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“We are invaluable”

The Chicago Years

As an individual with the intent to pursue education and academia, I was highly inspired by Moholy-Nagy’s refusal to settle for less - both of expectation and possibility. He not only pursued design, he lived it and found that his purpose was to spread that to anyone who would listen. Through his teachinggs he fully grasped the concept that change is not a moment to sit back and watch, yet an opportunity to rise to the occasion and redefine purpose per of which the circumstance calls. It is a viable lesson that I can carry with me in my career to acknowledge that we live in a society that is constantly changing, in belief, culture, and ability, and it is my (and all of us and designers) to react to change and what it requires of us; no longer should we settle in practice, we need to push our passion because we have the ability to make an impact small and big.

c. stanek


“Visual language must be readjusted”

Language of Vision

There is something to be said about the drive behind desire and the way passion exudes dimension and depth of a subject into the reality of “the new vision” Kepes discusses. Kepes actualizes that the “contact of modern art with reality, first sight, seem remote from life, are extracted from its very bloodstream.” He connects this with the inheritance of language and how it both are an asset and a drawback to ourselves. As he tries to disassemble language he emphasizes that what is learned is available to use however what is not is unknown. He ultimately states that it is up to future designers to pick up on the notion that the visual language is the most capable and clear form of communication. As designers it is in our hands to present the world to uninformed people; present new ideas as well as revise understanding, so society can begin to interpret the change we need to be reactive to as an entity. Redefining purpose as a reaction to change, as well as acknowledging the need for change, allows the the unknown to be revealed. Using what tools and skills we have in our “toolbox,” we must guide through the uncharted territory to expose society to a new way of seeing the world and processing it in hopes for a positive impact.

c. stanek


Thoughts on thoughts, on thoughts.

Dwiggins addresses “The Artist ‘’ as an outlier and a “workable artist” as something hard to come. My thoughts guide me to a place where I do not believe that should be true today. A shift needs to occur, if it has not begun already, in awareness to the design world as it embraces our society. Every individual is affected by it whether they realize or not; as it sits in our hands and gets us place to place day by day. For a businessman to be completely naive of the fact of changing technologies and possibilities, is simply being naive to the way of the world. To further my thought on this, considering designers know themselves and know their ability, they too know how to support it. In such cases, as a third party member in a business transaction, they know their worth and have accustomed working with others in a collaborative way in their training and development. Quality designers must adapt on the spot and have the capability to do just that because we have been molded to respond to critique and suggestion.

c. stanek


A word as


reflects for future-self to reasses at a later date

I have not done much, if any really, academic reading or writing in design [partially my own issue, I know] but also in my prior learning experiences it has not been enforced in daily preparation or assignments. I am used to hearing names thrown around in the field, however, very few can I actually make reference and understanding. Slowly [my slightly discouraging reading pace] and surely [as my mind is trying to convince] I am gaining exposure to important theories and ideas in design and it will eventually lead to a better knowledge in my studies and practice. I am writing this as momentary reflection as I am curious to see how my mind expands over the course of the semester and even over the stretch of a year. New year, new vision perhaps I am trying on the shoes of Kepes himself.

c. stanek


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