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A Newsletter of NC State’s Office of International Affairs


April 2014

“As another   successful   academic   year   winds  down,   exceptional   faculty  deserve  

A Message from

Vice Provost Dr. Bailian Li

to be   recognized   for   outstanding   innovation   and   creativity  in  international   engagement.   This   year   we   received   11   nominations   for   two   different   global   a wa r d s ;   t h e   O u t s t a n d i n g   G l o b a l   Engagement   Award   and   the   Jackson   Rigney   International   Service   Award.”   Continue  reading.



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Global Accolades

Internationalization Celebrated Announcing the 2014 Global Engagement & Jackson Rigney Award Winners Four faculty   award   winners   and   seven   nominees   were   recognized   for   excellence   in   global   engagement   at   the  4th   Annual   Global  Engagement   Exposition  on  Thursday,  April   10th.  Approximately   80   students,  faculty,  staff   and   visiting   international   scholars  aVended  the  Expo  to  learn  more  about   NC   State’s   internationalization   achievements   and   to   celebrate  award  recipients.  The  event  was  hosted  by   the  Office  of   International  Affairs   at   the  University   Club   and   featured   remarks   by   Vice   Provost   for   International   Affairs,   Dr.   Bailian   Li,   and   a   poster   session  highlighting   global   programs,  research  and   scholarship.   Posters   were  presented   by   a   range  of   people   including   undergraduate   students,   graduates,   international   visiting   scholars,   faculty,   staff  and  award  recipients.  Continue  reading.

Photo: 2014  global  award  winners  pictured  at  the  Global   Engagement  Exposition.  From  left,  Dr.  Francis  de  los   Reyes,  Dr.  Carl  Zorowski,  and  Dr.  Shweta  Trivedi.  Not   pictured,  Dr.  Ira  Weiss

Simon Award Reporter Completes Campus Visit

Photo: Office  of  International  Affairs  staff  gather  for  a  photo  in   front  of  the  First  Year  College  building  during  the  NAFSA   reporter  visit.


N A F S A : A s s o c i a t i o n   o f   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   Educators,   sent   a   reporter   to   NC   State’s   campus   March   25-­‐‑27   to   compile   material   for   the  annual   publication  of   Internationalizing   the   Campus.   The   annual   publication   features   profiles   of   success   among   the   current   year’s   recipients  of  the  Senator  Paul  Simon  Award  for   Campus   Internationalization.   The   visit   included  interviews  with  38  people  in  just  over   two   days.   Interviewees   included   student   leaders,  innovative  faculty,  administrators  and   staff   who   work   with   international   programs.   The  photos  from   the  visit   and   the  report   will   be   published   in   November   2014.   The   publication   (when   available   in   the   fall)   and   profiles  of   Simon  Award   winners  dating   back   to  2003  can  be  accessed  here.


Outreach & Engagement

Campus and Community Connections Confucius Institute Releases 10th Anniversary Documentary

Photo: Michael  Bustle  poses  for  a  photo  with  a  dedicated   group  of  NC  State  alumni  in  Indonesia.

Indonesian Alumni Group Going Strong Michael Bustle,   Global   Training   Initiative   Director   and  Associate  Vice  Provost  for   International  Affairs,   traveled   to  Indonesia  recently   and   meet   with  20   NC   State  alumni.  He  discovered  that  there  are  more  than   50   alumni   who  received   doctoral   degrees  from   NC   State  in   the   1960s  through   1990s   who   hold   annual   gatherings  to  meet   and   celebrate  the  time  spent   in   Raleigh.  After  a  presentation  of  campus  photos,  new   initiatives   and   updates   from   the   university,   the   group  was  surprised  to  see  how  NC  State  has  grown   over   the   years.   Mr.   Bustle   arranged   for   a   current   Indonesian   student   to   call   in   via   Skype   and   talk   about   her   experience   and   answer   questions   in   Bahasa,   the  official   language  of   Indonesia.   It   was  a   successful   and   productive   experience,   with   much   laughter   and   no   dry   eyes.   The   group   was   very   touched   that   someone   from   NC   State  came   out   to   acknowledge   them,   many   of   whom   hold   high   positions  in   the  government,  academia,   or   industry.   Mr   Bustle   reports   that,   “They   are   now   excited   to   help   their   alma   mater   by   recruiting   good   students,   raising   some   scholarships   funds,   and   using   their   positions  of  influence  to  promote  the  NC  State  brand   in   Indonesia,   the  fourth   most   populous  country   in   the  world.”


Confucius Institutes  around  the  world  are  celebrating   their   10th   anniversary.   NC   State   has   hosted   a   Confucius   Institute  since   2007   and   has   had   a   huge   impact   on  the  education   of   hundreds  of   thousands  of   people  across  North   Carolina  in  teaching   them   about   Chinese   language   and   culture.   Confucius   Institute   offers  Chinese  language  and  culture  classes  and  many   cultural  events  to  NC  State  and   the  local  community.   To   celebrate   the   anniversary,   a   documentary   was   recently   released   highlighting   achievements   and   partnerships   at   NC   State.   Watch   the   12-­‐‑minute   documentary  on  Vimeo.  

Japan Center Hosts Art Exhibit An art   reception   was  held   at  the  NC   Japan  Center   on   Saturday,  April   12,  showcasing   a  collection   by   Ms.  Junko  Yamada,  an  artist  residing  in  New  York.   Ms.   Yamada’s   art   focuses   on   traditional   Japanese   culture   and   scenery   from   classical   Japanese   periods,  and  is  created   with  thousands  of  pieces  of   fine  paper  in  the  tradition  of  "ʺHarie"ʺ,  a  form  of   art   that  dates  back  several  centuries  in  Japan.    Prior  to   the  reception,  Ms.  Yamada  hosted   a  workshop  for   adults   and   children,   showing   them   how   to   create   art   using   Japanese   rice   paper.   She   later   gave   a   presentation   on   her   background   and   influences,   inspirations,   and   technical   methods   used   in   crafting   her   unique  compositions.  Over  a  hundred   aVended   the   exhibition   and   thirty   children   and   adults   participated   in   the   workshop.   Running   through   mid   June,   the  exhibit   is   one   of   a   series   begun   four   years   ago   by   the  NC   Japan   Center   to   promote  the  work  of  local  and  national  artists.    The   event  was  organized   by   Mr.  Junjiro  Sumikawa,  the   center'ʹs  new  curator   of   arts.  Learn   more  about   the   NC  Japan  Center.


Experience the World on Campus Globally Engaged Students Global Training Initiative Highlights ICLP Student Zach Milburn Zach Milburn  is  an  NC  State  alumnus  who   volunteered   with   the   International   Cultural   Leadership   Project   and   was   part   of   the  Leadership   Council.   "ʺBeing   part   of   the   ICLP   was   one   of   the   most   valuable   experiences   I   had   during   my   college   years,"ʺ  he  said.  He  is  now  an  entrepreneur   in   residence   at   the   ThinkHouse,   a   community   specifically   for   post-­‐‑grad   e n t r e p r e n e u r s   w h o   wa n t   t o   s t a r t   businesses   rather   than   go   the   corporate   route.   Read   about   Zach’s  experiences  and   global  projects  on  the  GTI  website. GTI   is   now   accepting   new   applications   for  the  ICLP.  Visit  the  website  to  apply!

OIS Hosts Annual End-of-Year Party The Office   of   International   Services   hosted   the   annual   end-­‐‑of-­‐‑year   party   for   international   students  on  Friday,  April  11th  at   the  Centennial   Campus  Oval.  The  outdoor  event   drew  over  300   international   students   and   volunteers   with   this   year’s   theme  of   “Spring   Carnival.”   The  carnival   was  an   event   students  and   scholars  could   bring   the   whole   family   to   with   ice   cream,   popcorn,   coVon   candy   and   even   a   kids   zone.   Students   enjoyed   the   snacks,   outdoor   games   and   especially   dunking   their   favorite   OIS   staff   members   and   student   leaders   in   the   popular   dunk   tank.   Another   major   highlight   was   the   annual   donut-­‐‑eating   competition,   which   has   become   a   tradition   over   the   past   five   years.   Students   lined   up   in   partners   to   consume   a   dozen  Krispy   Kreme  donuts,  beating   their  fellow   classmates  with  the  fastest  time.  The  competition   was  judged  by   staff   members  and   two  rounds  of   the  contest   took   place  this  year,   crowing   a  total   of   four   international   students   as   winners.   The   carnival   was   a   great   way   to   spend   time   with   peers,  staff   and   friends  to  celebrate  a  successful   academic   year.   View   the  photo   album   on   OIA’s   Flickr  page.

Photo: Students   and  their   families   gathered  at  the   Oval  on   Centennial   Campus  for  the   Office  of   International   Services  Spring   Carnival  on   April  11th.



Upcoming Events Japan Center Art Exhibition

4/1/2014-6/13/2014 NC Japan Center Chinese Language Speech Contest Finals

4/26/2014, 10:00AM Withers Hall 232A Save the Date Packapalooza

8/23/2014, 2PM-10PM Hillsborough Street Citizenship Ceremony and Passport Fair

11/19/2014, 10AM Talley Student Center For a full calendar of global events, visit us at 314 First Year Commons / Raleigh, NC 27695 / 919.515.3201

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GlobalEYES April 2014  
GlobalEYES April 2014  

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