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Greenville College School of Education Greenville, Illinois

Institution Comment Greenville College offers a rigorous preparation program for teachers. We have a strong record of maintaining and embracing accountability measures. While we have made every effort to share syllabi and other data as it was requested, we believe that any response we would make will not significantly change the NCTQ ratings because of the criteria selected by NCTQ. No matter the judgment of NCTQ, we stand confident in the quality of our programs. They are fully accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education and aligned to the NCATE standards for Teacher Education. Greenville College is also fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. NCTQ’s criteria are not aligned with the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. Therefore, we are not surprised that your evaluations highlight differences between our program and your measures. The negative NCTQ ratings contradict our regional and state accrediting bodies. Though we appreciate NCTQ’s efforts to improve teacher education, we are concerned about your methods for many reasons. Not only do your criteria differ from widely accepted national standards, your methods seem flawed. Based on the number of mistakes and inconsistencies found as we reviewed the data, we do not believe that the findings of the NCTQ study are reliable or valid in providing a true picture of Greenville College’s Teacher Education Preparation program.


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Greenville Comment  

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