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Goodnight Scholars Program Annual Report 2017

The Goodnight Scholars Program invests in students from low- and middle-income families in North Carolina studying in STEM or STEM education disciplines. This investment represents a commitment to our students’ personal, professional and academic development through scholarship funding, comprehensive programming and enrichment opportunities. The Program empowers Goodnight Scholars to “pay it forward” as transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina and in the world.

Community is our foundation.


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From the Director


Fall Break: Boston


Program Highlights


North Carolina Mountains to Coast


Scholars Achieve


Tin Phan


The Goodnight Scholars By the Numbers


Trinidad and Tobago


Brinkley Raynor


Ben Laramee


Enrichment Grants & Recipients


Class of 2021 & Transfer Class of 2019 By the Numbers


First-Year Experience


Goodnight Graduation Gala 2017


Milayn Dark


Class of 2017 Honored


Major Campus Events


Beka Townsend




Alumni Updates


Atif Mahmood


Zachary Lentz


Professional Development


Class Rosters


Service and Outreach



From the Director

“But our beginnings never know our ends.” T.S. Eliot

When I reflect on the 2016-17 year, I am struck by how full it was and how it exceeded, and even defied, expectations. For example, we knew that moving into our permanent, larger suite in Peele Hall would allow us to better serve our scholars in a variety of ways. What we didn’t anticipate was how the new lounge would create community by providing our scholars with space to get to know one another in an informal way. Scholars from different cohorts ended up studying together, sharing advice and starting friendships they may not otherwise have started. Plus, scholars started stopping by more frequently to chat with the program staff, and all of us appreciated the opportunity to get to know our scholars even better by catching up on a regular basis. We knew when we planned our first-ever Senior Retreat that it would be a fun way to kick off the Class of 2017’s senior year and allow them to reconnect with one another. We built in plenty of time for reflection and discussion, but we didn’t realize how profound and heartfelt those reflection sessions would be, or how the trip would renew old friendships and create new ones. We all came away from the retreat with a deeper appreciation for the dedication, compassion and resilience our scholars have demonstrated in their journey to graduation. We knew when we launched our first professional mentorship program, the Goodnight Fellows Program, that our scholars would benefit from the advice and guidance of experienced professionals in their field. We didn’t anticipate the multitude of opportunities that our scholars would receive from their initial connection to their Goodnight Fellows. From job shadowing to internship offers to networking, our scholars’ lives were enriched by the

willingness of the Goodnight Fellows to share one of their most precious resources: their time. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this year was our expansion to include transfer students. We never saw that coming when we kicked off the year at the All Goodnight meeting in August, but we couldn’t be more thrilled! Our Program is committed to expanding access to higher education in North Carolina, and what greater opportunity than to include transfer students from community colleges. This group has been traditionally underserved when it comes to scholarships and programs like ours. In fact, we’re the first program we can find that will offer what we will for community college transfers, and we couldn’t be more excited or thankful. As we prepare to enter the tenth year of the Goodnight Scholars Program, I’m reminded of how far we’ve come. What started as a scholarship is now a community that will last beyond graduation. Where will the next ten years take us? I don’t know, but I know one thing is certain: With the incredible talent, dedication and innovation of our scholars, partners and staff, the next ten years will surely exceed our expectations.

— Allison Medlin Director, Goodnight Scholars Program


“The Goodnight Scholars Program has enabled and inspired me to explore my potential. By providing financial aid, extracurricular opportunities and a strong sense of community from my first day on campus, the Program has given me the tools to push myself and aim for goals I never thought possible.� William Garrison Class of 2016

This is how we achieve:

We achieve by continuing to evolve and meet the dynamic needs of our scholars.

Growth and development isn’t reserved solely for our scholars. As a Program, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to excel in the drastically changing landscape of higher education and the modern college student.

Goodnight Transfer Scholarship In 2017, the Goodnight Transfer Scholarship was announced for prospective transfer students from North Carolina community colleges who are pursuing a STEM or STEM education degree at NC State. In addition to receiving a renewable, two-year scholarship valued at $19,500 per year, transfer scholars receive access to a comprehensive developmental program aimed in assisting them with their academic and professional success. Goodnight Fellows Program Mentorship is vital for students with lofty academic and career aspirations. In Fall 2016, the Goodnight Fellows Program launched for rising sophomore and junior Goodnight Scholars to receive one-on-one professional mentorship from a network of 20 faculty and industry mentors. Service Raleigh Partnership Goodnight Scholars were regularly involved with Service Raleigh, both as event coordinators and participants. Like peanut butter and jelly, it was a


combination that just made sense when it was announced that Park Scholarships and the Goodnight Scholars Program would co-sponsor Service Raleigh beginning in 2017. Office Upgrade Bigger and better. Our new home in 203 Peele Hall expanded the size of our Scholars Lounge and new offices for professional staff. Decorated with photography of our scholars and artwork from Nathan Winskunas, the new Goodnight Scholars Program Office symbolizes the rapid growth of our community. New Staff & Promotions In summer 2017, the Goodnight Scholars community welcomed its new assistant director, Jill Zalewski. Jill brings exceptional talent in program planning and mentorship through her previous experience in University Housing at Duke University. Jill’s arrival came after the promotion of former assistant director, Jason Perry, who was appointed as associate director in April 2017.


We achieve through the accomplishments of our scholars.

In the classroom, Goodnight Scholars are earning top honors and accolades. They are class valedictorians, Dean’s List honorees, and honor society members. Outside of the classroom, Goodnight Scholars are putting their knowledge into action. They are conducting research in celebrated labs on-campus, developing their professional skills in sought-after co-op positions, and traveling around the globe from Costa Rica and China to Germany and India. Their achievements are a culmination of countless hours of practice, multiple instances of failure and one unwavering drive to succeed and pay it forward.

Professional Achievements TJ Adams Co-oped with General Electric in Texas (2019) in fall 2016. TJ is on-track to become an Early Edison for the company, and presented to the CEO of the facility during his tennure. Asa Augustin Accepted a co-op position with General (2018) Electric beginning Summer 2017. Matthew Hrycyna Accepted a co-op position with General (2019) Electric beginning Summer 2017. Julia Treis Accepted a co-op position with General (2018) Electric beginning Summer 2017. Madison Baldwin Selected for a Summer 2017 internship (2018) with Proctor and Gamble in Greensboro, NC. Adam Crowell Interned with Optum, the technology (2017) subsidiary of United Health Care, in Summer 2016. Max Davis Accepted an internship with MetLife (2018) GTO in Cary, NC for Summer 2017. 8

Taylor Floyd Worked as a software engineer intern at (2019) Garmin International in Cary, NC for Fall 2016 before studying abroad in Ireland during Spring 2017. Kevin Hernandez Interned at Burleson Research (2019) Technologies, Inc., a contract research organization focusing on immunotoxicology studies, in Morrisville, NC for summer 2017. Nicole Hlebak Accepted a co-op position with Oracle (2018) in Morrisville, NC for Summer 2017. Her team is responsible for setting up and maintaining cloud environments. Jasmin Kamiab Hired as a structural engineering intern (2018) at Infrastructure Consulting Engineering (ICE) in Raleigh, NC for Summer 2017. Durant Mangum Interned at a hospital in Cordoba, (2017) Argentina in Summer 2017, where he shadowed doctors, took patient histories and performed basic medical procedures.

William Mason Worked as a chemical engineer with (2017) Georgia-Pacific in Florida during Summer 2016. Kaleb Morrow Selected for an international internship (2018) in Lodi Vechio, Italy with Trelleborg Coated Systems in Summer 2017 and for a co-op position with ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, LA for Fall 2017. Sean Nicol Hired as an intern with VHB, a (2020) transportation engineering firm, in Raleigh, NC for Summer 2017. Ashle Page Interned at NASA Langley Research (2017) Center in Hampton, VA during Summer 2016. She also presented her undergraduate research at a variety of events during 2016-2017, including the NASA National Council of Space Grant Directors’ Meeting in Washington, D.C. and the NC Space Grant Research Symposium. Jeremy Park Hired as a technical intern with SAS (2020) Institute in Cary, NC for Summer 2017. Kendall Rease Shadowed doctors at the Hospital de (2018) Faro, in Faro, Portugal, during Summer 2016 as an Atlantis Project Fellow. James Robertson Selected as a statistical intern at (2018) Harvard University’s Neuroimaging Laboratory (PLN) for Summer 2017. Ally Schueneman Worked as a supply chain planning (2018) analyst intern at Caterpillar BCP plant in Athens, GA during Summer 2016. Hannah Smith Hired as an intern in swine production (2019) with Smithfield Foods for Summer 2017. Destiny Stephenson Conducting undergraduate research (2019) with Dr. H.T. Banks in the Center for Research in Scientific Computation at NC State. Rachel Tilly Accepted a Summer 2017 internship (2019) with Henkel in Cary, NC, working with adhesives and plastics. Isaac Tolbert Selected for a hardware engineering (2019) co-op at Honeywell in Raleigh, NC for Fall 2017. Izabela Webster Interned with the Living Conservatory at (2017) the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Spring 2017. Ian Woodward Co-oped at Robert Bosch, LLC in (2016) Charleston, SC during Summer 2016.

Research & Academic Achievements Katie Almasy Served as an undergraduate (2017) researcher in Dr. Gavin Williams’ chemistry lab during 2016-2017. In Fall 2016 she presented her research at the regional meeting of the American Chemical Society. Meredith Bain Served as an undergraduate (2019) researcher in Dr. Dmitry Zenkov’s lab, developing new programming models for physical applications of differential equations, in Summer 2017. Emily Brown Presented her research at the (2018) Quadrennial Physics Conference (PhysCon) of the National Society of Physics Students in California. Hadley Bryan Served as an undergraduate (2017) researcher in the Biotechnology program, as well as president of the Genetics Club. Lindsay Clontz Hired as an intern with the Deer (2018) Elk Ecology Research Project at the University of Wyoming for Summer 2017. Aimee Durrett Conducted research in the NC State (2018) Mackay Fruit Fly lab in Summer 2017, as well as shadowed genetic counselors in the Triangle area. Laura Goodman Participated in interdisciplinary materials (2018) and physics research at Pennsylvania State University in Summer 2017. Mikayla Graham Serving as a research intern at the Plants (2020) for Human Health Institute. Her group is investigating the amount of anthocyanins in different varieties of blueberries at different stages of ripeness because they have been found to have an antiinflammatory effect on cancer. Kaleb Morrow Conducted research on thermoplastic (2018) elastomer gel gradients in Dr. Richard Spontak’s Chemical Engineering lab during Fall 2016. Megan Owens Selected for an avian field internship (2018) with the Geological Survey in Alaska for Summer 2017. Sambit Panda Served as an undergraduate researcher in (2018) Dr. Sombers’ lab working with oxidative stress and Parkinson’s disease during Summer 2017. He is authoring a paper on this subject for future publication and volunteering at UNC Hospitals. 9

Ashle Page Received the NC Campus Compact (2017) Community Impact Award for NC State in September 2016. This is awarded to one student from each of 25 member institutions to honor diverse forms of community engagement. Ashle also served as editor-in-chief of the NC State Undergraduate Research Journal. Tin Phan Conducted research on host-viral (2019) interactions of a Bafilomycin [Antibiotic] Resistant Sindbis Virus (BRSV) in Dr. Brown and Dr. Hernandez’s virology and vaccine lab at NC State in Spring 2017. Tin was selected to conduct research on novel therapies in muscular dystrophy with the McColl-Lockwood Laboratory for Muscular Dystrophy Research at the Carolinas Medical Center during Summer 2017. Brinkely Raynor Researched biofilms as a DAAD RISE (2017) Fellow in Germany in Summer 2016. Lahari Revuri Received the APIASF/AT&T Scholarship (2020) from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and AT&T. Selection is based on community service, leadership, and academic achievement. Sidney Rogers Participated in a research project in (2019) New Zealand in Summer 2017 which investigated theoretical modeling strategies designed to capture the increase in drug delivery to targeted tissue that results from exposure to intense electrical fields (electroporation) and acoustic fields (sonoporation). Hayley Russell Selected for the Summer Research (2019) Initiative Research Internship (SIRI) program through the NC State Comparative Medicine Institute. She worked in Dr. Ke’s lab creating a cellular automata model to observe the spatial interactions between cells and interferon infected with Influenza A virus. Erik Ryder Selected for a research position studying (2017) geothermal energy and geophysics in Ethiopia in late Summer 2017. Will first travel to New Mexico for Geology Field Camp at the beginning of the summer. Ally Schueneman Submitted an annotated bibliography (2018) which was published in the newest edition of the NC State First Year Writing Program (FYWP) student anthology, interTEXTS.


Aalia Shariff Conducted research in cancer biology (2019) with Dr. Neveen Said through an internship at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Summer 2017. Nishant Singh Presented his research at INFORMS (2019) Healthcare 2017, an international conference focused on healthcare analytics, in the Netherlands in Summer 2017. Anna Smith Conducted research in Dr. Daniel (2018) Poole’s lab, focused on the effects of fescue endophyte toxin on beef cattle reproductive physiology, during 20162017, followed by her own research project in Summer 2017. Anna also served as a teaching assistant for ANS 205 in Fall 2016. Kraig Turner Participated in a NSF REU at the (2018) Center for Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology at Duke University in Summer 2016. During the 201617 academic year he worked as a research assistant in NC State’s Parsons Group lab studying solution atomic layer deposition. Grayson Walker Authored a research article (“The effect (2015, 2017) of refined functional carbohydrates (RFCs) from enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast on the presence of Salmonella spp. in the ceca of broiler breeder females”) which was accepted for publication in the journal Poultry Science. Conducted research on the effects Carrisa Womble of fescue toxicosis on the immune (2019) response of weaned calves under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Poole in Summer 2017. Carrisa also shadowed a dairy veterinarian during the summer. Service & Leadership Achievements Katie Almasy Represented NC State with the NC (2017) State Chorale in Ireland in Summer 2016, performing in venues around the country, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. Ali Arafat Traveled with the Global Brigades to (2018) Honduras for a medical and dental service trip in Spring 2017. Meredith Bain Successfully co-led the Climate (2019) Reality Project’s campaign to put 10% renewable electricity on the NC State Sustainability Office’s Strategic Plan. The project has now shifted its focus

to passing legislation in the NC General Assembly. Franklin Blum Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Brittany Calloway Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Bailey Craddock Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Parker Colbath Volunteered with Syrian refugees in (2018) Frankfurt, Germany in Summer 2016 (along with Shannon Dexter ‘17) and in Bangalore, India in Summer 2017. Parker also served as the director of Shack-aThon for NC State’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. Aimee Durett Represented NC State with the NC (2018) State Chorale in Ireland in summer 2016, performing in venues around the country, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. Kevin Hernandez Served as a team member on the (2019) Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to Alaska, where the team mentored Alaskan youth. John Medeiros Served as a team member on the (2019) Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to Alaska, where the team mentored Alaskan youth. Haley Newton Participated in a service trip to the (2020) Dominican Republic, where she served orphaned and impoverished children, in summer 2017. Tin Phan Volunteered as a camp counselor for (2019) children with Muscular Dystrophy in summer 2016. During the academic year, he served as an International College Council Member at Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity, as well as an ambassador and peer counselor for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Rebecca Pridgen Served as a team member on the (2019) Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to the Dominican Republic, where she taught English to local youth. She also served as a College of Education Ambassador. Catrina Rateb Designed a service project with Coptic (2018) Orphans, a non-profit organization that serves orphaned, impoverished youth in Egypt. For this project, Catrina will travel to Egypt during Summer 2017, promoting

education and self-esteem with at-risk youth. She also represented NC State with the NC State Chorale in Ireland in Summer 2016, performing in venues around the country, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. Brinkley Raynor Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Neill Robson Served as a team member on the (2019) Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to West Virginia, where he volunteered with the Appalachia Service Project repairing homes. Luke Sain Served as an international volunteer (2019) working with orphanages in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in Summer 2016. Parker Savage Participated in the Engineers Without (2020) Borders winter service trip to Sierra Leone, where he worked on a clean water project. Ellen Schilkowsky Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Cassidy Slabaugh Served as Chair of the University Scholars (2017) Program’s Scholars Council for 2016-17 and received the Alex Miller Outstanding Scholar award. Lauren Smith Initiated into the Omicron Rho Chapter of (2010) Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education. Rebeka Townsend Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017. Sam Turner Will serve as an educational counselor (2018) with Duke TIP’s summer program on “Innovations in Medical Care” during Summer 2017. Grayson Walker Served as president of the Poultry (2015, 2017) Science Graduate Student Association. Dominique Served as a team member on both the Weatherspoon ASB Fall Break trip to Washington, DC (2019) and spring break trip to Guatemala (along with fellow scholar Wren Fowler, ‘18). Dominique also received the Student Advocacy award from the College of Science’s Office of Diversity and Student Services in March 2017. Ian Woodward Graduated as a valedictorian in (2017) Spring 2017.


The Goodnight Scholars By the Numbers 2016-2017



# of students in the inaugural Transfer Class of 2019



# of community colleges represented by inaugural Transfer Class of 2019


Average GPA of the inaugural Transfer Class of 2019



5,827 # of Goodnight Scholars Points (GSPs) earned by all scholars

# of Boys & Girls Club children in attendance at the 3rd Annual LEGO Brick Build




# of different STEM and STEM education majors in Class of 2021

# of Goodnight Scholars Points (GSPs) earned by highest point earner, Timothy Chen ‘19

# of student development programs offered in 2016-2017


# of professional mentors who participated in the inaugural year of the Goodnight Fellows Program



# of Goodnight Scholars with Perfect GPA in Spring 2017 12


# of Goodnight Scholars on the Dean’s List in Fall 2016




# of counties in the class of 2021

1,195 # of miles traveled on the NC Mountains to Coast trip









# of Goodnight Scholars receiving enrichment grants in 2016-2017

total amount of enrichment grants awarded in 2016-2017


# of tweets from @GoodnightNCSU Twitter

length of the first-ever “Words of Wisdom” video featuring members of the class of 2017


Average Unweighted GPA of Class of 2021

# of followers for @GoodnightNCSU Twitter

# of followers for @goodnightncsu Instagram

# of followers for Goodnight Scholars Facebook page


# of Graduating Seniors Honored at 2017 Graduation Gala


Average Weighted GPA of Class of 2021 13

Brinkley Raynor When you see some people in life, you get the sense they were born to do what they do. In the small town of Zebulon, friends and family saw Brinkley Raynor ‘17 holding a one-way ticket to life as a veterinarian. As Brinkley prepares to leave the Wolfpack to pursue her doctorate in veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, she continues to show that the faith her friends and family have in her is 100% warranted.




Animal House

Now Trending: Research

A Wolf in the Ivy Leagues

“Growing up, I always enjoyed working with animals. I grew up with many pets including cats, dogs, chickens, a horse and a donkey. This passion drove me when choosing my path as an undergraduate because, from an early age, I chose a career path as a veterinarian. At NC State, I double majored in animal science and in science, technology, and society as well as double-minored in mathematics and in microbiology. An avid Harry Potter fan, some of my hobbies are reading, hiking, and cooking. I was able to maintain these hobbies throughout my time at NC State as well as adding a new one: research.”

“The accomplishments I am most proud of as a student at NC State revolve around experiences in research. After my sophomore year, I spent a summer doing an internship at the National Institute of Health researching Klebsiella bacteria. After my junior year, I did a fellowship in Wuerzburg, Germany studying bacterial biofilms which was funded by a Goodnight Scholars enrichment grant. Additionally, I am proud of the research I did in epidemiology at NC State and of the animal experiences I have gained from working at a small animal emergency clinic and at the NC State Equine Unit.”

“Growing up in and around Raleigh up to this point in my life, I am both nervous and excited to be moving to Philadelphia this fall. I will be enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania in their combined Veterinary Medicine and PhD program. For the next two years, I will be in vet school, then I will switch over and complete a PhD in epidemiology and then finish up my veterinary degree. Within epidemiology, I am particularly interested in mathematical models of disease, and using models to minimize disease risk. In the long run, I hope to do research in the veterinary field at a research institution.”

Finding Humor in Study Sessions

Family Forever

Guardian of Human Health

“Being a Goodnight Scholar has been a blessing to me and my family. The Program goes beyond the financial security granted by the scholarship aspect, but also provided a community of incredible scholars and opportunities that enriched my undergraduate career beyond what I had ever dreamed. Being a Goodnight Scholar means being part of a family whom I will have for the rest of my life.”

“My long term goal is to do research in disease transmission in the veterinary field. I anticipate my research to have positive ramifications on disease prevention in animal populations which will be significant for agricultural biosecurity and on human health.”

“My friends would describe my personality as half goofy and half driven. I spent many of my nights as an undergraduate oscillating between studying and joking around with my friends.”


We achieve by funding dreams.

Enrichment grants allow Goodnight Scholars to pursue adventures and opportunities that, financially, would be out of reach while gaining a little bit of professional development along the way. Through the enrichment grant application process, Goodnight Scholars learn how to advocate for their goals through proposal writing and interviewing. With funding in-hand, our scholars go out and turn their dreams into reality whether they are studying abroad in Poland, serving in Egypt or presenting at national conferences.



Enrichment Grant Recipients

In addition to our comprehensive array of programming and travel opportunities, we support the unique pursuits of our scholars through our enrichment grant program. Scholars can apply for funding to support a wide variety of high-impact learning experiences, including but not limited to, study abroad, service trips, entrepreneurial activities, conference travel and undergraduate research. This year, 57 scholars received enrichment grants, worth a grand total of $147,300. To receive these funds, scholars submit an enrichment grant application detailing the proposed opportunity and how it relates to the scholar’s educational, personal, or professional aspirations. If the enrichment grant application is considered eligible and deserving of further consideration, the scholar is invited to interview with Goodnight Scholars Program Professional Staff and further elaborate on the proposal. Thus, the enrichment grant process ensures that scholars also enhance their proposal writing and interviewing skills. Upon return to campus, recipients are expected to share their experiences with their peers through written reflections and presentations. Fall 2016 Recipients Emily Brown Kevin Hernandez John Medeiros Rebecca Pridgen Dominique Weatherspoon Neill Robson Parker Savage Sambit Panda Halen Mattison William Garrison Hannah Hunt Taylor Floyd Hannah Walser Sidney Rogers Wilbert Jenkins Chandra Manivannan Ciara Jones Gracie Hornsby Kaylee Saaranen Jalen McGee Bailey Holt 20

2016 Quadrennial Physics Conference Alternative Service Break: Alaska Alternative Service Break: Alaska Alternative Service Break: Dominican Republic Alternative Service Break: Guatemala Alternative Service Break: West Virginia Engineers Without Borders Winter Service Trip: Sierra Leone FIMRC Service Trip MAMA Desktop Application Development Pre-Med Wilderness & Emergency Medicine: Costa Rica Spring Study Abroad: Australia Spring Study Abroad: Ireland Spring Study Abroad: Spain Summer Internship: New Zealand Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: China Summer Study Abroad: England

Betsy Murphy Sheppard Medlin Ben Laramee Jewel Wasson Gabriella Mamlouk Anna Smith Hadley Bryan Madison Baldwin Matthew Simpson

Summer Study Abroad: Ireland Summer Study Abroad: Italy Summer Study Abroad: Spain Summer Study Abroad: Spain Summer Study Abroad: Spain Thomas Jefferson Scholars Program Spring Break Trip Undergraduate Research in Genetics University Scholars Program Spring Break Trip WWOOFERS Internship: Japan

Spring 2017 Recipients Wren Fowler Anna Lynn Smith Bilal Haque Matthew Whittaker Joshua Cain Jimison Kendall Rease Atif Mahmood Nishant Singh Ashle Page Lindsay Clontz Haley Newton Catrina Rateb Ali Arafat Parker Colbath Melanie Hardee Caitlin Cassidy Ana Iglesias Catrina Rateb Alexander Rojas Lahari Revuri Madeleine Edwards Liesl Miranda Aldo De Leon Resendiz Megan Owens Durant Mangum James Robertson Carrisa Womble Aimee Durrett Kevin Hernandez Sambit Panda Destiny Stephenson

Alternative Service Break: Guatemala Fall Study Abroad: Australia Fall Study Abroad: England Fall Study Abroad: Poland Fall Study Abroad: Poland MCAT Preparation MCAT Preparation Research Presentation: INFORMS Research Presentation: Washington D.C. Summer Internship: Wyoming Summer Service Trip: Dominican Republic Summer Service Trip: Egypt Summer Service Trip: Honduras Summer Service Trip: India Summer Study Abroad: England Summer Study Abroad: England Summer Study Abroad: England Summer Study Abroad: France Summer Study Abroad: France Summer Study Abroad: France Summer Study Abroad: Ireland Summer Study Abroad: Prague Summer Study Away: Hawaii Summer Undergraduate Internship: Alaska Summer Undergraduate Internship: Argentina Summer Undergraduate Internship: Harvard University Summer Undergraduate Internship: Animal Science Summer Undergraduate Internship: Genetics Summer Undergraduate Internship: Immunotoxicology Summer Undergraduate Internship: Neuroscience Summer Undergraduate Internship: Scientific Computation


“I’m so thankful for the Goodnight Scholars Program. Whether encouraging me professionally or broadening my horizons with social and service programs, the Program has been a constant source of encouragement and support.” Sarah Grigg Class of 2017

This is how we engage:

First-Year Experience

Excitement. Anxiety. Uncertainty. Enthusiasm. A lot of emotions bubble to the surface during a student’s first year in college. It’s a lot for one person to handle, but, “it takes a village,” as they often say. Incoming Goodnight Scholars find support in our community and through our intentional programming. It starts with the Summer Retreat, which brings all 50 Goodnight Scholars together for three days of cohort bonding at NC State and SAS Institute, facilitated by a team of 12 retreat leaders and Goodnight Scholars staff. The highlights? Too many to list. However, the “U Sink, U Swim” boat building competition - where teams of five build a boat out of cardboard that they race across an Olympic-sized swimming pool - always provides the most entertainment and sense of comradery. Peer mentoring is a linchpin of the Goodnight Scholars 24

community, and our 25 trained Goodnight Mentors keep firstyear scholars on track during a comprehensive six-week program focused on preparing them for academic and social life at NC State. As a Goodnight Scholars it’s important to know that you never have to face any challenge alone. The capstone of the first-year experience is GSP 250 & 251: the First-Year Seminar. Establishing personal values, gaining valuable professional development and addressing critical North Carolina issues as a team are some of the milestone outcomes first-year scholars gain during this biweekly course. Above all else, the First-Year Seminar truly illustrates the communal aspect of the Goodnight Scholars Program, showing each student just how big and impactful “the village” is.

2016 - 2017 Retreat Leaders Ally Schueneman

John Medeiros III

Olivia Billings

Anna Smith

Katherine Almasy

Sarah Bristol

Benjamin Laramee

Laura Goodman

Stephen Carpenter

Carl Jenkins

Nishant Singh

Terrence Adams Jr.

2016 - 2017 Goodnight Mentors Aimee Durrett Asa Augustin Atif Mahmood Carl Jenkins Catrina Rateb Conner Metz Courtney Smith Dwight Hilton Gabriella Mamlouk

Hadley Bryan Ian Woodward Jasmine Kamiab Jewel Wasson Kendall Rease Lane Willis Lauren Smith Liesl Miranda Max Davis

Meredith Dickens Rachel Tilly Randy Bazhaw Rebecca Pridgen Sambit Panda Sheppard Medlin Taylor Blankenship

GSP 250 & 251 Special Guests & Community Partners Callie Womble, NC State Office of Assessment Daryl Theis, BASF Dr. Chad Hoggan, NC State College of Education HQ Raleigh Jennifer Capps, NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative Tayyab Hussain, Goodnight Scholars Class of 2015



Milayn Dark One year ago at Eastern Alamance High School in Mebane, Milayn Dark ‘20 was jogging around the softball diamond and dreaming about being a part of the Wolfpack. Each base she touched represented a potential goal to achieve at NC State. Is she choosing the right major? How would she get involved on-campus? Where would she get a co-op job? What kind of leader would she be? Fast forward to the present and she finds herself running full speed with The Pack, circling the bases en route to a fulfilling and meaningful NC State experience with the support of the Goodnight Scholars community.



Milayn’s Muse

Words From the Wise

“Before coming to NC State, I lived with my mom and dad and my 12 year-old sister Makenna. My sister is my driving force behind everything I do. I give my all because of her. She is the reason why I never give up, why I never complain, and why I never leave a task uncompleted. I know that she looks to me as the ultimate role model, therefore I have dedicated myself to academic, professional, and social excellence. I aspire to become the greatest representation of a strong, independent black female to show her that success is attainable in a world that poses outstanding challenges for females and underrepresented ethnic groups.”

“The Goodnight Mentor Program had the greatest impact on my understanding of life at NC State. My mentor enlightened me on specific challenges I would face within my major, course difficulty, and minority representation. Having a mentor in my related major helped me understand the difficulty of the task at hand. I was also encouraged to continue my pursuit of an engineering degree, knowing that I had a mentor who had walked the path before me encouraged me to take the challenge of engineering head-on.”

Trouble with the Curve? Please. “In high school, I played varsity softball all four years and I earned the 3A All-State Softball Award my junior year. I also played competitive 18U showcase travel softball, which allowed me to travel to Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Softball was my favorite hobby in high school. Now that I have gotten to NC State, my favorite hobby is physical fitness. I dedicate time for a workout each day. I enjoy escaping from homework and studying to run a quick mile or complete a few sets of squats and bench press in the weight room.”

NC State Bucket List “I plan to become more involved as a Goodnight Scholar. Next semester I will serve as a Goodnight Mentor and, hopefully, as a committee member for Service Raleigh. By the time I graduate I would like to become a Goodnight Ambassador. Also, by the time I graduate I would like to hold a position on the Executive Board for NC State’s National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) chapter as well as attend NSBE’s National Convention. I plan to continue my involvement in the University Scholars Program by completing my third semester

of forum and all 12 honors credit hours by graduation. One of my largest goals as a student at NC State is to participate in the Cooperative Education Program and rotate semesters between working for an industry leading company and taking classes on campus; it is important to me that I receive this experience so that I may have a full year of professional work experience under my belt before starting my career after graduation.”

Joining the Crusade for Stronger Vaccines “I hope to have a career in engineering better vaccines and to increase protection against new and recurring diseases in local communities and communities abroad. I plan to use my chemical engineering degree to work for a leading vaccine or pharmaceutical company. Our children and our elderly generation deserve stronger and more reliable vaccines to combat disease outbreaks attributed to our growing global population, and I intend to perform work that aids in making that happen.”

Ms. Bright Side “My friends would most likely say that I am easygoing, humorous, and accepting. I enjoy making tough or challenging situations positive and enjoyable. I’ve always valued making sure the people I surround myself with are happy, so if it means cracking a few jokes or being that “go-to” person for advice and guidance, I’ll do just that.”


Major Campus Events

We engage by thinking BIG. NC State’s motto of “Think and Do” inspires us to think big and do more.


Our major campus events benefited from our grandiose visions. Corralling over 215+ Goodnight Scholars and special guests together in one room for the annual All Goodnight Meeting generated excitement for the academic year while showcasing the musical and performance art talent of Carl Jenkins ‘17, Sarah Bristol ‘17, Atif Mahmood ‘19, Chandra Manivannan ‘20, Parker Colbath ‘18, and Ian Woodward ‘19. Our “Goodnight Scholars Presents” speaker series saw record attendance upwards of 450+ as guests sat in awe of the science fiction-esque research of EpiBone CEO, Dr. Nina Tandon, and founder of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, Skylar

Tibbits. Big impact also came in the form of small bricks as our annual LEGO Brick Build drew in 121 from the Boys and Girls Club of Wake County, each of whom were given the opportunity to learn about the wonders of STEM using LEGO. What’s next for 2017-2018? Think bigger and do even more.





We engage by cutting loose and having fun.

Goodnight Scholars are more than just engineers, scientists, or teachers. They are people with unique hobbies, life experiences, similarities, and differences. And to be in a community that celebrates a person’s originality is not only refreshing, but comforting. There is an undeniable energy in the room when Goodnight Scholars get together for social activities, manifesting itself in spontaneous games of Spikeball, musical jam sessions, or holiday celebrations. Let us amend that previous sentence. The energy is undeniable AND contagious. Our community keeps Goodnight Scholars wanting to come back for more: More fun, more laughter, and more memories.





Atif Mahmood Atif Mahmood ‘19 can dance. No, we don’t think you understand. Atif’s talent in Bhangra is a YouTube, thousands of views, trending topic on Twitter type of talent. While Atif’s nearly mastered the anatomy of dance, he’s still navigating the daunting journey of becoming a physician who seeks to positively affect healthcare access for underrepresented communities. Knowing that Atif is bringing the same passion to his medical pursuits as he does on the dance floor, we rest assured that the medical field is about to gain an influential professional.




This Human Body Thing? Kind of Complex... “My decision to major in human biology was influenced by both academic and professional experiences. In high school, I really enjoyed classes like anatomy & physiology, molecular & cellular biology, and immunology. Each exposed me to fascinating intricacies of the human body. I also spent a lot of time shadowing and volunteering at a local hospital in my home city of Charlotte, and I gained a lot of appreciation for, and exposure to, the direct medical applications of human biology.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work “Working with a few other students to start NC State’s Bhangra dance team, Wolf de Nakhre, was a very rewarding experience. We started with a casual two-minute, eightperson dance at our first performance. A little over a year later, we were performing at an intercollegiate dance competition with a full seven-minute routine and twice as many dancers. Seeing this growth over time, as well as working with my teammates to pursue and express our excitement for dance, has been a great accomplishment.”

Not Your Typical Scholarship Program

amazing students who are each unique in their own passions and experiences. Nonetheless, I’ve found it easy to find things in common and connect with others at a personal level. I really appreciate that the Program caters to students from a middle-class background, because this allows us to share and be proud of our similar upbringings and brings us closer together.”

Listen to Your Elders “Perhaps the most rewarding experience I’ve had with the Goodnight Scholars Program has been with the newly-started Goodnight Fellows Program, through which I was matched with a professional mentor in my field of interest. I was paired with a local emergency physician and president of an ER staffing firm. As an aspiring medical doctor and healthcare executive, he was a perfect match for me. He has offered plenty of support and input in terms of my plan to attend medical school, and he has provided me with unparalleled opportunities to solidify my career interest. Through shadowing sessions in both clinical and administrative settings, as well as networking with other executives and doctors in the area, I feel much more confident in my career aspirations.”

Closing the Gap on Healthcare Inequality “As I transition into my third year at NC State, I plan to begin the process of applying to medical schools. My goal is to become a practicing physician with a role as an executive or administrator. Ultimately, I hope to use the experience and skills I gain through being a medical doctor in improving healthcare at a broader level. I would love to work towards eliminating disparities seen in underprivileged or underrepresented communities, especially within North Carolina.”

“My first encounter with the Goodnight Scholars Program was at an interest meeting in high school. Early on, I could tell that it was unique. The people I met were so down-to-earth and relatable, but still high-achieving and influential. After two years as a Goodnight Scholar, I would say this describes the community as a whole. The Goodnight Scholars Program provides a support network of


Professional Development

We engage by shaping the professionals of tomorrow.

Want to learn about best teaching practices in K-12? Ask Dr. Marvin Connelly, chief of staff and strategic planning for the Wake County Public School System. Need insight into the environmental impact of nuclear energy? Pick the brain of Tanya Hamilton, plant general manager for Duke Energy. Struggling to make your resume standout among the crowd? Tips from SAS Emerging Leaders will put you head and shoulders above the rest. Professional development has a pliable definition. For some, it’s about learning the skills necessary for success in the workforce: email etiquette, proper dress attire, and interview faux pas. Others see professional development as a way to learn from the achievements and failures of distinguished leaders and researchers.


Good thing we’re flexible. Our professional development programming offers a little bit of everything for everyone. One week Goodnight Scholars are sitting in on the Real Leadership Series or Faculty Dinner Series, gaining valuable advice on undergraduate research and internships. One blink and, all of a sudden, they’re engrossed in conversation about North Carolina social issues in the NC:60 Series or prepping for adult life in Adulting 101. Professional development is one of our top priorities. If we’re going to shape the professionals of tomorrow, what better time to start than today.


Service and Outreach

Because it is our responsibility to share our talent for the betterment of others.

True change comes from rolling up one’s sleeves and doing whatever work is necessary. Every Goodnight Scholar brings this mentality to community service and outreach efforts, whether it is restoring furniture for the Green Chair Project or trail restoration as part of Activate Good’s 9/11 Weekend of Service. Not all service efforts require muscle power. Empowering youth to pursue STEM fields and addressing college access issues are equally as important to Goodnight Scholars. We are a STEM scholarship program after all. Cultivating future generations of STEM talent is always on our mind, which is why it is common to see Goodnight Scholars teaching science and engineering concepts


at elementary STEM Nights or talking about the college applications process at high schools from Murphy to Manteo. We use our muscles. We use our brains. All for the benefit of others.




“Because of the Goodnight Scholars Program, I got to travel to different parts of the world and it helped me realize who I am as a person and what I want to do with my life. I have grown in ways that I never could have imagined. I am leaving NC State with a degree in geology and a determination to travel the world and help as many people as possible.� Erik Ryder Class of 2017

This is how we explore:

Fall Break: Boston

We explore by stepping out of our comfort zone.

Our boys and ladies are wicked smart. Why? Because they know the value of travel.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Instead of using Fall Break to lounge around the house or catch up on the latest Netflix series, 24 Goodnight Scholars packed their luggage and flew up to Boston, Massachusetts for a long weekend full of city life. The fast-paced hustle and renowned history of Boston provided a stark contrast to everyday life at NC State. Whether it was walking the legendary Freedom Trail or swapping stories with staff from MIT’s Edgerton Center and BioMAN program, each activity expanded scholars’ minds on where their STEM talent can lead them in the future.

Dr. Paul Barone

Dr. Jim Bales Dr. Fikile Richard Brushett Amy Fitzgerald Dr. Shira Fruchtman Flora Keumurian Eric Miller

Biogen Brandon Berry

Broad Institute Jenny Rood

Podimetrics Jon Bloom

Volpe - The National Transportation Systems Center Helen Blackman Kam Chin Joan Kaijala Merle Kalenoski Bianka Mejia Brandon Van Acker





North Carolina Mountains to Coast

We explore through serving our state.

Bags are packed, gas tank is filled to the brim, and attitudes are enthusiastic. If the van could be fueled by positive vibes, it could run laps around the world. When Spring Break rolls around at NC State, 13 Goodnight Scholars use this as an opportunity to decompress by road tripping from the mountains to coastline of North Carolina to bring STEM education to rural middle schools. In between facilitating science and engineering workshops at Chase Middle School of Rutherford County and Chowan Middle School of Chowan County, Goodnight Scholars were reminded about our state’s natural beauty through stops at Chimney Rock and Kitty Hawk.


Beautiful reminders also came with sobering realities. Volunteering with relief efforts at the Robeson County Church and Community Center showed the lingering devastation of 2016’s Hurricane Matthew. Nightly reflections about controversial and divisive social issues in North Carolina revealed the extensive work needed to unify rural and urban communities. Underlying all of these moments was optimism that any gesture, big or small, would contribute to a prosperous North Carolina that honors tradition while striving for progress.





Tin Phan Hope you’re in good shape. If you’re not, you’re going to have a tough time keeping up with Charlotte native Tin Phan ‘19. When he’s not speeding across campus on his bicycle (watch for the lime green helmet) to his next biochemistry class or Operation Smile meeting, Tin’s exploring the great outdoors and wrangling fish off the North Carolina coastline. And even when he’s physically at-rest, Tin’s mind is always pondering his next move and how his dream of becoming a pediatrician will impact the lives of children from communities near and far.



The Soccer Effect “My passion for impacting refugee and immigrant children drives me forward to pursue my future goal as a physician in pediatrics. In my free time, I like to give back to my community in East Charlotte. The families and players of Savio Football, a youth development soccer team for atrisk youth that my brother and I founded, has been such an integral part of my commitment to service and desire to give back to my family’s refugee background.”

What You See is What You Get “Many of my friends have used the word genuine as a descriptor of my persona. Genuine is a hard word to interpret, but I think that my friends are trying to tell me I am true to my beliefs and values. My friends have also told me that I am easygoing, but also driven and determined. That’s true, but I also find myself thinking more about the stress brought on by determination!”

Operation Smile “Operation Smile is one of the largest international surgical charities. The organization provides free surgeries for children afflicted with cleft lip and cleft palate in underserved countries around the world. After attending a leadership conference, I started our local student club, Operation Smile at NC State. We have worked to raise enough money for a surgery and hosted the first inaugural North Carolina Safe Surgery Summit, a student advocacy event discussing the global lack of access to public health resources. I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve on Operation Smile’s International College Council. In

which, I am responsible for overseeing student clubs in various states, implementing new programs to increase student involvement in mission trips and connecting volunteers from clubs around the world.”

Life Changing Experiences Everywhere You Look “My experience in the Goodnight Scholars Program has been absolutely unparalleled. The amount of support and comradery that comes with being a Goodnight Scholar threads through all the fabrics of programs I’ve experienced so far. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Krakow, Poland in the summer of 2016 made possible by an enrichment grant. There I experienced World Youth Day, a Catholic youth festival celebrating international solidarity and multiculturalism. Though my major is biochemistry, I had the chance to relive my 20th century history class, visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorials and documenting the stories in Schindler’s museum that have shaped the world I live in today. I also participated in a service Spring Break trip, Goodnight Scholars Mountains to Coast, traveling the near entirety of North Carolina to provide STEM educational activities and college-access outreach for rural youth.”

Captain Picard Would Be Proud “Being a Goodnight Scholar means pushing yourself beyond the limits, because you have the opportunity to, all the while remembering that you have been given these opportunities to pay them forward. There are so many doors that the program opens; from talking with well-known speakers to performing local and global service to enriching your professional aspirations. Open these doors to go where you want to go and, perhaps, to boldly go where you have never gone before.”

Making The World a Better Place “In the next few years, I hope to find that the children I’ve impacted have made a better life. I hope to see them attending NC State in my remaining years or have gone on to pursue better life paths than mine. I hope to see that those families I’ve served in volunteering have a better economic situation or have found safety and security in their communities. I hope to know that the people I have helped to smile in my volunteer work continue to do so and that they will pass it on to others.”


Trinidad and Tobago

By immersing ourselves in culture and being champions for the environment.


It is a typical humid afternoon in Trinidad, the Caribbean island lounging alongside the Venezuelan coastline. A group of students dressed in powdered and navy blue uniforms can barely contain their excitement, practically leaping out of their desks as they stretch their hands to the ceiling inside the Malabar Government Primary School. Reaching one extra inch higher could mean being called upon by today’s special guest teachers, college students from the Goodnight Scholars Program, and showcasing one’s knowledge about Trinidad and Tobago’s climate.

Scenarios like that are one of many that play out when 16 Goodnight Scholars take the annual voyage to Trinidad and Tobago for a weeklong service-learning trip. Between facilitating conservation lesson plans for primary school children to assisting with the restoration of the Asa Wright Nature Centre, Goodnight Scholars are privileged to learn about Trini culture through hard work and service.




Ben Laramee The town of Waxhaw, North Carolina is estimated to have a population of 9,800-plus, three of which are a trio of brothers: The Laramees. And brothers do what brothers do: they crave mischief, fight out their differences, share every pain and every laugh. When Benjamin Laramee ‘19 chose NC State and the Goodnight Scholars Program, it was hard to imagine not having shared life experiences with his brothers. Forging his own path seemed overwhelming. Two years, countless volunteer hours, and numerous roundtrips to Trinidad and Tobago later, Benjamin is finding his own identity as an emerging leader in the Goodnight Scholars community.




The Rule of Three “Possibly the most defining aspect of my life until college was that I am a triplet. My two brothers, Nick and Justin, and I shared practically everything growing up: toys, rooms, classes-- even friends. And although our arguments were probably more heated than other siblings’ because of how close we were, I attribute most of my personality (the good and the bad) to growing up with them.”

Making a Big Splash “One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is becoming involved with the Special Olympics: Aquatics. I first volunteered in the spring of my freshman year via the University Scholars Program, and have been asked to return on three separate occasions since. I have been in charge (along with one of my good friends) of staging athletes for several Wake County meets, a regional meet in Greensboro, and the state-wide aquatics meet. I am confident that I will be volunteering in this capacity until I graduate, and then hope to get involved in whichever location I end up.”

Personal Fulfillment in the Unlikeliest of Places

doing environmental service work. We worked in the rain forest at the oldest nature center in the Caribbean and taught primary school students environmental topics ranging from global warming to ecotourism, but the largest impact I felt was seeing the impact the trip can have on others.”

Evolution of a Team Leader “After watching someone on the trip literally become a different person (and that’s not an understatement), I decided that I wanted to help facilitate this transformation in others, so I applied for and became one of the co-leaders for the 2017 trip. After returning from the dual-island nation for a second time, I had learned some of what it takes to be a leader: that it’s a give-and-take relationship. It gives you the chance to truly make a positive impact in someone else’s life, and that sometimes it’s important to be led by those you’re supposed to be leading. I cannot wait to return again as a co-leader in 2018, so that I can share more of myself with others and continue learning from the Trini people and the amazing scholars I’ll call my team.”

Caring Community “Being part of this program also means that we are part of a community (Jay’s favorite word) of impressive and respectable people, from the scholars to the prostaff to Mrs. Ann and Dr. Goodnight themselves. One of my favorite aspects of being a Goodnight Scholar is just having the ability to interact with and get to know these people. This community is filled with individuals who constantly want to see and help you succeed, and it’s reassuring to know that I am supported by over 200 people who genuinely care about me.”

A Different Kind of Nuclear Rhetoric “Whether it’s researching the next generation of nuclear reactors, protecting our nation and others from nuclear threats or finding the key to endless energy in nuclear fusion, I hope to have a hand in changing the world for the better. Not only does nuclear energy provide a way to benefit individuals, but as a clean energy source it also offers a way to combat the warming of our planet, thus helping all current and future life on earth.”

“Of all the experiences and events offered by the Goodnight Scholars Program, the Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to Trinidad and Tobago has by far had the greatest impact on me. I was selected as a team member for this week-long service trip my freshman year, and as a result spent my first college spring break in the Caribbean with fifteen other Goodnight Scholars


“The Goodnight Scholars Program, to me, represents a community full of opportunities where, as I leave the close quarters of my household, I enter another family that will encourage and support me wherever my path may lead.” Stephanie Atkinson Class of 2021

“The Goodnight Scholars Program’s generosity has inspired me to realize helping others and giving back to the community has the potential to change lives. Just as the Goodnight Scholars Program has helped me, I hope one day I will be able to help students like me achieve their goals.” San Bawi Transfer Class of 2019

This is how we invest:

Class of 2021 Data 2% TXT


6% CNR 40% MALE



48% COE



8% CED


30% COS






At Home in NC

























































Academic Excellence 1330



Average SAT Score (Math & Verbal)

Average ACT Composite Score

Number Ranked 1st or 2nd


Average Unweighted GPA



Average Weighted GPA

Class Facts Most common intended major: Chemical engineering (6) Most common high schools: NC School of Science and Mathematics (6); Green Hope High School (3)

Transfer Class of 2019 Data

Class Facts







Average Community College GPA

Self-Identified Non-Traditional Students



At Home in NC

Buncombe 1



Johnston 1




Sampson 1




Community Colleges: Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Craven Community College Durham Technical Community College Guilford Technical Community College

Johnston Community College Rockingham Community College Wake Technical Community College


“The Goodnight Scholars Program supports and grows with you in everything that you do, preparing you to do more at every step of the way and introducing you to the people whose paths you hope to walk along. This support has allowed me grow into someone I never would have recognized four years ago and made me a proud member of not only our Program, but also the Wolfpack. Yet like our mantra suggests, all of that is only the preface to the rest of the story. The next part is always paying it forward.�

Ian Woodward Class of 2017

This is how we pay it forward:

Goodnight Graduation Gala 2017

We pay it forward by sharing our scholars’ talent with the world.

Saying “goodbye” is the hardest part. As we celebrated the graduating Class of 2017 at the annual Goodnight Graduation Gala, that statement still rang true. But what makes tears of sadness turn into tears of joy is knowing that the Class of 2017 is venturing out to make a difference in the world. On April 21st, 52 graduates walked across the stage at Prestonwood Country Club in recognition of our Program’s sixth graduating cohort. Their credentials are impressive. Amongst the group you will find PhD candidates attending NC State, Cornell University, and MIT. You will find engineers for Merck, Georgia Pacific, and Captive-Aire Systems, Inc. and educators for Wake County. But no matter what their post-graduation plans may be, you will find one common theme: paying it forward.



Class of 2017 Honored

Katherine Almasy Chemistry and Biological Sciences PhD in Chemical Biology at Vanderbilt University Aaron Arthur Computer Engineering Technical Intern at SAS Institute in Cary, NC Andrew Baldwin Materials Science and Engineering PhD in Bioengineering at Clemson University Franklin Blum Biomedical Engineering Applying to medical school for 2018 Sarah Bristol Mathematics and Mathematics Education Pursuing a career as a math teacher Carolei Bryan Biological Sciences Applying to medical school for 2018 Hadley Bryan Genetics PhD in Epidemiology and Human Genetics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore Brittany Calloway Biological Sciences DPT in Physical Therapy at East Carolina University Stephen Carpenter Geology Geotechnical Technician at Engineering Consulting Services in Charlotte, NC Daxton Chemistry Chapman-Scott Taking a gap year before pursuing a PhD in Chemistry Bailey Craddock Mathematics Clinical Data Coordinator at Quintiles in Durham, NC Adam Crowell Computer Science MS in Computer Science at NC State


Shannon Dexter Horticultural Science Horticultural Science Research Assistant at NC State Kelly Eplin Chemical Engineering Engineering Leadership Development Program Associate at Armstrong Flooring Inc. in Lancaster, PA Tyler Eubanks Biological Sciences Clinical Trials Associate at Quintiles in Durham, NC Sierra Marena Plant Biology and Biological Sciences Morgan Wren Fowler Applying to medical school for 2018 David Fox Aerospace Engineering Pursuing a career in design engineering Kelsie Gardner Zoology DVM at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine William Garrison Chemical Engineering Working as a medical assistant before applying to medical school Sarah Grigg Biological Sciences MS in Microbial Biotechnology at NC State Jenna Hanks Natural Resources Public Policy Intern at the Southern Crop Production Association in Reidsville, NC Luke Hansen Chemical Engineering and Paper Science Pursuing a career in the paper industry Kelly Harris Biological and Agricultural Engineering Pursuing a career as an ecological engineer William Harris Chemical Engineering and Physics PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Eric Horton Computer Science MS in Computer Science at NC State and interning at SAS Institute in Cary, NC Kathryn Howard Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Associate Specialist in Engineering at Merck, in Durham, NC John Huffman Mechanical Engineering Operations Engineer at Captive-Aire Systems Inc. in Raleigh, NC Jakin Ivey Computer Science Software Engineer for ArchiveSocial in Durham, NC Collin Johnson Biological Sciences Medical Assistant at the Clinton Medical Clinic in Clinton, NC Derek Makous Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Pursuing a career as an actuary Durant Mangum Biomedical Engineering Medical intern in Argentina and then teaching English in Spain William Mason Paper Science & Engineering Process Engineer with Georgia-Pacific in Raleigh, NC Carlos McClaney Technology, Design, and Engineering Education STEM Specialist for Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Teen Programs through AmeriCorps Conner Metz Textile Engineering MS in Materials Science and Engineering at NC State Luke Moore Biomedical Engineering Pursuing a career in biomedical engineering Conner Murray Environmental Engineering PhD in Environmental Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO

Brinkley Raynor Animal Science DVM/PhD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philidelphia, PA Erik Ryder Geology Field work in Geothermal Energy and Seismology in Ethiopia Ellen Schilkowsky Animal Science MS in Animal Science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY Cassidy Slabaugh Nutrition Science Instructor at Cirque de Vol in Raleigh, NC Courtney Smith Biological Sciences Pursuing a career and exploring graduate programs Skylare Smith Animal Science DVM at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine Rebeka Townsend Secondary Mathematics Education Math Teacher at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, NC Anneliese Vendel Biological Engineering Pursuing a biological engineering career Caitlin Vereen Biological Sciences Pursuing a career in physical therapy Grayson Walker Poultry Science DVM at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine Bryan Wall Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering Process Engineer for International Paper in Riegelwood, NC Izabela Webster Animal Science Clinical Assistant at VIP Petcare in Raleigh, NC Ian Woodward Chemical Engineering Research Assistant at Parson Research Group in Raleigh, NC

Ashle Page Polymer and Color Chemistry JD at UNC School of Law in Chapel Hill, NC



Beka Townsend Teachers matter. Rebeka Townsend ‘17 knows this all too well. The commitment to student success that Rebeka’s high school calculus teacher showed in the classroom ignited her drive to influence the lives of children through education. As Rolesville High School’s newest mathematics teacher, Rebeka sees how teaching and education have come fullcircle in her life, and she is eager to inspire the next generation of North Carolina teachers.



Classroom Inspiration

Teacher’s Got Hobbies

To Learn, Serve, and Lead

“I grew up in the Cary/Apex area right outside of Raleigh. Throughout my school years, I grew to love mathematics. As a high school junior at Apex High, my calculus teacher inspired me with her passion for her students and her love of mathematics. Being her student showed me how much of a positive impact a teacher can have on the lives of his or her students.”

“Outside of education, I have a passion for mentoring high school students, in which I am involved through Student Ministries at my local church. I also love enjoying the outdoors, traveling, watching sports - even though I’m not super athletic - playing with dogs, and spending time with friends and family.”

“Being a Goodnight Scholar means that I have a passion for education, service and leadership. I strive for excellence in all that I do and seek to be a lifelong learner.”

Empowering Others Through Language

“My favorite set of programs within the Goodnight Scholars Program was the Real Leadership Series. At these events, scholars were able to share a meal with community leaders from a variety of fields. I loved being able to learn from local entrepreneurs, leaders and education professionals in our community. Along with regular programming, I had the opportunity to be a member of the first North Carolina: Mountains to Coast service trip with the Goodnight Scholars. This road trip included traveling across the state of North Carolina and sharing STEM education resources and activities with local middle schools. I loved this trip because I was able to serve North Carolina using my gifts as an educator and share my love of teaching with fellow Goodnight Scholars.”

“Throughout my four years in college, I developed a specific passion for English Language Learners and will graduate with a minor in Spanish and certification to teach English as a Second Language, along with certification to teach secondary mathematics. Although I am excited to work as a teacher for any mathematics class, I am looking forward to working specifically with English Language Learners.”

Goodnight Memories

Big Plans for Rolesville “In the next few years, I hope to increase the opportunities for English Language Learners to excel in the high school math classroom. As I begin teaching, I want to impact students at Rolesville by supporting and advocating for them inside and outside of the classroom. As more and more students move to North Carolina without English as their first language, there is an increased necessity to meet the needs of these students. I would love to see the sheltered math program at Rolesville become increasingly prevalent in other local high schools with high populations of English Language Learners.”


Alumni Updates

Amar Arafat completed his first year at Campbell (2016) University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Chelsea (Hartsell) is a fourth year dental student at East Arthur Carolina University. She volunteers with (2014) NC Mission of Mercy clinics and plans to practice dentistry in Winston-Salem after graduation. Shannon Atako is a 3rd grade teacher at Wilburn (2016) Elementary School in Raleigh, NC. Kyle Barth is a corporate business development (2014) analyst with ABB in North Carolina. Sara Berry is pursuing her Master of Science in (2015) Atmospheric Science at the University of Washington in Seattle. Matt Blakely is a senior consultant with Manhattan (2015) Associates in Marietta, Georgia. Chelsea (Daughtridge) is a process engineer with GSK in Boudreau Cary, NC, and is halfway through (2013) her Master of Science in Materials Science Engineering at NC State. In the community, she organizes food drives and volunteers with the Salvation Army. Michael Brecht is working as a research and (2012) development engineer with Cook Medical in Winston-Salem, NC. He volunteers in his community with the local food bank and with children interested in STEM. Kayla Brown is a product support specialist at (2014) Medis Medical Imaging Systems, a cardiovascular quantification software company, in Raleigh, NC. Mary Brown is a DPhil student in Anatomy, (2016) Physiology and Genetics at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. 84

Caroline Chang is pursuing her DVM at NC State’s (2015) College of Veterinary Medicine. She was at the University of Missouri for Summer 2017 as a veterinary student research scholar and laboratory animal intern. Ashleigh Cline is a senior product line analyst (2013) with Citrix in Raleigh, NC. She also completed two masters degrees, in Advanced Analytics and in Geospatial Information Science & Technology, both at NC State. Leighanne Davis is designing new medical devices and (2016) assistive technologies as a research & development engineer with Duke University Health System in Durham, NC. She volunteers as a head coach for a U12 girls soccer team through NCFC (previously CASL). Lauren (Frederick) Dix conducts environmental assessments (2015) on proposed transportation projects as an environmental planner with Atkins in Charlotte, NC. Mackenzie Dougherty is working as a hardware engineer with (2016) Signalscape in Cary, NC. In June 2016 he married fellow Goodnight Scholar, Kelsie Gardner ‘17. They are the first (although surely not the last) Goodnight Scholars to marry each other! Anna Dubovitskaya is a software engineer with Cisco (2017) Systems in the Bay Area, CA. Michelle Ebersole is an operational engineer with (2013) Sustainable Productivity Solutions in Santa Cruz, CA.

Christopher Grice is a patent attorney with Kilpatrick (2013) Townsend & Stockton LLP in Raleigh, NC. In the community he chairs the emerging leaders board for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle and serves as an adult leader in a Boy Scout Troop. Noelle Griffin is working as an advanced emergency (2016) medical technician in Johnston County and will begin the physician assistant program at Eastern Carolina University in Fall 2017. Caleb Haselton is a business analyst with Cisco in (2014) Raleigh, NC. Tyler Hatch is completing his Master of Science (2015) in Aerospace Engineering at NC State while working at a new start-up company focused on advanced additive manufacturing environments for the Department of Defense. Jill Hattaway is a Ph.D. candidate in the Pharmacology (2014) and Cancer Biology Department at Duke University, and received a NSF graduate research fellowship in 2016. Evan Heiman is a sales engineer with Eaton (2015) Corporation in Philadelphia, PA. Elvira Hernandez is a field engineer with Corning Inc. in (2013) Concord, NC. In this role she travels to customer sites to support and help with installation and testing issues. Samantha (Goodwin) is a manufacturing specialist with Heyer Seqirus in Holly Springs, NC. (2014) William Higgins is a software engineer with Premier, (2015) Inc., a company that produces hospital software, in Charlotte, NC. John Holmes is an aviation civil engineer at RS&H, (2015) a facilities, infrastructure, and aviation consulting firm located in Raleigh, NC, and completed his masters degree in Civil Engineering at NC State in spring 2017. Tayyab Hussain is a sales engineer with Pendo in Raleigh, (2016) NC, and served as an Entrepreneurship Initiative Fellow in 2016-17. Andrea Irving works as an engineer with Armstrong (2016) Flooring in Lancaster, PA.

Megan Jones is an environmental engineer with (2015) AECOM in Morrisville, NC, and is pursuing her masters in Environmental Engineering at NC State. She stays involved with the Native American community at NC State, helping to plan powwow and summer programs. Jessica King is an applications developer with (2013) Commodity Weather Group in Vienna, VA, and completed her masters degree in Spring 2016 at NC State. Soorya Kumar is working as project engineer at Yukon (2015) Medical, a medical device company in Durham, NC. Victoria Le completed her masters in International (2016) Education at UNC-Chapel Hill in Spring 2017, and is working with Honors Carolina. Zachary Lentz is completing his PhD in Biological (2013) Engineering at NC State. Brandon Lockee is working as a project engineer with (2016) CITI, LLC in Charlotte, NC. Daniel Long is pursuing his PhD in Bioengineering (2014) at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on heart tissue regeneration in mammals. Brendan Lukasik is working as a application (2013) engineering manager at Accu-Tech USA in Wake Forest, NC. Sam Magura is a software developer with Interface (2015) Technologies, Inc. in Raleigh, NC, and earned his masters in Applied Mathematics at NC State in Spring 2017. Tyler Maltba is pursuing his PhD in Mathematical (2016) Statistics and Probability at UC-Berkeley as a Chancellor’s Fellow. Owen Martin is working as a quality assurance associate (2016) for Prometheus Group in Raleigh, NC. Christopher Mattox is an associate water resources engineer (2013) with Rick Engineering in San Diego, CA. Paige Maxon is working in medical device sales in (2015) Winston-Salem, NC. Jack McGuinn is designing pharmaceutical (2012) manufacturing and R&D buildings as a mechanical engineer with CRB Consulting Engineers in Cary, NC.


Christopher Moody is pursuing his PhD in Biomedical (2012) Engineering through a joint NC StateUNC-Chapel Hill program. Trey Moore completed his MS in Computer Science (2015) at NC State University in spring 2016 and is working as a software development engineer with Amazon in Seattle, WA. Ravyn Njagu is entering her second year as a medical (2016) student at Duke University. Jonathan Page is working as a software developer with (2015) e3 Retail, LLC in Raleigh, NC. Jamie Parham is pursuing her PhD in Animal Science (2013) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her current research is in beef cattle behavior. In Lincoln, she is actively involved in her church community and service activities. Ashley Pedersen teaches agricultural education at Corinth (2013) Holders High School in Johnston County, NC and is getting married in August 2017. Briana Phillips is a traffic engineer with RK&K in (2014) Richmond, VA. Kristopher Rawls is pursuing his PhD in Biomedical (2014) Engineering at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. His research uses computational models of rat metabolism to study the response to toxicity. Kali Roeten is completing her PhD in Meteorology at (2014) the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her research focuses on the upper atmosphere of Mars. James Schaefer is a product engineer with Leverege (2016) in Baltimore, MD. Much of his work centers on integrating his company’s Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform with connected devices. Jeb Smith is an assistant district engineer with (2016) the NC Department of Transportation in Charlotte, NC. Laura Speer is an environmental accessibility (2012) program specialist with the NC Museum of Natural Resources in Raleigh, NC. Nathanael Stamp is teaching math at Rolesville High (2015) School in Wake County, NC.


Jason Suttles is developing medical file transfer (2014) software as a chief software architect with Medicom Technologies, Inc in Raleigh, NC. Chelsea (Gerhart) is a veterinary medicine student at Swain NC State. (2015) Chiuwen Thor is working as a chemical engineer (2016) with Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN. Andrew Tibbits is a research assistant with ES, Inc, a (2012) federal contractor at Wright Patterson Airforce Base, in Dayton, OH. Michael Trinkler is working as a research technician at (2015) the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, NC. He volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, and served on the Goodnight Scholars Advisory Committee from 2015-2017. James Turner completed his masters in Mechanical (2015) Engineering at NC State in Fall 2016, and is now serving in the Americorps as a crew leader with the Utah Conservation Corps in Cedar City, UT. Elizabeth (Hunter) works as a transportation engineer at Wargo AECOM, in Morrisville, NC. (2012) Caitlin West is a structural engineering project (2016) manager at Summit Engineering in Raleigh, and is pursuing her masters in Civil Engineering at NC State. Jeremy Whitaker is working as a chemical engineer (2016) with Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN. Michael Williams is pursuing his PhD at Virginia Tech (2015) in Blacksburg, VA. His research focuses on processing polymers with supercritical fluids. Brooke Wilner is entering her second year of law (2016) school at Georgia State University. In Summer 2017 she interned with the Computer & Cyber Crime division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri. Jeremy Wooster is a stormwater/erosion control engineer (2014) with Tower Engineering Professionals in Raleigh, NC.


Zachary Lentz You may know Zachary Lentz ‘13 from his streak of blue hair and stroke of genius. As a PhD student in NC State’s biological and agricultural engineering program, Zachary is turning to an unlikely and innovative source to improve sustainability in North Carolina and the world: pig manure. Yes, you need to have a funny bone and a sunny disposition when dedicating your research to swine droppings. Fortunately for Zachary, he’s as happy as a pig in, well, you know...




It’s Always Sunny in the Weaver Labs “My friends would say that I’m outgoing and straightforward. I always try to be welcoming and initiate friendly conversations around my second home, Weaver Labs, but I’m not afraid to tell it like it is and look at the situation rationally when friends come to me for advice. They would tell you that I’m caring, and I like to help, whether it’s lending a hand or planning various events around the department, or representing graduate students through Student Senate and the Graduate Student Association. I think they’d also have to mention my sense of humor and that I try to be funny. I really enjoy making people laugh, and I rarely pass on an opportunity to try.”

A New, Non-George Costanza Way to Think About Manure “I’m working on a PhD in biological and agricultural engineering here at NC State. I’m part of a research group focused on improving the economics of swine manure management by developing processes to convert manure to value-added products. My research is focused on one such process: hydrothermal carbonization. This process yields a coal-like product known as hydrochar that has potential usefulness as a fuel, soil amendment, or chemical precursor. My job is to evaluate hydrothermal carbonization of swine manure under different conditions to determine if it would be profitable for pork producers.”

environmental issues common to traditional lagoon and sprayfield manure handling practices. Sustainable food production is becoming more and more important in the face of the increasing food demand of our growing population.”

Never Too Late to Give Back “Most of my experience as a Goodnight Scholar has come during my time as an alumnus. It’s been my honor to be an interviewer for the Goodnight Scholars Program in the past few years. It means a lot to me to be able to give back to the Program by helping to assure that each cohort is comprised of students with demonstrated potential that will contribute to the Goodnight Scholars and NC State communities. The opportunity to revisit the values of the Program each year allows me to assess my own contributions to the communities that I’m a part of, because being a Goodnight doesn’t end at graduation. It’s our duty to take what we’ve learned here and make the world a better place.”

Priceless “I don’t know where I would be if not for the Goodnight Scholars Program. I grew up with a single mother of two, so the prospect of not being able to afford NC State after being accepted was a real worry for me. I applied for scholarship after scholarship my senior year, but despite being salutatorian, I was only

able to succeed in winning two small scholarships that wouldn’t even cover a semester’s tuition. The opportunity to be a Goodnight Scholar, to be able to focus on my education instead of having to balance my studies with earning enough to support myself, to work toward a degree without going into debt - you can’t put a value on that. It changed my life.”

Using Waste to Prevent Wastefullness “I plan to continue researching ways to utilize waste to provide for a more sustainable future. Our population is still increasing globally, so it is of growing importance to use our resources more efficiently without having a negative impact on environmental health. This could mean developing processes to convert animal wastes to energy, or creating value-added products from other agricultural or industrial residues. It’s not enough to determine that these things are possible. The key is to determine which of these processes are feasible economically, because the hard truth is that sustainable processes will not be adopted if they’re going to lose money. Whether it is through work in academia or by pursuing an entrepreneurial, myself, I hope to deliver real, usable technology for a sustainable future.”

Saving The World: One Pig at a Time “I’m hoping to make an impact with my research in the near future. North Carolina has nearly as many pigs as people, so we produce millions of tons of manure annually. My research may offer ways to utilize the manure, which can present a number of benefits to the state. Pork production is a huge industry in NC, but developing environmentally superior technologies for manure could allow for the industry to grow and contribute even more money and jobs to the state economy. I’m especially passionate about my work because it offers the opportunity to minimize potential


There aren’t enough words to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to this Program and to my life.� Katherine Almasy Class of 2017

This is how we collaborate:

Class of 2017

Benjamin Adamcik High Point Katherine Almasy Durham Andrew Baldwin Fletcher Franklin Blum Asheville Sarah Bristol Marion

Collin Johnson Clinton Kelly Grace Keen Mount Olive Derek Makous Charlotte William Mangum New Bern

Carolei Bryan Indian Trail

Connor Metz Matthews

Hadley Bryan Chinquapin

Luke Moore Robbins

Brittany Calloway Nashville Stephen Carpenter Gastonia Daxton Chapman Connelly Springs Bailey Craddock Wake Forest Adam Crowell Hampstead Shannon Dexter Marshall Anna Dubovitskaya Charlotte Kelly Eplin Jacksonville Tyler Eubanks Beaufort David Fox Claremont Kelsie Gardner Jarvisburg Sarah Grigg Locust Jenna Hanks Reidsville Kelly Harris Mint Hill Christina Harvey Canton Eric Horton Cary


Carl Jenkins Greensboro

Connor Murray Burlington Ashle Page Cary Erik Ryder Hamptonville Brinkley Raynor Zebulon Kelsey Reppert Greensboro Ellen Schilkowsky Morganton Cassidy Slabaugh Monroe Rebecca Slotkowski Harrisburg Courtney Smith Broadway Skylare Smith Concord Rebeka Townsend Apex Caitlin Vereen Bolivia Bryan Wall Greensboro Izabela Webster Siler City Brent White Burlington Ian Woodward Durham

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Jaylon Alexander Charlotte Ali Arafat Cary Madison Baldwin Fletcher Christopher Bingham Greensboro Matthew Brouwer Black Mountain Emily Brown Charlotte Alexandrea Churchill Garner

Camille Miller Lexington Sabrina Monserate Durham Kaleb Morrow Forest City Megan Owens Cary Sambit Panda Cary Blair Pearce Farmville Joseph Puckett Kannapolis

Lindsay Clontz Monroe

Catrina Rateb Waxhaw

Parker Colbath Monroe

Kendall Rease Gastonia

Mason Collier Cary Alexis Craddock Wake Forest Maxwell Davis Oak Ridge Aimee Durrett Charlotte Kristin Ewan Wilson Sierra Fowler Rutherfordton Addison Garrigus Wilmington Laura Goodman Greenville Nicole Hlebak Charlotte Tyler James Swannanoa Jasmine Kamiab Kernersville Samantha Labertew Fuquay-Varina Christina LaMaire Winston-Salem Michael Larkins Fayetteville Juan Marin Apex

James Robertson Durham Evan Rogers Salisbury Ally Schueneman Mount Pleasant Juliet Simpson Raleigh Matthew Simpson Durham Anna Smith Ramseur Destiny Stephenson Newport Austin Street Forest City Julia Treis Cedar Grove Kraig Turner Reidsville Samuel Turner Winston-Salem Jovana Vidacak High Point Hannah Walser Greensboro Ryan West Fletcher Lane Willis Mooresville

Thomas Matrejek Wilson


Class of 2019

Terrence Adams Garner Asa Augustin Jacksonville Meredith Bain Charlotte Jeffrey Barahona Charlotte Randy Bazhaw Pleasant Garden Olivia Billings Marietta Taylor Blankenship Lexington Shelby Brookshire Granite Falls Hallie Brown Fleetwood Timothy Chen Cary Neil Cromwell Durham Meredith Dickens Lillington Tyler Eller West Jefferson

Liesl Miranda Raleigh Betsy Murphy Castalia Alyssa Patterson Albemarle Tin Phan Charlotte Savannah Phipps Wake Forest Rebecca Pridgen Rocky Mount Neill Robson Raleigh Sidney Rogers Asheboro Tanner Roseborough Waxhaw Hayley Russell Charlotte Luke Sain Lincolnton Aalia Shariff Charlotte

Taylor Floyd Lenoir

Nishant Singh Raleigh

Bilal Haque Albemarle

Hannah Smith Laurinburg

Kevin Hernandez High Point Dwight Hilton Thomasville Matthew Hrycyna Matthews Hannah Hunt Lexington

Lauren Smith Cary Rachel Tilly Charlotte Isaac Tolbert Hudson Caeman Toombs Apex

Quadedria Jones Charlotte

Christopher Turnmire Cleveland

Benjamin Laramee Waxhaw

Jewel Wasson Charlotte

Atif Mahmood Charlotte Gabrielle Mamlouk Raleigh John Medeiros Jacksonville


Sheppard Medlin Manteo

Dominique Weatherspoon Fayetteville Christen Williams Maiden Carrisa Womble Newton Grove

Class of 2020

Elizabeth Almasy Durham Rachel Bland Willard Logan Boyles Marion Joshua Cain Jimison Jacksonville Miguel Campuzano Asheboro Caitlin Cassidy Raleigh Milayn Dark Mebane Aldo De Leon Resendiz Charlotte Erika Debnam Winston Salem Caleb Drum Conover Madeleine Edwards Chapel Hill Preston Gourville Wilmington Mikayla Graham Salisbury Rebekah Gundersen Saluda Grayson Haines Charlotte Melanie Hardee Benson James Harper Albemarle Braxton Harvey Rose Hill

Dylan Jordan McLeansville William Jordan Pineola Noah Kiser Smithfield Bonnie Loh Matthews Chandra Manivannan Cary Richard Marshall Raleigh Miguel Martinez-Camposeco Siler City Halen Mattison Monroe Jalen McGee Durham Stephanie Menten Kernersville Haley Newton Rutherfordton Sean Nicol Raleigh Jeremy Park Raleigh Shellie Poston Walnut Cove Raegan Reeves Lumberton Lahari Revuri Greensboro Alexander Rojas Greensboro Kaylee Saaranen Raleigh

Chandler Henninger Randelman

Iris Salswach Cadena Wake Forest

Bailey Holt Stokesdale

Edwin Savage Wake Forest

Gracie Hornsby Franklin Grason Humphrey Fayetteville Ana Iglesias Raleigh Ciara Jones Canton Gianna Jones Charlotte

Breonda Snead Charlotte Mariana Vargas Raleigh James Waltman Garner Daniel Watson Farmville Matthew Whittaker Arden


Class of 2021

Larry Amoriello Gibsonville Kayla Ashburn Liberty Stephanie Atkinson Bailey William Baldwin Fletcher Cheyana Bassham Asheville Louise Batta Raleigh Jacob Berg Huntersville Carmen Bollman King Jenay Brown Jacksonville

Victor Jimenez Longwood Loren Johnson Clayton Jessica Jones Red Springs Kaleb Lee Moncure Xin Lu Lin Sneads Ferry Charles Maus Edenton Katherine McVay Pinehurst Olivia Merritt Raleigh

Keyshawn Brown Charlotte

Sarah Monte Oxford

Mackenzie Brown Browns Summit

Aurora Myers Roanoke Rapids

Rachel Chen Cary Wei Chen Chu Winterville Iliana Claudio St. Pauls Daniel Cockson Apex Tate Cord New London James Day Winston Salem Abigail Earp Lenoir

Jordan Paldino Farmville Christa Parrish Hampstead Sarah Savariyar Cary Kerrington Shade Shelby Katelyn Stovall Wadesboro Emily Stuelke Cary Erica Sung Clemmons

Hannah Ehmann Jacksonville

Ryan Thurston Gastonia

Connie Feinberg Waynesville

Robert Van Der Drift Mebane

Charles Goodman Greenville Katherine Gorman Asheville Joshua Guter New Bern Maxwell Harkness Asheville Tyree Harris McLeansville


Kody Jefferson Belhaven

Sreeram Venkat Morrisville Amira Watson Kernersville Allison Williams Cary Cameron Williams Monroe Devin Wyatt Winston Salem

Transfer Class of 2019

Luis Enrique Aguilar Angel Durham San Bawi New Bern Michael Cavenaugh Dunn Amanda Currie Summerfield Emma Hall Clayton Donavan Lance Asheville Oscar Molina Raleigh Nicholas Rosato Greensboro Richard Trevorrow Raleigh Madeline Yun Bahama


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“Being a part of the Goodnight Scholars community allowed me to find my way from a high school senior, questioning whether or not I was capable, to a soonto-be PhD student, knowing that I am prepared and meant to be.� Hadley Bryan Class of 2017

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Goodnight Scholars Program Annual Report 2017  
Goodnight Scholars Program Annual Report 2017