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Introducing series TWO | Chapter 1


“Barcelona or Bust” Cafe to Couture , A shopping surprise Find out what happens to these two bestie’s during their European Adventures in Fashion

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NDNYurLiFe | Adventures in Fashion

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NDNYurLiFe | Adventures in Fashion




! Welcome back to the AIF magazine, it’s so nice to have you join us again. For those of you who are new to the NDNYurLiFe fashionable community of the semifictional blog series “Adventures in Fashion.” This is a place where fiction and reality come to mingle. As real life wearable fashion & lifestyle gear find themselves entwined in fun literary ways. The stories are inspired by a group of four larger then life, goddess like girlfriends and the fashion they wear along the way. If you just coming into the series now, I would like to encourage you to start from the beginning with series ONE | MDFG | vol.1


As for the rest of you remarkable readers you can expect more fashion, more fun and more must read moments in series TWO (BOB) “Barcelona or Bust.” You will be properly introduced to Style Deities “Glamour Goddess” & “DeVa Warrior” in the European settings of Spain. These two Deities style are contrastingly different but just as glamours as their sista goddesses Peace Maker & Mother Nature. You will also be introduced to special guest Italian designer Cinzia Rocca and Milysan Torche or My Haute Closet amongst other high fashion finds.


So sit back, flip the pages &


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Cafe to couture A shopping Surprise Barcelona or Bust Series TWO | Volume 1 | Chapter 1

"That will be 7.53€,” said the

stomping grounds. Today, like

waiter with a rural Castilian accent.

most of the days spent this

Glamour Goddess lifted her eyes up

summer, she'd sit for hours

to meet his glare. She squinted

pouring over the details of Spanish

behind her reading glasses as the

art history and its influences over

sun forced them close. "Gracias,” she

American culture. GG has been

said, softly emphasizing the "TH"

diligently working on her thesis, her

sound instead of the typically

love of such inspiring artists like that

annunciated rolling "R" while

of Ghaudi, Picasso, Madrazo,

handing him a handful of money.

Velazquez and El Greco has evoked

The waiter nodded politely and

her greatest work. The art of telling

walked away leaving her with a kind

history in a modern bold way

smile. She'd been completely

without losing the integrity of the

immersed in her studying all

facts; the ideology of art through the

morning and into the early

eyes of man and the "fashion" of the

afternoon. She couldn't have

times past, present and future. GG is

imagined how she had let so much

working towards a masters in art

time get away from her. Much to her

history and the big seat at a famous

surprise her phone read 6:15pm,

international auction house.

she had little time left in the day to finish her work let alone get ready

Glamour Goddess is a

for a fun night with her fire cracker of

woman enamored with the

a best friend Dee. DeVa Warrior will

romanticism of life, she sees the

be meeting her just before the hour

upsides in all things. It is this

at her place on Paseo de Gracia, in

simplicity of elegance that makes her

Eixample in the heart of Barcelona.

so captivating. There sitting amongst mostly German and American

Las Ramblas is a hustle of

tourists, she was prim and demure.

tourism traffic & commuter cars, all

Her hair neatly swept up in an

which had lulled Glamour Goddess

effortless undone bun and peering

into a familiar trance, reminding her

through a delicate pair of Agent

of the busy streets of her New York

Provocateur cat eye studded acetate

sunglasses reading glasses. Wearing a L’agence Embellished silk blouse, her legs crossed at the ankle in a white, a Burberry english geometric lace skirt with peplum detailing. The look was finished with nude Christian Louboutin, red sole, kitten heels. As she departed the little cafe, she glanced over her shoulder to make sure she hadn't left behind any of her belongings. The table was as it should be, with just the remnants of an empty coffee cup and plate. Just beyond the table a set of eyes unmistakably met her gaze, GG had no choice but to engage in the eye contact. He was handsome and smiling warmly at her, she blushed and cracked an awkward smile in return. GG quickening her pace turned her head, walking out and away from the entrance of the cafe.

Ten minutes later, Glamour Goddess found herself just paces away from her luxury flat, a sigh of relief came over her as she managed the treacherous walk through the crowds of high season tourists flooding every crevice of the sidewalks all around her. She admired the facades of the buildings lining the streets, taking note of the modernist influences while her mind wandered off. Absent were her thoughts of the happenings around her, a sudden and forceful shoulder check from a passerby knocked her almost clearly off her feet, her bag spilling out and away from her arms."Heyyyyy, real nice… PUTA!" GG never cursed much in English but found it really therapeutic to use profane language in Spanish. In the midst of wrangling of her things from off the pavement, a set of heels clipclopped in her direction and lingered assertively over her head. Glamour Goddess looked up perturbed by the sheer lack of consideration this person had while

hovering into her personal space.

I’ve put on from the amazing food

She looked up to a set of statuesque

I’ve had.” DeVa Warrior half

legs in Jimmy Choo Gypsy over the

listening abruptly cut Glamour

knee boots, and into the glare of the

Goddess off, “Gee not to be rude

early evening setting sun. “Do you

but can we go on with the

mind?,” she said clearly annoyed but

pleasantries upstairs? Ive got to use

the presence of this spatially

the loo desperately.” "Oh yes, of

unaware stranger. A low sultry

course, I'm so sorry I kept you

English-American accented voice

waiting,” and curtly turned into the

leaned in and spoke “I would have

direction of the building she lived in

slogged him if I were you." It took

just a few paces away from where

Glamour Goddess a moment to

they had been standing.The women

realize that the legs and the voice

walked into a beautifully formal

were none other then DeVa

entryway, with filigree throughout

Warrior's. "DEEEEE,” clamored GG

the foyer. It was classic Spanish

pleasantly. "You made it!"  DeVa

colonial decadence with a

Warrior returning the welcome,

modernist style. Gee tipped her

“You’re late! You’re lucky I lost my

head to the doorman and greeting

phone and couldn't call you directly

him in return to his warm welcome,

to give you a piece of my mind."

"Buenos noches."

Glamour Goddess was amused by DeVa’s inability to hang on to her phone, “Were you waiting long?" DeVa was already distracted by the crowds parting around the girls as GG picked up the last of her things. Her voice trailing off in the other direction, “Just long enough to get picked up by some Moroccan bloke." GG stood up and wiped the wrinkles out of her peplum skirt, "I'm so glad you’re here. This is going to be a great couple of days with you to close out my stay here in Barcelona. I’m ready to have some real fun and let loose. It’s been all books and exhibits since I’ve been here. Not to mention the ten pounds

! !

Once upstairs the elevator led to an

comfortable for you,” Glamour

think I can arrange it." Glamour

unassuming yet elegant corridor, the

Goddess’ voice echoing in the room

Goddess first plugged her phone into

two women walked towards the

as they made their walk through a

a speaker deck and she put on her

direction of the apartment door.

collection of white tufted, gold

favorite satellite station and

Glamour Goddess fiddled in her

detailed, high backed Victorian

the melodic tunes of “Angelica

Judith Leiber Crystal Oval Sided

chairs. GG continued talking while

(Lamb)“ began to echo against the

Wristlet Clutch for her single early

making herself comfortable by

twenty foot ceilings. Then she

19th century bronze key. DeVa

removing her Christian Louboutin

grabbed a highball glass from the

Warrior looking around with a

flats and placing them in a spot

wet bar and made Dee a whiskey &

snarling lip present on her face as she

meant only for shoes that sat to the

Pimms with a splash of soda and twist

observed the old world charm

right of a hand carved 18th century

of lime and poured herself a very tall

around her ,”Hey Gee, these digs

bench at the entrance. “Yes I am a

Freixenet Cava in a Tiffany flute.

seem a bit frumpy for young ladies

student but it’s a work-ED program

like ourselves,” gesturing with her

through my company. Besides, my

hands offering up a bit of

family has connections here in Spain

humor. Glamour Goddess opened

so everything came together really

the door gingerly and stepped across

well for my stay here. You

a massive marbled slate floor, passing

should’ve seen it before I

a sitting area of white-on-white tufted

arrived, just a shell of a

leather couches. DeVa Warrior

room. My mother and I had

quickly ate her words as she

to put our usual touch on

proceeded into the home as she was

things. Anyway can I make

taken aback by the modern mini

you a drink? I have Prosseco,

palace before her. "Good lord" cried

Cava & vino,” her voice now

Dee, I didn’t know students lived like

trailing below the wet bar

this. What school are you going to

station. DeVa Warrior not a

again,” she joked. The home was

woman described for her

extraordinary, palatial and grand in

dainty behavior bellowed,

every way, every detail attended to.

“You've got nothin’ harder?

Modern with its many shades of white

Like Bourbon or whiskey?”

design. You couldn’t have imagined it

Gee cracked a smile as her

from the street entrance although

hand was already holding

once inside, it was lovely and took

the neck of a vintage bottle

your breath away. "Well, I know the

of American whiskey, a treat

bones of this place has a certain style

she kept hidden away for

but my home should be more

special occasions. "For you, I

The two sat for about an hour,

couldn’t remember the last time

sipping their drinks and catching

she heard the ring of a home

up on old times. It had been just

phone, “Hey Gee, you got a

over a year since the two women

land line here?”

had seen each other face to face.

“They’re hear!,”

Between work & multiple

cooed an eager

continents it was no wonder it had


been so long since they were able


to be in each others company.


Once the drinks made their final

hurried making her

descents down their delicate

way through the long

gullets, the ladies made their way

narrow hallway. Glamour Goddess

to the bedrooms to freshen up and

answered the phone mounted on

get ready for the night that lay

the wall in a controlled haste,

ahead. DeVa Warrior was led down

“Hola, Si.. send her up, Gracias. I

the hall to the second bedroom

have a surprise for you ... for us!

which was decorated in a black and

Their fashionably late &

white design. A beautiful king size

right on time if you know

four poster bed welcomed her as

what i mean.” DeVa Warrior

she entered. She quickly began to

bewildered and intrigued,

unpack her overnight bag atop the

“Well I would know what

bed and began to pull out pieces

you mean if I knew what

that were predictably “DeVa”, black

was going on. You know

on black style. DeVa jokingly called

how I feel about surprises.”

out, “Did you decorate this room

Then a knock came to the

just for me?” As it looked like it had

door and GG called out,

been made exclusively for her.

“Coming!” and scampered

Before Glamour Goddess had a

on to open the door while

chance to answer

slipping into her Agent


Provocateur silk jacket


cover up.

“bbbbuuurrrinngg”.... came a startling ring from what sounded to be a landline phone. DeVa was slightly alarmed by it as she

Glamour Goddess Style


A casually elegant and petite woman was standing there in the entryway, she was greeted by Glamour Goddess with warm European kisses to each cheek and a big smile. “Chow Gee!” Following just behind her was an American girl with chic Californian style and cascading ebony hair who also gave Gee a kiss on the cheek. Glamour Goddess was tickled pink with excitement upon their arrival. “Cinzia, Milysan!, It has been too long! Come in please make yourself at home, what a pleasure to see you. Thank you so much for stopping over on such short notice.” The women made their way from the door to the siting room making light conversation about their travels from Italy and the US. DeVa Warrior in the second bedroom could hear the women getting on in a jovial way, all the while laughing and chatting in a mix of English, Italian and Spanish. Deva quickly grabbed the first thing she could find, a white “boyfriend,”shirt from American Apparel. Great for sleeping but maybe a little lackluster

in the length department for meeting

why she seemed so familiar. Glamour

a stranger for the first time. But she

Goddess stepped up and introduced

didn’t much mind, she had no

Milysan as the owner of My Haute

problem with her own body, why

Closet, while also jarring DeVa’s

should anyone else. Besides, she

memory about their last trip to LA,

worked very hard to achieve her

which is where she was first

statuesque legs not to

introduced to the fashionable

mention her trainer was

entrepreneur. “DeVa, you

soon retiring on the

remember Milysan Troche,

salary she paid him. She

right? We met at the Spin LA

sauntered with long

opening at the Standard last

strides into the main

time you were in the states.”

room where the other

Glamour Goddess could clearly

women had been

see her friend searching her

catching up. Cinzia

rolodex of memories for the “in

noticed DeVa Warrior

context” recollection.

right away as she

“AHHHH, yes I remember, I’m

entered the room.

so sorry Milysan I am a mess

“Chow, DeVa, right?”

with my memory sometimes.

She stood up intently

Yes of course. Great to see

and shook her hand

you!” DeVa Warrior was actually

with both hands

a bit embarrassed by her

pleasantly. “Hi… it’s very nice to

forgetfulness as she had become an

meet you... My apologies but I am

avid purchaser of “My Haute Closet”

not familiar with who you are. My

designer deals. Cinzia also added

good friend here has kept me in the

with a fragmented Italian

dark this evening. For what reason I

conversation,”Your lovely GG has

do not know.” Cinzia letting DeVa off

asked me… to stop in tonight to

the hook with a simple nod and

share with you both in a private

offering up an “Ahhhh, okay... no

showing my new spring 2014

problem, I understand.” She looked

collection. It is a... how do you say,

over at Milysan and gestured with her

belated birthday gift to you.” Milysan

eyes that the floor was open for

feeling it was her queue to speak up

introduction. But DeVa was familiar

stated that she had brought a bevy of

with Milysan’s face for some reason.

sinfully hot designer handbags and

She recognized her exceptional style,

shoes to compliment the Cinzia

but she couldn’t remember where or

Rocca collections.

It wasn’t often that DeVa Warrior

refreshments from the kitchen.

collection as well as the Spring

was left with little to say but in this

“Deeee you’re going to love this,”

2014 collection, all neatly

moment she was flabbergasted

Glamour Goddess said while

organized by color and season.

by her bestie’s secret surprise.

moving quickly to the wet bar,

From there Milysan took over

“GG! Explain yourself!” Glamour

pouring glasses of Krug rose. “Do

piecing together accessorized

Goddess now chuckling

you mind grabbing the fruit and

looks to compliment the featured

mischievously with a huge

vegetable plates from the fridge?”

designs. There was an array of

Cheshire cat smile, “Well you

“No problem, but please you’ve

collector’s edition handbags from

know I just couldn’t help myself. I

got to tell me more,” DeVa

Christian Dior to Chanel. To


repeated herself anxiously. “Five

vintage Gucci (before Tom Ford),

really it’s not a totally selfless act, I

minutes” calls out Milysan from

Pucci and Prada shoes. It was a

figured if we were going to shop

the other room. “Listen I wanted

feast of fashion for the eyes,

why not do it in style and before

to do something special to kick

Thanksgiving had come early and

long the plan was developing all

off our trip and since you had

the ladies were going to gorge on

on its own. We planned on

made all of the arrangements for

the wearable must have’s. As the

picking up a few things for our

Ibiza I thought I would treat you…

two Style Deities made

trip to Mallorca & Ibiza anyway, so

us! Anyway, Cinzia and I spoke a

themselves comfortable on the

why not do it in style over

couple of weeks ago and she

plush sofas, Glamour Goddess

sparkling wines in the comfort of

mentioned that the spring

further informed DeVa of their

my home here in Barcelona. We

collection was ready for viewing.”

guest, Gee had known Cinzia

were too busy to get together on

GG now piling a silver serving tray

Rocca for years as she was a

your birthday this year as well as

filled with brie, jams and crackers

friend of the family and one of the

last, soooo… I figured this would

into her friend’s arms and pushing

most personal designers she’d

make up for lost time. I mean if a

the champagne bottle into the

befriended through her mother.

person needed a reason to shop

crease between DeVa’s arms and

She continued on by saying, “I call

then what better reason then a

waist to hold. “I feel like Julia

Cinzia my little secret as I wish she

birthday!” Glamour Goddess

Roberts from pretty woman, right

would only design for me.”

winking at her friend who was still

now,” joked DeVa as she resisted

Glamour Goddess playfully

shocked by the unexpected treat.

the urge to drop the cold bottle

smiling as Cinzia shot a look over

GG then leaned into Cinzia and

from her side. Both friends left the

in her direction catching the tail

asked if her assistant was ready to

kitchen with arms full with edibles

end of the sentence.

bring in the rack from the hallway.

and headed for the living room. As they approached they could

While the designer and

begin to see how the team of four

consignment expert were

had transformed the room into a

prepping the living room for their

New York style showroom.

showing DeVa warrior and

Cinzia’s assistant had brought in

Glamour Goddess retrieved

racks from both the Fall 2013

Three hours had passed

color scheme of pastels and

and both Deities were gluttonous

reds as it was still summer in

with the fashion before them, they

Spain and she always

had overindulged and were

welcomes the opportunity to

splitting at their sides from Krug

wear color. Glamour

and joviality. Their credit cards

Goddess immediately fell in

were too beginning to feel the

love with Cin zia Rocca’s

stretch of indulgence. DeVa

Cloch e hat in blush, inspired

Warrior had devoured almost the

by the 1920’s. From there she

entire Cinzia Rocca fall collection

handpicked each piece and

of Black, Charcoal, Grey,

it wasn’t long before her

Houndstooth-Umbre dresses. She

“must have” pile began to

couldn’t resist the Kid mohair,

topple over off the arm of

Angora and Silk of the belted

her high back sitting chair.

walking coats, in black of course.

Her choices were knee

Milysan picked up very quickly on

length dresses also in b lush,

DeVa’s style of razor sharp

capes a nd pa le pink

modern looks with an edge. She

matching gl oves. Milysan

gingerly lined up a selection of

chose for GG a pair of

Yves Saint La urent Cla ra 105

Sa lvatore Ferra gam o Varin a

Boot s, Ch ristian Loubou tin,

Sna keskin Bow Flats in

Lady Pe ep Spike h eels with

Indigo and Pra da Vernice

matching Piga lle Patent

Cipria Peep Toe Pumps in

Sp ike Cl utch alongside a

nude. Glamour Goddess with

Celine,Trapeze Lugg age in

a slight shoe obsession

Dune. Each perfectly paired

couldn’t resist leaving a pair

to favor DeVa”s mood.

of Jimmy Ch oo Vita Glitt er

Meanwhile Glamour Goddess

Fa bric Ch ampag ne

chose meticulously ultra-fem

Sl ing back Pl atf orms

styles from both seasons

shimmering in the corner all

before her. GG was amazing

by their lonesome. Lastly she

at seeing a vision for her

had polished off her look

wardrobe. Whether

with a Givench y Golden Lin k

something cost a hundred or

Modernist Col lar Necklace.

a thousand dollars, she knew how to look effortless and chic. She stayed within the

B y eleven-thirty the women

us would do!” DeVa

words as DeVa Warrior ’s

had shopped their hearts

blushing sinfully, “Oh Cin,

motto was “go big or go

out and both Cinzia and

you know me too well

home.” GG knew that could

Milysan were tired from the

already and we just met.”

mean anything and

shopping frenzy. It was later

Cinzia replied, “I’m a people

everything to a diva like

than any of them had

watcher, I can spot a


anticipated and everyone

rockstar from a mile away.”

was looking to bring the

DeVa just smiled as she

evening to a close. The

didn’t think she was so

group of women had

obvious but had hoped that

become fast friends. DeVa

Cinzia’s insight was stronger

Warrior by the end was

than most. Glamour

gushing with pleasantries

Goddess gave Cinzia a big

towards them. Milysan

bear hug and thanked her

announced aloud, “If any of

profusely for making the trip

you ladies should find

there from Italy. The door

yourselves in the states on

closed behind Cinzia’s

the west coast, look me up.

assistant towing the barren

I’d be happy to show you

clothing racks, the room

the town.” She gave warm

silenced as the door

kisses all around and her

became flush within the jam.

and her assistant walked out

The two friends stared at

happily, as it was a good

each other and in unison

night of business and

spoke, “ This trip is going to

pleasure. Cinzia shortly was

be fantastic.” DeVa Warrior

soon to follow, speaking to

walked over to GG and

the Deities as she made her

wrapped her arm around her

way towards the door, “ You

friend’s neck and said,

ladies have a good time in

“ Your ’e the best Gee, thank

Ibiza. Don’t do anything I

you! I’m gonna make this

wouldn’t do”, winking back

trip so memorable you’ll

at DeVa, and stating

never forget it!” Glamour

“although you my dear may

Goddess was actually a little

be doing more then any of

unnerved by her friend’s

F or

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chapter 2 series TWO | Barcelona or Bust


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