment. The estimated value

food, nutrition, ingredient´s health, etc. ,

global interests, research locations are 8

located in the Asia Pacific region, in

products and processes. Each segment

not dependent upon the outcome of any

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

of the company funds research and

single research program.

region and one major location is located

development activities that support its

in Latin America.

business mission. The company is

Research is the main activity of our Company, that is purported thru ND Innovation (a wholly owned subsidiary of ND Pharma & Biotech Co.)

expanding its offerings addressing safety, environment, energy and climate challenges in the global marketplace by

The senior research management is leaded by the Chief Scientiic Officer, that is also a member of the Board. Competition

developing and commercializing re n e w a b l e , b i o - b a s e d m a t e r i a l s ;

Our marketed products target a number

The company has a number of unique

advanced biofuels; energy-efficient

of areas. There are many commercially

trademarks for its products and services

technologies; enhanced safety and

available products from ND Pharma &

and holds also a number of registrations

protection products; and alternative

Biotech Co,, as well as many brands and

for these trademarks worldwide.

energy products and technologies as

third party´s products improved thru our

well as real innovations in about all

innovations or incorporating such. Many

Ownership rights in trademarks do not

sectors and fields where the company

companies and institutions are making

expire if the trademarks are continued in

isoperating actually. The goals are tied

substantial investments in developing

use and properly protected. The

directly to business growth, including

additional products to re-sahpe,

company has many trademarks that

increasing food production, increasing

i m p ro v e , t o t a l l y c h a n g e a n d re -

have significant recognition at the

renewable sources for energy and raw

positioning their own brands and

consumer retail level and/or business to

materials, and providing greater safety

products thamks to our developments.

business level.

and protection for people and the

Our products compete with other

environment. All research and

available products based primarily on

development activities are administered

efficacy; safety; tolerability; acceptance

by senior research and development

by consumers, industry, producers,

management to ensure consistency with

processors, and many others; ease of

the business and corporate strategy so

patient compliance; patent protection;

therefore the future of the company is

ease of use; price;

The objectives of the company's research and development programs are to create new technologies, processes and business opportunities in relevant fields, as well as to improve existing

distribution and 9


We developed an strategyc

that govern the manufacture, sale,

patent that prevents us from using

competition based on some of our

distribution and/or marketing of our

technology we create.

unrivalled products and brands.

products in various territories worldwide,

Collaborative Relationships

we entered in some quite interesting commercial collaborations with those

As part of our business strategy, we

that are most significant to us from a

establish collaborations with other

financial statement perspective and

companies, universities and medical

where significant ongoing collaboration

research institutions to assist in the

activity exists.

clinical development and/or commercialization of certain of our products and product candidates and to provide support for our research programs. We also evaluate opportunities for acquiring products or rights to products and technologies that are complementary to our business from

Some of our existing partners are listed within our websites and commercial micro-sites that can be accessed thru

As part of our business strategy, we actively seek patent protection both in the United States and internationally and file additional patent applications, when appropriate, to cover improvements in our compounds, products and technology. We also rely on trade secrets, internal know-how, technological innovations and agreements with third parties to develop, maintain and protect our

Patent Protection and Certain

competitive position. Our ability to be

Challenges relative to medicines,

competitive will depend on the success

health products, and related

of this strategy.


Patents covering the active

other companies, universities and

Patents and other proprietary rights are

pharmaceutical ingredients of some of

medical research institutions,

very important to our business. If we

our developments are held by third

technological centers and other

have a properly drafted and enforceable

parties. We acquired exclusive rights to

research-based companies.

patent, it can be more diďŹƒcult for our

these patents in the agreements we have

competitors to use our technology to

with these parties.

Commercial Collaborations Although we currently have a number of collaborations with corporate partners

create competitive products and more diďŹƒcult for our competitors to obtain a

Patents do not cover the total developments we´ve made and those we 10

are discovering. When this happens we

It is also very important that we do not

However, the existence of issued patents

cover formulations of this compounds

infringe the valid patents or proprietary

does not guarantee our right to practice

and also protect such formulations

rights of others and that we do not

the patented technology and/or

through trade secrets.

violate the agreements that grant

commercialize the patented product.

We may obtain patents for certain

proprietary rights to us.

Third parties may have or obtain rights to

products many years before marketing

If we do infringe valid patents or violate

patents which they may claim could be

approval is obtained for those products.

these agreements, we may be prevented

used to prevent or attempt to prevent us

from commercializing products or from

from commercializing the patented

using the processes covered by those

product candidates obtained from the

patents or agreements, or may be


Because patents have a limited life, which may begin to run prior to the commercial sale of the related product, the commercial value of the patent may be limited. However, we may be able to apply for patent term extensions and

required to obtain a license from third parties to allow us to use their technology.

We are aware of patents and patent applications owned by other parties that might be alleged to cover the use of

other many forms of IP rights protection

We may be unable to obtain alternative

certain products that were developed by

a s s u p p l e m e n t a r y c e r t i fi c a t e s o r

technologies or any required license on

us, somtimes prior to Company

supplementary protection certificates on

reasonable terms or at all.

formation and regularization, protection

many of our products that have been granted in the United States and in a number of European countries, compensating in part for delays in obtaining marketing approvals. Similar patent term extensions may be available for other products that we are developing, but we cannot be certain we will obtain them in some countries.

If we fail to obtain these licenses or alternative technologies, we may be unable to develop or commercialize some or all of our products. We own patents that claim for certain molecules as a chemical entity (CE´s) and its metabolites.

and/or reconciliation with our own developments, molecules, chemical entities and discoveries. If these other parties are successful in obtaining valid and enforceable patents, and establishing our infringement of those patents, we could be prevented from selling some of those molecules unless we were able to obtain a license 11

under such patents. If any license is

in interference/derivation proceedings or

needed it may not be available on

litigation to determine the right to a

commercially reasonable terms or at all.

patent. Litigation and interference/

ND Pharma & Biotech (as successor to PharmaCot Health Technologies) is a party to a collaboration agreement with some existing companies as IBT Chicago or the most recent OLT, Denver. B e c a u s e p a t e n t a p p l i c a t i o n s a re confidential for a period of time until a patent is issued, we may not know if our c o m p e t i t o r s h a v e fi l e d p a t e n t applications for technology covered by our pending applications or if we were the first to invent or first to file an application directed toward the

derivation proceedings are unpredictable and expensive, such that, even if we are ultimately successful, our results of operations may be adversely aected by such events. Patents relating to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology products, compounds and processes such as those that cover our existing compounds, products and processes and those that we will likely file in the future, do not always provide complete or adequate protection.

technology that is the subject of our

Future litigation or re-examination

patent applications.

proceedings regarding the enforcement

Competitors may have filed patent applications or received patents and may obtain additional patents and proprietary rights that block or compete with our products. In addition, if competitors file patent applications covering our technology, we may have to participate

Manufacturing and Raw Materials Our manufacturing strategy is to contract with third parties to manufacture the majority of our active pharmaceutical ingredients and solid dose products. We also rely on our corporate partners to manufacture certain of our products. These include food & nutrition formulas, compounds, etc. Additionally, we own or lease manufacturing facilities where we manufacture certain products and active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical and commercial uses as well as a pilot plant where we manufacture the vast majority of our pre-packed/ready-to-go products and samples under higher standards.

or validity of our existing patents or any

Manufacturing of our Products

future patents could invalidate our

We contract with third parties to

patents or substantially reduce their protection. From time to time, certain individuals or entities may challenge our patents, what constitutes also a risk factor to our company.

manufacture certain products for clinical and commercial purposes including some of our trademarks from PreserFood TM to Noopeptil TM.


We use multiple third-party contract

and to manufacture sufficient quantities

To the extent these risks materialize and

manufacturers to manufacture some of

of any product that is approved for

affect their performance obligations to

our API´s. We rely on a single third-party

commercial sale. If we are unable to

us, our financial results may be adversely

manufacturer to manufacture some of

develop manufacturing capabilities


our StarBranded® products and some

internally or contract for large scale

others under the “SOL” TERMINATION

manufacturing with third parties on


acceptable terms for our future products,

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the active pharmaceutical ingredients that we sell under our SpeciBrands® within a certified premises throughout a subsidiary company that is fully operated by ND Pharma & Biotech.

our ability to conduct large scale clinical trials and meet customer demand for commercial products will be adversely affected. Third-party Manufacturers

We believe the technology we use to manufacture our products is proprietary. For products manufactured by our thirdparty contract manufacturers, we have disclosed all necessary aspects of this technology to enable them to manufacture the products for us. We have agreements with these third-

Our third-party manufacturers and our

party manufacturers that are intended to

We also rely on third-party contract

corporate partners are independent

restrict these manufacturers from using

manufacturers to tablet or capsulate

entities who are subject to their own

or revealing this technology, but we


unique operational and financial risks

cannot be certain that these third-party

which are out of our control.

manufacturers will comply with these

We also have manufacturing agreements with many of our corporate partners. For our future products, we continue to develop additional manufacturing capabilities and establish additional third-party suppliers to manufacture sufficient quantities of our product candidates to undertake clinical trials

I f w e o r a n y o f o u r t h i rd - p a r t y manufacturers or our corporate partners fail to perform as required, this could impair our ability to deliver our products on a timely basis or receive royalties or

restrictions. In addition, these third-party manufacturers could develop their own technology related to the work they perform for us that we may need to manufacture our products.

cause delays in our clinical trials and

We could be required to enter into

applications for regulatory approval.

additional agreements with these thirdparty manufacturers if we want to use 13

that technology ourselves or allow

etc. The company has top compliance

Our worldwide product sales do not

another manufacturer to use that

standadrs and such exigences apply

re fl e c t a n y s i g n i fi c a n t d e g re e o f

technology. The third-party manufacturer

also for other operators and entities


could refuse to allow us to use their

working for us.

technology or could demand terms to use their technology that are not acceptable to us. Regulation of Manufacturing Process The manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products is highly regulated and regulators may shut down manufacturing facilities that they believe do not comply with regulations.

However, our royalty revenues, which

Our manufacturing operations are

represented approximately 3% of our

subject to routine inspections by

total revenues in 2013 are affected by

re g u l a t o r y a g e n c i e s t h a t w e a re

seasonality. For the most part, we

conformed and became resolved without

operate in markets characterized by

any incidences.

short lead times and the absence of

Access to Supplies and Materials

significant backlogs. We do not believe that backlog information is material to

We need access to certain supplies and

our business as a whole, as stated

products to manufacture our products. If

previously within this document.

delivery of material from our suppliers

Government Regulation

We, our third-party manufacturers and

were interrupted for any reason or if we

our corporate partners are subject to

are unable to purchase sufficient

Our operations and activities are subject

current Good Manufacturing Practices,

quantities of raw materials used to

to extensive regulation by numerous

w h i c h a re e x t e n s i v e re g u l a t i o n s

manufacture our products, we may be

government authorities in the United

governing manufacturing processes,

unable to ship certain of our products for

States and other countries. In the United

stability testing, record keeping and

commercial supply or to supply our

States, drugs are subject to rigorous FDA

quality standards as defined by the FDA

product candidates in development for

regulation. The Federal Food, Drug and

and the EMA. and other regulatory

clinical trials.

Cosmetic Act and other federal and state

bodies in different parts of the World. Similar regulations are in effect in other fields and sectors as Food & Nutrition,

Seasonal Operations and Backlog

statutes and regulations govern the testing, manufacture, safety, efficacy, labeling, storage, record keeping, approval, advertising and promotion of 14

our products. As a result of these

involve three separate phases that often

regulations, product development and

overlap, can take many years and are

appears to be effective and safe in

product approval processes are very

very expensive. These three phases,

Phase 2 clinical trials, Phase 3 clinical

expensive and time consuming.

which are subject to considerable

trials are commenced to confirm those

regulation, are as follows:

results. Phase 3 clinical trials are

The FDA must approve a drug before it can be sold in the United States. The

general process for this approval is as

is given to a small number of healthy


human control subjects or patients

Preclinical Testing

Phase 1. The drug candidate

suffering from the indicated disease, to t e s t f o r s a f e t y, d o s e t o l e r a n c e ,

Before we can test a drug candidate in

pharmacokinetics, metabolism,

humans, we must study the drug in

distribution and excretion.

Phase 3. If a drug candidate

conducted over a longer term, involve a significantly larger population, are conducted at numerous sites in different geographic regions and are carefully designed to provide reliable and conclusive data regarding the safety and benefits of a drug candidate. It is not uncommon for a drug candidate that

laboratory experiments and in animals to

appears promising in Phase 2 clinical

generate data to support the drug

trials to fail in the more rigorous and

candidate's potential benefits and safety.

We submit this data to the FDA in an

is given to a limited patient population to

investigational new drug (IND)

determine the effect of the drug

application seeking its approval to test

candidate in treating the disease, the

the compound in humans.

best dose of the drug candidate, and the

Clinical Trials If the FDA accepts the investigational new drug application, the drug candidate can then be studied in human clinical trials to determine if the drug candidate

Phase 2. The drug candidate

extensive Phase 3 clinical trials.

possible side effects and safety risks of the drug candidate. It is not uncommon for a drug candidate that appears promising in Phase 1 clinical trials to fail in the more rigorous Phase 2 clinical trials.

is safe and effective. These clinical trials 15

2014 Advancement

ND Pharma & Biotech

The World in our hands ND Pharma & Biotech is growing every year over any expectation

business trading and economy. Other locations worldwide are

assumed beforehand. We are serving a number of industries,

maintained operatively to serve our customers (existing and

from pharmaceutical to other health and nutrition, food and

prospective) through a net of alliances and agreements with a

beverages, animal nutrition and care, agriculture, as well as other

number of well-reputed and solvent partners and distributors.

industrial sector where we operate and entered with great success. Every day our innovations are being part of the everyday life, improving the quality of products that our clients are offering to the final consumer. Our branded products, active principles, innovative formulas and multi-purpose solutions are used to provide health and wellness solutions to a number of problems and former unresolved questions within different industry sectors from pharmaceutical preparations to alcoholic drinks and

Our Research Centre is also growing and expanding, as it is consistent with our policies of fast-service and high profile innovation.     We´ve divided worldwide operations into five main blocks; The E.M.E.A. (aka Europe, Mid-East & Africa) which represents our main field of operations; The Americas (North, South and Central America including Caribbean), Asia-Pacific and EurAsia (russia and surrounding countries).

beverages industries that are willing to perform better, entering in

We´ve discovered that an increasing large number of countries

a new generation of spirits making them extremely enjoyable

are demanding our expertise, products and services. We are well

social and at the same time, decreasing and limiting the negative

prepared to serve them and willing to do so.

impact such drinks may have on human health. We are headquartered in England, United Kingdom, with Registered Office in Surrey. We´ve moved our administrative headquarters to Central London, the vibrant heart of world 17

AR13 Recognition

ND Pharma & Biotech

President Letter The ending 2013 was an exceptional year to ND Pharma & Biotech. The company reached and unexpected growth in terms of net sales and revenues. Our products are being distributed all over the world. We are opening several sectors with



cutting-edge innovation and developments, so our products and solutions are reaching more and more companies, and therefore more and more people. Our company moved so fast from a biotech start-up to a multinational biopharmaceutical company with lines of development far from imagination and a solid advancing commercial, marketing and sales operative network. The organization is inspired by a number of mottos, all implied in the structured vision and mission that founders and oďŹƒcials traced from the very beginning. All this is not and never would be possible without the help and dedication of all people around our company, from shareholders that took the risk of financing it, to employees, suppliers, agents, distributors, customers and any other one involved with us, in a loop of friends, as we agree to call to all of them, because we consider to every and one, above any other consideration, a FRIEND. This friendly environment is the trademark of our company. We want to be loyal to such inspirational value that moves the world alongside other important values to an industry as our. From the universal love, tender, compassion, understanding, care, to the more dedicated people that make such words something more than simple words, transforming each one into something with great significance 19

throughout their acts and behaviour, our company is willing to

that led us to open 3 new manufacturing centres under

give all those people, enough tools to get some parts of all that

contracting, two of them at two different European member states

done. This is why we invest some of our efforts to advance some

(Spain and Poland) and the third of them in the United States.

of the most complex issues existing within human health, nutrition, food, animal care and the effort we made to alleviate the burden of all the complications imply from an over-chemical world, and the misuse of such chemical machinery to reach a better society, reducing the exposure to certain chemicals, the intake thru processed foods and aliments, and the problems derived from such practices, most of the time largely ignored by regulators, industry operators and consumers. Our performance is commencing with the number of achievements our company reached despite the numerous macroeconomic headwinds, including country-specific economic challenges, currency devaluations and higher raw material prices, that are evolving to a high escalade of rising that seems not to be an end.

We continue to develop our business network with a strong disembarking in certain countries, mainly in Northern Europe an Russian satellite countries, and expanding in a non-stop growing strategy all across Latin-America, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S, in a world-class level performance with hundreds of targeting companies reaching up our products and improving their own with the help of our company. As much as we enjoy sharing our success from the ending year, I am also equally enthusiastic about our prospects for the near future. Our divisional societies, our subsidiaries and all the branches of this company group is performing quite well, so this is why we are attracting other companies to act and serve to us as partners in business development and success sharing. We are establishing strong relationships with third parties and

A few other accomplishments stand out as particularly

companies both within the industrial sector as well as into the

meaningful to me. First, as is evident from the evolution of our

great distribution, with some multi-billion dollar companies on our

reports even, we are developing ourselves into a brighter and

partnership plans, so it´s expected a rush of agreements to

promissory future ahead, reflected in a better and well-optimized

launch to the markets, a number of developments that, to be

business model and product portfolio. The reception and

honest, are far from our capacity of market, expressed this in

response from our people, employees, customers, suppliers and

terms of time-planning and marketing organization protocols.

investors has been quite positive. We are open a world of possibilities thanks to new agreements and project development

In closing, I want to recognize all the efforts made by our officials and executive management team, supported by our dedicated 20

leaders within the dierent areas. All of them are serving the company making great contributions. This is why we are expressing publicly here our grateful thanks. The last words are for our outstanding employees and executives. We never could be a great company without them and their behaviour that is more than a rock-solid foundation. Thanks to the board of directors for their continuing role in guiding and supporting the management of the company. And finally, thanks to our FRIENDS, all and one conforming in one way or another, part of this little great family that ND Pharma & Biotech is now.

David M. Hwang President of the Board of Directors


AR13 Areas

ND Pharma & Biotech

Company Today AREAS

ND Pharma & Biotech is a family owned company. Founded in 2008, as a divisional society of a

1. Research+ Development

large group of businesses related to the primary sector. Initially, the founder´s club attracted by the

2. Pharma-Business

blend of experiences and the outstanding professional trajectories gained from the average 25 years within the sector, became forced to move forward within the independence of the company from its

3. Biotechnology

parent society. During the period of 2009- 2010 company was ready to market as independent and

4. Food & Nutrition

launched several world-wide successful products and developments. 2011 was a consolidation year

5. Agri-Business 6. Industrial

with entering in the market of new lines and brands of own developments mainly with the rising of the Food & Nutrition division. 2012, marked an impressive record of unparalleled achievements, and company established a business projection overwhelming any prevision or capacity. ND Pharma & Biotech operates within the national and international markets of raw materials, elaborated and specialty products, growing every other day it´s commercial structure and business operations , without loosing the innovative talent and capacities owned and maintained, principal asset of the company. The company has developed different lines of business from Pharmaceutical and Healthcare to AgriBusiness, and each division is operating under the same heads and managers. Within this website the Product Portfolio can be explored to conforma a more accurate opinion about the company and the work we developed from the very inside, thanks to our in-house team of experienced scientists, researchers and academicians, as well as our Reference Laboratories and Associated Research Centers Worldwide, most of them from First Line Institutions as Universities, Clinical Centers, and other well reputed established programs of R+D+i around the globe. 23

AR13 R+D+I

ND Pharma & Biotech

Research+Development+Innovation We vigorously invest in research, development and innovation to

considered best in class for the industry, and we have followed

discover and develop new products and eventually, new

our products into new specialty areas.

treatments that meet the needs of specialty doctors and their patients.

Our R&D+i programs today are focused in many areas ranging from diabetes and nutrition to surgical innovations. Currently, we

Our company try to develop world-class research + development

are investigating a rich arsenal of potential new treatments for

+ innovation (R&D) programs that embodies our eorts to bring

chronic migraine, debilitating neurological conditions, eye

the best of science to medicine and therefore to life, including

disease, and stem cell transplantation, among other conditions

some new developments within the nutrition science, food, feed

and fields. Significant progress in these areas is expected to be

and certain industrial sectors.

made over the next decade - advances in which we look forward

Scientists and researchers work closely with specialists within

playing a prominent role.

their respective areas, to transform novel compounds into new

Since founding, our company retains the ability to listen and to

therapeutics and products that help improve quality of life. This

learn - from our customers, and from each other - has been a

philosophy is consistent with our motto; Making Life Better.

cornerstone of our success. ND Pharma & Biotech´s R&D+i

Our commitment to R&D has been evident since our inception, when we began pioneering new treatments to help preserve certain organic and body functions including neurological

culture reflects this, providing an open forum for our and other scientists to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and gain access to the latest research.

functions as memory and cognoscitive abilities. Since then, our

Access to world-class technology combined with intellectual

investment in R&D+i has progressively increased to a level that is

stimulation results in a dynamic environment where scientists are


excited about the work they do and committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our R&D+i organization is structured into integrated teams that focus on discovery for dierent targets. This unique architecture aords many benefits. Scientists normally confined to specific

For every new treatment/product that comes to market, hundreds of important discoveries are made along the way that contribute to science, medicine, health and technology. For these contributions and many others, ND Pharma & Biotech provides several opportunities for our scientists to be recognized and rewarded for excellent work in their respective fields and broadly.

tracks have the opportunity to be involved in the full life-cycle of

Research at our company is ongoing, and with some of the best

development, from early-stage exploration to human testing, for a

talent in the health care industry, our scientists regularly publish

much broader perspective. Additionally, meticulous research is

key findings in peer-reviewed medical journals and other scientific

streamlined with highly eďŹƒcient project and information

publications both indexed or not. Company also attends key medi-

management, which can save years and millions of dollars from

cal and industry meetings throughout the year, where our scien-

the overall cost of drug development.

tists present their published findings and research in front of their peers.

Most of our discovery and development programs are initiated internally, which sets us apart from many other health care

We are grateful to those members on and related to any of our

companies. Simultaneously, we explore new market opportunities

teams who have demonstrated their commitment to science, te-

and search for partnerships to develop superior technologies that

chnology, healthcare and medicine. Their commitment, intellect,

are complementary to our own business model.

and innovative thinking have the power to advance clinical discove-

In short, at our company, there will be only one way in which we view the purpose of science and innovation - to identify those needs in health care and certain industrial sectors that are unsolved and commit to finding solutions through a meaningful R&D+i investment that fuels future growth. This is our unwavering commitment. Our Commitment with/for Excellence in Research & Development.

ries and product development and improve the way we and our beloved ones are living. Our scientists, team leader and project managers are selected and distinguished members of different well-known, well-reputed scientific, medical and research organizations, professional bodies and institutions, maintaining membership and good standing with all relevant societies and up-to-date information, tools and means.


AR13 Connecting

ND Pharma & Biotech

Inventing Future Excellence in Research For every new treatment that comes to market, hundreds of important discoveries are made along the way that contribute to science, medicine, and technology. For these contributions and many others, ND Pharma & Biotech provides several opportunities for our scientists to be recognized and rewarded for excellent work. Research at ND Pharma & Biotech is ongoing, and with some of the best talent in the health care industry, our scientists and research cooperators regularly publish key findings in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. We also attend key medical and industry meetings throughout the year, where our scientists present their published findings and research in front of their peers. We are grateful to those members on the ND Science team who have demonstrated their commitment to science, technology, and medicine. Their commitment, intellect, and innovative thinking have the power to advance clinical discoveries and improve the way we live.


Corporate Research Agreements and collaborations

coveries appear certain forms of plant-derived new molecules for the treatment of most aggressive conditions.

While most of our discovery and development programs are developed internally - making ND Pharma & Bitoech quite unique in the

Agreements with major industry labs and research organiza-

industry - we are continuously looking for partnerships and supe-

tions to develop solutions for food and nutrition industry in or-

rior technology that complement our business model. Some of our

der to achieve one of our motivational goals of removing to-

current collaborations include:

xic chemicals from food within the industry.

Exclusive licensing agreements with multi-purpose Research

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH is constantly seeking for partnerships

Centers and Universities Worldwide, including some of the

and associations in everyone of the fields that we developed and

most prominent in the fields.

where we conduct business. These partnerships and associations include academic institutions, research centers, other corporations

A multi-year alliance with Mayfield Clinic and major providers

and individuals.

of Regenerative Research and Treatment in the Stem Cells sector.

Partnering is a key component of our business strategy, as we consider every possibility to develop and partner successful pro-

Multiple lines of research opened within different private insti-

grams to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device pro-

tutions worldwide where ND Pharma & Biotech participates

ducts, services, components and companies.

within different collaborative ways.

We welcome enquiries from other companies wishing to discuss any partnering opportunity with us.

Our new molecules laboratory develops and investigate within new molecule´s latest developments to give industry

In-Licensing is another source of business for us. We welcome

and professionals different levels of response and tools to

contacts from academic institutions, inventors, researchers and

fight against certain conditions and unmet medical and

other operatori within the industry from biotech, pharma, or other

health illnesses from neurology to orthopedics, eye care to

related fields. Our prime filter criteria is based on a three step con-

vascular disorders o addictions medicine. Between those dis-

sideration initial process: •

have strong intellectual property positions; 29

• •

address significant unmet medical, health, food, nutrition, or

We offer distinctive solutions to a number of unmet clinical condi-

analogue needs, and

tions, diseases and pathologies.

have the potential to enter into development within 12 to 18 months after acquisition or licensing.

Working with corporate partners.

Business development and clients. ND PHARMA & BIOTECH entered into some important and interesting corporate deals with major companies worldwide. So some

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH focuses in developing pioneering and

of the "multi-billion dollar" corporations are now within our client´s

novel products, drugs, and molecules in specialist areas, from

list. Specifically within the food and nutrition industry we develo-

food to pharma and therapy where there is a distinct lack of exis-

ped product innovation and license deals with the major producers

ting solutions, with emphasis in personalized medicine and novel

of drinks, sodas, sport beverages and related industry sectors in

therapies in the field of Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Advan-

the field, helping them to improve the quality, health and nutrition

cement and other like nutrition.

properties of their own products, both existing and other to appear.

Since our foundation, our research strategy has been to work clo-

Other huge market corporations we work for include desert and

sely to different "first line" institutions and operational centers that

ice-cream industry, infant nutrition labs and manufacturers, and lar-

conduct investigation for us, under guidance and supervision of

ge corporation of general foods.

our clinical & scientific director´s team. These institutional coopera-

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH also supply with active principles, trans-

tion enables us to access innovative research and cutting edge dis-

formation and refining of molecules and own developments to

covery with substantial added value and immediate application to

pharmaceutical industry including some of the "top ten" Pharma

the developments under a relatively optimized costs. ND Pharma

Corporations, with presence all around the world.

& Biotech maintains exclusive tights to all the intellectual property assets generated under such cooperation agreement and the re-


search and development conducted. Our market strategy, specially referred to pharmaceutical and the-

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH operations are conducted worldwide.

rapeutic industry is to license our assets to leading international

Since our PHARMA-BUSINESS DIVISION operates directly from

corporations and/or other industry operators (nutrition, food, feed,

our UK Headquarters, other related operational areas as FOOD

etc.) that are interested in further development and commercializa-

and NUTRITION, conduct operations directly from different geogra-

tion of some molecules and/or drugs.

phical areas. 30

AR13 Revolution

ND Pharma & Biotech

No Boundaries At the beginning of 2013, we find ourselves with great opportunity and a clear mission. Our opportunity is based on a foundation driven by and rooted in great science, our focus on developments, products and treatments that are enabling a better quality of life for people. this is why our most speech motto is “Making Life Better” so this is a patients challenge that we assume over some of the most difficult-to-solve problems within the different sectors we operate, but mainly within the medial and health sector, where we are making considerably efforts and investments to become a real helping company and a global organization fully aligned around our mission to clearly pursue opportunities within focused advancement and therapeutic areas. We pursue scientific discoveries through our internal programs and through collaboration with other research institutions and academia. Our rigorous scientific orientation – combined with the emphasis we place on being good partners–helps us attract collaborators interested in advancing the most promising compounds and products. For example during past year we built on an existing marketing partnership and obtained exclusive rights from different inventors to develop and commercialize novel products made from integrated molecules that we´ve developed in combination with such partners. Some of that compounds are currently undergoing Phase II-III towards clinical testing as both a stand-alone medication and a component of an investigational single-tablet regimen of dosage


for certain medical conditions. Due to this collaborative

company were valued for its contributions to society while

approaches, today we have more promising compounds in our

generates sustainable returns for those who have invested

research and development pipeline than ever before in our

resources in us.



Regardless of what comes our way, our fundamental business

We are an organization that is wholly committed to attracting the

belief remains unchanged: If we invest smartly in research and

best talent possible and the best leaders available, while

development, in innovation and future till the point we

effectively responding to evolving regulatory and economic

revolutionize it, we will be proud of offering true benefit to people,

realities so we can work to deliver treatments to patients around

industries, medicine, health, families and patients everywhere and

the world in the most efficient way possible.

market them thoughtfully, we will do well ... and so will you, as a friend, provider, supplier, employee, executive, agent, distributor

 ND Pharma & biotech is constructing on a year basis of great

or whatever role and reason that may get to you close to us.

revenue growth and profitability, while advancing our late-stage pipeline and investing in upcoming product launches. We have kept our promises. We are launching revolutionary products almost within all the important areas and sector of businesses we operate. But we know we have a lot of work to do to meet the opportunity that stands before us. With the foundation we have built, we are well-prepared for the leadership challenges ahead: attend to today’s business while preparing for tomorrow, and pursue a vision where ND Pharma & Biotech invests enthusiastically to prolong and improve lives, to make it better, and we would want to reach the point that our 33

AR13 Writing World


ND Pharma & Biotech International HQ High Trees Manor House (Mansion),

ND Pharma & Biotech (ALBA-TCP Countries) Office

Surrey, England, UK

Caracas, Venezuela

ND Pharma & Biotech Europe

ND Pharma & Biotech Production


Surrey, England, UK


ND Pharma & Biotech Reference


Center (EU)


EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) 

Dorset, UK Labs & Research Centres Maidstone, Kent, UK ND Pharma & Biotech Production


Plant (Europe) Starters/API ́ s

The Netherlands, EU


ND Pharma & Biotech America

New York, New York, USA


ND Pharma & Biotech Latin America

(Central Office) Panama City, Panama

Plant (USA) Pharmaceuticals Chicago, Illinois, USA ND Pharma & Biotech Reference Center (USA) OLT- Denver, Colorado, USA ND Pharma & Biotech, Southern Europe Logistics Valencia, Spain, EU Tarragona, Spain, EU ND Pharma & Biotech international Commerce & Export Siero, Spain, EU ND Pharma & Biotech, Southern Europe Oviedo, Spain, EU xxxv

Regulation Department


Due to security reasons, all enquiries should be made in writing to the above mentioned e-mail


Banco Santander

addresses. When commercial and personal contact will be needed an oďŹƒcial or the appropriate person

ND Pharma & Biotech Registered Accountants and Financials A.G. Chartered Accountants

Banco Herrero-Sabadell

will contact you and your organization. The company reserves the right to refuse any contact

Caixa Bank

and/or enquiry even without attendance or response. Protection of our IP is the main goal for


us, so every issue, even primary contact should be documented and passed thru our pool of e-mail

GCF Financial Services

and the intelligence unit search of the information source about the enquirer. Every action and information exchange within the company is

The Glaice Water Co. Denver, Colorado, USA Barcelona, Spain (Commercial)

CORPORATE BANKING On rolling appointment to the IPO.

Shortlisted (Nomura and Peel Hunt)

subjected to research prior to follow up contacting and any commercial, trade and/or other nature relationship will be established. If you have any concern regarding this policy please write to:

ND Innovation Managerial Services London, UK


Important information about The Company

information, or any other considered within the

established and other in constant expansion and

private sphere of company operations.


ND PHARMA & BIOTECH is a Private Company

Notwithstanding, this information is intended to

Limited by Shares. The Company directors

offer transparent image and in compliance with

esteemed the public launch of the company (IPO)

good company practices manuals for public

within the AIM of the London Stock Exchange,


consistent with previsions to the mid-year of 2014. In the meanwhile The Company and company


directors, are making every possible effort to accomplish with existing regulations and maximun

Principal activity of the company in the research,

transparence to offer the interested or potential

development and innovation, within every area of

investors every possibility of taking contact with the

s c i e n c e a n d t e c h n o l o g y, e s p e c i a l l y

company, it´s values and objectives, mission, vision

biopharmaceutical, food-nutrition-healthcare-

and proceedings, market areas and sectors,

agribusiness and other related, including but not

products, etc. to let them to get formed a complete

limited to this areas, with divisional societies and

frame prior to IPO and/or any other purposed

subsidiaries in some other fields of innovation and

public market initiative.

research, from water technologies to the manufacturing of consumer products, licensing of

Despite this it must be clear that company shares

patents, brands, industrial secrets, utility models

are not on sale, unless private funding interest from

and any other form of proprietary IP.

CURRENT CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENTS Memorandum and Articles of Association Bribery Act - Anti Bribery Policy Share Certificates


certain investors that are part of the shareholders from the very beginning and true company


incorporation. Other investment options exists for


company divisional societies and subsidiaries, that may be considered and/or treated on a case by case bais. No total or partial information contained within this website and/or other company websites and informational or corporate leaflets, flyers or webpages should be taken as invitation to treat or buy offer of shares, stocks and/or any other form of participation within the company capital, neither a pre-offer facing a future initial public offering (IPO). The company reserves every right over the shares,

ND PHARMA & BIOTECH LTD., is incorporated in England & Wales with Registration Number 8273797 wich is also the main country of operations for administrative and social purposes. The company develop active industrial and commercial promotion and activity in several regios characterized by geographical areas, Europe, Africa and Mid-East Countries (EMEA), Asia, and The Americas, with representatives in these areas xxxvii

ND Pharma & Biotech



OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTORS Our distributors are specialized companies with an important background within the industry and a sharing interest by our products, services, mission and vision values. Each one of our distributors and partners are


carefully selected, evaluated throughout a strict process and fulfilling higher standards of excellence and


professionalism in the field. All them are composed b a number of individuals and teams with solid backgrounds


and a load of experience. As quality and service is important to us, our official agents should comply with such



high standards of delivery. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ACQUIRING THE CONDITION ND Pharma & Biotech and its subsidiaries are constantly considering candidates for representation, agency,


distribution and market sales, so if you´re interested, please send formal offer and/or expression of interest


including a cover letter and a brief company/personal description and documents, to apply for. An Official from our


B.I.U. (Business Intelligence Unit) will contact you shortly to define, details and requirements to move forward with



your candidacy. Please note that this statement is not an offer or an invitation to treat, neither it constitutes an invitation to submission. ND Pharma & Biotech will treat any information and/or materials received with maximum discretion and care. Notwithstanding do not wait an answer and do not expect any move towards consideration before serious contact and evaluation became performed and a formal notification and/or contracting will made. A number of companies from different countries and territories have applied for representation. Evaluations and


scrutiny is up and running. Please note that there are retail and distributors that are not included within this site as


they are in dependence of existing official agencies that maintain operations within different countries and


territories. 38

AR13 Corporate

Board of Directors David M. Hwang, President of The Board (Interim officio) Joseph P. Harford, PhD
 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ND Pharma & Biotech

Jose M. Lopez
 Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer Jesus Arago, Executive Chief of

Administrative Offices 210 Regent Street, London, England, (On Relocation)

Commercial Operations.

Annual Meeting

Mary S. Kay, International Chief Financial

The annual meeting of stockholders will


be held at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May

Vice Chairman and General Manager

Eusebio Q. Campa, Independent

Lounge & Great Ballroom, London, UK.

Board of Directors

Registered Public Accountant.

Donald Paulsen, Shareholders

Belen Vazquez, Head Legal Counsel and


Secretary of The Board.

Mike V. Vidal, Secretary of The Board of

Corporate Registered Addres

Jesus Iglesias

Directors. Senior Leadership Team Joseph P. Harford, MD, PhD
 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ND Pharma & Biotech Mike V. Vidal, General Manager and

12, 2014 at 1, King Street, Office´s

ND Pharma & Biotech Co. Ltd.
 11, Church Road, 
 Great Bookham, Surrey, United Kingdom Mrs. Maureen Caveley, General Secretary

Coordinator Officer.

Corporate Headquarters

Rosa Gonzalez Legal Representative and

High Trees Manor House, Surrey,

P.A. to the General Manager.

England (Central)

Equal Opportunity Employer ND Pharma & Biotech and its subsidiaries are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and extends employment to men and women from culturally diverse backgrounds. Our environment respects individual differences and recognizes each employee as an integral member of our company. Our workforce reflects these values and celebrates the individuals who make up our growing team. xl

Copyright 2013 ND Pharma & Biotech Co. All rights reserved. ND Pharma & biotech Publishing Service. Great Portland Street, London, UK.

ND Pharma & Biotech AR13  

Annual Report 2013

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