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A Newsletter of NC State’s Office of International Affairs


December 2013

“As exams   are   winding   down   and   the   university  prepares  to  close,  I  want   to  extend  

A Message from

Vice Provost Dr. Bailian Li

Season’s Greetings  to  the  campus  community.   Thanks   to   dedicated   staff   and   passionate   faculty,   staff   and   students   who   believe   in   international   education,   the   Office   of   International   Affairs   has   many   successes   to   celebrate   this   holiday   season.”Continue   reading.



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GLOBALEYES December 2013

Globally Integrated Students An International Campus Community Gilman Scholarships Awarded: Study Abroad Made Possible Daniel Lee,   Dessy   Tio   and   Desiree   OuVen-­‐‑ Berrios,   of   NC   State   University,   are   three  of   over   700   American   undergraduate   students   from   341   colleges  and   universities   across  the   U.S.   selected   to   receive   the   prestigious   B e n j a m i n   A .   G i l m a n   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   S c h o l a r s h i p ,   s p o n s o r e d   b y   t h e   U . S .   Department   of   State’s  Bureau   of   Educational   and   Cultural  Affairs.  The  students  will   study   abroad  during  the  Spring   2014  academic  term.     Lee  will  study   in   South  Korea,  Tio  is  going  to   Singapore   and   OuVen-­‐‑Berrios   is   headed   to   South  Africa. Gilman  Scholars  receive  up  to  $5,000   to  apply   towards   their   study   abroad   program   costs.     The   program   aims   to   diversify   the   students   who   study   abroad   and   the   countries   and   regions   where  they   go.     Students  receiving   a   federal   Pell   Grant   from   two-­‐‑   and   four-­‐‑year   institutions   who   will   be  studying   abroad   or   participating   in  an  international  internship  for   academic  credit  are  eligible  to  apply.    

Scholarship recipients  have  the  opportunity  to     gain   a  beVer  understanding   of   other   cultures,   countries,   languages,   and   economies   -­‐‑-­‐‑   making   them   beVer   prepared   to   assume   leadership   roles   within   government   and   the   private  sector.     Congressman   Gilman,   who   retired   in   2002   after   serving   in  the  House  of   Representatives   for   30   years   and   chairing   the  House  Foreign   Relations  CommiVee...  Read  More.

An International Perspective: From India to NC State Rajika Bhandari   was  a  student   at   NC   State   from  1992-­‐‑1998  and  is  now  the  Deputy   Vice   President   for   Research   &   Evaluation   at   the   Institute   of   International   Education.   Read   about   her   journey   as   an   international   student   studying   in   the   U.S.   in   a   recent   article   published   in   The   Chronicle   of   Higher   Education: “My   first   taste   of   the   United   States   was   a   shrink-­‐‑wrapped  chocolate-­‐‑chip   cookie   and  a  can   of  chilled  Coke  on  an  American  Airlines  flight  to   Raleigh,   N.C.   It   was   1992,   and   I   was   one   of   36,000  Indian   students  studying   in   the   United   States   that   year,   according   to   the   Institute   of   International  Education’s  “Open  Doors”  report.   T h a t   fl i g h t   w a s   t h e   b e g i n n i n g   o f   a n   extraordinary   journey   for   me   that   gave   me   a   beUer   understanding   of   the   United   States,   my   homeland,  and  myself. In  the  two  decades  since  then,  much  has  changed   in  global  higher  education,  including   a  surge   in   the   number   of   students   studying   overseas   and   the   rise  of  new   technologies.  But   as  I  look  back   on   my  first   days  and  weeks   in  a  foreign  land,  I   truly   hope   that   today’s   international   students   are   still   geUing   the   eye-­‐‑opening   experience   I   had.”  Read  More.


GLOBALEYES December 2013


Globally Engaged Faculty & Staff Forging Worldwide Partnerships Forestry Course in Chile Sprouted by Seed Grant Funds Forestry students  and  teachers  recently  returned  from   an  intensive  graduate  research  course  in  Chile  where   they   earned   credit   for   “Concepts   and   Tools   for   Managing   Sustainable   Forest   Production.”     The   p r o g r a m   w a s   d e v e l o p e d   i n   p a r t   b y   Internationalization  Seed  Grant  funds  secured  by   NC   State’s   Dr.   Timothy   Albaugh.     Dr.   Albaugh   collaborated   with   the   Swedish   University   of   Agricultural   Sciences   and   the   University   of   Concepcion  in  Chile  to  offer  the  course.    It  was  taught   by   Professor   Sune   Linder   of   Sweden   and   Professor   Rafael   Rubilar   of   Chile.     The   course   reached   maximum   capacity   at   30   graduate   students   for   the   inaugural   program   held   in   Chile   from   November   17th-­‐‑30th.   While   in   Chile,   graduate   students   learned   how   to   model   forest   system   behavior,   measure   canopy   structures   and   functions,   and   learned   how   to   understand   the   consequences   of   altered   forest   management   systems   and   climate   change,   among   other   objectives.     “We   had   a   mix   of   lectures   and   discussion  periods  combined  with  field  visits,  student   presentations   and   modeling   exercises   to   give   the   s t u d e n t s   a   w e l l -­‐‑ r o u n d e d   v i e w   o f   f o r e s t   ecophysiology,”  Dr.  Albaugh  commented.  Read  More.

A Call for Nominations and Proposals: 2014 Grants & Awards This upcoming   semester   brings   with   it   new   opportunities  to  make  an  international   impact   on   campus,   and   a   chance   to   recognize  faculty   and   staff   that   have  worked   hard   to   make   NC   State’s   global  mission  a  reality.   The  Internationalization  Seed   Grants  aim   to  help   improve   the   range   of   international   partnerships   by   NC   State   faculty/staff   and   will   foster   meaningful,  collaborative,  global   scholarship   and   engagement.  Awards  of   up  to  $5000  will  be  given   to  the  winning  proposals,  which  are  due  February   3,  2014. The  Jackson   Rigney   International   Service  Award   and   the  Outstanding   Global   Engagement   Award   will   recognize   faculty   and   staff   that   have  made   significant   contributions  to   the  university   or   the   world   in   international   research,   scholarship,   or   service.  Winners  will   be  recognized   at   the  Global   Engagement   Exposition   on   April   10,   2014,   and   nominations  must  be  submiVed  by  March  3,  2014.  

GLOBALEYES December 2013

Outreach & Engagement

Campus and Community Connections Citizenship Ceremony & Passport Fair at Hunt Library North Carolina   State   University’s   Office   of   International   Affairs   (OIA)   hosted   a   U.S.   C i t i z e n s h i p   a n d   I m m i g r a t i o n   S e r v i c e s   Naturalization   Ceremony   on   November   20,   2013   followed   by   the   10th   Annual   Passport   Fair   to   commemorate  International  Education  Week. The   ceremony   celebrated   the   campus’   cultural   diversity   and   rose   awareness   for   international   education   programs  offered   at  the  university.     27   new  citizens  from  16  different  countries  took  oaths   of   citizenship  at   Hunt   Library.    The  vast   diversity   of   countries   represented   at   the   ceremony   symbolizes  the  cultural  diversity  seen  in  the  North   Carolina   community   and   at   NC   State.     New   citizens   came   from   all   corners   of   the   world   including   Burma,  Morocco,  Iraq,   Canada  and   the   United   Kingdom   to   officially   make  the  choice  to   become   American   citizens.     The   ceremony   featured   welcoming   remarks   from   Dr.   Bailian  Li,   Vice   Provost   for   International   Affairs,   and   the   singing   of   the  National  Anthem  by   Ladies  in  Red,   NC   State’s   female   a   cappella   group.     Dr.   Li   emphasized   the   importance   of   hosting   the   ceremony  at  NC  State.  Read  More.

Anna Lamm Wins Performance Excellence Award Anna Lamm,   Director   of   NC   State’s   Confucius   Institute   (CI),   was   awarded   the   2013   Confucius   Institute   Individual   Performance   Excellence   Award   this  week  in   Beijing,  China.     Hanban,  the   Confucius   Institute’s   global   headquarters,   is   a   public   institution   affiliated   with   the   Chinese   Ministry  of   Education.    Hanban  holds  conferences   each   year   in   the   capital   city   of   Beijing   to   bring   together   administrators   from   the   440   Confucius   Institutes   located   in   120   countries   around   the   world.     Individual   Performance   Excellence   Awards  were  distributed  to  30  Confucius  Institute   Directors  during  the  conference  December  7th  and   8th.     Ms.   Lamm   was   one   of   only   five   award   recipients  from   the  U.S.   out   of   the  98   CI’s   across   the  country.  Read  More. Photo  /  Above:  Vice-­‐‑Premier  Liu   Yandong  presents  Anna  Lamm   with  the  2013  Confucius  Institute   Individual  Performance   Excellence  Award  at  the  8th   Confucius  Institute  Conference   held  in  Beijing,  China  December   7-­‐‑8,  2013. Photo  /  Left:  Dr.  Peter  Cowen,   CommiUee  on  International   Programs  Chair  talks  with  new   citizens  after  the  Naturalization   Ceremony  on  November  20th.  


GLOBALEYES December 2013

Global Events at NC State Upcoming Events CHINESE CLASS FOR FACULTY & STAFF

1/22/2014, 12:00PM First Year College 304 GLOBAL ISSUES SEMINAR

Spring 2014 Topics & Dates Announced The Global   Issues  Seminars  feature  panels  of   NC   State   experts   tackling   global   issues   that   are   relevant   to   North   Carolina,   the   nation,   and   the   world.   In   the   upcoming   Spring   2014   semester,   three  seminars  will  be  co-­‐‑sponsored   by   the  Office   of   International   Affairs   and   the   School   of   Public   and  International  Affairs.  The  topics  will  be  pulled   from  the  Great   Decisions  Lecture  Series,   featured   by  the  Foreign  Policy  Association.  Participants  will   have   a   chance   to   learn   about   US   Trade   Policy,   Defense   Technology,   and   Islamic   Awakening,   starting   on  January   28,  2014  in  Withers  232A.  More   information   on   topics  and   dates  can   be  found   on   the  website.

Did you know that NC State has a Campus Recruiter for Peace Corps? Contact Lindsey Brantley 309 First Year College Commons (919) 515-5340


1/28/2014, 7:00PM Withers 232A SEED GRANT PROPOSAL DEADLINE


3/3/2014, 5:00PM For a full calendar of global events, visit us at

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GLOBALEYES December 2013

Happy Holidays from the Office of International Affairs!

Get Ready for the Holidays: Office of International Services Cookbook Are you   looking   for   a  fun,   unique  holiday   gift   that   shows   off   our   wonderful   community   here   at   NC   State?  Stop   by   the  OIS   Office  (located   in  Daniels  Hall   room  320)  to  purchase  the  OIS  Pan-­‐‑galactic  Cookbook   Series,   Volume   I!   Special   Holiday   price:   $5   each!   International   students,   visiting   scholars   and   their   families  and   friends  from   33   different   countries  have   contributed   their   favorite   recipes   to   this   book.   We   have  converted  the  recipes  to  American  measurements   and  ensured  that   the  ingredients  are  available  here  in   Raleigh   while   preserving   the   authenticity   of   the   dishes.   In   addition   to   the   recipes,   we   have   put   together   an   introductory   page  for   each   country   with   questions  answered  by  the  chef'ʹs  about  food  traditions   in   their   home   country,   along   with   pictures   of   food,   family,   hometowns,   and   more.   Along   with   delicious   dishes,  this  unique  book  gives  you  a  glimpse  into  the   lives   and   background   of   your   fellow   international   students  here  at  NC  State.

University Closure The  university  will  be  closed  from  December  23rd  -­‐‑  January  1st.


GlobalEYES December 2013  

A newsletter from NC State's Office of International Affairs.

GlobalEYES December 2013  

A newsletter from NC State's Office of International Affairs.