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Selina’s story

Selina去餐廳,想要點五分熟 (medium rare)的牛排,肉要呈 現pink感覺,服務生卻給她…

medium rare 五分熟

What to do










Confirming orders 確認餐點

First Visit 詢問 訂位

• Hi and welcome to _______(店名). Do you have a reservation? • 給菜單:Here is your menu. Today’s special is ______(菜名). I’ll be back in a minute. • 點餐:Are you ready to order?


• 點飲料:What would you like to drink? =>I’d like/I’ll have one hamburger and one coke. • 問烹調方法:How would you like it cooked?

• What else do you recommend? => I recommend _______(菜名). It is the 推薦餐點

signature dish here. • => Would you like to try _______(菜名)? • OK. So that’s one hamburger and one coke. Anything else?


• Your order will be ready soon.

Waiter Customer Waiter Customer Waiter Customer Waiter


Good evening, sir. Do you have a reservation? No, I don’t. Do you have a table for three available? Yes, there is. Do you want a table or booth? Table please, and I want one by the window. Sure. This way, please. Thank you. Here’s your menu, sir. I’ll be back in a few moments. (five minutes later…) Are you ready to order? Yes, we’ll all take the house sirloin steak.


How would you like it cooked?


One is medium rare and the others are all well-done.


Okay. One medium rare and three well-done. What would you like to drink? Just water please. Okay. Here you are, sir. Enjoy your meals.

customer Waiter

Vocabulary        

appetizer 開胃菜 starter 前菜 main meal 主菜 side dish 小菜 brunch 早午餐 refreshments 茶點 snacks/dessert 點心 daily special 本日特餐

         

set menu 套餐 a la carte 單點 buffet 自助式吃到飽 all you can eat 吃到飽 cafeteria 自助餐館 takeout 外帶 delivery 外送 small 小的 medium 中的 large 大的

Vocabulary– 烹煮方式

      

steamed 蒸的 stir-fried 炒的 deep-fried 炸的 grilled 燒烤的 roast 烘烤的 baked 烘培的 braised 燉的

     

spicy 辣的 mild 溫和的 rare (牛排)三分熟的 medium rare (牛排)五分熟的 medium (牛排)七分熟的 well-done (牛排)全熟的

Vocabulary – Ingredient 食材 Meat      

pork chop 豬排 beef steak 牛排 chicken fillet 雞排 cod fillet 鱈魚排 sausage 香腸 ham 火腿

Seafood 海鮮         

shrimp 蝦子/蝦仁 baby shrimp 蝦米 squid 花枝 oyster 蚵仔 clam 蛤蠣 tuna 鮪魚 salmon 鮭魚 sailfish 旗魚 boneless milkfish 無刺虱目魚

Vocabulary Drinks 飲料     

mineral water 礦泉水 soda 汽水 Coke 可樂 beer 啤酒 refill 回沖

Soups 湯   

Miso soup 味增湯 Tonic soup 補湯 Sour and spicy soup 酸辣湯 Wonton noodle soup 餛飩湯

Vocabulary (參考用) Chinese Restaurant 中式餐廳     

fried rice 炒飯 fried noodles 炒麵 dumplings 水餃 hot pot 火鍋 congee 粥

Vocabulary (參考用) Korean Restaurant韓式料理店  

  

Bibibon 石鍋拌飯 Spicy fried rice cake 辣炒年糕 Korean BBQ 韓式烤肉 Ginseng chicken 人蔘雞 Seafood pancake 海鮮煎餅 Yuja (Citron) tea 柚子茶

American Restaurant 美式餐廳 

 

Mozzarella cheese sticks 馬加酪起司條 Onion ring 洋蔥圈 Chicken nugget 麥克雞塊



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