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Selina’s story

Selina要買一張round trip的票, 但是售票人員給她兩張單程票…

round trip ticket 來回票

Bus Ticket Office 售票處

Greeting 問候






Politely 禮




Sentence Patterns– Bus Ticket Office • Good morning/afternoon/evening. 問候

• May I help you? • 車次:Which bus goes to (目的地)? = Which bus

回答 疑問

should I take to (目的地)? => Bus 544. • 換車:Do I have to change/transfer? => No. / Yes, you have to change at

售票 結束 談話


• 票價:How much is the fare to (目的地)? => NT$ (價格). Here is your ticket and change. • You are welcome. = My pleasure. • Have a nice day.

Other Possible Questions 

時刻表相關:  When

will the bus leave? (車什麼時候開?)  In two minutes. (兩分鐘內)  At 2:30 p.m. (下午兩點)  When will it get to the terminal? (何時到終點站?)  At 4:30. (4點) 

路程相關:  How

long does it take to get there? (到那裡要多久?) How long is the ride? (要坐多久?)



(In front of the ticketing booth) I need a round-trip train ticket to Taichung, please. Two tickets to Taichung? No, just one ticket for me, but I need a two-way ticket. I still need to get back here. Oh, I see now. You can also get a 10% discount when you buy a two-way ticket. Really? That’s great.

Staff Passenger

The ticket is NT$680. Here’s NT$700.


Here’s your ticket and the change. Please go to the second platform for your train. Thank you very much.

Staff Passenger Staff


On the Bus 在公車上

Greeting 問候

Answering Questions 回答疑問

Charging 收費

Ending Politely 禮 貌結束談話

Sentence Patterns– On the bus 問候 • Good morning. May I help you? 回

• 確認車次:Is this the bus to (目的地)?

• = Does this bus go to (目的地)?

• =>未上車:No. Take Bus No. 10 across the street.

問 收 費 結 束 談 話

=> 已上車:No. You have to get off at the bank and take the A52. • 票價:How much is the fare? => 上車付:NT$_______. Drop it in the box, please. =>下車付:NT$_______. Pay when you get off (the bus). • You are welcome. Have a nice day.

Other Possible Questions 

過站相關:  What

is the next stop? (下一站是什麼站?)  How many stops are there to the Chiayi Park? (離嘉義公園還有幾站?)  I want to go to the Chiayi Park. Could you please tell me where I should get off? (我想去嘉義公園, 請問我應該在哪一站下車?) => You should get off at _______(站名). 

Bus Driver

Good morning.


Excuse me. Does this bus go to Chiayi THSR Station?

Bus Driver Passenger

Yes. Thanks. Is it free to go there?

Bus Driver

Bus Driver

We offer free shuttle bus services from Chiayi Station to Chiayi THSR Station only. So you need to pay NT$40 when you get off the bus. Oh, I see. Thank you. How long does it take to get there? Usually it takes around 40 minutes.


Could you please tell me where I should get off?

Bus Driver

Chiayi THSR Station is the terminal of this bus, so don’t worry.


Thank you so much.

Bus Driver

You are welcome.


Vocabulary 單字 Bus 公車             

fare n. 費用 round-trip ticket n. 來回票 single ticket n. 單程票 ticket office/booth n. 售票處 passenger n. 乘客 get on v. 上車 get off v. 下車 stop n. 站 bus stop n. 公車站 change v. 換車 transfer v. 轉車 terminal n. 終點站 bus terminal n. 巴士總站

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) 台灣高鐵  

Chiayi Station n. 嘉義站 shuttle bus n. 接駁車

補充資料  1. 歡迎搭乘嘉義客運 Welcome on board. 2. 下車請小心。祝您旅途愉快 Mind the steps. Have a nice trip. 3. 請在前面站台等車 Please wait at the stop over there. 4. 大約還有_____站 There are around _____ more stops. 5. 前方直走,過天橋 Go straight and cross the overbridge. 6. 你搭錯車(方向) You are in the wrong direction.