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2010 Predictions

The Year of Conscious Awareness 2012 Arrives Early Mark Dodich


et ready for an exciting year. Astrologers have been privately talking about 2010 at astrology conferences for several years, and now it’s time to bring our secrets into the world. If you have been impatiently waiting for 2012, then you will be happy to know that it is arriving two years early. The heavy-duty outer planets that transform lives are all tied together in 2010 in a challenging pattern called a T-square. Imagine the tension you would feel if you were sitting on a three-legged chair that should have four legs. You can sit on it, but you need to pay conscious attention to your actions to maintain your stability. The least little movement, like reaching for your cup of tea, requires you to rebalance on the fly. Add to that, explosive Uranus moves into impatient Aries this summer to blow up your comfort zone. Before you rush to call your favorite astrologer, know that this motivating planetary alignment is a good thing. When planets line up in the early degrees of action signs (specifically Libra, Aries and Capricorn), there is an impatient rush to pioneer a new path. In 2010, the universe reminds you that everything is connected. You must look several steps down the road when you make a decision, because your actions this year will reverberate throughout all areas of your life during the next two years. The planetary energies of 2012 look calm compared to this summer. The year 2010 does the intense transforming work, so that you are prepared to peacefully meditate on creating a new galactic reality by 2012. Because these expansive and explosive frequencies do not peak until summer, it is important to begin with relatively uncommon energies currently building toward a summer crescendo. Warrior Mars, now passing through passionate Leo, begins the year in its rare retrograde cycle. Since Dec. 20, 2009 and through March 10, you have and will be reviewing your ambitions. Leo requires you to step into leadership, urging you to create your life based on your heart’s desire. If you are trying to keep a relationship or job in motion, but your heart just isn’t in it, Mars retrograde stimulates you to quietly prepare your battle plan for action come spring. With Mars spending six months in Leo when its normal passage is six weeks, you are getting an aggressive push to align

your worldly actions with a passionate, heart-centered path. Before making excuses as to why you cannot have what your heart wants, remember that summer brings paradigm shifts in your life. Trust that your old beliefs and behaviors will fall away. Now is the time to do the behind-the-scenes preparation before announcing your plans to the world. The energy of these changes picks up speed by August. Before you run off to a cave in Montana, know that the T-square has already been building since 2008. Destructive Pluto moved into restructuring Capricorn to change aspects of the

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world that were sitting on faulty foundations (such as bad real estate loans and money games on Wall Street). The second leg of the T-square started last October when integrity-focused Saturn entered the relationship sign of Libra. You are called to rebalance your relationships, beginning with your relationship to self. If you have been giving too much of yourself away, then you must reclaim healthy boundaries or risk burning out Libra-ruled adrenals. On a global level, Saturn was in Libra in the early 1980s and early 1950s. The United Nations was in the news and the U.S. was actively changing relationships with the Russians through the reduction of weapons systems. As this energy was getting started in 2008, the installation of weapons systems near Russia’s border was cancelled by President Obama. The United Nations will go through a restructuring before Saturn leaves Libra in the fall of 2012. Whether you are looking at global or personal relationships, they are all in the process of change. Good relationships have the opportunity to go to even better levels. Bad relationships must be torn apart to be restructured or released. Whether this is the relationship of the U.S. with a country in change like Cuba, or in your love, family or work relationships, the key is the same. Libra urges diplomacy, grace and cooperation. Saturn requires long term, patient changes to create a solid foundation for the future. There is a wild card to add to the mix. Expect-the-unexpected Uranus moves into independent Aries at the full moon on May 27.

Uranus revolutionizes your life and Aries wants it done yesterday. All of your neatly laid plans get hit by a thunderbolt. Uranus wants to sell it all and go on a walkabout. Aries wants to pioneer a completely new path. You must balance this freedom-seeking energy with the stabilizing energy of the other two legs of the Tsquare. It is like putting a complex puzzle together while all the pieces are floating in Mark Dodich zero gravity. The beauty is that you creatively combine different aspects of your life in a way that has never been done before. The challenge is that you must release old paradigm modes of thinking. Although my intent is to not participate in doom-and-gloom mentality, it is important to look at the difficult side of this grinding planetary pattern. Personal relationships that have not been working are going to crash and burn. Let them go. Many people will choose to vacate the planet rather than work with this new energy. A recent example of this is last July when changing emotional energy released Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite and others who represented their generations. Summer will be a busy fire season and earthquakes will be significant this year. Political and social revolutions will be in the news. The uncovering of corruption Continued on page 20

Caroline Myss: What’s Happened to America’s Soul? By Laurie Nadel

If you are tired of pundits and bloggers rehash-

ing sound bites, New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss looks at today’s economic and political crisis through a different lens. In her new book Defy Gravity, she examines the current melt-down as a collective spiritual crisis that is rooted in a loss of respect for the values upon which our nation was founded.

Q. A.

How do you see the economic crisis?

Everything looks the same except more and more storefronts are empty. More and more businesses are shut down. We have outsourced ourselves. We made foolish decisions of the soul. We ceased to be humble and we became arrogant in our policies. We are no longer people of wisdom or reflection. Everybody had to sacrifice to get here, to start their lives anew. They wanted to do it. In order to get to this land of great promise,

our ancestors had to make sacrifices. People were not afraid of what that meant. But since World War II, we have forgotten about the need to sacrifice. Instead, we feel a sense of entitlement because we have suffered. It goes something like this: “I need a 52-inch flat screen TV now because I had a lousy childhood/nasty divorce/lost my job. I am entitled to stuff because I was hurt.” We wear our wound from the past like a badge.

Q. A.

What do you recommend?

Prayer. Not the kind of prayers where you ask for more stuff. The kind where you sit in deep silence and reflect. Ask for humility. For patience. In those moments when you pray, you can feel yourself lifted up to a place that is transcendent of ordinary life. A spiritual force initiates that. All of you is present. You are not living your history. During that time, you can feel as though the weight of your life has been lifted from your shoulders. For a microsecond, you defy gravity. How do you prepare for this?


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Reconnective Healing


This is NEW! This is DIFFERENT! This is REAL! Reconnective Healing® not only includes yet expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy” healing. The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information, and has brought about unparalleled worldwide reports of healings from serious afflictions including: • Cancer • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Cerebral Palsy • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis

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The Reconnection® brings in "new" axiatonal lines (part of a timeless network of intelligence and parallel-dimensional circulatory system) that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and, ultimately, for our evolution. The Reconnection activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information,the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of 'strings'. Distance Reconnective Healing transcends the limitations of space! It is as potent and effective as in-person sessions.

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NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


NEW CONNE端ION January/February 2010




or Edit

Creativity Affirmation


in Rem

ur o Y Say ations rm i f f A

I am


As God created the universe, the seed of creation was planted in me. I nurture this energy of creation, allowing it to change my heart. I acknowledge behavior that does not serve me well. I open my seed of creativity, inviting new ways of living to flow forth. In this moment, I create heaven on Earth in me.

e v i t crea

t’s been predicted that 2010 is the year to walk your talk. During the coming year, New Connexion will present affirmations and meditations to increase your awareness of spiritual qualities needed in the world now. Focus on building your creative power in January and February Vicky Thompson by using the following affirmation and meditational prayer on creativity.

Meditational Prayer

See yourself dipping a paintbrush into a can of rich orange paint. As you sweep the brush across the canvas of your life, see it painting over experiences that you want to release. As the old events and behaviors are swept away, see new ways of living take form on the canvas. See yourself living the life God intends for you as you say the following prayer: Dear God, I hold your blessed power of creation. Show me how to find new ways of living that reflect the great love you hold for me. Through dreams, friends and other messengers, illuminate my path through the power of your creative grace. Editor Vicky Thompson is the author of LifeChanging Affirmations: A 30-Day Plan for Spiritual Transformation. Visit www.



The Beliefs of Eckankar

The teachings of Eckankar define the nature of soul more carefully than do other current religions. Each person is soul, a particle of God sent into the lower worlds (including Earth) to gain spiritual experience. Purified by the spiritual exercises, you come into contact with the Holy Spirit. Your goal is spiritual freedom in this lifetime, after which you become a co-worker with God, both here and in the next world. Karma and reincarnation are primary beliefs. Key to the ECK teachings is the Mahanta, the living ECK master. He has the special ability to act as both inner and outer master for ECK students. He is the prophet of Eckankar, given respect but not worship. He teaches the sacred name of God, HU, which lifts one spiritually into the light and sound of God, the ECK. Harold Klemp is the spiritual leader of Eckankar today. He was raised on a Wisconsin farm and attended divinity school. In the 1960s, he found the teachings of Eckankar. In 1981, after years of spiritual training, Harold Klemp became the Mahanta, the living ECK master. Personal experience with the light and sound of God is the cornerstone of


Capturing the Feminine Spirit

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Eckankar. People who truly find these two aspects of God undergo a complete spiritual change. Life becomes fresh and new again, as it was in early childhood. Learn more about Eckankar at www. For local events, visit www., and


PSYCH-K Changes Minds

If you are still not where you want to be in your life after all the seminars, self-help books, affirmations and conscious living, you may have left out one thing: reaching your subconscious mind where all the beliefs programmed during childhood are stored. Nearly 95 percent of what you think, do, say, feel and believe originates in the subconscious mind. To reach your goals, it’s important to reach your powerful subconscious mind and change beliefs that limit your success. PSYCH-K helps you communicate directly with both the conscious and subconscious minds, so you can change old self-limiting beliefs into new selfenhancing ones that support you. PSYCH-K processes facilitate and increase the “cross talk” between two brain hemispheres, achieving a more “whole-brained” state that is ideal for changing beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind. When the right and left hemispheres are in simultaneous communication, it maximizes your full response potential to life’s challenges. Rita Soman has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Delhi and is a certified drug and alcohol counselor, and PSYCH-K instructor and advanced facilitator. Visit


Portland native Tamara Adams, who created Butterfly on the cover of New Connexion, has been painting for more than 20 years. She is a full time professional artist, exhibiting her work in galleries and juried art events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her colorful acrylic paintings of women and children and contemporary interpretations of traditional iconography pay tribute to the beauty, mystery and strength of the female spirit. With a wide range of artistic influences, she draws much of her inspiration from mythology, culture, spirituality and religion. The concepts and values reflected in her work are meant to inspire people of all faiths to a deeper spiritual connection. Encountering the divine can be as simple as a moment of quiet contemplation and these moments are the theme of Adams’ work. While exploring her own beliefs and divine potential through art, writing and healing practices, she’s created thousands of sacred images and a powerful vision of women who are truly blessed. Visit tamara-adams-fine-arts or call 503754-4372.

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NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


NEW CONNE端ION January/February 2010



By Noel McInnis


hen the flow of your body and mind are equally aligned with one another, and you are aligned with your life’s reality, you can experience optimal well-being. To flow is to live in optimum harmony and alignment with all of your inner and outer experiences. Harmonious alignment differs from the flotation prescribed by the often heard advice to “go with the flow,” because such drifting invariably compromises the inner flow of your own unique being. Hence Thomas Jefferson’s prescription: “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” For example, if surfers did no more than go with the flow, they would be routinely dumped by every wave they encounter rather than ride it out. While flotation is passive, flowing (like surfing) is proactive, as shown by the familiar children’s song for effective self-navigation: “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.” Many people overlook this song’s recognition that even downstream travel (and for surfers, downwave travel) requires that we row to the rhythm of our own flow in appropriate alignment with the flow of our experiences. Just as fish regulate their flow-state with bodily undulations that aid in their upstream, cross-stream and downstream navigation, you are most effective when you likewise continually steer the flow of your inner being to accommodate the changes in your life. Full flow of your uniqueness requires mindful self-navigation, regardless of the direction that is taken by your outer stream of circumstances and inner stream of consciousness.


An example of such mindful self-navigation is presented in Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, “The Maelstrom,” about a shipwrecked sailor who becomes caught in the swirling waters of a gigantic North Atlantic whirlpool. Like a sailboat tacking into a headwind, he leveraged himself in an Aikido-like manner across the flow of the swirling water, and thus maneuvered himself out of the whirlpool. Life is often like a headwind that requires you to align your flow accordingly. I found this out one afternoon as I sought solace along a creek that tumbled and meandered down a mountain slope into Colorado’s Roaring Fork river. As I ascended along the creek’s course, I noted the stark contrast between its turbulent and calm passages, which mirrored the stream of my own consciousness and the uneven rhythm of my own life. I sat down with pen and paper in hand as if to take dictation, and asked for the creek’s advice: “If you were literate, what message would you have for me?” The creek responded as if it could indeed talk, and what I heard it say to me became the poem “Flow.” Receiving this verbal flow-through was a born-again experience, and whenever I have since had feelings of anguish, I remember the creek’s prescription to be as water is. What I remember most of all is that what emerges from my own flow is enough to get me safely through any turbulence that arises around or within me. See an artistic version of “Flow” with an illustration by artist Lynne Taylor and music by choral conductor David York at Noel McInnis presents “Flow” on Jan. 27 at 7 pm at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living at 1040 C Ave. in Lake Oswego.


Be, as water is, without friction. Flow around the edges of those within your path. Surround within your ever-moving depths those who come to rest there — enfold them, while never for a moment holding on. Accept whatever distance others are moved within your flow. Be with them gently as far as they allow your strength to take them, and fill with your own being the remaining space when they are left behind. When dropping down life’s rapids, froth and bubble into fragments if you must, knowing that the one of you now many will just as many times be one again. And when you’ve gone as far as you can go, quietly await your next beginning. –Noel Frederick McInnis LYNNE TAYLOR, WWW.LAURELWOODART.COM

Rowing with the Flow

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


Share the Love: 5 Positive Relationship Messages By Paul and Patricia Richards


intimacy and are just one of many vastly underestimated stumbling blocks relating to need on the path to great intimacy. The necessary five messages tend to build on one another — for example, most people need to feel seen before they can really hear an apology. That said, each message is a stand-alone, and all are equally important. 1. I see you. Tell your partner, and everyone else in your life, that I see you. you see them fully and You are loved. completely. Let them know that you really I appreciate you. are seeing them by paying careful attention and delving into deYou are safe. tails beyond what they might expect. Tell them your impression of their hopes and fears, their special talents, and when appropriate, their deeper feelings. 2. I regret your pain and suffering. Next, express regret. Tell your partner, and anyone else you care about, that you regret their misfortunes and sufferings. Feel free to apologize for the pain life itself may have caused them, if it seems appropriate. You can apologize for Each person must receive at least five anyone, for anything, without taking key kinds of positive messages every day. the guilt or blame on yourself, and In addition, men and women each have your apology will have value. Think of their own set of message requirements. an apology as the expression of regret They are vital to the creation of powerful veryone needs positive messages, just like the body needs food. Equally important, negative messages are poison to the personality — they starve and deform it. It’s the business of all sentient creatures to avoid both internalizing negative messages and offering a negative message as sustenance to any other person.

NOW HEAR THIS! Tryshe Dhevney’s SOUNDSHIFTING® Pacific Northwest Speaking and Book Tour

rather than acceptance of blame. Remember that only about one out of every thousand needed apologies is ever conveyed in our world. 3. You are loved and a part of the pack. The third message to give freely to everyone is the message of unconditional love. I always think of this message in concrete terms. I want people to know that if I were the helmsman of a crowded lifeboat in frothy green stormy seas, and if they were to fall over board, I would go back for them. This third message is a lifeboat message for me, rather than a syrupy declaration of emotion. The message you give your partner is an ultimate version of this message. When expressed to the rest of the world, the message is free of gender context, and the pack is the fellowship of human beings everywhere. 4. I appreciate your contributions and achievements. People need to hear that they are appreciated for their contributions, achievements and victories. Here too, people rarely receive the messages that they have earned. Most of the incredible feats achieved by human beings are internal. People suffer in silence, they struggle internally, they face demons and dig deep inside for hidden resources. Great things happen inside the human heart. Look there and don’t hold back when you perceive something wonderful or amazing in your fellow creatures. 5. You are safe with me and from me. Finally,

people need to hear that they are safe, really safe. Watch over them, and tell them that you are doing so. Incredibly, many people I meet have never been effectively told that safety exists. Most people believe only in degrees of jeopardy and live in degrees of greater or lesser anxiety, but never in true relaxation. The assurance of safety is a vital and wonderful resource that we need to share with one another. A great many contentious behaviors in the world are attempts to compensate for the lack of needed messages. People ask for raises because they haven’t been told they are appreciated. People sue other people because they haven’t received an apology. They destroy and even kill because they have never felt seen, and it seems as though any attention is better than none. Knowledge of the messages and their role in human life is one of the simplest and most precious things to have come my way in a lifetime on this path. Paul and Patricia Richards, pioneers in the rapidly developing field of energetic seeing, are the founders of the Ashland-based Senté Center for Energetic Studies and the authors of Wild Attraction: A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship. Visit

Experience Your Past Lives All-Day Workshop with Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

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• Discover extraordinary details about your past. • Release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes. • Practice revolutionary healing visualizations and meditations.

Join Brian Weiss as he opens unexpected doors into the astonishing realm of past-life regression! Brian L. Weiss, M.D., the best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters, is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

Portland Oregon Convention Center Sunday, April 18, 2010 • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Seats are Limited—Reserve Today! Call 800-654-5126, or visit® 7


Shamanic Breathwork: An Inner Healing Journey By Linda Star Wolf


f you believe that none of us are here on Earth by accident, then we can only suppose that we must be here on purpose. Each of us has a wise one within who remembers the way back to wholeness and our life’s sacred purpose. If you are seeking a more fulfilling way to be on this planet and longing for a soulful path of living, the Shamanic Breathwork process can guide you there. By using your breath in a powerful and transformative way, you can move beyond the ego long enough to reach your core self and engage in a highly intuitive connection to your inner teacher, or higher self, also known as your wisdom keeper.

“The purpose of life is soul growth” — from The 33 Lessons, WRITING THE DIVINE

Writing the Divine How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing

Clear, simple directions on how to receive Divine guidance. Plus,The 33 Lessons—amazing spiritual teachings on love, life and soul growth. Llewellyn. Order via Amazon or your bookseller!

“Highly recommended!” —Sophy Burnham, New York Times Bestselling Book of Angels

Author, channel and psychic counselor Sara Wiseman offers private readings, training and workshops.

This inner place of wisdom has all the solutions, guidance and answers that can’t be found anywhere else. I often refer to this inner healer and wisdom keeper as “the shaman within.” When you awaken the shaman within, you begin to walk and act in empowered ways in the world. Shamanic Breathwork is a safe and powerful healing process that uses the breath, chakra-attuned music, focused bodywork, art and group sharing to help individuals connect to their own inner healer/shaman, heal wounds and release blockages, get clarity about next right actions, and step into a life of power, passion and purpose. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness and healing back into their lives, to the lives of those they love and to the world at large. This process is highly experiential and the wisdom and healing gained comes from each individual’s inner experience. Shamanic Breathwork honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient shamanic traditions with cutting-edge psycho-spiritual methods of healing and teaching. It functions as a rainbow bridge, honoring the best of both worlds while creating a new paradigm for body, mind, heart and spirit. In the past, and still in some remote areas, the shaman was sought out much as a physician, counselor or minister is


Partners in Transformation

Shamanic Breathwork differs in that it is aimed at awakening the inner shamanic healer in individuals undergoing the process. today. In the shamanic tradition of old, the healer/shaman attempted to restore healing and balance to others by performing sacred rites or ceremonies which usually included prayers, songs and chants. They would also journey into other realms while being assisted by power animals, spirit guides and allies. Shamanic Breathwork differs in that it is aimed at awakening the inner shamanic healer in individuals undergoing the process. Shamanic Breathwork begins by establishing sacred space through various rituals such as smudging with sage while offering prayerful invocations. Individuals lie down and focus on surrendering to the healer/shaman within, calling upon

that which is most sacred and holy to them, such as guides, power animals and higher power. The drumming then begins, leading into a powerful musical journey varying in length from one to two hours. As the individual uses the power of deep connected breathing to create a natural altered dreamlike state, the ego defenses are released and the journey unfolds. Each person’s shamanic journey is a highly individualized process and no two are ever the same. Some of the states of consciousness reported range from divine, otherworldly bliss states to the struggle to be released from negative forces in the psyche. Rebirthing is a common occurrence, as is the life review where one relives or observes their lifetime experiences. Old patterns of dysfunction may be brought to the surface. Addictions are sometimes healed during this process, and feelings of grief, fear, rage and anxiety may be released. After the process, each person creates a mandala, which is an art piece that helps the journeyer to begin to integrate the journey. Then all participants come back together to share their journeys and receive suggestions from the Shamanic Breathwork facilitator on ways to integrate the wisdom they have accessed into their everyday lives. Anyone can go on a journey and see many of interesting things. Taking what you experience back into your life in a grounded way helps you make the shift from an ego agenda to your true soul purpose. Linda Star Wolf, founder of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, is the author of Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self. She presents events at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland on Jan. 22-23. Visit

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Create or deepen your yoga practice with acclaimed yoga instructor Nicki Doane’s Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion Choose from a 20, 30, or 45 minute practice featured on each DVD: Core Strength, Back Bending, or Standing Flow.

503-531-8700 NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010



hether you want to reduce anxiety, boost your immunity or just chill out, the ancient hands-on healing art known as Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) can easily harmonize the life energy in your body with the touch of your fingers. With the fast-paced and stressed-out lives most of us are leading these days, it has become second nature to treat aches and pains with a pill. If only people knew more about how these problems started in the first place, they’d learn that a lot of their discomforts could be easily healed on their own. Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese healing art, is just that — a simple and effective hands-on practice that anyone can do on themselves to induce relaxation and reduce the effects of stress with just a little bit of knowledge. Literally translated, Jyutsu means art, Shin means creator, and Jin means compassionate man. And so it is: The creator’s art through compassionate man. While it’s not widely known to Westerners, JSJ is similar to acupressure and works with a set of 26 points (called safety

energy locks) along the energy pathways of the body. When a pathway becomes blocked, energy stagnates. This initially affects the local area of stagnation, but has the potential to create imbalance along the entire pathway. The 26 energy locks are the locations on the body where energy tends to become stuck. Acupressurists and acupuncturists, by comparison, learn over 300 points. JSJ is a valuable complement to conven-

tional healing methods and also teaches you how to restore your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being with various techniques you can do anywhere, anytime. Here are some easy JSJ techniques: • To calm the nerves, simply hold the last three fingers of your hand, either side. This is the reason people wring their hands when nervous. Jin Shin is part of our innate wisdom so we are

Heal Yourself with Jin Shin Jyutsu

practicing it all the time unknowingly. Simply holding those last three fingers together is far more effective. Do this when sitting in the dentist’s chair, in meetings or doing interviews. • To energize and revitalize the body when tired, simply sit on your hands, palms up, for 10 minutes. This can also be done laying down. As a bonus, sitting on your hands also helps reduce cellulite. • For indigestion, gas and stomach aches, simply hold your thumbs, one at a time. If you are someone who tends to worry a lot, holding the thumbs also takes away worry. • For cancer prevention and to help the immune system, place the fingers of both hands on the sternum (breast bone located in center of your chest). Do this for a few minutes daily. Nancy Mehagian teaches Jin Shin Jyutsu seminars throughout Southern California. Visit To learn more about JSJ, visit

By Nancy Mehagian

Can Swearing Help with Pain?


t’s not uncommon to let loose a string of blue smoke when you stub your toe on a table leg. Cover your ears — researchers have actually found that swearing helps you to cope with pain. In studies conducted by Keele University in England, 64 volunteers were asked to submerge their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as possible while repeating a swear word of their choice. They were then asked to repeat the experiment, this time using a more commonplace word that they would use to describe a table. Researchers initially thought that swearing would exaggerate the severity of the pain. Despite their expectations, they found that the volunteers were able to keep their hands submerged in the ice water for a longer period of time when repeating the swear word, establishing a link between swearing and an increase in pain tolerance. While it isn’t clear how or why this link exists, researchers believe that the painlessening effect occurs because swearing triggers our natural fight-or-flight response, which downplays weakness in favor of pain-tolerant machismo. The next time you stub your toe, know that verbally embracing your shadow may help you to cope with pain. Source:

Friday, February 26

Joe Dispenza

Rev. Carlton Pearson

Robert Holden

The fundamentalist, Evangelical, Pentecostal bishop who said to hell with Hell.

Britain’s “Get Happy” guru with a feel-good philosophy that will make your heart smile.

Sunday, June 13

Shirley MacLaine Still feisty and fabulous after all these years.

Rev. Julie Applegate

Rev. Cathi Condon

Friday, April 30

The most recognized visionary in the hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know?!

— Jennifer Cox

A New Thought Spiritual Community

Friday, March 26

3 Men Series • 7 pm Center for Spiritual Living, 5801 Sand Point Way NE Seattle 206-527-8801 Tickets $40 each or $99 for 3 Men Series 1-800-838-3066 Shirley MacLaine • 7 pm Benaroya Hall 200 University Street, Seattle Tickets $50 - $85 206-215-4747

Sunday Celebration

Special Discount Package:

Spiritual Creatives Meditation

Save $10 on Shirley MacLaine when you purchase the 3 Men Series

11:00 am

9:30-10:30 am 10209 SE Division, Ste. 103, Portland 97266

Call 503-307-4594 for classes, retreats and Enneagram workshops. NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010 970-443-0732 9


e M t Ea ood for Gbes! Vi


he sacral chakra, nestled in the region of the lower belly, yokes us to the water element and its eternal state of movement and dynamic change. It is the hub of creative potential. Our sacral chakra assists us in wielding and manifesting our internal raw creativity into an external form involving visual arts, body expression and sound. Artists, painters, musicians and creators are examples of those in touch with their sacral chakra. Food and eating represent a functional,

Feeding the Sacral Chakra By Deanna Minich survival-based activity, and one of the ways to ensure that we eat is to involve the sensory aspects of our physical body. When we eat, we eat with all of our senses: our sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Our physiology and our sacral chakra are designed to ensure that we gain pleasure from our eating experience. There are specific compounds (peptides) released in the gut when we eat a meal that communicate with our brain to help our body decipher that we are experiencing pleasure from the experience. Recently, it has come to light that we have taste receptors in our gut similar to those found on our tongue, so we taste food beyond the mouth, even in the territory of the sacral chakra. Overall, this chakra is strongly and tightly woven into our eating experience at a deep, gut, sensory level. Rather than for pure survival, we look to the food for pleasure with the help of our sacral chakra.

Foods for the Sacral Chakra Seeds

Seeds like flax, poppy, psyllium, pumpkin, hemp, sesame and sunflower are therapeutic for the sacral chakra due to their rich source of healthy fats. Flaxseed deserves special mention because it is a healing food for the sacral chakra from a couple of perspectives. First of all, it contains oil rich in unsaturated essential fats. Although not as flexible and fluid as the fats found in fish, flaxseed oil can be used in the body to create flow. The other aspect of flaxseed is that it is rich in plant compounds called lignans, which act like weak estrogens and are able to compete with estrogen in the body to sit on receptor sites on cells. If the body has too much or too little estrogen, having plant estrogens like flax in the diet could be beneficial. Because of their ability to influence estrogen activity in the body, they are thought to reduce the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancers. Thus, the energetic

and physiological properties of flaxseed fit the needs of the sacral chakra, which oversees the reproductive organs in women and the colon. The benefits can extend into the territory of the neighboring root chakra by protecting against prostate cancer.

Tropical Fruits

When allowed to blossom, the sacral chakra fills and soothes us with delight, joy, relaxation, pleasure and freedom of choice. It resonates to fruits grown in tropical areas, as they embody these same qualities. Mangoes, pineapple, papaya, banana (also connects to the solar plexus), oranges, kiwi, figs and coconut are superb examples of nourishing sacral chakra tropical fruits. Eating these fruits enables us to open our inner self to feeling free and relaxed. Coconut and its oil are particularly appropriate for this energetic vibration. Coconut can heal and strengthen the bridge between the two lower chakras. It’s a sturdy fruit with a strong protective layer, paralleling the root chakra’s Fruits boundaries. It is Apricots filled with nourBlood oranges ishing milk and soft flesh, both which Cantaloupes assist the sacral Kumquats chakra in feeling Mandarins comfort to open up. Mangoes Raw coconut butter Nectarines is a tasty, root-sacral Oranges chakra treat.


Papayas Passion fruit Peaches Persimmons Tangerines

Similar to coconut, all nuts have qualities that strengthen the lower two chakras. The oils in the nuts comVegetables bined with protein Carrots make for a perfect Orange bell peppers food for combining grounding (root Pumpkin chakra) and flowSweet potatoes ing (sacral chakra) Yams qualities. Cashews are an excellent Fish choice for the sacral Salmon chakra. Note their moonlike structure, resonating with the yin, or feminine quality, of the sacral chakra. Walnuts resemble the complicated brain structure and are, indeed, one of the richest nut sources of omega-3 fats, which are needed for the brain. Almonds, pecans, filberts, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, pine nuts and macadamia nuts are other fine nut choices to support the sacral and root chakras.

“The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.” — Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar


Orange-Colored Foods

The healthy sacral chakra vibrates at a frequency similar to the color orange. Viewing or eating orange-colored foods can help to restore the sacral chakra to its correct vibration. On a nutritional level, most of these orange foods collectively provide betacarotene (an orange pigment) and other plant carotenoids. They are absorbed into our bodies with the assistance of fat as a carrier and stored in the cell membranes, where they take on the job of protecting the cell.

Sacral Food and Eating Activities

Here are simple activities to create a healthy relationship between foods, eating and the sacral chakra. • Combine food and creativity in any way you choose, ranging from meal preparation to a unique way to shop at the grocery store (for example, shopping only

for orange foods) to a novel way to grow food (such as using hydroponics, or the water element, which is conducive to the sacral chakra). Write about your creation and share it with another. • Invite someone over for dinner and create a meal together. • Pick an emotion that plagues your daily life and journal on how you better express this emotion throughout your life in a healthy way. How do you “eat” this emotion rather than expressing it? What foods do you gravitate toward when you feel this emotion? What do these foods signify? Dr. Deanna Minich, author of Chakra Foods for Optimum Health, is a nutrition educator, researcher and counselor based in Port Orchard, Wash. Visit www.foodandspirit. com. Reprinted with permission from Red Wheel/Weiser, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health by Deanna Minich, Ph.D., C.N. is available wherever books are sold or directly from the publisher at 800-423-7087 or www.

Discover Your Life as a Spiritual Adventure Eckankar offers practical tools to help you experience the Light and Sound of God for personal experience with dreams, past lives, Soul Travel, and your spiritual destiny. Information: • 1-800-LOVE GOD enter code F89 For local events in your area: •

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010



January JANUARY 9

Free Intro to Energy Healing

Up-to-the-Minute Listings:

2-4pm at Center for Natural Medicine in Portland. Start the New Year with a new skill! Learn the basics of energy anatomy and healing. 1330 SE 39th Ave. www. Free.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured


Unique Color Healing Techniques

in What the Bleep and The Secret,

Jan. 9-10: Corvallis. Feb. 13-14: Vancouver. April 10-11: Spokane. Reduce stress, eliminate or reduce pain, dissolve patterns of thinking and feeling that keep you stuck. Plus, a Monday Practicum for Practitioners. www.

has spent decades studying the human mind. He presents the



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3 Men and A Lady: Extraordinary People Series Feb. 26: Joe Dispenza. March 26: Rev. Carlton Pearson. April 30: Robert Holden. June 13: Shirley MacLaine. 3 Men Series: 7pm at Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. Shirley MacLaine: 7pm at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. www.

science behind the concept that

Reference Point Therapy Valeria Moore presents free intro on Jan. 14 at 7-9pm at Ahahra Healing Center in Portland. Level 1 on Jan. 23-24 in Seattle and Jan. 30-31 in Portland. Level 2 on Feb. 26-28 in Seattle and March 5-7 in Portland. www.

thoughts do become things. Mark it: Feb. 26 at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. Visit www.


New Moon Singing Crystal Bowls Meditations, 7:30-10pm. For peace, unity, and love for the planet. Jan. 14 and Feb. 13. $10/person. Hands of Freedom Healing, NE Portland. RSVP 503-288-8369, j_maron@ JANUARY 20

Introduction to Whole Person Drumming 6:30-8:30pm at African Rhythm Traders in Portland. Discover how Whole Person drumming can be one of the best ways to health and vitality! All levels welcome. Drums available. www.villageheartbeat. com for more information! 650-743-6252.



6:30-9pm Alchemical Healing Circle First Monday every month in Eugene. Free event - experience shamanic energetic healing. RSVP:, 541-484-1099,


10am-5pm. All-day past life regression workshop with the nation’s foremost expert. Oregon Convention Center. Reservations: 800-654-5126, APRIL 24 - 29

Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, JANUARY 22 - 24


Basic Shamanic Journey Class,

Free Intro to Energy Healing

Level I Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, www.

10am-12 noon at Hillside Community Center. Learn the basics of energy anatomy and healing. 653 SW Culpepper Terr., please rsvp to 503-823-3181. www. Free.

JANUARY 23 - 24

A Mythic Weekend Event Life journeys and stories that matter with filmmakers Steven and Whitney Boe, and shamanic healer Ernesto Ortiz. Jan. 23-24 at The Grotto in Portland. Register: 505795-7029,

Quantum-Touch Live


Dr. Brian L. Weiss, M.D.,

Shamanic Intensive Level 2


9am New Thought Center for Spiritual Living Celebration, connection, community. Sunday services at 9am and 11am. Meditation services at 10:15am. Infants, children and teens at 11am. 1040 C Ave. in Lake Oswego. 503-296-9922. 10am ECKANKAR Worship Service, 7904 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland 97202. 503-233-1595. 10:30am Celebration Church Services every Sunday at 10:30am in The Celebration Center in The Conference Center at Stafford Woods. 25030 SW Parkway Ave., Wilsonville, OR. 11am Celebration at Open Spirit Community a New Thought Church. Children’s church 11 am. 10209 SE Division, Ste. 103, Portland 97266, 503-307-4594. www.

April APRIL 18


New Shamanic Level II 18-month program starts Feb. 20. Taught by Jan EngelsSmith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, FEBRUARY 21 - MARCH 6

Basic Workshops & Free Lectures Certified instructor, Judie Maron-Friend’s 2-day intensive workshops, $295: Jan. 30-31 and Feb. 27-28. FREE talk on QT: 1st Tues., 7-8:30pm: Fat Straw, 4258 SE Hawthorne. 1st Weds., 7-8:30pm: Muddy Waters Coffeehouse, 2908 SE Belmont. 1st Sat., 1-2:30pm: Peoples Food Co-op, 3029 SE 21st Ave. RSVP 503-288-8369,,


Tryshe Dhevney’s SoundShifting Feb. 21: Lake Oswego, OR. Feb. 27-28: East West Bookshop, Seattle. March 5-6: New Renaissance, Portland. FEBRUARY 23

Free Intro to Energy Healing 6:30-8:30pm at Hillside Community Center. Learn the basics of energy anatomy and healing. 653 SW Culpepper Terr., please rsvp to 503-823-3181. www. Free.

Got an event happening in the Pacific Northwest? New Connexion can effectively promote your event in print, online and email. Choose from three options: · Basic: Online calendar $30 · Enhanced: In print & online calendars $50 · Deluxe: In print, online & eMail $100

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Weight Management Workshop, 6-7:30pm. Dynamic class for improving your digestive health and weight management. Learn to guide your body back into balance by focusing on nutrition, daily routines and natural cleansing protocols. Susan Bass 503-208-2716, www.journeyyoga. com. FEBRUARY 3 - 7

7-9:30pm Awakening in the Dream Group with Paul Levy. Call for info. 503-234-6480.


7pm Reiki Share: Exchange Energy with Paul M Rakoczy, Reiki Master. First Wednesday of each month. No experience necessary. $10 Donation. Call 503-997-8611 to register. Also initiations, classes, individual healing sessions by appt. See ad under Counselors. 7-9pm Drumming Circles Join us for Wednesday night drumming at Cedar Mountain Drums at 2239 E. Burnside, Portland. Bring your own drum/rattles or use ours. $5 donation. 1st Weds: Men’s Drumming. 2nd Weds: Mixed Drumming (supervised kids welcome). 3rd Weds: Women’s Drumming. 4th Weds: Shamanic Journeying ($10 donation). 7-9 pm Reiki Share Circle Spirit Feathers. 1st/3rd Weds., 7704 SE 13th, Portland. All welcome. 503-230-2469, www.


7-9pm Sessions with Michael at RoseSprings Center in Hillsboro. Live channeling. $15/second Thurs. each month. 503-858-5039. www., 503-693-9101. 7 pm Reiki Healing Circle 1st/3rd Thursdays at The Reiki House. Email: Call: 503-244-0121.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Course,

9am-5:30pm, at Awakenings Wellness Center in Portland. Experience the “Breath of Life” through Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. Cherionna Menzam, PhD is teaching this 5-day introductory course. See www.cranialtraining. com or for more information. FEBRUARY 5 - 7

Opening the Doors of the Six Realms of Existence Presented by Tenzin Rinpoche at Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey, Wash. Feb. 5: 7-9pm public talk (location TBA). Feb. 6: 9am-6pm teachings and practice. Feb. 7: 9am-noon teachings, practice and transmission. Register: 360-3527066, FEBRUARY 9 - APRIL 20

Art and Science of Raja Yoga Level I is a three-month intensive complete yoga involving postures, meditation, pranayam, diet, health, and more. Ananda Portland in Beaverton. ArtScience.htm. FEBRUARY 17 - 21

The Bodytalk System Taught by Gilly Adkins. Feb. 17, 7-9 pm: Public Presentation. Feb. 18-21: Modules 1 + 2 training. Holiday Inn Express, 2333 NW Vaughn St. in Portland. www.bodytalkportland. com &

Watch Rita’s Room Powerful affirmations and creative visualizations help you learn how to make conscious choices. On Comcast channel 11: Fridays 6 pm in the greater Portland community On Comcast channel 21: Tuesdays 7 pm • Wednesdays 9 am • Thursdays 11 am

Rita’s Room

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NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


New Renaissance Bookshop Events for January, February & March! 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 • January Sound Healing Evening Tom Lange, Sat. Jan. 2, 7-8:30 pm, $12

First Degree Reiki Sheila King, Sat. and Sun. Jan. 16 & 17, Both days: 10:30 am-5:30 pm, $150

Take an evening to slow down with a beautiful sacred sound journey. Soak in an evening of deep vibrations of didjeridus, singing bowls, gongs, flute and more. Registration limited.

Reiki is a transformational energy that heals body, mind, and spirit, and helps us move forward on our life path. After this class you will be able to do Reiki for yourself and others as well as plants, animals, food, and water. Bring a pillow and blanket.

Numerology:The Progressed Chart Lynn Buess, Sun. Jan. 3, 10:30 am-2:30 pm, $35

Entities: How to Protect Yourself Linda Freya, Sat. Jan. 16, 7-8:30 pm, $12

The numerological progressed chart reveals the patterns and possibilities set in motion at birth. Ignore the cycles of self, rebel against them, or become conscious and learn to work in harmony with them.

Entities are parasites of the human energy body. Learn what they are (and are not!), how they are caught, how they can effect your life, and ways to protect yourself from catching them.

Ongoing Class: Flowing Movement T’ai Chi Karin LaBriere,Tues. Jan. 5-26, 6:30-7:45 pm, $40 for 4-week session

Crazy Wisdom: Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment Aja Thomas, Mon. Jan. 18, 7-8:30 pm, $12

For improved balance, blood pressure, and vitality, t’ai chi is hard to beat. All previous students of t’ai chi are invited. The class will work with Yang Style simplified form. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

True spirituality is NOT about adding more spiritual techniques or concepts to make your life better. It is about one thing only — the direct experience of Truth, and that requires the ripping away, the slashing through, and the burning down of every concept you hold dear.

Start the New Year with Intentional Living Denise Giambalvo,Thurs. Jan. 7, 7-8:30 pm, $12 How many times have you lost the same 10 pounds? Stop spending money on gimmicks and products that don’t work. Assess your level of happiness and set actions into motion to create the life you truly desire.

Freedom for the Feminine: Honor and Respect Our Wisdom Kris Steinnes, Fri. Jan. 8, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Let’s start the new year stepping into our power and supporting each other as we discover how we can use our feminine wisdom to co-create solutions for a better life for ourselves and the world.

Myths and Mantras of Ganesha Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Sat. Jan. 9, 11 am-2 pm, $35 Learn Ganesha mantras that even experienced practitioners have never worked with. These mantras invoke Ganesha’s help in every aspect of life and will be taught along with enjoyable myths and scriptural stories.

Past Life, Present Healing Sally Nelson, Sat. Jan. 9, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Let the integration of breath work, body awareness, and guided meditation take you to a significant past life. Release blockages and patterns from your past and heal your life now through the unconscious mind!

Live Boldly Mary Anne Radmacher, Sun. Jan. 10, 2-5 pm, $38 Convert your unproductive longings into a practical, personal process, which is essentially a 21-day curriculum of YOU! Become teacher and student at the same time. See yourself through the lens of fresh perspective.

Clear Your Clutter:The Art of Letting Go Linda Freya, Mon. Jan. 11, 7-8:30 pm, $12 To clear clutter from your life you need to raise your awareness above the level that creates the clutter. Discover the energetic origins and effects of clutter, and shift stuck patterns to release clutter and lighten your life.

Spiritual Nutrition and the Six Foundations Tashi Rana,Thurs. Jan. 14, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Support the awakening of kundalini energy with a plant-based, organic, live-food diet individualized to meet your body’s needs. Weight loss, pain relief, detox, and youthing are beneficial side effects. Raw food samples provided.

Astrology Calendar Reading Mark Dodich, Fri. Jan. 15, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Learn to read Jim Maynard’s Celestial Influences 2010 Astrological Calendar (available at NRB). Get basic tips to help plan important events, meetings, and ceremonies. Prepare for Mercury retrogrades, eclipses, and other major planetary happenings of 2010.


Soul Vibes:Vibrational Self-Mastery with the Law of Attraction Candice Schutter,Thurs. Jan. 21, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Emphasis will be placed on making the law of attraction a fun, meaningful, and tangible practice in everyday life. We will draw inspiration from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks as well as several others.

Intro to Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self Linda Star Wolf, Fri. Jan. 22, 7-8:30 pm, $12 A safe and powerful healing tool that uses the breath, chakra-attuned music, focused bodywork, art, and group sharing to help individuals “awaken the shaman within,” step into a life of power, passion and purpose!

Clearing Blocks with Shamanic Breathwork™ Linda Star Wolf, Sat. Jan. 23, 1-5 pm, $50 Experience Shamanic Breathwork™ to help clear out energetic blocks and get clarity about next right actions. Release old wounds and begin to regain lost soul parts to remember who you truly are. Bring a journal, blanket, pillow, snack and water.

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 Books

Power Animal Rattlemaking: For Ceremony and Manifesting Connie Hill, Sun. Jan. 24, 12-4:30 pm, $35 Make and decorate your own power animal rattle from rawhide and other natural materials. Using a rattle helps us enter an altered state and “journey” to awaken our intuition and create a relationship with earth spirits and power animals. All supplies provided.

Working with a Pendulum Nita Bryant,Thurs. Jan. 28, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Learn the ease and joy of using a pendulum, having answers to your questions right at your fingertips. Inquire about jobs, relationships, life direction, and simple everyday matters. Bring a pendulum if you have one.

Full Moon Drumming Circle: Drumming for Love, Light, and Well-Being Connie Hill, Fri. Jan. 29, 7-8:30 pm, $12 In the first of three drumming rounds during the evening we will clear our personal energy. Second round focuses on what to bring in to replace what was just released. In our third round we’ll act as conduits for planetary healing.

Potionmaking for Kids: Stocking your Magical Cupboard Katie Mueller, Sat. Jan. 30, 2-4 pm, $28 Harry Potter fans: A wizard’s cupboard is full of fascinating herbs and odd gadgets. Come explore what kind of herbs, crystals, and objects you can collect to jumpstart your potionmaking adventures. Bring a small box (optional) to store the ingredients and creations you will make in class.

Fruitful Marketing: How to Grow your Business Organically Erin Donley, Sun. Jan. 31, 11 am-2 pm, $40 This workshop is all about getting tools and a fresh perspective on marketing. Work hands-on with exercises that clarify and magnetize your message. Discover how to not only “get more clients” but to become an energetic match with those coming your way.

Store Hours: M–Th & Sat. 10 am–9 pm; Fri. 10 am–9:30 pm; Sun. 10 am–6 pm

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 CDs

1. Vortex–Hicks 2. Defy Gravity–Myss 3. Writing the Divine–Wiseman 4. Mindful Eating–Bays 5. Physics of Miracles–Bartlett 6. How to Be an Adult in Relationships–Richo 7. When Fear Falls Away–Frazier 8. Frequency–Peirce 9. Tiger Tiger is it True?–Katie 10. Mindful Couple–Walser

1. Liberation’s Door–Snatam Kaur 2. Shamanic Dream–Anugama 3. Joy of Life–Karunesh 4. Music as Medicine–Nawang Khechog 5. Embrace–Deva Premal 6. Elephant Power–MC Yogi 7. Heart Full of Soul–Krishna Das 8. Splendor in the Grass–Pink Martini 9. And Winter Came–Enya 10. Live in Love–Shantala

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra, $25.00 Deepak is a master at making deep spiritual matters accessible and applicable to our lives right now. In this wonderful teaching, he invites us to reinvent our bodies and rediscover our spirit in order to change the universe. We learn that the body is boundless – it is channeling the energy, creativity, and intelligence of the entire universe. At this moment, the universe is listening through our ears, seeing through our eyes, and experiencing through our brain. We discover the body’s infinite capacity for change and how to use energy and awareness to transform our lives.

Mantras for Precarious Times by Deva Premal, $16.98 Deva has chosen seven mantras that are relatively short and easy to become familiar with. She tells us that we have 108 major energy channels that meet in the “Sacred Heart.” By chanting these mantras, the energy fills our entire body, bringing us deep healing and upliftment, not only for ourselves but for the entire planet. These mantras are meant to become a part of us, transforming and blessing our lives. You will feel immediate results, will want to encourage others to chant along, and will be inspired to use mantras as a daily practice. I feel so delighted and thankful for this important blessing Deva has given to us for these uncertain and challenging times. NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010

For full event descriptions and to register go to or call (503) 224-4929. February Healing Yourself with Mind Body Medicine: Releasing the Old, Embracing the You Dave Markowitz,Tues. Feb. 2, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Discover the underlying causes of your pain or illness. Walk away feeling hopeful and empowered with the knowledge you’ve been waiting too long to hear. Attendees will be selected at random to receive personspecific messages!

The Ancient Art of Face Reading Dr. Oleg Reznik,Thurs. Feb. 4, 7-8:30 pm, $12 The ancient art of face reading provides a basis for the understanding of a person’s innate tendencies. This knowledge is of value at home, in business, and for healing practices.

Creating Prosperity Using Spiritual Blogging Darren Littlejohn, Fri. Feb. 5, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Interested in blogging for your spiritual business or personal practice but don’t know where to start? Expand your income potential with insider tips on how to further your message. Discover how to reach more people and sell your ideas or products while you sleep.

Free Your Voice! Barbara Stephan, Sat. Feb. 6, 1-4 pm, $30 The voice has the power to create, heal, and inspire. Use interactive exercises to bring repressed emotions into the light to be healed, open the throat chakra energy system, learn to use the appropriate muscles to support the voice, and more!

Elder, Shaman, Healer:Your Astrological Initiation into the Second Half of Life Paul Richard, Sat. Feb. 6, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Train Your Brain to Curb Your Cravings Holly Stokes, Mon. Feb. 8, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Changing habits, cravings, and addictions can be easy when you understand how your brain works! With the right set of tools, you can take charge of your habits, understand the layers of your motivation and even “reprogram” your mind to work for you.

Ongoing Class:Yang Style T’ai Chi for Beginners Karin LaBriere,Tues. Feb. 9-March 16, 6-7 pm, $54 for 6-week session With other beginners, allow yourself to be guided into comfort and adventure within your own body/mind. Building basic orientation through qigong, t’ai chi walking and flow motion, we begin the process of learning the Simplified 24-Movement Form.

Ongoing Class: Flowing Movement T’ai Chi Karin LaBriere,Tues. Feb. 9-March 16, 7:15-8:30 pm, $54 for 6-week session For improved balance, blood pressure, calmness and vitality, t’ai chi is hard to beat. This is a class for experienced and self-motivated t’ai chi players. All previous students of t’ai chi are invited, whether you have forgotten everything or not!

The Buddha’s Wife:The Portrayal of Women in Buddhism Gabriel Constans,Thurs. Feb. 11, 7-8:30 pm, $12 The evening will explore past and present perceptions of nuns and spiritual initiates and the road many women have had to travel to have equal rights in religious communities and organizations.

Venus:The Planet of Love Judith Hill, Fri. Feb. 12, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Age 50-60 is THE most potent astrological and spiritual period of our entire lives. If we choose to use the planetary movements consciously, it is the initiation rite to becoming the Elders, Shamans, Mystics, and Healers of our “tribe.” Learn how to live these years to the fullest!

Venus’ placement in your horoscope describes your personal experience of love, beauty and peace. What, how and whom do you attract? How strong is your personal magnetism? The law of attraction manifests as Venus in your birth chart. Discover the unique placement Venus can have in your life!

Soul Development through Handwriting Jennifer Crebbin, Sun. Feb. 7, 10:30 am-4:30 pm, $65

Develop Your Dowsing Skills Jerry Henderson, Sat. Feb. 13, 10:30 am-1:30 pm, $35

Learn how to change your handwriting to support your desires instead of sabotaging them, take charge of your soul development, and dramatically change your life.

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 DVDs 1. Living Matrix–Becker 2. Leap–Cameron 3. Living Luminaries–Lasky 4. Vortex–Hicks 5. Global Unity Nia the Technique–Rosas 6. Law of Attraction Epsd 10: Let Loose–Hicks 7. Secret 2nd Edition–Prime Time 8. Kundalini Yoga Detox–Fiennes 9. From Grief to Joy–Hicks 10. Down the Rabbit Hole–Captured Light

Unmistaken Child, Directed by Nati Baratz, $29.98 This incredible documentary is the real life story of Tibetan monk Tenzin Zopa’s four year search for the reincarnation of his master, Lama Konchog, who passed away in 2001. A film crew accompanies Tenzin through the whole process, as he searches for clues in the ashes and relics remaining after his master’s cremation. He also consults a Tibetan Astrologer and wanders far and wide through the beautiful valleys of Nepal in search of a child between the ages of one and one and a half whose father’s name begins with an “A.” Magnificent footage of the Himalayas along with touching moments of the child being tested by the high lamas and returning to his former retreat make this movie a very special experience. NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010

Dowsing is a simple practice using indicators like pendulums and swing rods to access your natural intuitive responses. Learn the major factors influencing dowsing accuracy and have opportunities for hands-on practice. Workshop fee includes a set of swing rods for you to keep.

Past Life Regression Marie Friend, Sat. Feb. 13, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Join Marie as she talks about reincarnation and uses actual incidents from her readings as examples. She will guide participants through a meditation to help them encounter past lives of their own.

Concert with Omiza River: A Valentine’s Day Special Event Tanyia and Keith Hall, Sun. Feb. 14, 3-5 pm, $12 each or 2 for $20


Readers Anna Abraham, Chakra or Tarot Readings Mon. Jan. 4 & March 8, $75/hr. or $45/half hr. Anna specializes in emotional and spiritual healing, choose either an intuitive chakra or tarot reading.

Shon Clark, Intuitive Tarot Wed. Jan. 6, 13, 20, Feb. 24, March 10, $80/hr. or $45/half hr.

Shon’s approach is eclectic, drawing from kabbalah, shamanism, and intuition. His readings are deep, direct, and insightful.

Raina Rowland, Cards of Destiny Readings Fri. Jan. 15 & March 5, $50/half hr.

The cards reveal past, present, and future information about your life, including love, finances, work, and health.

Dawn Lianna, Intuitive Readings Jan. 8, 9, 18, 22, 25, 30, Feb. 1, 5, 8, 15, March 6, 14, $84/hr. or $50/half hr. Dawn uses the pictures, feelings, and sounds she intuitively picks up to give you insight into your questions.

Susan Marek, Angel Guidance Readings Sun. Jan. 3 & 24, Feb. 7, $85/50 min. or $55/25 min.

Susan connects with your angels and guides to provide you with positive guidance and answers to your questions.

Gabi Schoening, Matrix Energetics Jan. 5, 14, 19, Feb. 2 & 16, March 4, $90/hr. or $50/half hr.

A matrix session can be used to release trauma, to balance emotional states, and transform your life in many ways.

Jerry Henderson, Intuitive Tarot Jan. 17, 29, 31, Feb. 12 & 27, March 7, $85/hr. or $55/half hr.

Jerry is a gifted intuitive advisor and will lead you to find useful answers regarding relationships, career, and your spiritual journey.

Devika Battan, Intuitive Jan. 2 & 23, Feb. 6 & 13, March 13, $130/hr. or $65/half hr.

Devika is a fine-tuned intuitive, offering advice to those seeking to understand the meaning of their life in the past, present, and future.

Ingrid Kincaid, Rune Readings Jan. 7, 12, 16, 21, 27, Feb. 3, 10, 11, 23, 25, March 3 & 11, $80/hr. or $45/half hr.

Ingrid is a gifted intuitive reader of runes, a keeper of the old ways. When she reads she speaks in the voice of the ancient ones.

Judith Hill, Astrologer Thurs. Feb. 4, $160/hour (includes 2 hours of pre-prep time)

Judith is a scholar, lecturer, and internationally recognized researcher. Her 60-minute readings include a beautiful, hand-drawn copy of your birth chart.

Sally Nelson, MA, CH.t. Past Life Regression, Mon. Jan. 11, $120/hr. or $60/half hr.

Sally’s guided journeys integrate past life regression, breath-work, body attunement, sound, and brainwave entrainment. Readers continued on next page.

Awaken your spirit and soften your heart this Valentine’s Day with the beautiful harmonies and uplifting lyrics of Omiza River. This soothing acoustic folk music is inspired by nature and the beauty of all of the people they contact. February events continued on next page.

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 DVD Rentals 1. You Can Heal Your Life–Hay 2. Shift–Dyer 3. Leap–Cameron 4. Living Matrix–Becker 5. Shadow Effect–Ford 6. Spiritual Liberation–Beckwith 7. Secret Life of Bees–Latifah 8. Vortex–Hicks 9. Moses Code–Twyman 10. Timewave 2013–Rose

Specials! January 20% off all candles and candleholders February 20% off all jewelry


New Renaissance Bookshop 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 •

For full event descriptions and to register please call or visit our website. February (continued)

Ongoing Class: Buddhist Meditation: Illuminated Natural Awareness Jacqueline Mandell,Wed. Feb. 17-March 3, 7-8:30 pm, $38 for 3-week session Meditation practice develops and shapes the mind to easily open to one’s true nature.This meditation class is open to all and is shaped to those in attendance.There will be time for meditation, Q & A for meditation skills and understanding.

Demystifying Soul Retrieval: A Community Gathering Karyn Armstrong,Thurs. Feb. 18, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Soul loss can be the result of traumas like abortion, abuse, accidents, addiction, surgery or the stress of combat. We unconsciously spend tremendous amounts of energy looking for lost parts of ourselves. Discover more and participate in a live soul retrieval.

The Law of Emergence: Living Your Soul’s Blueprint Anakha Coman, Fri. Feb. 19, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Rather than trying to shape life by our own will, how do we consciously align with that which is seeking to emerge? Discover the Law of Emergence and share your soul’s brilliance to create a world that works for all!

Cracking the Prosperity Code Dawn Lianna, Sat. Feb. 20, 12-4 pm, $50 Focus on uncovering and changing our limiting beliefs around money and abundance. Learn the structure of beliefs, what holds them in place, and how to create empowering beliefs that help you get what you really want.

Living by the Moon: Ancient Matriarchal Wisdom for a New Earth Dan Furst, Sat. Feb. 20, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Find how to realign with the healthy, natural flow of the moon’s time. In the winter of 2009-2010, three consecutive Super Moons tell us it is time to be aware. Get back into the Dance — it is time.

Losing a Loved Animal:The Eternal Gift of Love Lauren McCall, Sun. Feb. 21, 2-5 pm, $38 This is an introduction to how animals view the end of life’s cycle and life after death. This workshop is from the animals’ point of view and is suited to anyone who wants to learn more about them or has lost a beloved companion.

Bringing Your Soul to Light Dr. Linda Backman,Thurs. Feb. 25, 7-8:30 pm, $12 The soul is our immortal consciousness held both within our body and in the divine realm. As we reincarnate, we seek deeper awareness of our core truth. Linda will discuss her client regression experiences and will answer questions such as, “Can you live two lives simultaneously?”

Sacred Journey of Your Soul:Through the Major Arcana of the Tarot Katrina Wynne, M.A, Fri. Feb. 26, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Featured Upcoming Events Satsang with Gangaji Thurs. March 18, 7-8:30 pm, $20 Beginning with a period of silence, Gangaji will share her message and invite you to shift your allegiance from the activities of the mind to the eternal presence of your being. Gangaji is an awakened teacher in the lineage of Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), and holds worldwide gatherings and retreats with spiritual seekers of all faiths.

Awakening to the Spirit World Hank Wesselman, PhD. Sat. March 27, 7-8:30 pm, $15 Creating a modern upgrade of the ancient meditative practice of shamanism, learn to enhance and embrace spirit in an entirely new way, reflecting who we are and who we are becoming as we confront these times of change and things coming apart. Hank Wesselman is a paleoanthropologist and noted shamanic teacher who lives in Hawaii.

Soul Collage and Abundance Suzie Wolfer, Sun. Feb. 28, 12-5 pm, $60 Want to feel more at peace with money and finances? Experience true abundance: Wanting what you have, having what you want, and letting go of the rest. Using SoulCollage® discover your treasures and inner resources — the source of abundance.


During this introductory lecture, the spiritual tradition and unique features of Vedic Astrology will be discussed along with the elements of a Vedic Astrology reading.

Finding Your Voice 101: 7 Steps to Awaken and Strengthen the Voice Tryshe Dhevney, Fri., March 5, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Does your voice sound confident and authentic? Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Learn easy tools that strengthen the whole voice so that you communicate with more power, passion and presence.

Are You Game? A Playshop for Grownups! Tryshe Dhevney, Sat. March 6, 1-4 pm, $35

If you have ever been curious about the hidden power of tarot to accurately reflect where you are in your life and your deepest potential, come join this lively talk. No tarot knowledge is necessary.

Beginning Tarot: Knowledge of the Cards Katrina Wynne, M.A., Sat. Feb. 27, 10:30 am-5 pm, $65

Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing! Dr. Dean Shrock, Sat. March 6, 7-8:30 pm, $12

This workshop demystifies the esoteric lessons of the tarot, while developing a practical understanding of its meaning. Learn the history of the cards, their symbolic roots, and easy ways to remember their messages. All decks are welcome.

“Go fishing!” is a familiar phrase that stresses the importance of having a will to live, and can help to treat the whole person, integrating mind, body, and spirit. Discover how finding true joy and a deep sense of inner love is essential for healing.

Full Moon Drumming Circle: Drumming for Love, Light, and Well-Being Connie Hill, Sat. Feb. 27, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Intro to Homeopathy: Remedies that Heal Josie Wells, HP, Sun. March 7, 2-5 pm, $35


Readers continued Lynn Buess, Numerology Readings Jan. 26, Feb. 17, March 2, $75/hr. or $40/half hr. Learn the deeper meaning of your own numbers and better understand the life direction you have chosen.

Michael Vogt,Vedic Astrology Readings Jan. 10, March 9 & 12, $108/hour

Vedic Astrology readings illuminate one’s life path and purpose. Take advantage of unfolding positive trends, or avert any inauspicious effects before they occur.

Marie Friend, Past Life Regression Sun. Feb. 14, $45/half hr. Marie taps into what she calls your hologram and will share what she sees from a past life, which is always connected to issues you are struggling with now.

Katrina Wynne,Tarot Reader Feb. 26 & 28, March 1, $80/hr. or $50/half hr.

With wisdom and compassion, Katrina assists you in integrating both your challenges and blessings to better understand your life’s journey.

Brother Ed del Arroyo, Akashic Readings Jan. 28 & Feb. 18, $90/90-minute reading Brother Ed draws cosmic information from Akashic Records, spirit guides, astrology, and past lives. He honors all traditions.

Dan Furst, Astrocartography, Astrology, and Tarot Readings Feb. 19, 20, 21, 22; Astrology Readings: $125/90 min., Astrocartography Readings: $150/90 min.,Tarot Readings: $50/half hr.

Astrology readings includes birth chart and transit overview. Astrocartography readings are available to find your best places to live and travel. Tarot readings also available. Readings are digitally recorded.

Intro to Vedic Astrology Michael Vogt,Thurs. March 4, 7-8:30 pm, $12

How long has it been since you played or laughed out loud? Be guided through an improvisational play-land of theatre games and body/voice awareness. Give in to your creative spontaneous spark in a non-threatening environment and laugh out loud as you explore what fun it is to be YOU.

In the first of three drumming rounds during the evening we will clear our personal energy. Second round focuses on what to bring in to replace what was just released. In our third round we’ll act as conduits for planetary healing.


Come join us as we discover homeopathy, its history, how it’s used, and its 36 common remedies for acute conditions such as injuries, pain, colds, influenza, allergies, and headaches.

Transcending Procrastination Chris Edgar,Thurs. March 11, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Do you find yourself avoiding your work? Running into creative blocks or motivation issues? Tonight’s presentation will be packed with techniques for improving your productivity and enjoyment in what you do, without even leaving your desk.

2012:The Mystery of the Maya Eden Sky, Fri. March 12, 7-8:30 pm, $12 “2012” has become a buzz-word, but what is hype and what are the real opportunities facing us? Get an overview of the 5,125-year Mayan World Age cycle we are closing, and explore a larger context for contemplating this time of prophecy.

The Wheel of Life: Magnetizing the Law of Attraction Kathryn Kendall, Sat. March 13, 2-4 pm, $35 The Wheel of Life is a visual tool that may help improve your quality of life by focusing on six areas you’d like to change. While creating your own wheel, discover how words, affirmations, and pictures can start the process of transformation.

Kunlun Nei Gung:The Forgotten Practice of Self Awakening Pamela Henwood and Sontuoc Wong, Sun. March 14, 2-4 pm, $25 Kunlun Nei Gung is the practice of rapid reenlightenment and awakens one’s dormant potential quickly, safely, and effortlessly. During this class participants will be given a brief history of Kunlun, as well as direct transmissions initiating them into its practices.

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


Psychic Art:

Visions from Beyond By Cortney Kane Cortney Kane developed her gifts as a seer through her artistic skills. While painting, Cortney began receiving messages through her work. She realized that by connecting with people’s energy and the energy on the other side of the veil, she could accurately bring messages forth. Her paintings are filled with color, energy and deeply personal messages. Here are recent readings and paintings for clients seeking help with career, relationship and family issues.

Career Growth

Stephanie was worried about her career path and needed some direction. She had been in the radio business and it wasn’t working out. Here’s the message that came through: There is a battle of peace within you. You are and have been fighting tooth and nail for what you want. You have had the path laid before you and you will conquer it. Change is coming to you. You are correct to think large scale. I see a large event. You are the director. This is something different than what is out there. This is your event and it will be successful. Follow and trust your knowing. The colors in your painting are very interesting. The purple background is showing determination and fight. Your being is made up of a blue energy, which means communication. The yellow at the top right of the painting represents your guides standing by, waiting to be called on, and the yellow to the left of the painting represents your ancestors. You can see that they are much more present in your painting than your guides. This is because you are calling on your ancestors more. The fuchsia around your painting represents

Available at: New Renaissance or Crystal Heart and at

Left to right: career growth, relationship worries, financial security. frustration. However, surrounding the frustration is light, which means you can and will let it go. While painting, physically I was picking up on tightness in the chest, particularly on the left side, making it hard to breathe. This energy of anxiety is also in your heart chakra. I would suggest clearing your chakras regularly.

Relationship Worries

Steven was feeling very anxious about his relationship, and wondering what to do next. Here’s a vision and message: A thunderstorm is ahead within your relationship. Stop, be still, the light is leading you and coming through to lighten you and the situation. By remaining calm, the situation will pass very quickly. This is showing up in your painting as the red energy. This is a tense and unforgiving energy. Thank the energy for being in your space, accept it and give the energy permission to leave your energy field. This energy has served you and can now be released if you choose. I am picking up on a white golden light to the left of your being. This is a

Do you realize from the moment you took your very first breath, this world was forever changed? You are the most magnificent creator in the universe. Learn to unlock the secrets of the “Disk of Potentiality”. Take a journey with me through space and time, experience The Silence, and reflect on Source. Discover your highest potential and find what your Soul has been living and searching for. The Disk of Potentiality will assist you in accelerating your spiritual evolution. This symbol is the keyhole and you are the key. Step through the doorway and connect with the purity of your soul. You have infinite possibilities to create the “reality” you truly desire.

very strong guide coming through to you. He is your master guide. He has been with you since the beginning and many lifetimes before. I am also picking up father energy, Cortney Kane which is very protective. This shows in your painting as the yellow and white light behind your being. The blue in your painting is healing energy and you are a natural healer. I see you touching people and they feel immediate relief. Your hands are a healing tool.

Financial Security

Laura was recently promoted at her company. She wondered if the new position would be a positive move toward financial security. Here is her message: Financially, this new position will fulfill


your financial needs, but it’s not your dream job. This is not your passion. You have a strong interest in the metaphysical and spiritual world. You also have the ability to connect with people who have passed on. You are a medium. Meditation can help you deepen your connection with your guides and your medium abilities. In your painting, the green within your being represents the financial security this new position gives you. The yellow surrounding your being represents your guide standing behind you, almost engulfing you in his being. He is waiting to be called upon. Ask for assistance. The yellow round orbs represent the beings from the other side with which you are able to connect. By deepening your connection with your guides, you will be deepening your abilities to connect as a medium. Learn more about Cortney Kane at www.

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Elaine works with physically and emotionally stuck people who want change. CranioSacral, Somato Emotional Release, and Massage Therapy. Reiki, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy & more.

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Robert Theiss is the founder of Ancient Wings® and the Choosing Balance Program™. He offers a dynamic healing practice, private readings and monthly Sessions with Michael.

Shamanic Spirit Journeys

Reconnect with those parts of your spirit that have been lost along your life journey due to trauma and violations of your heart, and love your life again.

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Myss, from page 1


That’s a perfect question. That’s exactly where one begins. Question the value of being so busy. There comes a time in a stress-filled life when we have to question the manner in which we have organized our values. When people are dying, they realize their values are screwed up. You can’t wait to realize that you have placed your values in the wrong basket. This idea of “I don’t have time because my life is so busy, so busy, so busy” means that you are living in a panic attack. How can you stop living in a panic attack? Take responsibility for how you talk to yourself, for the data with which you fill yourself. You may realize that you are constantly filling yourself with panic attack data. For example, “What if I don’t have enough? What are they saying about me?” At some point, you can no longer discern truth from what is a toxic waste dump. This is not a way to live. Do you think there are other societies that are doing a better job of keeping their “soul values?” We have so much to learn from indigenous people. They know they are a humble co-species with the Earth’s environment. They know the trees are tall brothers and others. In the West, the socalled age of enlightenment was when we detached what animated the soul and put all our eggs in the reasoning basket. We started on the journey to being unreasonable. We detached from the ability to intuit our world. Yet we thought that we were becoming reasonable. That’s when we decided that if something could not reason, it had no value. That led us to where we are now. If nature can’t reason, if animals can’t reason, they have no value. That gave us permission to become the people we are now. Who are we now?

Q. A.

Q. A.


Since World War II, we have become “stuffologists.” It has become a sign of intelligence to acquire stuff. We have come to believe that the more stuff you have, the more intelligent you are. When I was growing up, my parents would say, “Your grandparents sacrificed a lot. We knew what it was to sacrifice.” You have to work for what you want. That word was removed from our culture these last 20 or 30 years. The idea that you have to exchange something of value for something of greater value has been removed. When did this happen?

Q. A.

Remember Mother Russia and Uncle Sam, the bad marriage of the 20th century? We grew up with this sense that this was the way it was. We had an illusion that the environment was a source of abundance that goes on forever. But nothing goes on forever. What can we learn from this?

Q. A.

We have to go beyond our sense of reason now. You can’t reason with a crisis. You can’t reason through a great many things. We have to rely on mystical consciousness. We have to rely on intuitive reasoning. It’s not an either/or. Intuition and intellectual resources are a partnership. On a daily basis?

Q. A.

Discover the power of your soul. Introduce reflection into your life. This is not about magic and getting what you want by clicking your heels. This is entirely different. Begin your journey of going inside. Discover that you have within you the power to defy gravity. Learn more about Caroline Myss at www. Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. is the author of Sixth Sense. Visit


Star Gazing


Facing the Fear of Change in January and February The cosmic headline is Saturn’s square to Pluto on Jan. 31, intensifying a wave of accelerated growth and change that continues for the next few years. The meeting of these planets asks: What needs to die to make space for new growth? With Saturn now in Libra, relationships of all kinds are particularly ripe for change.

Even when you know you’re moving in the right direction, letting go of the old and embracing the new often stirs up fear, anxiety and insecurity. One of the big lessons of this time is trust — trusting that it’s safe to act on your feelings and inner knowing. Fortunately, Jupiter’s move into Pisces on Jan. 17 helps to deepen your connection with your intuition and expand your faith in the universe.

Personal Sun and Ascendant Messages Aries (March 21 - April 19) The retrograde motion of Mars, your ruling planet, directs your attention inward to reconnect with your heart’s desires and reconsider your goals. You’re ready for a new start in your professional life that brings you into greater alignment with your passion. Explore your options and start planting seeds now, but wait until your birthday to take action. Patience will be rewarded.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Your assignment is to develop consistent daily practices that build your sense of security, trust and well-being. It doesn’t matter what the practice is — yoga, meditation, walking, writing in a journal — what’s important is committing to a realistic plan and following through. Taking control of your everyday experience in this way helps you release self-limiting beliefs and open to more empowering possibilities.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) This is a year of professional expansion, when your work is ready to blossom. Instead of taking more control to make it happen, your job is to surrender and open to the flow of abundance that wants to come through you. Intimate, business and creative partnerships need to be restructured at a deep level. Trust that by releasing what is stagnant, you are creating a stronger foundation for success.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)




Sea Goat

Water Bearer





10th (career)

11th (friends and society)









Healing stone

In order to strengthen your base of support, you need to become aware of the elements of the past that truly nourish you, and what you’re holding on to out of fear. Identify and let go of habitual patterns that no longer serve you. This foundational work opens the door to a significant new relationship beginning — whether a new partnership or a new way of being in partnership.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) The relationship between your mental state and your ability to meet the moments of your life in an empowered way comes into greater focus. Consider establishing a new meditation practice (or deepening an existing one) to cultivate a sense of balance and peace of mind. Mars retrograde in your own sign calls for less outward action and more quiet time to listen to the wisdom of your heart.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You’re setting the stage for a creative rebirth, while simultaneously fortifying your financial base. Trust that expressing yourself authentically will lead to greater prosperity. Rethink your creative life — how can you establish more structure and discipline without being overly controlling and restricting the flow? New allies and collaborators are ready to assist you. Get clear about what you need, and open to receiving support.

Libra (September 23 - October 23) Saturn in your own sign signifies that it’s time to reinvent yourself. Your home, family and support systems have 16

Emily Trinkaus

to change as well. Rethink the inner and outer structures you need to feel secure, and reconfigure your foundation. Daily spiritual practices help you feel connected with source and deepen your faith as you take practical steps toward becoming more of who you are.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) Old projects need to be completed or redone before you can move forward in your work. Rethinking sales and marketing strategies is also on the agenda — reconnect with former colleagues to gain new ideas for creative solutions. Your mind is especially powerful right now, and you can harness this power to plant seeds for future creative expansion. Release negative thought patterns that undermine your success.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) You’re feeling inspired to give your gifts to the world in a bigger and more powerful way. The more you clarify who you are and what you have to offer, the easier it will be to attract allies who support you in living your dreams. Turning your home into a spiritual sanctuary helps you strengthen your connection with source and expand your foundation of faith.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Rethink the systems and structures that support you in expressing your authentic self. You’re ready to shed some more layers, allowing more of your light to shine through. As the fear of change arises, stay focused on your long-term goals. Keep taking small, concrete steps in the direction of your dreams. Doors open when you quiet your mind enough to listen to the voice of your intuition.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) Avert potential relationship drama by taking the initiative to clear up past issues with friends and partners. The people in your life may need some time to adjust to the expansion you’ve experienced over the past year — practice patience. The new year brings opportunities to increase your financial foundation. Let yourself dream big, expand your sense of what’s possible and take risks based on your intuitive knowing.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) Jupiter in your own sign signifies a year of expansion, risktaking and increased confidence. To support this expansion, you may need to restructure your commitments to groups, friends, and intimate or financial partners. Review and improve your self-care habits — changes in diet or exercise can help heal an old health issue. You can also increase your well-being by including more of what you love in your daily schedule. Emily Trinkaus is a lifelong student of astrology and has practiced professionally since 1999. She is also a certified BodyTalk practitioner. Visit for details on readings, BodyTalk sessions and upcoming workshops, or to receive free monthly astro-newsletters.

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


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A Journey of the Spirit! Spirit Feathers is a unique Healing Center and “New Age” Boutique in “energy-filled” Sellwood area, welcoming all paths to Spirit. With a new owner and renewed energy, Spirit Feathers invites you to please come visit and experience this delightful boutique. We have Healers and Readers available for appointments, walk-in’s are welcome. Workshops and Classes scheduled to grow your Spirit and soothe your soul!

You will find beautiful gemstone jewelry, sacred statuary and art, large assortment of unique crystals/rocks, expanded apothecary, books, CDs, meditation/healing aids, garden art, fairies, angels, candles, incense, bubbling fountains, and much, much more! You will also find serenity and peace.

Store Hours: Tues-Fri 11 – 6 pm • Sat-Sun 11 – 5 pm 7704 SE 13th Portland, OR 97202 • 503-230-2469 Visit our Website:

Start the New Year Right! Classes and workshops to support you in your resolutions! • Crone Tarot Workshop – learn archetypes and symbols with Karen Campbell on Jan 2, 16, & 30 • Ayurveda Seminar – free intro talk Friday, Jan 22! Class Saturday & Sunday, January 23 & 24 with David Lomascola • Self-Hypnosis with Kerie Logan – support for weight loss and more!

Jacqueline C. Day

Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified by Doreen Virtue® Intuitive Reiki Practitioner Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy® is an allinclusive spiritual healing method that works with Guardian Angels, Archangels and your Spirit Guides to

provide the guidance and healing you desire or may be seeking in all areas of your life. With your permission I connect with your Guardian Angels to help you unlock your own personal magic and power to create a smooth path to manifesting your highest purpose.

Affordable sessions are conducted by appointment: in person, by phone, or e-mail 503-851-8330 or

Are you at a crossroads, a new path opening, unsure of your direction? Do you feel that you are riding the emotional roller coaster? I will help you uncover the clarity and insight needed to bring balance and perspective to your Life Matters.

Addressing relationships, personal and spiritual health and wellbeing, career, life decisions, unwanted behavior patterns, business and finance, and end-of-life concerns. Rev. Margaret LeMay, CCHt Professional Psychic Consultant Intuitive Healing Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist Spiritual Guide 20 years experience

Affordable sessions conducted by appointment • In-person, by phone, or email 503-383-2800 • •

Angels Are Near Us Fascinating books and beautiful gifts – always! See our website for a complete listing of all our events !

Conveniently located in downtown Salem at the corner of Liberty and Ferry 420 Ferry St SE, Salem, OR 97301 • 503-990-6471

We are not alone — our Angels are always near us. Angels are helping us to move into joy, there is a heightened sensitivity within us and sometimes we feel we need a loving hand to help us lift our spirit. These celestial beings remind us of our true essence, encouraging us and lovingly guiding us through our life journey.

Linda works with the angelic and the higher spiritual realms through her intuitive connection to Spirit. • Archangel Readings • Ascended Masters Saints and Angels • Sacred Angelic Blessings • Angels Workshops and Classes • Listen to “Angels Are Near Us” every other Monday at 8 pm — on live Internet Radio — call in with questions - Station 1 • New Angel Teleclasses: Know Your Guardian Angel, Power of Archangels, Silver Violet Flame, Celestial meditations, and more. Se Habla Español.

Linda F. Torres 503-807-0896 • NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010




Sean Topping

Past Life & Celestial Regressions Regressive hypnosis puts you in touch with the subconscious and unconscious parts of your being to allow safe and gentle healing to take place. It is a highly effective method to overcome fears and phobias, and to process sensitive emotional issues. While addressing and realigning your core beliefs, you will literally

Need to Regroup After the Holidays? See Tiffany for Special Sessions for You. Start the New Year with a New You! Using crystal vibrations, your angels, multidimensional energy and higher self so you can: FEEL, SEE & DO TO LIVE! Attain co-operation with your higher self.


Practical Solutions that Work Suzie Wolfer LCSW • 24 years experience

Soaring on Our Highest Destiny Path QUANTUM HEALING: Learn the basics of energy work and quantum healing techniques whether you are just beginning the healing journey or you are a Master Healer adding to your sacred tool kit. Etheric and chakra healing, connections with angels, guides, and loved ones who have transitioned. Sound and cellular healing. Work with animal friends. CLASSES: Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki Master™, Spectrum Energetics™, Quantum Healer certificate program.

Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo • Arise Counseling & Healing Center • (503) 690-7727 •

Sean also specializes in celestial (extraterrestrial) contact. If you want to learn more about why you are fascinated with celestial beings and interaction with them, regressions are an effective way to gain insight.

Sean Topping • Certified Past-Life Regression Facilitator 12555 SW 1st Street, Beaverton – close to Beaverton Central Max • 503-614-2830 •

By appointment only. Pre-book for specials. 360-910-5483 • •

Co-create with Lorelynn, a counselor, healer, and intuitive, as we explore holistic, quantum counseling and healing methods uniquely designed for your Hero’s Journey. Partner with your personal Guides, Angels, Teachers, Masters, Soul energies, and Loved Ones of the Light. PERSONAL GUIDED COUNSELING: Attract abundance in all areas including relationships, career, finance, optimal mental and physical health.

create a new reality for yourself. These sessions can be powerful, informative and healing for the mind, body and soul.

If you’re paying a price, you’re not alone. Many people experience these challenges at some point during their lives. And they wait too long to get help, hoping things will get better. Do you want to feel happier and more productive? Have a complicated situation? If so, we will probably work well together. See what others have said at testimonials.html.

Sometimes challenging emotions can get the best of you. They can start running the show and make choices for you. Ask yourself, “What will it cost me if I . . .” ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Continue to feel stressed and irritable? Continue to struggle in my relationships? Continue to procrastinate? Continue to let depression, anxiety or grief get the best of me?

Health insurance and package rates make it affordable for you. Don’t wait. Stop suffering needlessly. Get results now. I can help. Call me. • 503-224-3318 •


Awareness Engineering and Mary Lee LaBay Workshops Personal Growth Play Shops · Learn to Read Tarot Cards · Intuition and Self-Discovery Enjoy deep self-discovery, enhanced character, health, and happiness. Professional Training · Hypnotherapy · NLP · Past Life and Between Life Regression · Transpersonal Discovery – Journeys, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Guides and more

Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D., is an approved provider of CEUs for Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers (WMHCA Provider #431) and California Board of Behavioral Sciences (CBBS Provider #3146).

Visit our website for information, registration and course dates • • 1-866-440-4242

Gaia Matrix Healing Center Sessions with Sarah Adams

Vibrant health is a synergistic dance between the masculine and feminine principles within the body, mind/soul matrix. This state of flowing, vibrant joy is our birthright.

Call Sarah at 503-760-1693 • •

Julia Ingram, M.A. Master Hypnotherapist

Reverse negative life patterns such as poor relationships, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, blocked creativity, addictions, and health

problems. With over 37 years of experience, I am very confident in my work and therefore my clients feel safe with me. Nothing is too far out or too deeply hidden. “One session with Julia can be life changing!” Julia Ingram is the NY Times Bestselling coauthor of The Messengers and author of The Lost Sisterhood.

Hollywood Professional Center • 3939 NE Hancock St, #204 • Portland, 97212 503-936-0134 •

Joelle McGonagle

LIFE BETWEEN LIVES HYPNOTHERAPY / REGRESSION THERAPY / HYPNOSIS Bring inner peace, understanding & healing to your deepest issues & challenges. LIFE BETWEEN LIVES HYPNOTHERAPY facilitates remembering after our death — the elders who advise us, why you incarnated, your eternal soul family & more. PAST-LIFE & CHILDHOOD REGRESSION quickly releases negative energy created by unconscious memories from our past, healing many issues. HYPNOSIS heals so many issues. Let’s talk about your concerns. My work is grounded in 33+ years of spiritual practice. Heal & grow in this safe space. Joelle McGonagle C.Ht.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist / Registered Counselor WA State / Certified “Life Between Lives” Hypnotherapist

Chiyu Center, LLC

Energetic Therapies for Mind, Body & Spirit Erika Fayina Marie, Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki House Since 1986 Reiki Classes and Sessions Reiki is a simple, yet elegant system of healing … quantum healing brought forth from ancient wisdom. It is easily learned by anyone of any age. Reiki is a transformational energy, healing body, mind and spirit. It works equally well when offered hands-on or at a distance. It

Free consultation Call for appointment or more information

Wise Counsel & Comfort 423 NE 60th & Glisan • Portland 97213 • 503.997.8611 18

can be used for people, animals, plants, food and water. Continuing education hours granted for classes. • Classes - all levels • Sessions for people and animals in person and at a distance.

Sheila King, Reiki Master • • 503-670-8150

The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®

Humanistic Therapist, Reiki Master

Humanistic Style Therapy/Spirituality Desensitization Training Licensed Clinical Social Worker Individual & Family Therapy Experience Working with Adolescents BCBS accepted

Experience the difference at Chiyu Center. Call today to learn more about our classes, schedule your Reiki Attunement, and experience lifechanging therapies!

503-995-0944 • • 1531 SE Marion St. Portland, OR

Paul M Rakoczy, LCSW, MSW, CADC II • • • • • •

Introduction to Reiki class Sunday, Jan. 31, 9 am: A wonderful discussion of Reiki, how it is used to heal, and includes a sample treatment! Cost: $15. Please call to reserve your spot!

Usui Reiki is an extraordinary healing art. Reiki Energy Therapy heals physical illness and restores your emotional, mental, abundance, and relationship health. Reiki is also the perfect complement to conventional treatment and will speed your recovery. Call to schedule an appointment today!

1.800.993.9631 / 509.427.3619 / Sliding scale / free consultation / gift certificates

Experience talk therapy from a humanistic, relational perspective. For personal growth or human difficulties such as depressive moods, anxiety, addictions or conflict resolution. Also, Reiki energy work, individual sessions, attunements/ initiations & Reiki shares.

Join us monthly on the second Sunday at 7 pm for Heart Song Healing Song Circles.

It is my joy to partner with you in this most sacred work of the excavation and restoration of your

Personal Growth, Hypnosis, Past-Life Regressions Hypnotherapy is as much about going within as going back-going to the source of an issue where deep and lasting change is possible. My expertise is in helping you:

authentic self. I use a combination of intuitive guidance, emotional release work, sacred song and energy healing to help you clear blocked emotions and limiting beliefs addressing issues of dis-ease at the mental, emotional and physical levels. Facilitating your return to harmony and balance.

Pamela Olzman Reconnective Healing® Practitioner

Reconnective Healing® is often a life changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. The Reconnection brings in and activates new axiatonal lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information, and enabling spiritual and evolutionary advancement.

Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to a higher frequency than ever before. Pamela has been personally instructed in the facilitation of these extraordinary healing frequencies by Eric Pearl.

Call to schedule your session: 503-320-5150 Email: • NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010



Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center Rejuvenating Oasis for Awakening

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), is an Oasis for Awakening — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! Gabriel shares the message here, around the world through bestselling books and his


own weekly Internet Radio Shows, and the Tele-Seminars.

Crystal Wizard Gallery

Our calendar of powerful programs includes: Spiritual Fasting, the Zero Point Process, the New Years Silent Meditation Retreat, Conscious Eating, Sacred Relationships, and the Educational Live-Food and Farming Education Apprenticeships.

Enter this magical place by the sea … Browse its chambers, finding treasures at every turn … Go on, spoil yourself or find a special gift for a friend …


Open Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm


• Crystals and Gemstones of every description • • Exquisite Jewelry • Books • Art • Music • Candles • Incense • Cards • Beautiful & Unique Gifts from around the world • Psychic Readings Available – call for information

7150 Gleneden Beach Loop • Gleneden Beach, OR 97388 541-764-7550 •

COSMIC & INTUITIVE ARTS Sacred Stone Intuitive Readings Violet of Yachats Invites You ...

To tap into the wisdom and guidance of the ages with Sacred Stones Intuitive Readings. Sacred Stones Intuitive Readings are a pathway to inner knowing. While keeping a particular focus in mind and using just your feelings, you choose from over 50 stones and crystals.

Then the exploration of why you and the stones chose each other begins. Each reading includes a stone chart and amulet. Sessions are by appointment and can be by phone. I have been working with stones for 15 years and my greatest pleasure is assisting you in your personal exploration. Available for psychic parties

Call 541-547-4664 to set your appointment today.



Imagination Creation Coaching

Let us help you open yourself to receive divine abundance! Mary Ann and Crystal Child Preston Swanson invite you to experiance a special technique they have developed for inspiring and manifesting your True-life dreams! Services by donation • 541-488-2116


Jessica Bryan, Spiritual Medium

Self-Empowerment through Knowledge Energy Healing and Clairvoyant Readings for Body, Mind, and Spirit Jessica is the author of “Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing: An Exploration of Multi-Dimensional Realities, Indigenous Healing, and Medical Miracles in the Philippine Lowlands.” (Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari)

Washington State HEALTH & HEALING

Read Jessica’s Blog: Services in Southern Oregon, Northern California, and Long-Distance: $40-$150, sliding scale (541)Tom 535-6044 • Clunie, Chiropractor Dr. Clunie specializes in Applied Kinesiology (“muscle testing”), which asks YOUR body what it needs to correct spinal misalignment and organ/meridian imbalances using nutrition, herbs, and a variety of chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Clunie has helped people find alternative health care solutions for over 25 years. We listen, and we care, in a warm, friendly, quiet environment. $40 for first and subsequent visits. Free 15-minute Consultations

(541) 535-3369 • 58 Talent Ave. Talent, Oregon

A Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reread

Be green — pass New Connexion on to a friend to read.

Radiant Journeys

“Healing Yourself from Within” Experience your Aura & Chakras on Sandi’s biofeedback-enhanced Aura Imaging system . . . learn where your blocks lie, where you bring in dis-eases and how to forge ahead with clarity.

You’ll receive an Aura/Chakra picture & analysis combined with Sandi’s Intuitive abilities and channeling of the Archangels to assist you. She offers a variety of readings as well as spiritual coaching. In person, via the phone or online.

Call or email for your complementary 15-minute phone reading.

Sandi Buchanan • • 360-904-7888

Need guidance? Help with healing? Want a spiritual workshop?

New Connexion’s online Resource Guide has what you need. Find links to intuitive counselors, alternative health practitioners, spiritual teachers and more.

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010


Predictions, from page 1 and hidden secrets continues to bring new surprises into the media. This same energy brings new inventions in diseases of the heart, natural energy and faster everything. The phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply in 2010. Be willing to release old beliefs and behaviors and trust that you are being divinely guided to your highest good. Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include natal astrology, relocation astrology maps and seven ray spiritual purpose astrology. Visit

2010 by the Numbers Lynn Buess

The BodyTalk System™ The Future of Energy Medicine BodyTalk is an integrative healing system based on Eastern and Western medical principles. It combines ancient wisdom with state-of-the-art science. When the body talks, self healing and well being return.

Gilly Adkins Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner & Instructor 503-680-7020

February 17, 7–9 pm February 18–21 Free Public Presentation Modules 1 + 2 Training Holiday Inn Express • 2333 NW Vaughn St. in Portland

Visit & For details on trainings and local practitioners.

Free Usui

Reiki 1 Training and Certification – 8 hour Value of class: $150.00 — Your cost: Zero! No obligation to take Reiki II or III

This FREE Gift Certificate is brought to you by New Connexion and the Reiki Ranch. It entitles you and a friend to attend an 8-hour Energy Healing Workshop at the Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School on a Friday. Registration at 8:00 AM, Class at 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Become a Reiki Master for only $200!

Taylore and Roi have been training Reiki Masters since 1994. 24 hours of CEU’s available. Reiki 1 Dates: Free Reiki I: Fridays, Feb. 12, March 12, April 9 – no charge Reiki 1-2-3 Reiki Master Weekends: • Feb. 12, 13, 14 • March 12, 13, 14 • April 9, 10, 11 Laser Reiki • Advanced Reiki Energy Training • Cosmic energy healing classes • Instant Pain Release Four-Day Laser Reiki Levels 1-4 Workshops held on Feb. 25, 26, 27, & 28 and also on April 29, 30, May 1, & 2 If you’ve had Reiki before, there will never be a better time to polish that connection to Source. Reiki Ranch is located near Chehalis, WA — only 1½ hours north of Portland and 1½ south of Seattle. Email: • (360) 748-4426 Reservations 20


he number for the universal year 2010 is 3 (2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 3). The universal 3 year places emphasis on creativity, entertainment, communications, extravagance, carelessness and overdoing. On the personal level, 3 emphasizes the full range of human feelings and emotions, from the highest of cosmic connection to the lowest levels of fear, abuse and despair. On the spiritual side, the number of people who experience direct knowing Lynn Buess and cosmic influx increases dramatically this year. It is a time that the voices of angels can be heard and the most sublime of higher divine laws are given to humankind, often through the most humble and innocent of souls. More people (often children) come forward now manifesting the most pure gifts of voice, song, poetry, verse, dance, art and sculpture that reveal new ranges of frequency and elevation of vibration. New archetypes appear in the most unexpected of places. In some quarters, crop circles are decoded and the messages for humankind are revealed. As knowledge of available alternative energy resources reach public knowledge, an outcry comes for more investigation of true resources such as the free energy machines, anti-gravity devices and time altering gateways. These deeply hidden technologies would make fossil fuel apparatuses obsolete and eliminate them from the pollution cycle. Chinese political, economic, military and social expansionism is evident throughout the planet at this time. Her increased presence in Africa and South America along with her thrust into space and increased cyber warfare further underline her intent to be the big player on the block. Tension grows with other powers and confrontations become nearer. Russia also continues to flex her military, political and social influences, bringing back a posture similar to that during the Cold War. There is the likelihood of a power play at the top, which will bring a more conservative, proud and protective leadership back into the limelight. South American and Central American countries continue their drift into the Eastern sphere of influence, which throws the geopolitical balance into a tizzy. Mexico

It is a time that the voices of angels can be heard and the most sublime of higher divine laws are given to humankind, often through the most humble and innocent of souls.

Did it Happen in 2009? A Look Back at Last Year’s Predictions Prediction: Pakistan continues to be one of the largest terrorist threats in the world. Reality: A report released by the 9/11 Commission in October 2009 stated that Pakistan is the biggest threat when it comes to terrorism. The increasingly bold attacks on well-guarded military, police and UN targets indicate that the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other militant groups within Pakistan are a growing threat. Prediction: Nuclear and wavedriven power methods will become important. Reality: Oregon State University’s Wave Energy Studies department received a multi-million dollar federal grant to develop and install ocean buoys off the Oregon coast to further study how to gather energy generated by the ocean. Prediction: The public will hear about plans to build on Mars. Reality: No, but NASA shot a missile into the moon and found evidence of water in the lunar surface. — Jennifer Cox

asserts herself into the arena of more influence by becoming more aggressive in wanting her share of the global pie. Israeli aggressiveness is likely to stir up an old pact between Russia and Iran. Turkey is also very assertive in the region, adding fuel to the already unstable fire. The U.S.-Israeli alliance covets a run at Iran, setting the stage of a potential prelude eerily similar to the biblical scenario for Armageddon. The India-Pakistani tension also is inflamed by the intrusion of external powers and their own differences. Lynn Buess, M.A., Ed.S., has carved an industrious multi-generation career through the metaphysical and self awareness profession. For his full 2010 predictions, visit www.

2010 Tarot Reading Shon Clark


s we look ahead to 2010, what will we find? To answer this question, I turned to the tarot and laid out a simple threecard spread, asking “What will 2010 bring Shon Clark us and how can we make the best of the year to come?” Continued on page 21

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010

Dangerous Scents

Predictions, from page 20 The deck answered with cards for the Ace of Disks, the Lovers and the Hermit.


Ace of Disks

This is the principal card of new beginnings. As such, everything is up for renewal and rebirth. It is time for us to imagine what is possible and to let go of what is out of date. This can be a challenge because we are creatures of habit. However, we must keep in mind that with change comes the opportunity to experience the magic of newness and vibrancy.


This card represents the marriage of our inner and outer selves. It is a blessed time when our heads and our hearts can come together to accomplish great things. The great changes of the past few years have opened us up to a time of balanced harmony. This is not to say that the coming year will be lacking in change, but we will be more able to meet the changes in the best possible light.


This card represents the need for us to turn our attention inward and to allow the distractions of the outer world to attend to themselves. This does not mean ignoring worldly issues, only that we need to find time for introspection and self-examination. We are in a great need to find our center and to anchor into ourselves in our deep truth. The only way that this can be done is with personal time to process and reflect.

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010

... imagine what is possible and let go of what is out of date. This can be a challenge because we are creatures of habit. Pulling it all together, the coming year is full of quick and profound changes. We will have incredible opportunities for growth because our inner and outer selves are coming into alignment with one another. We must focus our attention inward and listen to our deep truth, taking time to process these changes. This is the key to our success. Shon Clark, who is an internationally known therapist, author and educator based in Portland, also offers readings at New Renaissance. He uses tarot and astrology to assist people to tap in to the great current of creativity. Visit or

ragrances today are not just simple plant-based odors. Many scents are made by chemical laboratories, combining several hundred chemicals to make a fragrance. Research has found that synthetic fragrances can cause many health problems, including respiratory irritations, immune system damage, blood pressure changes, impaired concentration, headaches, dizziness and dermatitis. How could something that smells so sweet lead to so many health problems? Approximately 85 percent of fragrances have been synthesized from petroleum and are neurotoxic. A few of the commonly found harmful chemicals in fragranced products are acetone, benzene, phenol, toluene, benzyl acetate and limonene.

“Our skin is highly permeable,” says Dr. Samuel Epstein, author of Toxic Beauty. “Less than one-tenth of an inch thick, skin is a porous membrane that is highly sensitive to toxic chemicals. What we put on our skin affects our health just as much, if not more, than what we put in our mouths.” Harsh chemicals can exist even in a product that claims to be natural or unscented. Some toxic ingredients “illegally remain unlabeled,” says Epstein. “Of particular concern are hormonal phthalates, and synthetic ‘aroma boosters’ which strongly intensify organic fragrances.” Instead, look for products that are labeled as 100 percent fragrance-free, including products from Aubrey Organics, Alba Botanica and Kiss My Face. Sources: Maryland Nurses Association and Environmental Health Coalition of Western Massachusetts. — Jennifer Cox



If you feel tired from carrying around old patterns, try breathing in red and breathing out green. Then reverse the process and breathe in green and breathe out red. Your energy field will take on whatever it needs and create balance for you. — Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy



Community Practitioners Sandi Buchanan, Radiant Journeys

(360) 904-7888 •

Jeff Elkins, Earth Rhythms

(360) 713-8872 •

Shamanic Practitioner • Experience the heartbeat of Mother Earth Crystal body layouts • Tuning fork treatments Tarot readings • Shamanic services For Mind, Body and Spirit

Katrina Myrrh, Vibrant Life Resources (360) 901-6619 •

Aura Imaging Consultant • Intuitive Listener • Pendulums • Oracle • Dream Analysis Clearly see and understand your Aura and Chakra energies with biofeedback enhanced Aura Imaging. You CAN live a vibrant life!

Community Businesses Open Mon-Fri: 10-6:30 Sat: 10-5 Sun: Noon-5

Daily practitioners and weekly classes being offered. Master herbalist and apothecary. Wide selection of crystals, spiritual tools, jewelry, books and more. Free Wi-Fi. We support local authors and artists. 6610 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665

(888 or 360) 896-2207

Gentle Voices Animal Communication For the love and well-being of your pets and yourself PET SERVICES

Animal communication Acupressure Horse training Reiki Healing sessions In-home pet care PEOPLE SERVICES

Reiki Master CranialSacral Therapy TFHK Tarot

Carrol Scholz


Tap into “Your Soul Awareness” Is it time to gain clarity and peace of mind? Guidance with Life Issues/Personal • Career • Relationships • Finances • Purpose/Passion • Grief/Loss

In Growing Your Inner Light, Lara Owen “gives readers the freedom to integrate from different traditions — and develop new ones — in order to create their own spiritual tradition.” Owen does not suggest that you leave your current beliefs behind, but gives you the tools in a step-by-step process to enhance your inner light. This guide is packed with so much valuable information that you could feel overwhelmed, but Owen asks that you spend a month on each of the 13 lessons covered in the book. It’s well worth the time to develop your giving spirit. As Owen says, “Nothing really counts until we give it back. We don’t know fully that we have integrated anything until the urge to share it comes over us, and we give freely of ourselves, fully entering the stream of life.” — Vicki Burr

How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas that Matter Most, Marietta McCarty, Jeremy P. Tarcher/ Penguin, 2009, $14.95

Philosophy underlies how we think, what we believe, who we are. Marietta McCarty, who teaches philosophy at a community college in Virginia, has come up with 10 areas where philosophy helps us live fulfilling lives: simplicity, communication, perspective, flexibility, empathy, individuality, belonging, serenity, possibility and joy. For each of them she chooses two philosophers’ work, pairing the famous (the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King Jr. on empathy, for example) along with the unfamiliar or surprising (Shunryu Suzuki and Jane Addams on joy). But the real strength of the book is in the “homework,” extensive exercises, suggestions and questions for personal growth and group discussion. They encompass music, literature, experience and thought in exhilarating, far-ranging combinations. “Flexibility,” for instance, contrasts “Old Man River” from Show Boat with the Moldau by Bedrich Smetana while also invoking David Bowie, John Cage, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Chubby Checker, Enya, Haydn and seven others — and that is just the music. Also cited are works of poetry, prose, drama and documentary. This book could keep you exploring your personal path for years. — Fran Gardner

Margi Lantos, Intuitive Consultant, Medium

Watch Comcast Cable for “Your Soul Awareness” A metaphysical journey of re-connecting with your body, mind and spirit! For show airtimes and dates, please visit the following websites:

METV - Gresham/Portland, or call (503) 667-8848 TVCTV Tualatin/Beaverton/Hillsboro, or call (503) 629-8534 • (503) 722-8631 22

Growing Your Inner Light: A Guide to Independent Spiritual Practice, Lara Owen, Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing, 2009, $14

Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing, Sara Wiseman, Llewellyn, 2009, $16.95

In Writing the Divine, Sara Wiseman demystifies the channeling process, making a sacred act simple. With wit and delightful

humor, she shares practical tools for connecting with the divine inner voice. The book includes 33 lessons for divine guidance, channeled by T O R’ Wiseman, that beautiDI fully guide the reader to healing through soul journaling. The divine lessons help readers to CHOICE go deeper in spiritual connection, offering compelling teachings on life and additional exercises to explore these new ideas. In one lesson, divine guides tell us that suffering and bliss are the same. They are both attachments and we choose which aspect we will experience. Writing the Divine both guides and inspires readers to look at life through a divine lens. S

Clairvoyant, Medium, Intuitive and Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching Spirit is here, guiding you more strongly than ever to walk your path. It’s time to get going and follow your dreams!

Join the Reader’s Choice Club and review books and CDs for New Connexion. The products you review are yours to keep—our way of saying thanks for volunteering and providing this valuable service. The club meets bimonthly to share insights on books and CDs reviewed. Email for details.


Discover Vancouver’s Holistic Healing Community

Reader’s Choice

— Vicky Thompson

Why Love Heals: MindBody-Spirit Medicine, Dean Shrock, Heartfelt Intent Publications, 2009, $17.95

Dr. Dean Shrock explains and proves, in quite some detail, why love heals. Using his years of clinical experience and research, Shrock draws on a great body of information and knowledge from a wide variety of sources, including medicine, philosophy, quantum physics, mythology, psychology, spirituality and more. He synthesizes these concepts with his own ideas, adds love and has turned out one of the most important books that I have ever read. The book packs an amazing amount of information about understanding the connections between the body, mind and spirit that help create the person you are and the life you are living. Be aware of the power you actually have and conscious of the “what and how you do your life” so that you can choose to act mindfully, because your actions really do affect everything in the universe. Because Shrock’s writing style is akin to a good friend talking with you, he makes these heady concepts easy to read and understand. I really loved his personal mantra: “I signed up. I show up. I shine my light.” — Violet Young

Daily OM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day, Madisyn Taylor, Hay House, 2008, $15.95

Daily OM is a comp a n i o n t o Ta y l o r ’ s website, www.dailyom. com. Readers could wade through the book’s table of contents, which lists each of its 150 inspirational thoughts on a variety of topics. Better to just open the book and start from the beginning, however. Because each message begins in the middle of each odd-numbered page, and ends on the following page, it’s easy to quickly read through the entire 300 page book. Passages touch on meditation, relationships, nature and more, so there are bound to be many throughout the book that will strike a chord, and help readers find balance and become more consciously aware. — Alice R. Berntson

NEW CONNEüION January/February 2010

NEW CONNE端ION January/February 2010


SHARE THE LOVE 5 Things You Need to Say Today


JAN/FEB 2010



2010 PREDICTIONS Year of Conscious Awareness



New Connexion  

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