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Fall 2010


A Gift Planning Newsletter for Alumni & Friends of NCU

A Lifetime of Affection for NCU “Did you know the NCC Men’s Quartet will be singing for us next Sunday?” That statement was enough for Cherie Reynolds’s small church in Crabtree, Ore., to get excited and anticipate a great worship service of music and inspiration. “Naturally, it meant having a potluck after church just to meet those good-looking guys,” Cherie says. “We would find ourselves laughing with them as they seemed to have so much joy to bring.” Those events provided Cherie with exposure to then-named Northwest Christian College throughout her childhood years. Also, Crabtree Christian Church hired graduates of NCC as its pastors and often had student ministers supply the pulpit. Cherie has served on the NCU board of trustees for many years. Her husband, Neil, serves as a trustee on the Verne-Catt McDowell Foundation, which awards seminary scholarships.

In these roles, the Reynolds have been exposed to many excellent NCU students and graduates. They are continually impressed by the NCU experience that these students receive.

“ We want to

Neil and Cherie Reynolds

help ensure this

University’s future through our estate planning.” —Cherie Reynolds

Their NCU relationship has resulted in making an additional commitment to name NCU in their will. “It is exciting to be involved with a University that has a vision for its school, to be known for its integration of excellent academic programs, a foundation in the Christian faith and a focus on teaching leadership and ethics,” Cherie says.

Visit plannedgiving to learn more about our mission and the many ways you can support Northwest Christian University.

What’s Inside • Helping Others Pays In So Many Ways • 4 Easy Steps to Creating A Charitable Gift Annuity

Helping Others Pays in So Many Ways When it comes to supporting our long-term future, the charitable gift annuity (CGA) is one method favored by many of our donors. When you set up a CGA with Northwest Christian University, we’ll provide you with lifetime payments that remain constant even with a fluctuating stock market. This offers you the opportunity to supplement your retirement income and continue to make a difference at NCU.

Your age when the payments begin and the amount of your donation determine the size of your payment. The older you are, the higher your fixed rate (see chart, below). You receive payments for life, and, if you choose, you can have the payments continue for the life of another person. After that, the remaining funds are used to provide for the future of NCU.

Your Tax Benefits How It Works A CGA is a simple contract between you and Northwest Christian University. You make a donation using cash or marketable securities and we, in turn, pay you a fixed amount for life. With this type of gift, you can feel secure knowing you can count on receiving stable payments for as long as you live.

Charitable Gift Annuity


Create a gift annuity with a charity of your choice


Charitable Gift Annuity

Gift annuities offer additional benefits besides secure and stable payments. You can also receive an income tax deduction for a portion of your gift in the year you set up your CGA.

For More Information You can request a free, personalized calculation of how a gift annuity could benefit you and NCU by taking one of these actions: 1. Contact the office of advancement at 541-684-7222 or e-mail 2. Return the enclosed reply card. 3. Use our online gift calculator at giftcalculator to see your benefits.

Sample Charitable Gift Annuity Rates



• Receive an income tax deduction • Receive fixed payments for life

One Life Age Rate 50 4.8% 60 5.2% 70 5.8% 80 7.2% 90+ 9.5%

Two Lives Ages Rates 50/55 4.2% 60/65 5.0% 70/75 5.5% 80/85 6.6% 90/95+ 9.0%

Case Study Roger and Karen, who are both 62 years old, are preparing for retirement and have watched their 401(k)s lose value. To secure their retirement income, they decide to create a charitable gift annuity with Northwest Christian University. This way they can make the $10,000 cash gift they’ve always wanted and, in exchange, they will receive $500 each year for as long as either one is living. Unlike most pension income, their gift annuity payments do not stop at the death of the first spouse. In addition, approximately $301 of each $500 payment is income tax–free to them. (After more than 27 years, when they reach their combined life expectancy, the entire annuity payment then becomes taxable as ordinary income.) They can also deduct approximately $1,796* as an income tax deduction when they itemize on their tax return. Roger and Karen are happy with their choice of a CGA—they are able to make a meaningful charitable gift to Northwest Christian University and at the same time give themselves stable and secure payments for life. *Based on annual payments and a 3.4 percent charitable midterm federal rate.

Easy Steps 4 To Creating

Make a Gift and Reap the Benefits Through a charitable gift annuity,

A Charitable Gift Annuity

you’ll support Northwest Christian University, receive fixed payments for life and obtain a sizable income tax deduction—all without having

Establishing a charitable gift annuity is smart, rewarding… and simple! In just four steps, you can create a gift that will provide for your future as well as ours.

Step 1 Finalize Your Charitable Goals Think about your goals for our future and then determine what you wish to support. You may either specify your gift to benefit a particular program or leave the gift unrestricted, allowing our governing board to use your gift for our most pressing needs.

to deal with investment worries or responsibilities. To learn more, send ur re in Yo Feel Secu nt Years Retireme

gh L. Strausbau ent Gregory Advancem dent for Vice Presi Ave. 828 E. 11th 1-3745 OR 9740 Eugene, 7357 541-6849159 343Fax: ugh@nwcu gstrausba nedgiving www.nwc

for our FREE guide, Feel Secure in Your Retirement Years, by returning the enclosed reply card.

Step 2

Determine Which Asset to Donate You can fund your gift annuity with cash, stocks, bonds or possibly another asset—it doesn’t have to be straightout-of-pocket. When making your decision, consider your asset’s fair market value and cost basis. Also, compare the asset’s income to the proposed gift annuity payments.

Step 3

State Who Should Receive the Payments Gift annuities make lifetime payments you can never outlive. You can also provide payments for another individual—typically your spouse, but could also be a parent, adult child, family member or friend.

Step 4 Decide Your Payment Date Your payments may begin immediately, or you can defer the start of your payments into the future, such as five or 10 years from now. Deferring your payments benefits you by increasing your annual payout as well as your income tax deduction. You must also decide if you want to receive your payments quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Check Out Your Benefits For a personal illustration of how a CGA could benefit you, simply visit our website,, and submit a few details—you’ll see your benefits right away. Or, have us punch the numbers for you! Call us today at 541-684-7222 or e-mail

NCU Pins Founding Members On July 23, Northwest Christian University was proud to induct 67 Founding Members during the Legacy Society Celebration. Members, friends and family united on the grassy quad and enjoyed a great time of enlightenment, fun, food and fellowship. The Northwest Christian Legacy Society celebrates and honors individuals who include NCU in their estate plans. Estate plans include wills, living trusts, annuities, life insurance plans, charitable remainder trusts and other estate planning instruments. Members of the society receive a lapel pin, recognition on the NCU campus Legacy Society plaque, a membership certificate and publication of their name on the


NCU website and in our newsletter. “We are very pleased to recognize 67 Founding Members, and I am quite sure there are more people that have included NCU in their estate plan but have not notified us,” said Shannon Balmer, Donor Relations Coordinator for NCU. To be included as a Founding Member of the Legacy Society, please contact NCU by December 1, 2010. Please watch for future opportunities to join us for a Legacy Society event.

What You Can Do Today


Return the reply card to receive your FREE personalized gift annuity illustration and guide on charitable gift annuities, Feel Secure in Your Retirement Years.


Contact us to receive sample language you can share with your attorney when remembering Northwest Christian University in your will.


Visit to learn more about our mission and the many ways to support Northwest Christian University. Gregory L. Strausbaugh Vice President for Advancement 828 E. 11th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401-3745 541-684-7357 Fax: 541-343-9159

© The Stelter Company The information in this publication is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney. Figures cited in examples are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change. References to income tax apply to federal taxes only. Federal estate tax, state income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results.

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A Gift Planning Newsletter for Alumni & Friends of NCU

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