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CHANUKAH 2012 Sponsored in loving memory of Dale Behar by Helene Behar and family.


JSU clubs operating weekly across Seattle

Laurel Aaronsone, Eliana Behar, Rebecca Mezistrano and Elana Hasson posing at the Mod-Fab Fashion Show.

Modest Fashion Anywhere By: Seattle NCSY Staff

When Seattle NCSY Director Jessica Hoffman attended a fashion show, she saw that the styles on display were far too revealing for her NCSYers – also not warm enough for the cold Seattle weather. “There’s always NCSYers who wear revealing clothing to an event, despite the freezing rain,” Jessica said. “We’re always talking to girls about modesty

on Shabbatons and making individual suggestions, but I’m a big believer in addressing the root of the problem instead of the symptoms.” She saw that New York NCSY had done an event called Project Frumway, and it inspired her to bring a version of that event to Seattle. The Seattle NCSY Mod-Fab (Modest-Fabulous) Fashion Show, for women only, featured modest Continued on next page...

Seattle teens went to Israel last summer with NCSY


Teens on the Seattle Shabbaton


Teens served By Seattle NCSY, JSU and Jewish High

Interview with Kayla Rachel Mogil, 12th Grader at Mercer Island High School

Dear Friends and

Kayla Rachel Mogil


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Q. How did you get involved in NCSY? A. I got involved with NCSY through Torah High. I needed a language credit and that seemed perfect. While attending Torah High, I heard about some Israel programs and ended up applying to TJJ Ambassadors, an NCSY Summer Program for public school teens. I went on that trip and I’ve been hooked ever since. Judaism now helps me make my daily decisions.

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Kayla Mogil (right) with Emma O’Quin at Seattle Con 2011.

... “Modest Fashion Anywhere” continued designs from local Seattle boutiques as well as from online retailers and one new Jewish Israeli designer, Marina Rahlin of MaRa, whose designs stole the show. Teen girls from NCSY, Jewish High and JSU signed up to be models, and were excitedly fitted into a wide variety of looks, from school-ready to Shabbat-appropriate. Each girl had her hair and makeup done and practiced walking the catwalk with confidence and a smile.


The Amon family.

By Naomi Stanley

Q. How did you get involved with NCSY?

Q. Has NCSY affected your own life?

A. I’ve been involved with NCSY since my children were very young. I loved learning what the organization was about. I actually knew about it when I was young, and I regret not being involved then.

A. It’s affected me through my children. I am very proud and pleased that my kids are involved. They are not only part of a strong Jewish community here in Seattle, but also part of an international one. My son Itai went on ICE this past summer and he connected with people from all over. This was a terrific opportunity to see Klal Yisrael, the Jews of the world, and really bring that back with him. And personally, I love the events: Shabbatonim and the Q. The Q was really fun and was geared towards adults. Seattle NCSY is breaking out of the box and reaching out to more people, expanding their events to a greater population — to people who might not have been involved, Jewishly or otherwise.

Q. What do you think about it now? A. I’ve observed some NCSY Shabbatonim and I was very impressed with the leadership of Ari Hoffman, and the ruach that the kids were putting out. It was amazing to see kids who didn’t really know each other relating to each other, connecting to their Jewish roots and really feeling like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Ari is a wonderful leader and mentor, and he exemplifies what we want our kids to feel and do as Jews in our community. The kids truly relate with Ari and Jessica. They are both tremendous assets to the Seattle community and especially to the teens. Q. What do you want your own children to gain from NCSY? A. I want them to feel the connection that is so prevalent in NCSY, the idea of Jewish unity and being part of Klal Yisrael. On top of that, I want them to have a connection to Israel and to pass it on to their children. Q. How has Seattle NCSY changed since your days? A. Because of Ari, there is a strong sense of companionship, support and mentoring. Teens feel attached to Ari and have a sense of chapter pride. NCSY put Seattle on the map. It’s a great place to be and if you miss it, you are missing something worthwhile.

When I was growing up, we weren’t so observant. We did Shabbat and holidays, and in my later years I became more observant. I feel really lucky that I can give to my kids so much more than what I had through the NCSY experience. My children have very full lives, and they have had different skill-builders and tremendous help identifying with Judaism. If it wasn’t for NCSY, I don’t think my kids would have had such a rich childhood. Seattle NCSY has been wonderful for me, because I was able to see my kids get such an enriched experience with Judaism and leadership.

If it wasn’t for NCSY, I don’t think my kids would have had such a rich childhood.

“I wanted to show that you can be fabulous and gorgeous and completely stylish while still dressing modestly,” said Hoffman. “Modest clothing is also nicer. In fashion, you’ll often find that the more expensive you go, the more modest the clothing gets.” Online flash-sale site Mode-sty. com partnered with Seattle NCSY, donating highend designer clothing for the show that was also auctioned off. The fashion show shared the same mission as the site. According to, women are left to “either opt for inexpensive, trendy clothing that is too revealing, or spend significant time and money searching for more modest designs.” And it worked. Local Seattle shop Peridot Boutique showed a past-the-knee skirt and a floorlength skirt in a variety of colors. These two pieces were so popular that the models, including public school teens, went to Peridot the next day to buy the skirts. “I love it. I had to buy it,” said Rachel Greene, who attends Interlake High School, and wore her new purchase with pride on the Seattle Shabbaton a few weeks later – and she wasn’t the only one. Designers and boutiques included Peridot Boutique, Velouria Gallery, MaRa, Mikarose and Guests and models walked away with a reusable NCSY grocery bag filled with swag, including limited edition cookies from Cougar Mountain, samples of Bacon Salt (kosher!) from Seattle-based J&D Foods, coupons and promo codes, and, of course, a coupon to be used for Seattle NCSY. ... Teen Spotlight continued Q. What was your favorite NCSY event? My favorite event was the Seattle Shabbaton. I say this because it opened my eyes to what Shabbat really meant. I met great people and I learned so much. Q. What are your plans after high school? A. Next year I’m joining the Israeli army. When I went to Israel with TJJ Ambassadors, and then on JOLT this past summer, I decided that Israel was very important to me and I wanted to help defend it. I am applying to colleges all over the East Coast, including Stern. Now that I’m more involved in Judaism it is very important for me to at least have a Hillel on campus. I want to keep growing in Judaism. I have big goals of working in international relations, particularly in the Middle East. Q. Did you ever think your life plan would include Israel? A. NCSY brought me to Israel for the first time. It introduced me to what is happening over there. If it wasn’t for NCSY, I wouldn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I wouldn’t know much about Judaism and I would not have had the passion I have now about Israel and my faith.

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BET PROGRAM OPENS AT JEWISH HIGH TO RAVE REVIEWS Business Ethics Teens (BET) is the newest program at Jewish High. BET teaches students personal and business finance as well as entrepreneurship. Students will have internship opportunities and hear from CEO’s of major corporations. BET will also incorporate material directly from Israel and Seattle’s startup companies in the curriculum.

TEENS HONOR FALLEN VETERANS NCSY and JSU teens spent the week before Memorial Day helping the Jewish Veterans Services plant flags at the graves of soldiers in the Bikur Cholim Cemetery. Teens received first-hand instructions from veterans of the customs associated with this tradition. Chapter board during Havdalah at the Seattle Shabbaton.



Junior NCSY, as a proud founder of the Seattle Tween Extreme program, took more than 90 students to Stockker Farms for Havdalah around a bonfire, followed by teens running scared through a haunted corn maze. Even the rain could not dampen the spirits of these teens.

Dan Alon, former Olympic fencer and survivor of the Israeli Olympic team from the 1972 Munich Olympics, visited Jewish High at the SJCC and spoke to a packed room of more than 200 people. Dan shared his eye-witness account of this tragic event.

December 1

JSU Casino Night Tech Dwellers

January 19

Junior NCSY Limo Scavenger

More than 120 kids from all over Seattle joined us last year for this amazing trek around Seattle to win awesome prizes!

February 2

The Q (Adult Fundraiser)

May 3-5

Junior NCSY Shabbaton

MORE THAN 200 ATTENDEES FROM SEATTLE, PORTLAND, CALGARY, EDMONTON AND VANCOUVER ROCK THE SEATTLE SHABBATON Teens had an amazing and inspiring weekend in Seattle and were joined by speakers such as Rabbi Israel Lashak, Director of NCSY’s ICE summer program, and representatives from schools in Israel. With a Saturday night event of Zombie Hunting and an epic breakfast by Eli Varon, teens left Seattle saying it was the best Shabbaton they ever had!

JSU Schedule Bellevue:

6th-8th graders from all over the Northwest come to Seattle for an amazing introduction into the world of NCSY.

2:30 pm every Monday, room 503

May 5

1:30 pm every Monday in room C211

The NCSY 500

NCSY’s annual go-kart race returns.

May 24-26

Spring Regional

Join us for the final Shabbaton of the year and awards banquet.

Running Start at Bellevue College: Ingraham: 12:05 pm every Tuesday, room 203

Interlake: 3:05 pm every Monday, room 2611

Bellevue: 2:30 pm every Monday, room 503

Mercer Island: 1:30 pm every Thursday, room 204

Our Annual Trivia Night returns with great food and fantastic prizes,

Weekly Schedule

Nathan Hale HS:

February 14-18

Wednesday @ 7-9pm


JSU New York Experience

Jewish High and BET At the SJCC, grades 8-12


Wednesday @ 7-9pm

Nathan Hale HS:

Seattle teens will spend five days in the Big Apple taking in the sights, enjoying kosher restaurants and meeting teens from all over the country.

March 1-3

Portland Shabbaton

Join Seattle NCSY as we visit our neighbors to the south.

April 14


One of the most anticipated family events of the year! NCSY’s famous meat cook-off featuring the best chefs in town and an Eli Varon BBQ!

Tuesday at Lunch (12:10) in room 2141 3:00 pm every Tuesday, room 503 Every Wednesday after school

Teen Lounge

Tuesday at Lunch (12:10) in room 2141

At BCMH for middle school

Coming soon: Eastlake, Skyline, SAAS, and more!

Hang out and chill with arcade games, foosball, ping-pong and more!

Thursday @ 8-10pm

Teen Lounge at BCMH for High School

Coming soon: the return of Latte & Learning

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6222 Chatham Dr. South Seattle, WA 98118

Regional Leadership


SA GIVE GIVE U t le le h TJJ Mic orts p S p A TJJ Cam el Kollel ICE Isra E BILT Euro IC T L JO

Jessica Hoffman Washington State Director

Ari Hoffman Seattle City Director

Rabbi Elie and Chaya Estrin JSU Club Directors

Rabbi Mark Spiro

9 st $2,69 ju r fo l e ra OW! Go to Is ISTER N



Managing Director of Hebrew High

Megan Druckman Junior NCSY Advisor

Sigrid Benezra Accounting

Julie Green Parent Liaison

SEATTLE NCSY 6222 Chatham Dr. South Seattle, WA 98118 206-295-5888

NCSY is the international youth movement of the OU.


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