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BUILDING ON A LEGACY Academy Plans New Center for STEM Education

FALL 2017

MISSION STATEMENT The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur, a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school, commits itself to the education of young women of grades 6 through 12 for responsible living in a global society. The Academy, rooted in the faith tradition of the Catholic Church, and the charism of Saint Julie Billiart, provides its students with a challenging academic curriculum within a rich spiritual community in order to: • inspire them to live the prophetic nature of the gospel, with a passion for justice and love for the poor, • enable them to develop the skills and desire necessary for life-long learning, • empower them to be honorable, compassionate leaders.

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On the Cover: Using an arduino board and recording software, students use electromyography to detect the electricity used in motor unit and muscle fiber recruitment.

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his is a significant time for the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur. We are now in year three of implementation of our strategic vision and campus master plan to create a dynamic 21st century learning environment within our beautiful 19th century estate.

There is much to celebrate as curricular innovations, technological initiatives, new service sites and facilities improvements advance our goal of enhanced opportunities for our students -- the next generation of leadership. Fundraising for our Center for STEM Education continues as we plan a new 30,000 square foot facility with flexible, technology enabled active learning (TEAL) environments that include eight science laboratories, three lab prep rooms, eight mathematics classrooms, a design thinking and entrepreneurship classroom and labs dedicated to design and innovation, robotics and coding. The Center also connects with outdoor space to provide a wider campus experience for environmental science. While the Center reflects the current innovative curriculum offered by our excellent faculty, it provides a more extended, nimble space for research, teaching, collaboration and project based learning. I am also pleased to introduce our newest sister school within our Center for Global Leadership’s international network of all girls, high quality schools throughout the world. San Silvestre School in Lima, Peru now joins Notre Dame’s sister schools in China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. This academic year marks a record enrollment for the Academy (548 students) as we continue to emphasize student-centered learning in small section sizes and a 9:1 student/faculty ratio. As we celebrate the New Year, let us ask God’s blessing on Notre Dame, our community of faith, energy, hope and promise. Sincerely, Judith A. Dwyer, Ph.D. President


Judith A. Dwyer, Ph.D. President

Jacqueline Coccia, MA Principal Kim Eife, MS Academic Dean Jennifer Nobles, MA Dean of Students


Judy Detwiler, Editor Director of Marketing and Communications



Tim Conway Conway Design


Office of Advancement

Kriston Jae Bethel

Jessica H. Turner ’06

Maura Wilson Communications Coordinator

560 Sproul Road, Villanova, PA 19085 610.687.0650




each them what they need to know for life” was the guiding educational principle of Saint Julie Billiart when she founded the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1804. Now, more than 200 years later, those words continue to inspire and direct the mission of the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur. The Academy is in the third year of a fiveyear strategic plan that is advancing every aspect of a Notre Dame education to ensure that students are exceptionally prepared “for life” – at the nation’s leading colleges and universities and as leaders in medicine, law, the arts, engineering, education, and business throughout the world.

BUILDING ON A LEGACY Innovation in Education Continues with New Center for STEM Education


Now, Notre Dame stands ready to undertake a transformative construction project that will usher in a new era of innovative learning - the Academy’s new 30,000 square foot Center for STEM Education.


Having spent the last 15 years of my career in media and technology industries, both of which are heavily dependent on engineering, mathematics, communications, design and the growth of digital technology, I have seen first-hand the need for strong, competent female leaders as well as the extraordinary opportunities available to women. The academic foundation and intellectual training provided by a robust STEM curriculum prepare Notre Dame students for a vast array of college majors and careers. It is critical that they develop the confidence, intellectual curiosity for lifelong learning, and expectation that they can and will excel in college and beyond. The future is wide open for our Notre Dame graduates!

D’Arcy Foster Rudnay ’73 P’03’05 T, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Comcast Corporation

Middle School students conduct a filtration experiment to discover the difference between heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures and devise a procedure to separate the heterogeneous mixture into three parts.



My appreciation for the foundation Notre Dame gave me has only deepened over time. I valued the academic preparation that allowed me to thrive in college and law school. I came to realize what an asset Notre Dame’s leadership development was when I entered the work world. And now I am deeply grateful for the beautiful faith foundation with which to approach our world. It is a very special environment that can cultivate all three.

Maryanne Quinn Hancock '92, Director, McKinsey and Company

“STEM education transcends the traditional notion of math, technology, and science and incorporates all of the disciplines,” explains Notre Dame’s President Judith A. Dwyer. “Students and faculty will collaborate as a learning community through a multidisciplinary and project-based curriculum. Our students will cultivate the core competencies that are in demand in any field - critical thinking, deductive reasoning, computation, creativity, collaboration, and communication.” Notre Dame has a rich history of forward-thinking, academic innovation. “Sister Regina Finnegan was a strong advocate for women in the sciences during her leadership from 1970 until 2004,” recalls Dr. Terry Maksymowych, Chair of Notre Dame’s Science Department. “With undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Biology, Sister Regina understood the need for our students to have the latest academic and technical support to succeed.” When Saint Julie Hall was constructed in 1985, design included construction of a biology and computer lab, equipped with Apple Macs, the latest personal computing technology of the day. “As new technologies such as 3-D printing and arduino microcontrollers became available, we incorporated them in our curriculum.” “During the design and planning process for the Center for STEM Education, we sought input from faculty and students to ensure that the facility would support 21st century teaching and learning methodologies,” says Dwyer. “The result is a flexible, multipurpose, and innovative space that embraces many of the design elements that drive organizations like Google and other Silicon Valley companies. While the Center reflects the current excellent curriculum offered by our excellent faculty, it provides a more extended, nimble space for research, teaching, collaboration and project based learning.”


I never considered myself a “science person” until my science teachers at Notre Dame encouraged me to take AP courses in Chemistry and Biology. I was so inspired by what I learned in these classes that I went on to study neuroscience in college and am now earning a PhD in clinical neuropsychology. I conduct research on dementia and other types of cognitive impairment, and I use that research in clinical practice to enhance the lives of patients and families. Notre Dame developed the requisite skills for my career as a scientist: foundational knowledge, appreciation of the scientific method, curiosity about the world, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, my Notre Dame education emphasized integrity, compassion, and service – skills that drive my desire to use science for the greater good.

Kate Devlin ’05, Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology at Temple University


Faculty member Mr. Daniel Cushing leads the Academy’s scientific research program. “During the strategic planning process we evaluated not just the physical learning environment, but the curriculum pathways to help encourage our students to see themselves in STEM careers and we continue to adapt and add classes,” says Cushing. For the 2017-2018 academic year, students can choose new electives in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. “Notre Dame students are consistently recognized at science fair competitions for the sophistication of their research projects. It’s exciting to see many of our students working on advanced scientific research with leading universities, including Penn and Jefferson,” says Cushing. “The Center for STEM Education will promote the dynamic that exists between theory and practice, and emphasize the ability of STEM designs and products to heal and to enhance the quality of life throughout the world,” says Dwyer. “In providing a space that integrates faith, reason and experience, the Center attests to our belief that all creation is rooted in the holy and infinite mystery of God.”

The manner in which Notre Dame prepared me for success in the field of medicine is something for which I am eternally grateful. The faculty at Notre Dame challenged me to challenge myself academically. This value has led me to succeed in medical school and in residency as an anesthesiologist. The opportunities for leadership as a young woman encouraged me to continue to seek and create leadership opportunities in my career, which has led to early recognition in my field. This foundation that Notre Dame created for me is something very unique to the halls of Saint Julie.

Regina (Gina) Shannon Linganna ’06, University of Pennsylvania Resident in Anesthesiology

More than one third of recent Notre Dame graduates are pursuing STEM majors at the nation’s leading universities.



Notre Dame provided me with an experience where I was challenged by excellent teachers, learned with high performing students and built my confidence. These were important building blocks to prepare me for a career in technology.

STEM CENTER Amphitheater and Rose Garden

Maureen Lynch Brosnan ’78, Managing Director, Accenture

STEM is very important for critical thinking, innovative solutions, and maintaining a competitive edge on the global stage. I am excited to learn about the Center for STEM Education - Notre Dame is continuing to develop the career path pipeline for future STEM leaders. My curiosity for the sciences was ignited at Notre Dame and I had many scientific and spiritual role models who encouraged and empowered me. As a result, I am a medical doctor in women’s health with vast opportunities to impact the lives of patients. Notre Dame taught me humility, empathy, and the importance of community service. As an alumna, I dedicate my time to STEM collaborative activities as my continued commitment to inspire girls to choose STEM careers.

Cerise (Knowles) James ’91, MD, MPH, Medical Science Liasion, Valeant Pharmaceuticals

spaces should “ Educational inspire, providing an intellectual energy and the aspiration to push boundaries of learning.

Dr. Judith A. Dwyer, President of the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur

Notre Dame’s new, 30,000 square foot Center for STEM Education will feature: • Eight Science Laboratories • Three Laboratory Prep Rooms • Eight Mathematics Classrooms • Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Laboratory • Design and Innovation Laboratory • STEM Gallery • Gathering Spaces for Collaborative Learning The Academy’s Rose Garden is embraced as a core element of the design and creates a protected outdoor learning environment for students. In addition, the site design creates a natural connection to the Josephine Connelly Arts Center to integrate the Arts into STEM to create STEAM. This close proximity between buildings will provide another teaching entity, as creative thinking, critical thinking, and collaborative skills will develop across disciplines.

For more information on the Center for STEM Education, please contact Paige LeGrand, Director of Advancement, at 610.687.0650, ext. 137 or



LIVING OUR HALLMARKS Meet Susana Rastelli ’18 Hallmark Four — We Commit Ourselves to Community Service


casual inquiry for summer volunteer work has become a heartfelt commitment for senior Susana Rastelli. “When I was in tenth grade, my dad and I were driving past Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) in West Chester and I went in to see if I could volunteer,” remembers Susana. CVIM provides primary medical care, dental services, and free prescription medicines to eligible uninsured individuals and families who live or work in Chester County and the surrounding area. “I speak Spanish and many of the patients they serve only speak Spanish, so I thought I could help. At CVIM I make calls to patients, translate, and assist the office staff.” CVIM’s Vice President of Operations Marie Frey recalls her first meeting with Susana. “She was certainly one of our youngest volunteers, but she was very poised and mature. It’s been three years since Susana started here and she is a tremendous asset to our organization.” Susana’s interest in medicine and the sciences is evident at Notre Dame. She is an Archdiocese of Philadelphia Diocesan Scholar – a program that gives academically talented seniors the opportunity to take college courses for credit at no cost. Susana is taking classes at Villanova University where she is studying astrobiology and discrete mathematics. “Astrobiology is the study of the possibility of life on other planets,” explains Susana. Susana is a Class of 2018 National Merit Semifinalist and a National Hispanic Scholar. “I don’t want to be a doctor, but I am interested in pharmacology and developing medicine because I’m interested in chemistry.” She is also a member of the National Honor Society and participates on the Mock Trial team. “I’m a very argumentative person,” she says with a laugh.

To learn more about Community Volunteers in Medicine, visit

“Working with CVIM has been so rewarding. It’s an amazing organization,” says Susana. They really care about their patients - not just their health, but their lives.”



Notre Dame students participate in



or two weeks this summer, six Notre Dame students immersed themselves in the home and school lives of their peers in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore through the Center for Global Leadership’s first international education exchange. Juniors Caroline Voegele, Isabelle Molinari, Sophia Skorup, Emily Szela, Caitlyn Hayes, and Ellen Lavin (on facing page, left to right), were selected to participate in the exchange through an application process that included personal essays, interviews, and letters of recommendation. “The 2017 Asia Exchange trip provided an opportunity for our students to share experiences with the schools in Asia with whom we are building sustainable and authentic academic relationships,” says Mrs. Nora Moffat, Director of the Center for Global Leadership. Students first visited Sacred Heart High School for Girls in Taiwan before traveling to Notre Dame Seishin School in Hiroshima, Japan, for a week-long homestay with host families. The visit challenged students from both schools to seek ways to communicate with one another. “The visit helped with my problem-solving abilities, because without a common language I had to find different ways to communicate,” says Notre Dame student Caroline Voegele. “I was able to communicate and bond in different ways, like playing cards or board games.” Isabelle Molinari echoes Caroline’s sentiments, “Respect and confidence were created because we had to work together to understand each other.”

CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School, Singapore


Notre Dame Seishin Girls’ High School, Hiroshima, Japan


“Our students were immersed in Taiwanese, Japanese, and Singaporean schools, cultures, and languages,” says Moffat. “They navigated their homestay experiences with independence, adaptability, and respect.” Student Caitlyn Hayes was inspired by her homestay, “By staying with a host family with a girl my age, I learned so much more about Japanese culture than by being a tourist. This experience made me hopeful for future opportunities where I could stay with a host family in another country.” While in Hiroshima, students participated in daily classes, learned the art of kimono wrapping, and toured sites of religious and historical significance. Students heard the personal experiences of individuals affected by the detonation of the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945 and visited Hiroshima National Peace Park and Museum to deepen their understanding of the event and Japan’s desire for peace. The exchange concluded with a four-day visit to Singapore where the Notre Dame delegation met students from CHIJ Saint Nicolas Girls’ School, enjoyed a luncheon and presentation on Singaporean history and culture hosted by Duane, Morris & Selvam, LLP, and participated in a visit and discussion at the U.S. Embassy. At the embassy, students met the Assistant Regional Security Officer, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, and a college student on

assignment who shared information about the different functions of an embassy and a consulate. “Our students experienced the contrast of many aspects of life between these countries and the United States, all while attending classes, adjusting to host families, touring, and most importantly, making new friends. It was truly a trip that enhanced their sense of global citizenship,” says Moffat. The students shared their experiences with the ND community during an October Community Prayer focused on peace. In solidarity, the Academy and Notre Dame Seishin School read the same prayer for peace during their school assemblies, which concludes, “Knowing the importance of each individual life, accepting each other, speaking directly to the people of the world, we will communicate tenaciously, never giving up. We, children of Hiroshima, will summon the courage to build bridges that connect heart to heart.” After Community Prayer, Notre Dame students received origami paper cranes, as a symbol of peace, and students made paper cranes to send to their sister school in Hiroshima.



New School Joins Sister School Partnership The Academy is proud to partner with the San Silvestre School in Lima, Peru, to offer new global learning experiences for our students and teachers. “It was a pleasure to meet the administrators, faculty, and students at San Silvestre,” says Dr. Judith Dwyer. “Their vision to empower girls, through a first class education, to have the confidence to be themselves as principled citizens of an ever-changing world, aligns closely with our mission and we look forward to working with their learning community.” Notre Dame will continue to seek out and assess new learning partnerships with high-quality girls’ schools in Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Student Celebrates Similarities During Asia Trip Notre Dame student Emily Carroll ’18 (far right) was selected to represent Notre Dame at a summer student leadership conference hosted by Sacred Heart High School for Girls in New Taipei City, Taiwan. During her two-week visit, Emily lived with a host family, participated in classes, and met students from around the world.

“Even though we talked about what was different in all the places where the students were from, I feel that the ultimate goal was to highlight similarities, because in discussing both what was different and the same we really found that we had way more in common than not. The highlight of my trip was the three-day trip to Nantou, the heart of Taiwan. It was absolutely beautiful, and it was during those three days that I found out the most about Taiwanese tradition and history, both from the tour guide and simply from experiencing Taiwan further out from the cities, which are much more internationally influenced than the rural areas. The most challenging part of the trip was having to be so reliant on my host student/family and my sister student. I generally prefer to do things myself, but since there was so much I didn't know about the social customs, and especially since I had extremely minimal Mandarin skills, I had to depend on my host student and family to guide me and tell me how to navigate the city, and I had to rely on my sister student to translate for me in class. It was something that frustrated me at first, but was ultimately beneficial as it allowed me to become closer friends with my hosts.”


While traveling in Singapore, students with the Center for Global Leadership met with Mr. Eduardo Ramos-Gomez, former Mexican Ambassador to Singapore, now working as a lawyer with Duane, Morris & Selvam, LLP in Singapore.


HONORING LEADERSHIP Since 1856, Notre Dame has inspired young woman to serve the world as honorable and compassionate leaders. This fall, two time-honored ceremonies recognized the scholarship, service, leadership, and character of our students.

Student Council Installation

On September 27, Notre Dame installed 65 members of the Academy’s Student Council. Leaders from Five and Three Main led the school in prayer and reflections. Following presentation of pins by Principal Jacqueline Coccia and Dean of Students Jennifer Nobles, the students continued the candlelighting tradition and reflected on Saint Matthew’s words, “You are the light of the world. Your light must shine in the people's sight.” Student Council President Charlotte Bradley reflected on the qualities she considers most important in a leader: integrity, accountability, passion, and authenticity. “Integrity and accountability go hand in hand, where integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is watching, and accountability is knowing that you can follow through with this integrity. Passion and authenticity also go hand in hand. An authentic leader chooses to lead not for show or to make herself known, but because of her genuine passion for something. It's my hope that the student council leaders in front of me right now feel passionate for this school, and in turn will strive to make it a better place.”

National Honor Society Induction

The theme of leadership within and beyond the gates of Notre Dame continued with the induction of 24 new members of the National Honor Society (NHS) on October 4. NHS recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Notre Dame adds a fifth area of recognition, faith, to represent our Catholic NHS Moderator and faculty member Mr. faith and trust in God's goodness. NHS President Kevin DeCusatis welcomes inductee Juliet Katie Biedermann spoke to the inductees saying, Marchesani ’19. “Through NHS, we strive to create a community of leaders that goes beyond the classroom. Of course, all of you are highly accomplished in your studies, but the National Honor Society commitment goes beyond grades, as we strive to embody the charism of Saint Julie, most notably in leadership through service.” Notre Dame alumna Julia Tully ’08 shared her experiences and thoughts on leadership “beyond the gates” of Notre Dame saying, “Women of Notre Dame are known not only for being brilliant and great leaders. We are kind, community-oriented, persistent, and confident.”

Alumna Exemplifies Servant Leadership

Alumna Julia Tully ’08 shared her experiences following graduation from Notre Dame with students attending the NHS induction. Tully graduated from the Public and Community Service Studies program at Providence College in 2012 and received a fellowship to work at a Dominican Friars school and orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. Following graduation, Tully taught at a Jesuit high school for low-income students in Texas. Now, while she is completing her Master’s Degree in Theology at Villanova University, Tully tutors inmates working on their high school diplomas at Graterford State Prison. Below is an excerpt of her remarks: “I drove through the gates of Notre Dame each day and tried never to let the view approaching the Mansion get old,” said Tully. “For me, the gates symbolize the love that is learned here, and the power and responsibility that we all have when we leave them.” In Kenya, Tully built relationships that changed her world view, saying, "When we serve, we have a responsibility to do things in the way that is most helpful and respectful of the people we are serving. This was reinforced at Notre Dame and our study of Catholic Social Teaching.” “My experience at Graterford has required me to use service, character, leadership, and scholarship. My character as a woman of Notre Dame gives me compassion and kindness, as well as the confidence that I am capable of doing something many deem to be too hard.” Tully concluded her remarks saying, “You are behind a set of gates that few people have the opportunity to enter. What will you do with this privilege? What is the responsibility you have when you leave these gates? As you look ahead into your future, know that you’re walking in the footsteps of strong women who have come before you, through these gates, to do good.”



former lawyer teaches appreciation and compassion FACULTY INSIGHT by Jessica H. Turner ’06


oan Sammartino Turner ’77 has a long history with Notre Dame, beginning in 1973 when she entered the Academy as a freshman, to today where she teaches AP Comparative Government, chairs the Social Studies Department, and coaches Notre Dame’s Mock Trial team. Before she started teaching United States History and Civics in 1999, Turner was a practicing lawyer, but even that career path was connected to the Academy. “During my senior year, my class was the first to take Supreme Court Decisions with Sister Nancy Bonshock, SNDdeN,” she remembers. “I had always found political science interesting, but it was that class that inspired me to go to law school.” Turner received her B.A. in Political Science from Villanova University and went on to Temple University School of Law to receive her J.D. She was a judicial law clerk in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas for the Hon. Thomas D. Watkins. She also accepted court appointments to represent defendants who could not afford attorneys in certain criminal cases. “Since I practiced law for a relatively short amount of time before I went into teaching, people have asked if I wasted my legal education. I would say a resounding no! Education is never wasted, even


if you change your direction. You always learn something from your experiences. The value of a law education is far reaching because it teaches you how to think logically, critically, and analytically, and it’s those skills that I teach in my classes and Mock Trial.” What Turner loves about Mock Trial is that the students have to argue both sides of a case, because “any good lawyer should be able to anticipate what the other side is going to argue. Preparing both sides strengthens the students’ skills because they have to take a holistic view of the case and construct arguments in support of each position. In order to formulate logical arguments, they must first understand the reasoning of the opposition, even if it is not the side they would choose to represent.” Turner became a Mock Trial coach soon after she started teaching at Notre Dame. “Ellen Lipschutz, our former Dean of Students, asked me to listen to the students before they went to a competition, and I was hooked! I coached many successful years with Ellen until her retirement. Our teams frequently come in first or second in Delaware County and often go to regional playoffs. Twice we went to the state competition in Harrisburg. After Ellen retired, Social Studies teacher Sean Quigg began coaching with me.”


“I was fortunate to serve on the committee that helped define our new Center for Global Leadership. In our research, we learned that strong communication skills and the ability to appreciate different perspectives are key components of being a globally competent student. It’s exciting to see our students demonstrate these abilities in the classroom and, for some of them, in the courtroom. With Mock Trial, the Social Studies curriculum, and the other clubs that Social Studies teachers moderate (World Affairs Club, Diversity Club, and Politics Club), we aim to create global citizens. We do this in accordance with the mission of Notre Dame to empower young women to become compassionate leaders.” Under the mentorship of former department chairs and colleagues like Sister Nancy, Turner has taken what she has learned about leadership, both in and outside the school and applied it to the Notre Dame academic experience. Turner has identified a theme running throughout her years of teaching: “Looking at the Mock Trial cases, whether it’s a civil or a criminal case, you have to understand the perspectives of both sides. If you’re looking at global issues, you have to do the same thing. You’re looking at things critically. You’re analyzing and studying the facts, but you need to do it through the lens of appreciation and compassion.” “That’s the point of Social Studies – understanding people and who they are, who we are. Our students learn that Social Studies and the components of being a good global citizen are not just about studying data. It’s about understanding people at a personal level.”

Turner, shown with members of the Mock Trial team and co-coach, Mr. Sean Quigg. Interviewer Jessica Turner is a Notre Dame alumna and Joan Turner’s daughter.




NOTRE DAME Fathers and Daughters Gather for Prayer Notre Dame students and their fathers gathered to celebrate Mass and enjoy breakfast together at the Academy’s annual Father-Daughter Communion Breakfast on October 15. More than 225 fathers and daughters attended the event, with Mass celebrated by Father Bob Murray, O.S.A.

Parents Support Notre Dame Outreach Our ND community is committed to the Academy’s mission to serving others with a “passion for justice and love for the poor.” Each month, ND parents gather to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Patrician Society in Norristown. The Patrician Society addresses the growing issue of food insecurity among families by providing emergency food assistance and other basic necessities.

Mary Poppins on Stage at ND The fall high school performance of Mary Poppins was “practically perfect in every way!” The cast and crew wowed audiences with their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performances.

Annual Poolside Social Brings Parents Together We had a beautiful evening for our annual Parents’ Social on Friday, September 22. The Academy is grateful to our Parents’ Association for hosting this wonderful event!



Notre Dame Introduces New Liturgical Choir On November 1, Notre Dame’s new liturgical choir and instrumentalists added to the worship and music at our All Saints’ Day Mass. More than 50 students and teachers will participate in each liturgy under the direction of Mr. Mark Griswold, Director of Religious Education and Family Life Ministry at St. Norbert Parish. Griswold will work with the choir during his available

Notre Dame Students Participate in Drexel Global Classroom This summer, three ND students participated in a Global Classroom program facilitated by Drexel University and Leeds University, England. The students shared Shown from left to right: Elizabeth Graham, their experiences Hailey Opperman, and Madison Riley. and insights with the Center for Global Leadership’s Director Mrs. Nora Moffat as the Academy initiates a Global Classroom program with Saint Nicholas Girls’ School, Singapore.

time to support this important ministry. In his address on sacred music in March, 2017, Pope Francis quoted the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, saying, “Liturgical action is given a more noble form when it is celebrated in song … and with the participation of the people.”

Students Selected for All-Catholic Festival Instrumental musicians Hannah Jackson, left, and Eva Kraus, right, have been selected to perform in the AllCatholic Strings Festival. Hannah received a first violinist seat, and Eva received a second violinist seat. The culminating festival performance at Bonner-Prendergast will be held on February 18, 2018, with an additional performance at the Kimmel Center on April 17, 2018.

“Global classrooms are an exciting new avenue for collaboration between Notre Dame students and students at our sister schools around the world,” says Moffat. “They do not simply mean that curriculum or lessons teach about a place, a people or global issues, but rather that students learn both alongside and from students who attend the high quality institutions we’ve created relationships with in Asia and South America.” Teachers at Notre Dame and at Saint Nicholas are reading from the same book on global classrooms in preparation for a collaborative learning project this spring.



First Student Walk for Water Supports Access On Saturday, November 11, nearly 100 students and faculty joined to raise awareness for the need for all people to have access to safe drinking water at our first annual Walk for Water. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur have made a commitment to advocate for universal access to clean water, and the Notre Dame community raised funds to help with this important commitment. “The right to water is essential for the survival of persons and decisive for the future of humanity,” stated Pope Francis at a "Dialogue on Water" at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences this year.

Middle School Students Explore Science More than 60 middle school students from the Villanova area headed to Notre Dame's laboratories to test, create, and discover at our third annual “Full STEAM Ahead” event on November 18. The free community outreach introduces girls to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts through hands-on experimentation. “We were proud to partner with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Drexel University, and the IceCube Neutrino Observatory to bring realworld science challenges to Notre Dame,” says Mrs. Kim Eife, Academic Dean and event organizer. During the day, students participated in a series of science rotations that included creating chemical reactions, dissection of owl pellets, design of tall structures, and exploration of the math and science of dance.

Students Explore Global Awareness On September 21, the Academy welcomed Dr. Derrick Gay to campus to ask our students, “Will You Be Prepared for Success in a 21st Century Pluralistic and Global Society?” Dr. Gay is an internationally recognized consultant to schools and educational organizations around the world on issues of diversity, inclusion, and global citizenship. He challenged students to ask themselves, “Who am I?” with activities designed to help them foster empathy and cultivate cultural competency. Faculty and staff participated in a professional development program with Dr. Gay this summer, and will participate in additional professional development activities this year.



Juniors Recognized at Harry Potter Conference ND juniors Caroline Voegele and Rose McDonald (shown left to right) presented their bioethicsthemed essays at the sixth annual Harry Potter Conference hosted by Chestnut Hill College. The non-profit, academic interdisciplinary conference offers a forum for scholarly presentations arising out of J.K Rowling’s literature. Caroline won first prize, receiving a $15,000 scholarship and a $100 honorarium, for her paper, “Harry Potter and Racial Injustice.” Rose was named a finalist for her essay, “Harry Potter: Protector of Animal Rights.”

Creativity Shines at Spirit Day On October 27, the campus was filled with cheers, music, and laughter at our annual Spirit Day. Students in every grade dressed in their class colors and high school students presented creative takes on popular musicals in the day’s culminating skit competitions. Congratulations to this year’s winning class - the freshmen!

Students Attend Youth Leadership Summit On Tuesday October 10, seven students participated in a Leadership Summit hosted by Congressman Pat Meehan at Marple Newtown High School. Participants from high schools within the Congressman's district had the opportunity to hear from local community leaders who shared their stories and spoke about what leadership means to them. Shown from left to right: Dr. Amanda Klause (faculty), Alyssa Giacomin, Rose McDonald, Charlotte Tiley, Barbara (Boo) Susanin, Congressman Patrick Meehan, Monica McGinnis, Sophia Dell’Arciprete, Hailey Opperman, and Mr. Kevin DeCusatis (faculty).

Academy Hosts 10th Annual Shamrock Invitational On Saturday, September 16, Notre Dame’s high school field hockey team and Athletic Department hosted our tenth annual Shamrock Invitational. The Academy’s middle school field hockey team welcomed nine area middle schools for a day of tournament play. The teams sported some stylish ND shades!



President Dwyer Shares Expertise on Advisory Council, Panel Dr. Judith A. Dwyer has been appointed to serve on the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) Advisory Council and participated in the Council’s annual meeting in Chicago in October.

Living Our Hallmarks: Serving Others at St. Francis Inn Each month, students and faculty volunteer to serve meals to individuals and families in need at St. Francis Inn, a Franciscan community located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. The outreach serves more than 350 meals each day. Notre Dame volunteers serve guests a warm, nourishing meal in a caring and respectful setting. Student volunteers shown from left to right with faculty member Ms. Susan Moran: Hailie Zampino, Meg Devine, Lily Morris, Caroline Kramer

Denim Day Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month More than $3,000 was raised in support of breast cancer awareness at our annual Denim Day fundraiser and bake sale. This ND Student Council tradition raises money for, an important resource for patients, survivors, and families affected by breast cancer.

Notre Dame Seniors Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Programs Ten Notre Dame seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalist and Commended students. National Merit Semifinalists represent less than one percent of each state’s high school seniors and Commended students represent less than 5% of the 1.6 million students who took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test last fall. There are 96 students in the Academy’s senior class. Semifinalists (front, left to right: Emily Apadula, Alexa Scavetti, Lucy Van Kula, Farran Dougherty, and Susana Rastelli) Commended Students (back, left to right: Caroline Grimm, Emily Carroll, Christine Stavish, Molly Kieft, and Sophia Marlino)


The 12-member Advisory Council represents educators from throughout the country and plays a critical role in NMSC’s scholarship activities. Members of the Advisory Council participate as individuals, rather than representatives of their respective institutions. In conjunction with the NMSC’s leadership, the Advisory Council reviews the operations of the National Merit Scholarship Program, makes recommendations for modifying and improving the program procedures, and shares information and viewpoints from their specific professional experience. Dr. Dwyer was invited to participate on a panel of Heads of All-Girls’ Schools at the Acorn Club in September hosted by United States District Court Judge Gene Pratter. Panelists included the leadership of Agnes Irwin, Baldwin and Springside Chestnut Hill.


DONOR PROFILE: Anne Schoemaker Vazquez ’99 As a Trustee, why do you feel it is important for alumnae to remain engaged with Notre Dame as donors as well as volunteers? I first became “re-involved” at Notre Dame by attending alumnae events and serving as a member of my reunion committee. Now as a Trustee and member of the Finance Committee, I see first-hand how alumnae support impacts the educational experience of current students. Financial support is clearly important, but engagement as a volunteer is too. Current students benefit tremendously from opportunities to learn from alumnae, whether it is at STEM Day, through the Career Exploration Program, during the college application process, or through other interactions. What were the most important lessons you learned while a student at Notre Dame? For me the most important lessons were a combination of knowing myself and having a strong moral compass grounded in Catholic values. These have carried me into adulthood and continue to be the core of who I am and how I try to live my life. You have generously supported the OUR TIME to INSPIRE Campaign. What motivated your support?

How do you feel the addition of a STEM Center will improve the education Notre Dame provides? Notre Dame’s math and science curriculum has always been strong. However, the current facilities are in great need of an upgrade. With new and ever-changing technology and the increase in problem-based, experiential-based learning, the new STEM Center will provide an ideal learning environment. Notre Dame is educating the next generation of confident and compassionate female leaders, and my hope is that the new building inspires more students to take advanced math and science classes. The Mansion has been an important fixture on campus for generations of Notre Dame students. As we prepare to restore and renovate that building, what memory stands out from your time as a student here? I think for alums, the Mansion is and will continue to be an iconic symbol of Notre Dame. The Mansion to this day evokes all my memories of my time at Notre Dame whether the memory took place in the Mansion or not - it reminds me of the friendships I made which continue to this day, to preparing our class’s Halloween skit, to Kairos, to trying to sneak into the third floor to see where the sisters lived!

In order for Notre Dame to remain competitive, upgrades to the facilities are necessary. I am inspired by the vision set forth by President Dwyer and the Board of Trustees and, as a grateful alumna, I felt it was my obligation to give back to make sure that Notre Dame continues to empower and educate well rounded women for generations to come.



NEW MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS RECOGNIZE TALENTED APPLICANTS Notre Dame’s strategic plan calls for an enrollment management process that will attract, enroll, and retain talented and engaged students. In support of this goal, the Academy introduced six new scholarship opportunities for middle and high school applicants this fall. New awards in specialty areas of academic focus provide support for strategic initiatives like STEM, global citizenship, and the arts and will help the Academy continue to attract the brightest young scholars in the region. Notre Dame is proud to introduce “Saint Julie Awards” to recognize applicants with exceptional strength of character and leadership capacity who embody Saint Julie's charism of simplicity, joy, and love for the poor. Additionally, the Academy will recognize talented applicants with awards for Academic Merit, STEM Scholar of Promise, Global Citizen Scholar of Promise, Dance, Music, and Visual Arts.

Maguire Scholar Program Enters Second Year Notre Dame welcomed four new Maguire Scholars this fall, bringing the program total to eight high school students. The Academy partners with the Maguire Foundation to meet the financial needs of academically talented students who demonstrate a commitment to service. Sophomore Sara McDougall is just one of Notre Dame’s Maguire Scholars. This summer she participated in a summer leadership seminar hosted by the Maguire Foundation and volunteered for a service learning project offered by the Foundation, working with Project Home. The mission of the Maguire Foundation is to support and enrich the leaders of tomorrow by providing an opportunity for an excellent education. More than 700 high school students are selected to participate as Maguire Scholars throughout the Philadelphia area.

“We are delighted to advance our efforts to enroll and welcome the most academically talented and missionappropriate students into our community,” says Dean of Enrollment, Adrienne Niles.

Maguire Scholars shown from left to right with Mrs. Jacqueline Coccia, Principal: Jada David, Sara McDougall, Michelle Zheng, Mikayla Dever, Sophia Pappano, Taylor Brooks, Madelyn Schultz, Jeannia Telfort



ACADEMY INTRODUCES NEW HIGH SCHOOL ELECTIVES Media and Society, and Graphic Design. The latter two classes will be offered during the spring semester.

While at first glance the new elective classes offered this year at Notre Dame may seem disparate, a common theme runs through them all - creativity and the creative process. Responding to the need for today’s graduates to be creative problem solvers, Notre Dame’s new Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship classes introduce students to a framework to look at problems and arrive at a solution. Students may elect a full year program or focus on the design thinking process as a one semester class. “The Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship classes are offered under the Mathematics Department, but the skills students learn are applicable to all disciplines,” says Mr. Tyler Gaspich, Mathematics teacher and Director of Academic Technologies. “In a way, this is more like a fine arts class and draws on many skill sets. The more creative you are, the more successful you will be. The design thinking process encourages you to recognize your strengths and interests and to use those interests to solve a problem.” Students move through the five steps of the design thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Students continuing for the spring semester will move on to the entrepreneurship phase of the course with Mathematics and Finance teacher Mr. Andy Foreman. “Our students will build a solid understanding of the business cycle and learn how to take an idea and make it into a profitable reality,” says Foreman. “We will examine all of the elements of creating a successful business plan and the students will pitch their ideas and business plans to a panel of potential investors, much like the television program, “Shark Tank.” “Entrepreneurs and small businesses make an important contribution to our economy,” says Foreman. “Tyler and I hope that this class will inspire the next generation of innovators.” The creative process is also examined through three new electives offered by the Arts Department, Theater History and Design,

Ms. Laura Holman teaches the fall semester Theater History and Design class. “Our discussions are informed by our individual backgrounds. We are artists, actresses, directors, linguists, and creators. We bring these varied perspectives to think about theater in terms of its place in our world. How has it changed throughout time? Why has it remained (or become more) relevant? How can it unify us?” Students read The Tempest, Death of a Salesman, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and The Laramie Project to examine how cultural identity influenced (and continues to influence) theater. According to Principal Jacqueline Coccia, “Interdisciplinary programs allow students to deepen their learning and gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of the disciplines in an engaging and relevant way. Our new courses this year have been very well received by the students and plans are underway to develop elective courses for the Middle School students for 2018-2019.” The Academy is pleased to receive a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation to assist in the implementation of our new elective courses in these classes. Through hands-on, project-based instruction, the Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship classes will provide students with the tools to become creative problem solvers.

1:1 Laptop Initiative Extends to All Grades Following a successful pilot program with the middle school last year, students in all grades received a MacBook Air laptop for the 2017-2018 school year. By using the same device, teachers and students will have more time to focus on critical thinking, collaboration, innovation, and communication. Regardless of a Notre Dame student’s career path, the 1:1 device program promotes the technology fluency 21st century learners need for success.





On November 8, seven student athletes signed their National Letters of Intent to play their sport at the collegiate level. Congratulations to (shown left to right) Ava Leonhardt (Field Hockey) - Fairfield University, Sarah Jane Quigley (Field Hockey) - Syracuse, Tina D’Anjolell (Field Hockey) - University of Michigan, Abby McNamee (Lacrosse) - Duquesne, Natalie Hughes (Lacrosse) - Cornell, Sophie Marlino (Softball) - Middlebury, and Addison Devine (Crew) - Drexel.

The high school varsity field hockey team finished their season with back-to-back Inter Ac and PAISAA Championship wins. Their impressive season ended with a 10-2 PAISAA Championship win over Germantown Academy. Their overall record was 17-2-3 and they went unbeaten in Inter Ac league play with a record of 9-0-1 and another Inter Ac Championship. Great job to all involved in the program.

VOLLEYBALL TEAM TAKES FIFTH STRAIGHT PAISAA WIN AND INTER AC TITLE The high school varsity volleyball team finished their impressive and successful season with a record of 19-1 overall and finished first place in the Inter Ac League with an 8-0 record. The team then went on to win their fifth consecutive PAISAA Championship Tournament when they beat rivals Germantown Academy 3-0. Congratulations to the volleyball players who contributed to this extraordinary achievement.


SENIORS CHOSEN FOR ALL-STAR GAME Seniors Sarah Jane Quigley and Tina D’Anjolell represented Notre Dame’s Field Hockey team in the third annual 2017 Philadelphia Field Hockey Senior All-Star Game on November 19 at Spooky Nook Sports. The seniors represent the best of the best field hockey players from 113 Philadelphia-area high schools. Coach Adele Williams was chosen as one of the team’s coaches.


HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS FALL REVIEW Tennis wrapped up a successful season with a strong showing at the Inter Ac Championship with a fifth place finish overall. Caroline Mackay finished second overall in her second singles flight and McKenna Bramlage finished third overall in her first singles flight. The cross country team finished their season with an impressive record of 6-2. Seniors Farran Dougherty, Penelope Riley and Jackie Lanzalotto, juniors Madison Gaffney and Katie Lennon, sophomore Lindsey Smith, and freshman Paige Riley consistently contributed points toward the team score throughout the season. The team dedicated time and effort each day after school at practice locations and competed in large-scale invitationals on the weekends against some very established and prestigious area teams. Congratulations on a great 2017 Cross Country season.


FALL INTER AC ALL-LEAGUE HONORS VOLLEYBALL FIRST TEAM Maddie Donaphon Riley Shaak Elise Butler Lexi Shreiner

The soccer team posted a stand-out 1-0 win against a strong Agnes Irwin team in a very tough and competitive Inter Ac league where wins were hard to come by.




More than 40 high school athletes participated in a sports conditioning program offered by high school crew coach Mr. Patrick Rufo. The program, originally designed to keep crew team members in physical condition during their off season, was expanded for all high school athletes interested in sports conditioning. The program concluded with an afternoon of rowing on the Schuylkill.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS ROUNDUP This fall, middle school sports teams had the largest number of participants Notre Dame has seen in recent years, with 85 students competing in four different sports: field hockey, soccer, tennis and volleyball. For the first time, the Academy fielded both varsity and junior varsity teams in each sport. Volleyball ended their season on a high note with a win over Baldwin and Tennis celebrated their 8th grade leaders against a tough Inter Ac opponent- Germantown Academy. Soccer stayed consistent with the same record from last season but beat Inter Ac rivals Baldwin and Penn Charter for the first time. Field hockey had a strong season which ended in a tough loss in the Catholic Academy League Semi-Finals.

Molly Keift

FIRST TEAM Sarah Jane Quigley Tina D’Anjolell Lauren Curran Mia Leonhardt Maggie Pina Ava Leonhardt GK: Katie Liebskind



TENNIS SINGLES McKenna Bramlage Caroline Mackay



Ceremony Marks Fieldhouse Dedication On Friday, September 15, the Academy recognized the Fitzgerald family for their generous support of Notre Dame. The Academy’s fieldhouse will now be called Fitzgerald Fieldhouse at Launfal. Ward and Kathy Fitzgerald's daughter Maggie ’14 was co-captain of the 2013 Inter Ac and PAISAA Champion Field Hockey Team. In her remarks, President Dwyer recognized Ward Fitzgerald’s leadership within the “Friends of the Fields,” the Committee who envisioned and realized Notre Dame’s beautiful fields and the significance of the fieldhouse for our student athletes and guests.

Trustee Pat Burns P’08’10’16, Ward Fitzgerald P’14, Athletics and Activities President Natalie Hughes ’18, Kathy Fitzgerald P’14, Maggie Fitzgerald ’14, President Judith Dwyer, Field Hockey coach Adele Williams

A Great Day of Golf for a Great Cause! The sun was shining for a beautiful day on the links for Notre Dame’s annual Golf Classic on Tuesday, September 26. More than 110 golfers took to the course at Applebrook Golf Club in support of the Academy’s students, faculty, and mission. Thank you to our Co-Chairs Pat and Kristen Traynor P’18 and Pat and Shannon Gillespie P’19, and the Golf Classic Committee!

Mark Jackson P’20’21, Tom Tegler P’20’21’23, and Brian Riley P’19’21’23 joined Father Rob Hagan on the links.

Class of 2001 alumnae and former golf teammates Danielle Dunn O’Connor, Tara Hayden Buchakjian, Gwenn Daniels Nolan, and Ashley Maze participated in the outing.

SAVE THE DATE: The 2018 Notre Dame Golf Classic will be held at Applebrook Golf Club on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 24





s a member of the Class of 1955 from the Academy of Notre Dame on Rittenhouse Square, Loretta Salvadore Hartnett has been a grateful and enthusiastic supporter of the educational and spiritual mission of the Academy. As parents, she and her husband, John, were thrilled to send their daughter, Julia, to Notre Dame in Villanova. While the academics had evolved to meet the needs of 1980s students, the school’s goals and ideals had remained strong and true to Saint Julie’s vision.

continued her education by crossing 20th street to spend five years at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music studying piano and organ. She has been the Music Director and Organist at Christ’s Community Church in Drexel Hill for 40 years, and last year was recognized by her peers when they selected her to receive the first “Members Honors Award” given by the Philadelphia Chapter of the America Guild of Organists “for over fifty years of devotion to the Organ and Sacred Music.” Loretta is thoughtfully deciding on a planned gift to the Academy of Notre Dame from her estate as a way of continuing her support for girls’ Catholic education founded in the charism of Saint Julie. “The continuing ideal of Notre Dame Villanova is the same today as it was in our day and as it was in the dedicated life of Saint Julie, “teach them what they need to know for life.”

This year Loretta celebrates ten years as President of the Rittenhouse Square Alumnae Association. Her dedication to keeping the 300 Rittenhouse Square alumni connected to one another and to the Academy, while maintaining a successful career as a professional musician in Philadelphia, is exemplary of the kind of extraordinary leadership for which Notre Dame women are known. After graduating from “The Square,” Loretta

Support Notre Dame through Planned Giving Planned or deferred gifts are designed to help donors enhance their estate planning, tax planning, investment objectives and retirement needs while ensuring the future of the Academy of Notre Dame.

Gifts that provide lifetime income

Gifts that cost nothing during your lifetime

Convert property to charitable support.

Designate Notre Dame as a beneficiary of your will, retirement plan, or life insurance policy.

Receive income and tax benefits while giving to Notre Dame.

Gifts of special assets

For further information about leaving a planned gift to Notre Dame and membership in the Saint Julie Society, please contact Sally Orr, Associate Director of Advancement at 610-971-4919 or



ALUMNAE HONORED AT CEREMONY On Friday, November 10, the Notre Dame community gathered to honor outstanding alumnae at our Athletic Hall of Fame and Alumnae Awards Ceremony. The Academy recognized alumnae for their leadership, service and accomplishments.

2017 Alumnae Award Recipients

The Notre Dame Award

The Saint Julie Award

Carey Kulp Cheyney ’96

Christine Doherty Kondra ’96 and Erin Doherty Kreszl ’99

Pictured from left to right: Alumnae Association Member at large, Erin Boyle Ward ’96, Alumnae Association Treasurer Megan McNeill Trost ’94 and Carey Kulp Cheyney ’96.

The Notre Dame Award is presented annually to an alumna whose ongoing commitment to the Academy is exemplary in scope, enthusiasm, and diligence. Carey’s commitment to her legal profession, service in pro-bono work, and support of fellow alumnae, exemplify dedication to life-long learning and compassionate leadership. Carey served two terms as the President of the Academy of Notre Dame’s Alumnae Association from 2013-2015. During her tenure, she organized and coordinated the first Annual Alumnae Christmas Party at The Union League of Philadelphia — now a cherished alumnae tradition. Carey also organized alumnae volunteer opportunities with the Support Center for Child Advocates in Philadelphia, where she serves as a volunteer.


Pictured from left to right: Christine Doherty Kondra ’96 and Erin Doherty Kreszl ’99.

The Saint Julie Award is presented each year to an alumna whose life contributes to the recognition of the goodness of God in all creation, and who commits herself to the service of others. In May 2014, Christine Doherty Kondra ’96 and Erin Doherty Kreszl ’99 founded The Bee Foundation, inspired by their cousin, Jennifer Sedney, who died at the age of 27 from a brain aneurysm. Christine, a previous biopharmaceutical director, successful entrepreneur and private chef, and Erin, an institutional investment consultant and University of Michigan Ross School of Business graduate, are dedicated to raising awareness of brain aneurysms and increasing funding for innovative research that changes lives. Both women have high-power careers, yet somehow find time to drive forward the progress of The Bee Foundation. Their work was born from love — love of their family member who was taken too soon — yet it is changing the lives of so many other families and physicians.


2017 Athletic Hall of Fame Recipients Juanita Beall Edelmann ’65

Friends of Juanita attended the event on her behalf. Pictured left to right: Mary Denise Boyle Curran ’65, Rosanne Facciolo ’65, Mary Clare Sweeney Hogan ’65, Carol Cancelmo Wortman ’65, Patricia Duffy Augusterfer ’65.

In 1965, the only sports offered at Notre Dame were field hockey and basketball. Juanita excelled in both during her years at Notre Dame and played on the high school teams as a middle school student. Juanita was a tireless offensive field hockey player and was the leading scorer each season. Although there were no official awards given to female athletes in the 1960s, the Catholic schools in the area recognized Juanita as part of the “All Catholic Team” throughout her athletic career.

Kathy Walsh McCarey ’84

Dr. Judith Dwyer and Trustee Carol Ryan Livingood ’89 P’20’21 T are shown with Kathy’s mother, Neva Walsh and Kathy’s sister, Laura Walsh Forrest ’82, who accepted on Kathy’s behalf.

Kathy earned nine varsity letters as a stellar field hockey, basketball and lacrosse player at Notre Dame. She played floor general on the hardwood, attack in lacrosse, and defense link in field hockey. Her accolades included All-Main Line for field hockey, basketball and lacrosse and All-Philadelphia All-Star Team for field hockey. Kathy continued her career at Villanova University playing Division I field hockey as a 4-year defensive starter where she captained her senior year to the 1988 Conference Semi-Finals.

Kara MacDermott Ryan ’92

Pictured left to right: Kara’s husband, Tom Ryan, son Tim Ryan, Kara MacDermott Ryan ’92, daughter, Claire Ryan and son Jacob Ryan.

Kara earned nine varsity letters as an excellent soccer, basketball and lacrosse player at Notre Dame. Kara played on the undefeated ND ’91 soccer team that won the Inter Ac title that year. She continued to play soccer and lacrosse for the College of the Holy Cross and was named All-Academic for the Patriot League in 1994, 1995, and 1996. Not only did she excel in athletics and academics, she served others with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

1999-2000 Volleyball Team

Pictured left to right: Angela Guarino ’00, Kathryn Devine Bobek ’02, Allison Zimmerman Dudley '02, Joanna Gardner Almond ’00, Kate Dilworth Ahern ’01 and Jill Lawless Richards ’01 with Coach Bob McKeighan.

The 1999-2000 Inter Ac Champion Volleyball Team, nicknamed “The New Sheriffs,” went undefeated with a match record of 12-0 overall and 10-0 in league play in the team’s fourth season. The team was 36-0 in games played, while allowing only 3.77 points per game. Coaches Bob McKeighan and Kelly Schank Prevost provided steady leadership from the team’s inaugural ’96-’97 season through its championship year.



CAREER EXPLORATION PROGRAM Connects Students with Alumnae


or more than a decade, Notre Dame has been pairing senior students with alumnae professionals for a day of job shadowing and career exploration. In 2014, the program was enhanced under the leadership of Susie McKernan ’83 as a three-day Career Exploration Program designed to prepare graduates for careers after Notre Dame. McKernan is a talent acquisition director with Craig Bradford Associates. The three-day program includes panel discussions with alumnae who share their work experiences and offer practical career advice. Students then participate in a job shadow day with alumnae representing a range of professions and industries and return to campus ready for a final day of reflection with their peers. This year’s panelists included Total Traffic and Weather Network reporter Cheryl Ann Kennedy ’83, Independent Advocate and Educational Consultant Maria Iannarelli Vetter ’96, Comcast User Experience Researcher Maria Cipollone ’97, Pilot and Flight Safety Expert Tina McCarthy ’05, and Teva Pharmaceutical Manager, Deidre Jacob ’99.

Heather DiGiacomo ’93 hosted Rebecca Morris '18 and Quinn Norris ’18 for the Career Exploration Program. Heather is a veterinarian and owner of Newtown Square Veterinary Hospital.

When asked how Notre Dame helped prepare her for her career, Maria Iannarelli Vetter responded, “ND gave me the foundation to view myself as someone who was in school to learn so that I could leave and serve the world.” In addition to participating in a shadow day, students this year had the opportunity to participate in a program on personal finance and empowerment called “Fierce Finances for Females,” hosted by Julia Brufke Wenger, CFP®, ChFC®, parent of ND alumna Caroline Brufke ’14. Tracy Davidson of NBC10 Philadelphia kicked off the evening which included panel discussions and breakout sessions.

CEP Panelists: Left to right: Marielle DuBovec Mazda ’06, Maria Iannarelli Vetter ’96, Maria Cipollone ’97, Susie McKernan ’83, Cheryl Ann Kennedy ’83, Tina McCarthy ’05 and Deidre Jacob ’99.


Katie Kersavage ’06 hosted Kate Biedermann ’18 at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. for the Career Exploration Program. Katie is a Syria Program Officer for the U.S. Department of State.

Michelle Spada ’08 hosted Penelope Riley ’18 at Princeton University for the Career Exploration Program. Michelle works as a Program Manager for Princeton in Africa — a program that sends young professionals to Africa for year-long fellowships.


Alumnae CLASS NOTES 1950-59




Carol Duffy Wolfington ’58, Joan Dwyer Walsh ’58, Evelyn Farrell Federico ’57 and Patricia Duddy Cardone ’63 enjoyed an evening together at the Notre Dame Community Event at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, NJ.

D’Arcy Foster Rudnay ’73, Lis Rudnay Moss ’03 and her husband Ryan attended the Notre Dame Community Event at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, NJ.

1960-69 1965 Jennie Abbate ’65 serves as a member of the President’s Advisory Council in Boston, MA. She met with Dr. Dwyer and fellow Council members at the October 18, 2017 meeting at The Harvard Club. Jennie and Kelly Hanna ’04 enjoyed reminiscing about their memories of Notre Dame.


1985 Julia Rota ’85 and Cookie Carr ’66, members of the Washington, D.C. President’s Advisory Council, shared memories of Notre Dame together at the annual meeting on September 28.

1975 Nina Maria Fite ’75 attended the Alumnae Regional Event in Washington, DC and spent most of the evening with alumnae Domenica Giuffrida ’06 and Katie Kersavage Preacher ’06 who both work for the State Department. They discussed their similar backgrounds and career paths. Nina also hosted three students last year for the Career Exploration Program in Montreal, Canada where she served as the Principal Officer at the U.S. Consulate General.

Dr. Judith Dwyer enjoyed a lively meeting with Maureen Lynch Brosnan ’78, Jennie Abbate ’65, Jackie Generotti Process ’06, Madeleine Finkenaur ’13 and Kelly Hanna ’04 members of the Boston Chapter of the President’s Advisory Council held on October 18.

1995 Laura Lytton McPartlin ’95 attended the Alumnae Regional Event in Santa Monica, CA in June. She previously worked in Development, first for Villanova University and later for NYU Law School. Laura currently resides in Encino, CA with her husband, Peter and their 3-year old son and 1-year old daughter.

1998 Kasey Shuda Jury ’98 works as a Construction Relations Manager for the line extension project of the LA County Metro.

1990-99 1992


Pat Duffy Augusterfer ’65 and her husband Tom attended the Notre Dame Community Event at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, NJ. They enjoyed visiting with Dr. Dwyer, alumnae parents and alumnae.


Jane Foreman ’92 attended the alumnae gathering in San Francisco, CA. She moved to the West coast to attend UCSB and later earned an MBA from the University of San Francisco and has remained in California ever since. Jane currently works in marketing for Kikkoman Foods.

1993 Annette Simelaro ’93 has been promoted to the position of Deputy General Counsel at the Georgia Department of Transportation effective November 1, 2017.

1994 Megan McNeill Trost ’94, Ashley McGuigan ’94 and Patty Dwyer Melcher ’94 enjoyed an evening down the shore at the Notre Dame Community Event at The Reeds on July 20.

2000-2009 2001 Tara Hayden Buchakjian ’01 recently joined CBRE as first vice president in their advisory and transaction services group based in Wayne, PA. Tara specializes in representing both landlords and tenants in the greater Philadelphia region, as well as multimarket occupier clients. Claire Howard ’01 is Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, TX. She is pursuing her PhD in Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. In August 2016, Claire married Jason Callahan in Philadelphia. Victoria Howard ’05 was maid of honor, and Class of 2001 classmates Kate Carolan, Laura DiCesare, Elisa Esposito, Joanna Farah, Paige O’Malley, and Maggie Otte attended.

Lauryn Kelly ’01 married Roald Nashi on May 6, 2017. She lives in Houston, TX, and works with charter schools. She and her husband are active with several Houston charities including the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.

Sunday Barbagallo Hendrickson ’67 attended the Alumnae Regional Event in Santa Monica, CA in June. She spent several years in New York City, then Colorado, before moving to California. She works as a designer and photographer.




Spring Reunion 2018 Please save the dates May 4 and May 5 for Reunion Weekend 2018. We will celebrate the class years of 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2013.

Reunion Committees are still forming, so please contact Marielle DuBovec Mazda ’06 at or 610.687.6561 if you would like to be involved! Maya M. Noronha ’01 is a political appointee in the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She offers policy advice on laws protecting health information privacy and prohibiting discrimination by health care entities, insurance plans, and human services providers. Danielle Dunn O’Connor ’01, Tara Hayden Buchakjian ’01, Ashley Maze ’01 and Gwenn Daniels Nolan ’01 played in the Notre Dame Golf Classic on September 26, 2017. They won First Prize for the Ladies Foursome at the Classic. They were also teammates on the first Golf team at Notre Dame.

2003 Erin Doyle ’03 and her colleagues won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for “Saturday Night Live.”

Khalida Ali ’02 recently relocated to San Francisco, CA where she works as the Director of Diversity for Zendesk, a global tech firm that provides customer relationship support to web platforms.


Caroline Valvardi ’06 attended the Alumnae Regional Event in Santa Monica, CA in June. After graduating from Fordham University and working in New York City, Caroline earned a Master’s Degree in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, and then worked in community development. She moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2016.

2008 Alexa Stoczko ’08 attended the Alumnae Regional Event in Santa Monica, CA in June. She graduated from Pepperdine University in 2012 and currently works for Disney as a Coordinator for the Ad Sales Integrated Marketing Team.

2005 Kate Devlin ’05 successfully defended her dissertation at Temple University in August. She is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship in neuropsychology at the Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System.



Nikki Sims ’06 married James Smith on July 15, 2017. Notre Dame alumnae Natalie Zurka ’06, Caroline Fizzano Kerr ’06, and Jaclyn Schmader ’06 were members of the bridal party. Maggie Cummings ’06 was the cantor for the wedding Mass and Caitlin Orner Gallagher ’06 and Stephanie Naylor ’06 were in attendance.

Stephanie Hayden ’06 launched a podcast called “High Five Success Stories” where she interviews successful women from different industries who offer advice and inspiration to listeners. She has interviewed MaryFrances McCourt (CFO of Penn) and Martie Gillin (founder of the non-profit SpeakUp).

Katie Kersavage Preacher ’06 married Andrew Preacher on October 7, 2017. Notre Dame alumnae Elise Wilson ’06, Domenica Giuffrida ’06, Stephanie Naylor ’06, Jackie McCabe Flanagan ’06 and Lisa Burger Bloch ’06 were in attendance. Kristin Kersavage ’08 served as the maid of honor.

Julia Tully ’08 was the guest alumna speaker for the Notre Dame National Honor Society Ceremony held on October 4, 2017. Julia graduated from the Public and Community Service Studies program at Providence College in 2012 and received a fellowship to work at a Dominican Friars school and orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. Following graduation, Julia taught at a Jesuit high school for low-income students in Texas. Now, while she is completing her Master’s Degree in Theology at Villanova University, Julia tutors inmates at Graterford State Prison.


Stay Connected with Notre Dame ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Alumnae Association supports and advances the interests of Notre Dame by fostering a sense of community among its graduates, enhancing their connection to the Academy and promoting their spiritual growth. Kimberly Tierney Pegg ’88 is President of the Executive Board and Kaitlin Morris McCartan ’01 is Vice President for the 2017-2018 academic year. They would be pleased to hear your ideas regarding the Association’s programming and its role in the lives of Notre Dame women.

ALUMNAE PORTAL Notre Dame’s Alumnae Portal offers graduates a convenient way to locate, connect and network with one another. Searchable by name, class year, city, state, education and occupation, our private community database is accessible only by signing in with a username and password to If you need assistance with your username or password, please contact Marielle DuBovec Mazda ’06 at

LINKEDIN COMMUNITY Broaden your own professional and community network though Notre Dame’s LinkedIn Alumnae Networking Group. Hear about job opportunities, announce professional achievements and share ideas with the 233 ND graduates already in the group. By joining, you will also be helping the Academy deliver a more robust Career Exploration Program for current students.

2010-Present 2010 Eleanor Stitt ’10 married Joseph Fragomele on August 26, 2017. Notre Dame alumnae celebrated with Lanie and Joey. Shown left to right: Morgan Moppert ’10, Meredith Morris ’10, Lanie Stitt ’10, Joey Fragomele, Kelsey McGowan ’10, Ally Henrich ’10. Back row from left to right: Trish Hayden ’10, Casey Rooney, Karine Keshgegian ’10, Jackie Spoerl ’10, Erica Gosnell ’10, Bridget Burns ’10, Graceann Palmarella ’10, Amy Corbett ’10, Lauren Morris ’10, Tara Vaughan ’10, Lauren Nichols ’10.

Moira Reilly ’10 also attended the alumnae gathering in San Francisco, CA and is currently working as an Associate Recruiting Partner for Flexport.

2011 Alana Stoczko ’11 attended the alumnae gathering in San Francisco, CA. She graduated from University of California, Berkeley, in 2015 with a major in Biology and currently works as an Implementation Analyst for WalkMe™. She is excited about staying connected to other Notre Dame alumnae on the West Coast.


Marissa Baum ’14 presented at the Villanova University’s Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Institute in October 2017. Marissa is a Communications major and presented on her recent venture, “That’s Baum,” a blog, public relations, and social media start-up that consults with Main Line and Philadelphia women business owners to help them understand the power of online marketing.

Hannah Fuss ’16 attended the Notre Dame Community Event at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, NJ on July 20 and spoke about how Notre Dame prepared her for college.

2013 Siobahn Dougherty ’13, Megan DiGuiseppe ’13, Juliana Guarino ’13 and Madeleine Finkenaur ’13 attended the Boston Alumnae Regional Event held on October 18 at The Harvard Club.

Cathy Lee McNeill ’10 attended the alumnae gathering in San Francisco, CA. She is currently working as an Account Development Representative Manager at Envoy Inc.


Hannah Pohlmann ’14 is a rising senior in Penn State's Schreyer Honors College. She received The Astronaut Scholarship, which is one of the one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded to undergraduate STEM students.

Members from the Class of 2016 attended the Notre Dame Community Event held at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, NJ.

Alumnae members of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of President’s Advisory Council met with Dr. Dwyer on September 28 at The University Club to discuss the current state of the school. Pictured here from left to right: Dr. Judith A. Dwyer, Cookie Carr ’66, Nicole Panoc ’12, Emily Hallinan ’11, Holly Flynn ’11, Julia Rota ’85, Camille Lewis Brown ’77, Marielle DuBovec Mazda ’06, Associate Director of Alumnae Relations and Ann Hedges, Major Gift Officer.




1994 Preeya Noronha Pinto '94 and her husband Ashok welcomed John Salvadore Noronha Pinto on June 13, 2017.

Amy McMahon Reich '03 and her husband Bobby welcomed Reagan Elizabeth Reich on July 26, 2017.

2000 Nina Vecchione Rosenbach ’00 and her husband Rob welcomed Michael Robert Rosenbach on June 20, 2017.

2006 Marissa Fontanot Connor '06 and her husband Brendan welcomed Brady Michael Connor on July 7, 2017.

2003 Colleen McGrath King ’03 and her husband Christopher welcomed James Morrissey King on June 28, 2017.

2007 Tara Meissner Flexon ’07 and her husband Tom welcomed Luke Charles Flexon on August 11, 2017.

IN MEMORIAM Deborah Arnold, mother of Trisha Lynn Arnold '02 June 21, 2017

Anne Marie C. Matthews MacNamara SQ ’55 August 15, 2017.

Denyse Boland '46 June 22, 2017

Maria McCarthy, mother of Tina McCarthy '05 May 27, 2017

Nicole Ann Schneider Bomberger '97 July 7, 2017 Claire Campitelli, mother of Melinda Campitelli Williams '77 May 12, 2017 Mary Delores Woodring Dagit '52 July 29, 2016 Benjamin Franklyn Davis, Jr., father of Caitlin Davis ’07 May 2, 2017 Adele Bateman Donahue, mother of Suzanne Donahue ’76, Emily Donahue Brown ’81 and Katrina Donahue ’82 May 14, 2017 Rita Boland Gahagan '46 June 26, 2017 Christina Maria "Tina" Burlingame Gilhool '59 August 18, 2017 Ann N. Herring '49 July 16, 2016

Kathleen McGee '62 June 15, 2017 Barbara Ann Redditt '68 May 7, 2017 Regina Reimel '59 May 29, 2017 Mary Hughes Rinaldi '53, sister of Ann Hughes '54 and Alice Hughes Zygmont ’59 August 30, 2017 Gail Anne Bradley Russell '54 March 9, 2017 John “Jack” C. Saile Jr., father of Julia Saile '16 June 10, 2017 James F. Schneider father of the late Nicole Schneider Bomberger ’97 August 7, 2017 Adella Anne Howe Welde '55 April, 28, 2017 Sue Ann McGlade Wheeler ’82 September 18, 2017



Academy Celebrates 45th Annual

FINE ART SHOW & SALE January 26 - February 4, 2018

The works of more than 100 artists will be featured at the Academy’s annual Fine Art Show, beginning with a catered preview reception with the artists on Friday, January 26 in the Mansion. The show will continue from noon to 4:00 pm daily beginning Saturday, January 27 through Sunday, February 4, 2018. This year’s featured artist is Philadelphia area resident, Rachel Brown. Rachel’s work is rich with vibrant color, energy, and movement, and is influenced by the stunning colors and shapes found in water, shells, botanicals and natural surroundings of some of her favorite coastal destinations. New artists this year include: Sandra Benhaim, Sue Ciccone, Gretchen Fuss, Joe Jacobs, Dariusz Mlacki, Susan Reiser, George Watson, Steven J. White, Jan Wier, John A. Wilson, and Jeannie Wolfington.

For tickets and more information, visit:

Co-chairing the Art Show this year are Denick Herrin and Cathy Van Kula.

Help light a path for every student with a gift to The Notre Dame Fund. Your gift of any size is an opportunity to express your ongoing support for Notre Dame and our mission. The stock market is at an all-time high! Gifts of appreciated securities received before December 31 can provide significant tax benefits. For more information contact Joy Antonoplos, 610-971-1630, or visit

Corrections to 2016-2017 Annual Report of Gifts • Class of 1956: Nancy Dougherty Lavin • 2017 BLAST: Main Line Periodontics and Dental Implants, John and Holly Whytosek • Matching Gift Company: Bank of America • Faculty/Staff: Michele Slattery P’19 FS

560 Sproul Road Villanova, PA 19085 610.687.0650

2018 Calendar of Events 45th Annual Fine Art Show & Sale

Eighth Grade Graduation

Preview Party with Artists Friday, January 26 Art Sale Open to Public January 27 - February 4 The Mansion

Thursday, May 31 Aimee Willard Gymnasium

BLAST Saturday, March 3 “Under the Big Top” Notre Dame Campus

Experience ND Day Wednesday, March 7 Notre Dame Campus

Reunion Weekend Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 Notre Dame Campus

Class of 2018 Baccalaureate Mass Friday, June 1 Aimee Willard Gymnasium

Class of 2018 Graduation Saturday, June 2 The Mansion

2018 Notre Dame Golf Classic

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Tuesday, September 25 Applebrook Golf Club

Fall 2017 VISIONS Magazine  

This biannual magazine from the Academy reviews news and faculty and staff achievements.

Fall 2017 VISIONS Magazine  

This biannual magazine from the Academy reviews news and faculty and staff achievements.