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CAMPAIGN UPDATE Academy Receives Leadership Gifts

In recent months, news of four transformational leadership gifts to the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign were shared with the Notre Dame community in individual email announcements. We are grateful to the following donors for their generosity.

FROM THE PRESIDENT The Academy of Notre Dame initiated a collaborative, comprehensive strategic planning process in 2014 that set into motion a bold vision to guide the Academy to 2020 and beyond. Firmly grounded in our Catholic faith and the goal of our foundress, Saint Julie Billiart, to “teach them what they need to know for life,” the plan addressed needs in every aspect of our learning community. Entitled “OUR TIME to INSPIRE,” this roadmap reflects our commitment to offer our students innovative teaching methodologies in a state-of-the-art environment so they would be well prepared to excel in college and beyond. Our students will need not only 21st century skills, they will also need the same strength of faith and confidence in their ability to meet future opportunities and challenges that has characterized Notre Dame graduates since its inception in 1856. With the development of a Campus Master Plan which enabled us to visualize the future, fundraising efforts begin in earnest through the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign. With this inaugural issue of a bi-annual Campaign Newsletter, I am pleased to share an overview of the campaign and our progress. Leadership gifts from Brian and Donna McNeill P’10’11, the Connelly Family, D’Arcy ’73 and Tamas Rudnay ’03’05, and Barb ’90 and Brian Riley P’19’21’23 were recently announced in individual messages to the community. In addition, many other families, parents and individuals have offered generous commitments to the effort. The OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign will succeed for the benefit of Notre Dame students as it started: a collective, collaborative effort, reflective of this close community and its commitment and passion for the mission. Sincerely,

Judith A. Dwyer, Ph.D. President

LEGACY GRANT From the Connelly Foundation

“Our grandmother (or great-grandmother) believed that at Notre Dame girls could build confidence and the foundation for a successful future through academic rigor, earnest Catholic faith, and a vibrant spirit of fellowship. It is in this spirit, with an eye to both the past and the future, that the Connelly Foundation pledges a $1 million challenge Legacy Grant to the Academy of Notre Dame. As students and alumnae, we know that Josephine Connelly would be thrilled to see her great-granddaughters – and perhaps someday her great-great-granddaughters – learning and thriving at Notre Dame. And we would be delighted to know that we are part of her legacy strengthening the future of this wonderful school.”

- Amelia Riley ’87, Caroline Mandeville ’88, Joan Mandeville Dewey ’88, Celine Connelly Delany ’97, Lauren Willis Cardone ’08, Emma Willis ’13, Fiona Riley ’16, Katherine Willis ’18 and Penelope Riley ’18

Brian and Donna McNeill P’10’11

“We admire Saint Julie’s forward thinking vision and educational philosophy to “teach them what they need to know for life,” which, in turn, requires adaptation to the ever-changing world in which students learn and thrive. We feel a new Center for STEM Education is necessary in order for the Academy to inspire and prepare students to become confident, capable and creative innovators across all disciplines in the arts and sciences.”

- Brian and Donna McNeill P’10’11

D’Arcy ’73 & Tamas Rudnay P’03’05

“I believe we all have a great responsibility and a great opportunity to make the Notre Dame educational experience available to girls for years to come. When I graduated in 1973, my parents made sure I understood how fortunate I was to have attended such a wonderful school. And they made sure I understood that the only way to ensure others would receive the amazing gifts that Notre Dame gave me was to support the school in any way that I could. It was many, many years before I would offer more than a $20 donation, but I always recognized the importance of keeping our school growing and evolving for generations to come.”

- D’Arcy Rudnay’73 P’03’05

Barb ‘90 and Brian Riley P ‘19, ‘21, ‘23

“I had a wonderful experience as a student and now my three daughters are thriving at the Academy. We are excited to make a contribution to ensure that future generations of students will benefit from the outstanding, faith-based education Notre Dame provides. Advances in science and technology have the potential to better our world and the young women of Notre Dame should be at the forefront of this effort. I am hopeful that many other alumnae and parents will come on board. As a Trustee, I know that support from our faith community and gifts at all levels will ultimately lead to success.”

- Barb Riley ’90 P’19’21’23

From Hillsover to Home The Mansion Gets a Much-Needed Exterior Makeover

After an extensive, historically accurate renovation involving John Milner Architects, Inc., Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc., and W. S. Cumby, the exterior of the Mansion has been restored and returned to its earlier grandeur. Known originally as Hillsover, the blue stone Gothic Revival-style Mansion was completed in 1895 and was the residence of industrialist Lincoln Godfrey. In 1926, the property was sold to Philadelphia utility magnate Clarence Geist. Geist envisioned significant alterations to the building and retained architect Dr. Paul Philippe Cret as chief architect of the ambitious renovation. Cret was a professor of architecture at Penn and architect of the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Rodin Museum, and the Barnes Foundation in Merion. Much of the Mansion we love today reflects Cret’s work. Geist renamed the property Launfal, based on a poem by James Russell Lowell, which reads in part, “Not what we give, but what we share, For the gift without the giver is bare.” After Geist’s death in 1938, his widow moved, but

kept the property staffed until 1943 when it was sold to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The Sisters moved in on January 3 and 4, 1944. Trustees Mary Ellen Maggitti and Don Pohlig provided oversight of the renovation: • What is the roof material? We wanted to replicate the original Mansion as accurately as practical. After reviewing plans and photos of Launfal, black Vermont slate was selected as the closest representation. • How was the trimwork selected? Through an exterior paint study conducted by John Milner Architects and review of Cret’s original plans, a medium blue-green was replicated for the trim restoration. • What work was done on the windows? There are 250 windows in the Mansion. All were restored and releaded. • Was any work done on the interior? Although the restoration focused on the Mansion exterior, the hardwood floors and paneling on the first floor were refinished, including the baluster on the stairway in the mezzanine. We also did some touch-up painting, replaced the window shades on the first and second floors, and replaced carpeting in the Great Hall and other rooms. All of the chandeliers were cleaned and restored. As fundraising efforts progress, a firm timeline will be shared for the planned restoration of the interior of the Mansion. Plans include renovation of all three floors to provide additional academic and administrative space, as well as a home for the Academy’s new Center for Global Leadership. The Chapel will remain the center of the building.

DONOR PROFILE Cindy DePiano McKernan’88 P’14, along with her husband Bill, recently made a generous commitment to the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign. Cindy’s family legacy at Notre Dame runs deep, including daughter Danielle ’14, niece Cara DePiano ’17, and sister-in-law Susie McKernan ’83. Cindy recently joined the President’s Advisory Council, Villanova Chapter. What inspired your generous gift to the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign? As an alumna, as well as the mother of an alumna (Danielle ’14) and a future student (Ella, 2nd grade), why do you feel that the restoration of the Mansion is such a critical project for the future of Notre Dame? As you reflect on your experience as a student at Notre Dame, as well as your daughter’s experience, what stands out as particularly meaningful or transformative?

OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign April 2014 Construction of Athletic Fields Begins (Phase I)

June 2016 Restoration of the Mansion Exterior Begins (Phase II)

April 2015 Dedication of the Fields and Launfal (Phase I)

STEM Education at Notre Dame A Conversation with Andy Foreman, Mathematics Department Chair Why is STEM education so important for Notre Dame at this time? By the year 2020, more than 1.4 million new technology sector jobs will be created. However, currently only 25% of technology and computer science positions are held by women. Industries are seeking to increase the number of women in their workforce, but they just don’t have the candidates they need. As a girls’school committed to developing passionate, life-long learners, Notre Dame is well-positioned to prepare women who can fill those positions. STEM education transcends the traditional notion of just math, technology and sciences, and incorporates all of the disciplines. Notre Dame’s graduates will, through a multi-disciplinary project-based curriculum, acquire skills that are a requirement in today’s workforce in any field: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

How does the current performance of Notre Dame students reflect the increased commitment to STEM education? Just last month, 55 Notre Dame students presented at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Regional Competition in West Chester. Forty-eight of our students earned first-place awards! Judges and sponsors complimented our students for the quality, depth and breadth of their work. We have seen a trend toward multidisciplinary projects, including an increase in political science and marketing analysis. How can Notre Dame continue to inspire and motivate its students? The key to inspiring a student in math and science is to take it from the textbook to the real world by providing authentic, multidisciplinary learning opportunities. We offer opportunities for students to relate a classroom problem to the real world, and to use all disciplines to solve that problem. Notre Dame inspires students by building both their independence and confidence. Offering authentic experiences to solve real world problems inspires students to be not only the best they can be individually, but also to look beyond themselves for the betterment of society, which is really what the Academy of Notre Dame and the charisms of Saint Julie are all about.

“STEM education transcends the traditional notion of just math, technology and sciences, and incorporates all of the disciplines.”

2017 Center for STEM Education (Phase II)

December 2016 Restoration of the Mansion Exterior Completed (Phase II)

2019 Mansion Interior (Phase II)

2018 Center for STEM Education (Phase II)

2020 Mansion Interior (Phase II)

FUTURE Liturgical & Performing Arts Center and Student Center (Phase III)

560 Sproul Road Villanova, PA 19085 610.687.0650

OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign Leadership Campaign Co-Chairs

Alumnae Executive Committee

Sister Helen J. Bellew, SND Pat and Helen Burns P’08’10’16 Agnes Gillin ’83 and Don Gayhardt P’17 Barb Phelan ’90 and Brian Riley P’19’21’23 Matt and Judi Taylor P’12 Andrew and Karen Willis P’08’13’18

Kara Schultheis Brown ’08 Lauren Willis Cardone ’08 Agnes Gillin Gayhardt ’83 P’17 Barb Phelan Riley ’90 P’19’21’23 Kelly Croce Sorg ’97 Judi Taylor P’12

STEM Strategic Council

Joe and Christine Carlini P’15’17 Chris Dallas-Feeney P’06 Brian and Donna McNeill P’10’11 D’Arcy Foster Rudnay ’73 P’03’05 Steve Schwartz P’09

Phase II Campaign Priorities Construction of a Center for STEM Education 2 Renovation of the Mansion 1



For a complete listing of naming opportunities, or more information on the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign, please contact Paige LeGrand, Director of Advancement, at 610-687-0650 x137 or

There are numerous opportunities available to meaningfully connect a family name to the Mansion or Center for STEM Education. Sample of naming opportunities available in the Center for STEM Education: • Science Laboratory • Math Classroom • Lab Prep Room • Collaborative Study Area Sample of naming opportunities available in the Mansion: • Dining Room • President’s Office • Classroom • Meeting Room • Chapel Pew

2017 - Our Time to Inspire Campaign Newsletter  
2017 - Our Time to Inspire Campaign Newsletter