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Undergraduate Majors Accounting (BS) Art (BA, BFA) Art and Graphic Design (BA) Biological Sciences (BS) Business Administration (BS) Communication (BA) Computer and Information Science (BS) English (BA) History (BA) Human Services (BS) (Evening) Interdisciplinary Studies

Undergraduate Minors

Graduate Programs

Biology Biochemistry Chemistry Community and Criminal Justice Dance Environmental Justice French Studies Mathematics Pre-Law Religious Studies Spanish Studies Most majors are also offered as minors.

Art Therapy (MA, Ph.D.) Business Administration (MBA) Clinical Psychology (MS), MFT, LPCC options Education (MA) English (MA) Systems Management (MSSM) Marriage and Family Therapy (MA) Musical Performance (MFA) Public Administration (MPA) School Administration (MA)

Kinesiology (BS)

Special Education (MA )

Liberal Arts (BA) (Evening)

Teaching Credentials

Liberal Studies (BA)

Administrative Services

Musical Performance (BFA)

Special Education

Philosophy (BA)

Multiple Subject

Political Science (BA)

Single Subject

Psychology (BA) Sociology (BA) Theatre Arts (BA)

Want a great education in a good location? While you explore your options for college, see how a smaller, private university education may be just what you are looking for. Get the personal attention you deserve and the classes that you need to graduate on time.

Who are we? Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) is a Catholic, not-for-profit, coeducational institution serving approximately 2,000 students from diverse backgrounds. Established in 1851 by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, NDNU is the third-oldest college in California. The university is fully accredited and offers 36 undergraduate, graduate, and teacher credential programs. The historic 50-acre campus is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in Silicon Valley just miles from the Pacific Ocean. Take in views or social hot spots that surround the campus. It’s a great place to discover yourself.

What can you expect from an NDNU education? Smaller class sizes averaging 16 students, personal attention, quality courses and instructors, and a wide range of majors. Our professors don’t just teach; they are committed to help advise and mentor you through your college journey. Our location offers learning opportunities and internships that can’t be found elsewhere. 3

Live Here

Dozens of organizations are on campus and are open to all students. They span academic, cultural, sports, social, and community engagement interests. And fun is always easy to find.


Living on Campus Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus because learning to live with roommates and within a community are essential life skills. We offer traditional residence-hall living, a suite-style residence, and CAMPUS ACTIVITIES: on-campus apartments. The Dining Hall offers food that is farm-to-plate, Local bands local, organic, and delicious. Counseling services and spirituality resources are available to students. The Academic Success Center offers free integrated learning and support services. Professional staff members, peer tutors, and faculty work together to promote a supportive learning environment.


Outdoor activities

Community outreach

Theatre productions

Spring formal

Intermural sports

Chocolate Fest

Sporting events

Music and concerts

Spirit squad

Welcome Week

Few other regions of the country have so much to offer within a relatively small geographic area as the San Francisco Bay Area  —   and NDNU is conveniently located right in the middle of it all in the Silicon Valley. From San Francisco to San Jose, and from the East Bay to the Pacific Ocean, you’ll have access to the best cultural, outdoor, recreational, and technological opportunities anywhere. Cultural Activities

Local Technology

• Concerts • Music Events • Theatre • Art Museums

The Bay Area is home to technology, biotech, digital, and green companies that are changing the world and the way we live.

Outdoor Activities • • • •

Hiking • Cycling • Skiing • Beaches •

Surfing Mountain Biking Kayaking Running

Getting Around

Sports and Recreation

Explore the World from Here

San Francisco 49ers, SF Giants Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders Golden State Warriors San Jose Sharks Napa Valley and Sonoma Culinary innovation Monterey Bay Aquarium Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Annual festivals Competitive races

•A  ir: Take weekend trips along the West Coast or to the Southwest through one of three international airports.

• Caltrain: Walk less than a mile to the Belmont Caltrain or bus station for quick access to San Francisco, San Jose, or points in between.

•B  ay Area Rapid Transit (BART): Trains and buses provide connections on both sides of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Chart Your Course


Personalized Advising


You’ll have an advisor to meet with regularly to provide counsel on academic options and to schedule courses so that you can complete your degree on time. Faculty mentors and Career Services offer career guidance, job opportunities, and help guide you along the way. Internships NDNU offers internships that allow you to explore career opportunities within your area of study before you graduate. Through an internship, you can apply “real world” experience to your academic learning. An internship will help you better define and target your career goals, as well as make you a stronger candidate for employment after graduation.

Don’t worry if you haven’t chosen a major. You can begin exploring as soon as you arrive on campus. We’ll help you find a program that fits your goals and interests. NDNU’s general education courses will provide you with a solid academic foundation, while you gain exposure to a wide range of subjects. On-campus activities, clubs, and events allow you to explore new directions, develop your talents, and exercise leadership abilities. Once you choose, you are not limited to one program   —   you can double-major or minor in subjects from different NDNU departments.

Your NDNU Team:

Did you know? NDNU was founded in



1851 California’s 3rd-oldest college

and first in California authorized to grant degrees to women.


Career Guidance


Support Services

Career Services NDNU Career Services offers tools and resources to support your learning experiences and career exploration. We can help you discover your unique gifts and design your future through career counseling, information resources, and on-campus events. You can find a job and internship listings, reference materials, and a friendly staff dedicated to helping you discover your future! 7

Arts and Humanities

Create and Inspire. Notre Dame de Namur’s intimate environment supports a well-rounded experience unlike larger universities. Here, students have more opportunities to work in front of an audience or behind the scenes. They gain broad exposure and practical experience while studying with faculty members who are working professionals  —  as well as internship and performance opportunities with other top local professionals. Even if you do not major in the arts, our campus location between San Jose and San Francisco provides a terrific laboratory for inspiration that improves any area of study. You’ll develop deeper understanding and appreciation for creativity, social responsibility, and critical thinking  —  and learn how to apply them throughout your life.


Undergraduate Majors Graduate Degrees and Certificates • Art (BA, BFA) • English (MA) • Art and Graphic Design (BA) • Musical Performance (MFA) • English (BA) Certificate: Performance • Liberal Arts (BA) (Evening)


• Musical Performance (BFA) • Philosophy (BA) • Theatre Arts (BA) Minors: Dance, French Studies, Religious Studies, Spanish Studies

Are you intrigued by natural phenomena? Fascinated by the inner workings of software? Looking for High Touch or High Tech? NDNU is the place to explore topics like these. You’ll gain an appreciation for all forms of life while becoming an inquiring, insightful, critical thinker and a successful professional. Biological Sciences and Kinesiology programs build a strong foundation for graduate studies; professional schools in allied health, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine; or to prepare for careers in biotechnology, coaching, physical therapy, or teaching. The Computer and Information Science program emphasizes the latest software engineering approaches to internet, software, and networking applications. College degrees and jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are all the rage right now. The jobs aren’t just exciting, they’re growing as well —17% from 2008–2018.

Natural and Physical Sciences

Undergraduate Majors • Biological Sciences (BS) • Computer and Information Science (BS) • Kinesiology (BS) Minors: Chemistry, Environmental Justice, Mathematics Graduate Degrees and Certificates • Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Certificate

Did you know? Women with STEM jobs earn 33 percent more than women in non-STEM jobs, and the gap in earnings for men and women in STEM fields is less than in other areas. 9

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Here, the world is your laboratory. Our strong behavioral and social sciences programs allow you to explore topics on a deep level, and put theory into practice through hands-on learning. History and political science students gain broad understanding of political, economic, social, and intellectual issues while developing analytical, organizational, research, and writing skills. Sociology majors work on community projects, while psychology students prepare for graduate work in various fields. NDNU is the only school in Northern California to provide a graduate program in art therapy, and the only one in the U.S. with an Art Therapy Ph.D. Undergraduate Majors • • • •

History (BA) Psychology (BA) Political Science (BA) Sociology (BA)


Minors: Pre-Law, Community and Criminal Justice


Last year, students volunteered

128 , 000 community service hours.

Graduate Degrees and Certificates • Art Therapy (MA, Ph.D.) • Clinical Psychology (MS) MFT, LPCC options • Marriage and Family Therapy (MA) Certificate: Clinical Gerontology

English Major ‘15

“The close relationships I have created with my professors is what I will hold on to forever. I really have to thank the English Department for all that they have taught me, and I’m grateful to the Financial Aid Office for all they have done for me. To current and future students: take advantage of all the resources on campus, and really do make the effort to get to know your professors. Everyone here can be more than just an acquaintance, if you let them.”




total full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty




Business and Management ENGAGE

Corporation and Organization Partnerships At NDNU, you will put learning into practice and build important relationships. Our strategic location in Silicon Valley gives you unparalleled opportunities for research and internships with leading corporate partners, such as Oracle, EA Sports, Applied Materials, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Genentech, and the Red Cross of San Mateo. Guest speakers visit the campus throughout the year. Honor Societies Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society that honors and promotes higher education in business and academic achievement, and hosts several events on the campus throughout the year.


NDNU hosts a chapter of Lambda Pi Eta — the National Communication Association official Honor Society. It recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement and encourages professional development.

Innovate and lead. Managed institutions impact the world in every imaginable area of human endeavor, and they need effective, skilled leaders to achieve their goals. The School of Business and Management offers degrees to prepare you to enter the job market, including accounting, business, and communication. Each business program requires field experience with an internship directly related to your major before you graduate. Undergraduate Majors

Graduate Degrees

• • • •

• Business Administration (MBA) • Systems Management (MSSM) • Public Administration (MPA)

Accounting (BS) Business Administration (BS) Communication (BA) Human Services (BS) (Evening)

Minors: All majors available as minors Resources The Cotchett Business Studio features technology resources for enhancing team projects. NDNU’s award-winning student newspaper, The Argonaut, gives communication students hands-on writing and editing experience, although all interested students are welcome to join the staff. Clubs Biz-Com is a club for business and communication students that helps link theory to practice. The club offers career and entrepreneurial opportunities and forums.

Communication Major ‘15

“I was a transfer student who came to NDNU as a communication major.


NDNU’s communication program made me fall in love with my major even more. I love how the program gives hands-on experience by providing us an internship to build résumés, enhance our writing skills, and gives us an opportunity to network for potential careers. The teachers here take care of you and push you to graduate. Teachers actually take time to get to know who you are and make sure you are on the right track. All advisors, faculty, and staff were really inspirational by the work they put in for their students and the community.”


7% 15% African-American

Asian-American/ Pacific Islander

25% 36% 3% 1% 13% Caucasian



Native American


Education and Leadership

The School of Education and Leadership at Notre Dame de Namur University has earned a reputation for excellence in teacher education. California school districts contact the NDNU School of Education regularly to seek interns because we offer one of the most highly respected programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

An accelerated blended liberal studies program is now offered that is designed for students to finish a BA and credential in as few as four years. This saves an additional year or two of classes and offers first-year students an opportunity to gain experience in the field right away.

Liberal Studies

Did you know? NDNU teacher preparation programs have produced thousands of highly qualified teachers who now serve throughout California and around the world. 14

Liberal Studies brings courses together from across NDNU’s schools to provide a breadth of knowledge. You will also concentrate in one area to gain scholarly depth. Many Liberal Studies graduates go into teaching. If you plan to teach, you will earn your teaching credential and fulfill your student teaching requirement during your fifth year at NDNU. You can earn credentials in special education, administrative services, a single subject, or multiple subjects.

Undergraduate Major • Liberal Studies (BA) Graduate Degrees and Credentials • • • •

Education (MA) Special Education (MA) School Administration (MA) Teacher Education (Credentials) • Special Education Credential • Multiple Subject Credential • Single Subject Credential • Administrative Services Credential

Liberal Studies Major


“I am a sophomore this year and I’m going to be a teacher after I graduate. I am looking forward to more hands-on practice and finding ways to teach children with their specific needs. This accelerated, blended program will get me into the field sooner. This will challenge me academically, while building Accreditations my abilities, confidence and Western Association of Schools and Colleges determination. I’ll have my Accreditation Council bachelor’s, credential and for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) master’s within five years. California Commission I will be equipped and ready on Teacher Credentialing sooner because of this American Art Therapy Association program at NDNU.”


Athletics NCAA Division II Pacific West Conference Approximately 23 percent of full-time NDNU undergraduates play a varsity sport. Our teams compete at the NCAA Division II level in the Pacific West Conference, which includes teams from California, Utah, and Hawaii. Individual athletes also win local, regional, and national awards. If you hope to be recruited as an athlete and perhaps earn an athletic scholarship, visit the NDNU Athletics website for more information: ndnu




Basketball Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer

Basketball Cross Country Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball

NDNU Students Study Around the World Opportunities abound for students at NDNU who wish to spend a summer, semester, or year abroad. Students from a wide variety of majors have attended programs in Fiji, Australia, China, Africa, Italy, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico, and Semester at Sea. In addition, students have studied in Boston at our sister college, Emmanuel, and in Washington, D.C., on internships through American University. Students can choose from varied programs to study at universities throughout the world and receive credit toward graduation. Studying abroad helps you understand world issues, learn a foreign language, and experience other cultures first-hand.

Art and Psychology, Double Major ‘15


“I grew exponentially as an artist and found my career path as a future psychologist. They allowed creativity and discussion within the classroom. I chose NDNU because I wanted to go to a small private school in the Bay Area, and NDNU worked with me to get the financial aid package I needed. NDNU really cares. It’s amazing the lengths they will go to ensure success at the school. I just graduated in May and I’m now going to spend a year volunteering in Africa.

The Sister Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice and Community Engagement The Sister Dorothy Stang Center is the hub for community engagement activities on the NDNU campus. Founded on the legacy of Sister Dorothy Stang, who advocated for the poor and for land rights in rural Brazil, the Center seeks to serve where Dorothy left off and serve as an agent for positive

social change. Through collaboration and partnership, the Center provides opportunities for the NDNU community not only to become aware of social and environmental issues, but to become directly involved in making a difference through service learning. The Center organizes our annual Call to Action Day, a campus-wide service-learning activity held in March, as well as several speaker events. 17


Ready to Transfer?


Transfer students make up about half of the entering undergraduate class, so there will be many transfer students just like you. You’ll quickly meet classmates and make friends. We also make it simple to transfer, with no associate degree required. You can transfer in with any number of units, and we accept transfer students for spring or fall. Check with your counselor to see if your college has a transfer agreement with NDNU. Admissions staff can easily evaluate your records and let you know which courses will transfer and approximately how long it may take to complete your degree at NDNU. You can transfer up to 78 lowerdivision semester units, most upper-division units, AP, and CLEP exam credits. Most transfer students still have at least a few general education classes to complete when they transfer to NDNU. We believe you should begin your major courses as soon as you are ready. Many NDNU students take both major and general education courses each year. You and your advisor will work out a reasonable schedule each semester to make sure that you register for the courses you need to graduate on time.


Biology, Minor in Spanish ‘15

“The small classroom size has helped me to excel academically. I feel prepared for the next steps in my academic life in pursuing a degree in medicine.”

NDNU Alumni

First Teacher in Space NASA Astronaut National Account Manager Smucker’s

CFO Clif Bar


Technical Program Manager, ‘08

Writer  San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate)

Winemaker/Owner Gallo Winery VP of Corporate Communications LinkedIn

CIO and SVP Symantec

Law Student Hastings

Chief of Staff to CFO Logitech

Global Master Data Analyst Genentech

Executive Director of Finance and Stanford Administration University

Director of Analyst Relations Oracle VP of IT Operations McAfee

Social Media Marketing Strategist Cisco

Systems Administrator Kaiser Permanente

Apple Retail Manager Apple

“NDNU is always willing to help a fellow grad through the in-house resources they have and the networking opportunities they create, NDNU offered me the opportunity and freedom to follow my passions. The financial assistance allowed me to experiment with classes I might not otherwise have taken and discover new avenues.”

Graphic Designer Jamba Juice SONAR Technician U.S. Navy Production Technician Microsoft VP, HR Consultant Wells Fargo Bank

Notre Dame de Namur University is proud to support our alumni and help them stay connected. We have over 13,000 strong, dynamic, high-achieving alumni around the world advancing new research, starting new companies, teaching, and making their mark in a broad spectrum of professions in business, the arts, the sciences, and public service. Our alumni serve as valuable resources to one another long after they graduate. Once an Argonaut, always an Argonaut. The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations strengthens relationships, connects, and engages alumni through service, leadership, advocacy and philanthropy.


Financing Your Education

More than 95 percent of NDNU undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. Funding sources include federal and state grants, NDNU grants and scholarships, federal student and parent loans, and federal work-study assistance.


College is a significant investment, and we can help. We are committed to helping every student and family finance their NDNU college education. Entering freshmen and transfer students are considered for a variety of institutional scholarships up to $26,000. To estimate your award amount or for more information, go to Need-Based Financial Aid Need-based financial aid is available to United States citizens and permanent residents. Financial need is not a factor in our admissions decisions   —  we review financial information only after you have been admitted to NDNU. A financial aid package may contain: • • • • •


Federal and state grants NDNU grants and scholarships Low-interest federal student loans and parent loans Federal work-study assistance Free financial education services for money and loan management (SALT)


2,000 Total students


Undergraduates (Day and Evening) 67% FEMALE | 33% MALE


Graduate students 75% FEMALE | 25% MALE


Academic Scholarships These awards are based on academic achievement, test scores, activities, demonstrated leadership, and community service. Entering freshmen and transfers are eligible to compete for a range of scholarships: • Ralston Presidential Scholarship • Provost Scholarships • Belmont Scholarships Freshmen:  Transfers: • Emerging Artist Talent Scholarships • Athletic Scholarships • International Student Scholarships

$26,000 $16,000 Up to $13,000 Up to $9,000 Up to $9,500 Varies Varies

Visit to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Enter the NDNU code #001179. For information regarding the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) disclosures for NDNU, please go to Quick Links @

States represented


Countries represented

Tuition 2015 – 2016 Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $32,458 Annual Room and Board: $12,494 (est.)

*Fall 2015



Complete an application online by visiting and following the links under Admissions. NDNU accepts the Common Application. First-Year Students Complete the following with your application: 1 Submit an application and essay 2 Provide an official high school transcript 3 Submit SAT or ACT scores 4 Letter of recommendation

NDNU admits students of any race, color, or national and ethnic origin and does not discriminate in its educational and admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs.

We make every admission decision based on your entire file. The most important considerations include the academic courses you have taken and your grades in those courses; activities and leadership experiences; how you balance work and academics; and the essay. Test scores are used only to validate grades, courses, and experiences. We award advanced standing for those completing Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations and examinations within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.

Priority Application Deadlines NDNU is a rolling admissions institution, but recommends the following priority deadlines: • Fall Freshman Early Action

December 1

• Fall Freshman Priority

February 1

• Fall Transfer Early Action

December 1

• Fall Transfer Priority

March 1

• Spring Admission Priority

December 1

• Rolling Admissions through Summer 22

Transfer Students In addition to the application, please provide transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. If you’ve earned fewer than 30 units, you must submit your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores. For specific information about acceptable credits, application requirements, and the transfer process, visit the NDNU website or speak with a transfer admissions counselor. International Students NDNU defines an international applicant as a citizen of a country other than the U.S. and who will be studying in the U.S. on a temporary visa. Please visit the NDNU website under Admissions for International Students.

Is Notre Dame de Namur University the right place for you? By visiting NDNU, you will discover all that we have to offer to help you decide. Choosing a major is just the beginning, but finding a campus that fits you is the key. We think that what we have to offer may be just what you are looking for. We encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

Visit Us

Campus tours and visits are available year-round. Call the Admissions Office at (650) 508–3600 at least two days prior to your visit date. We’ll show you around and arrange an appointment with an admissions counselor. If you would like to sit in on a class, visit with a coach or faculty member, or try out the café, let us know when you call. For information about scheduled open house events for new and transfer students, more details about programs, requirements, or classes, visit us at We look forward to meeting you!

1500 Ralston Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002

(650) 508–3600


Take a virtual tour of NDNU at:

Conveniently located within 30 minutes of three international airports and within a mile of bus and train stations. For driving directions or out-of-town guests who need lodging, go to 23


Office of Admissions 1500 Ralston Avenue Belmont, CA 94002

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