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Around the world, traditional clothing is the inspiration for top fashion designers into creating the latest trends

The diffusion of clothing trends is inspired by the bright colors and unique looks from around the world. Fashion designers are incorporating trends seen in other countries and making fashion lines that are seen on the runway today. Modern necklaces found in the fashion world today are inspired by the big beads used in African necklaces. The ruffles shown in traditional Latin dresses are also coming into trend, mainly seen in prom dresses. A pop star that rocks the latest fashion trends is the famous Fiona Flynn. She came from the

city of Dublin and had a very casual wardrobe. While touring around the world, the fashion trends influenced her wardrobe and now she is trending the latest fashions fads.

Top 100 Songs Around the World: Irish Popularity Some Nights By: Fun

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Blow Me(One Last Kiss) By: Pink

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Payphone By: Maroon 5 Wide Awake By: Katy Perry

The Making of Tour Amour


iona Flynn is an international music

could very much go through the process of

sensation. Her famous Tour Amour goes

hierarchical dispersion, starting in the

from New York to exotic places like

more populous hearth-like cities. Trends

Morocco and Kenya. As said by Fiona,

move from hearths to places they go well

“There is a lot more to touring than just

noticed and heard of. In the case of pop

putting your finger on a map and saying

music, the “hierarchy” is teenagers. In

‘let’s go there’! Studying culture and the

today’s society, teenagers play a crucial role

hierarchical dispersion of culture has to do

in what’s popular and what’s not. Teens

with a lot of it.” Fiona holds a valued point

have very pliable, indecisive minds which

in saying that the study of culture and its

contribute to the rapidly changing fads.

dispersion is a key to success when touring.

One day, listening to classical rock may be

Although not all of Fiona’s tours went as

in the norm. The next day, listening to

planned, she dealt with tough issues with

classical rock might be preposterous!

fortitude. You wouldn’t want to tour somewhere that they’ve never heard of you, would you? Geographers are always looking for

Fiona Flynn’s style of music is considered a “pop” genre; for it to be successful, tour locations must be central hearths. Fiona is pop culture, and little local

connections between what is happening

culture areas are probably not going to

and why. This can be thought of as a field

know as much about her as the hearth-like

of inquiry. The questions are limitless; and

areas are. Distance decay is another factor

the more answers that are found, the more

Fiona says affects her tour. “The more away

interconnected everything seems. Tour

from hearths places are, the less they are

groups often use geographical findings to

affected by popular culture they are. That

advance their opportunities. Concepts that

puts limitations on places where we can

geographers have come across include

tour.” Common locations for music tours in

hierarchical diffusion, distance decay, and

the “pop” genre include New York, Atlanta,

cultural landscape. Hierarchical dispersion

and London. Record companies do more

is a form of diffusion in which an idea or

elaborate studies on how to produce “the

innovation spreads by passing first among

next big thing”. A common way musicians

the most connected places or peoples. You

like Fiona gain popularity is by performing

can see how studying this can help

on channels such as MTV. Geographer

organize a tour. A tour like Tour Amour

Clayton Rosati did such a study to

The Making of Tour Amour emphasize the role of MTV on popular

the exact points that make up Tour Amour,

culture. Rosati’s results showed that

and what make it an international

“MTV’s incorporation of rap music and Hip

accomplishment. The location of where the

Hop expressive forms into its production in

concerts are placed is vital, and the way

1997 helped produce music celebrities”.

people interact with the concerts (EX:

(De Blij, 2007, pg. 113)

buying tickets or not going) is

The pull between globalized popular culture and local culture can be seen in the cultural landscape which is another factor or strategy that is used. Fiona likes to think of herself as bringing people together, and looking at the cultural landscape can ensure a successful tour. However, not all people are open to this assimilation. Others view homogeneity between all countries and various ethnicities as a threat. Local cultures often credit their music as a distinctive characteristic that is a part of their customs. When international influences breeze into local cultures, new eras begin. According to geographer Edward Relph, “Placelessness is a word to describe the loss of uniqueness of place in the cultural landscape so that one place looks like the next.” (De Blij, 2007, pg.

indispensable for the tour. Region comes into play since there is no way Tour Amour can go places that are not in the “popculture” region, thus they must stay there. Fiona mentions that while studying the different regions, she had to pay attention to perceptual regions, such as the generalized area considered the “South” of North America. On a smaller scale, Fiona looked at functional regions such as Atlanta and its suburbs. All the places on the earth are unique and bring certain likings and values to the tour. Finally, movement is the third “theme”. How is she supposed to have a concert when no one can come to it? When all these factors come together, it becomes obvious why certain musicians gain more popularity than others. Musicians truly must plan out their

117) This example relates to not just

steps on how to get to where they need to

physical landscape, but to cultural interests

be. However, not all musicians follow the

as well.

same path Fiona did; some gain popularity

As noted in Human Geography People, Place, and Culture (page 11) “The

through the Internet. The last things that make up her

five themes of geography are location,

tour strategy are GPS, maps, and GIS. These

human-environment interactions, region,

things all either tell Fiona and her crew

place, and movement.” These themes are

where they’re going, or show them how to

The Making of Tour Amour get there. Geographical Information

population and event venues. Fiona’s team

Systems layers the information unlike the

gathered information from census data to

others but they all have the same goal.

determine population sizes. Every single

Mapping out data keeps the team

detail of Fiona’s tour was though out on

organized. The complete Tour Amour map

different scales. First, the team chose out

comes together to show the associations of

the most populated countries. Then, Fiona

place and diffusion. Using these new

personally studied each country to find the

technological advances, Fiona’s team can

most populated region. Within the region,

put together pinpoints and facts about how

further studies were made to find the

to travel. Without GIS, the team would not

demographics of the densest populations.

know which areas in Ireland are most populated, and differentiate between the places in Ireland in which the population is mostly youth. On the next few pages, there are maps of Fiona Flynn’s Tour Amour locations. Comparing them to population dot maps, there is a clear correlation between youth

Tour Amour has multifarious subjects that make it pop, but somehow they all harmonize to bring us the complex musical beauty that is tour Amour.

Originally written by Sonny Knowles

Ceolta 3  

third try of test!

Ceolta 3  

third try of test!