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Forever Niagara falls! We went to Niagara falls. We had a great time. To go to Niagara falls, we took a bus with our friends. All of them were half excited and half nervous. We were overwhelmed by the falls size. We have never seen a huge falls like Niagara falls before. First, we took many pictures with the falls as a background. After we put on a pretty blue raincoat, we took "The maid of the Mist" boat to see Niagara falls up close. More closely to falls, we felt that it is a huge falls. We shouted with joy. Although we had on the raincoat, we got wet by mist

We took a shower

This experience was so awesome. We'll never forget this! Forever Niagara falls

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson Dear my deer

This is us at Niagara falls

Enjoy! Your College’s Life! Jenny (Hye-ryun) & Abbie (Woo-jung)

The English Summer Program The English Summer Program at Niagara College is very interesting. ESL has 3 Levels. We take 4 classes. First, we are taking Developing Communication Skills with Jim and we can learn English words, grammar, listening which are helpful for us. Second, Popular Culture and Cultures And Customs with Kathy, we can learn a lot of Canada’s culture using songs of videos. Other classes are English Through The Arts and English Through Technology with Steve. After school, we have activities such as Learning how to Dragon Boat, going to Niagara Falls, Canada’s wonderland and a Tronto trip. Also, the program has a homestay system. We are learning about the lifestyle of Canada with our homestay family and everyday English. These programs are awesome and we have had good memories. During Cultures And Customs class, Cathy explains about assignment.

This is very delicious TimHorton’s Ice-cap! We love it!

Facilities of College There are lots of facilities at Niagara College. The Library is a useful place. They have lots of ESL materials, books and so on. The Library is spacious, nice and quiet. In the Cafeteria we can eat our lunch and buy some food from TimHorton’s and Subway. TimHorton’s donuts and coffee are very cheap and delicious. We recommend the ice cap especially. We can have a good time with friends and relax.

Before we leave to Niagara Falls, we took a picture! Cheese :)

Culture Shock!! Let’s introduce the differences between Canada and Korea. First of all, we were surprised by canadian food. They do not eat much rice. They usually enjoy sandwiches, cereal and pizza! But, almost of canadian food is more salty and sweet than Korean food. Second, Canadian personality is very cool! They are easy going and friendly. And they are helpful to other people. They enjoy their life. They have pets and think they ate part of the family.

Fg1. Canada breakfast

Fg2. Large pineapple & peperoni pizza

Fg3. We met friendly Canadian on the street Finally, Canadian is very environment friendly. There are many parks and animals. We can also go to picnic near the Wellend river. We can feel more peaceful and relaxed than in Korea. There are many differences between Canada and Korea. When we know the differences, we can appreciate and understand more about Canada!

Fg4. Enjoy picnic Fg.5 Rose garden in Chipa wa

Memory bookď ™ Kristy & Hannah

Activities Chippawa Park and School We went to Chippawa park and played Frisbee Golf. This was very exciting. Chippawa park in Welland is very peaceful. There are big Trees, rose gardens, beach volleyball courts and children’s baseball diamonds. We took pictures of roses and saw a beach volleyball game and a children’s baseball game. Also, we saw a Frisbee Golf game. The next day we could play Frisbee Golf at school. Frisbee Golf is an easy and interesting sport. In this sport we separate into teams and throw the discus around and around. If your team throws the discus fewer times than other teams to the target Spot, your team can win. Chippawa park is a good place to go for activity and Frisbee Golf is a good sport to do with other people. We’ll play many sports in Chippawa park.

Frisbee Golf We played Frisbee Golf behind the school.

We met babies We met very cute babies their name were Dominic and Jaden in Chippwa park.

Beach volley ball We played volley ball with Chinese and Russian Students.

rty ian Pa Canad

family Party with homestay In this program, We are staying at Canadian family’s houses. They are very kind and have many parties, so

Then, I was very surprised because

they have invite us for their parties.

the guests brought some food to

One day, Tia went to her host mother’s best friend’s

the party. For example, they made

mother’s birthday party. There were many people and

some salad and desserts.

lots of food; salad, beef, mashed potatoes, and cake.

Some people in Ashelly’s family

However, in Korea, the host prepares all

Also, Sunny went to her

the food. It is a different culture be-

host mother’s family’s

tween Korea and Canada.

party. They were almost French. They talked in French and English. It was This is Tia’s host mother’s best Friend’s mother’s birthday

very interesting. The host mother’s niece sang many

songs. I was impressed by her songs. She is a good singer.

They were singing a French song We have had really wonderful times. We appreciated these experiences. Sunny enjoyed fruit wines at the party

Sunny & Tia

Level 1 july nc summer program katherine's class  
Level 1 july nc summer program katherine's class  

The summer program of July 2013 at Niagara College ,Welland, Canada. This was written by the students to remember their visit as part of the...